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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by light_rock_zz

    Version: 2.0.1 | Updated: 04/07/14 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide


    Welcome to my first ever guide that will finally make it to GameFAQs and Neoseeker! (I used to make GTA: Chinatown Wars In-Depth FAQs as well, but they were all rejected by GameFAQs and since then, had been lost forever...=( Anyway forget that tragedy that occurred) This guide is meant to be an advanced strategy guide into "beating" Tiny Tower, the iOS simulation game app that was voted the Game of the Week on the App Store twice, once in the iPhone version, the other in the iPad version! (In theory, these kinds of games has no ending to it, though...) Fortunately, for those who just started the game, no worries, I've also equipped a very in-depth tutorial (hopefully) to get you all started and get a deep understanding of this freemium game and enjoy it! (Freemium games are games which are free to play, but have certain features to attract people to pay real money to unlock certain features, or in this case, speed up gameplay)

    Without further ado, let us begin on our exciting journey to be a professional Tiny Tower manager! You can skip the next 3 sections if you want...but wait! Please read the warning first! It's really important!


    This guide is mainly for the iOS version, which is the more updated version. All the content in this guide is applicable to the iOS version, but not everything applies for the Android version! Nevertheless, I'm making it available for the Android version. Android users, please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section question 1 first, to find out what does not apply to you and what instead applies to you, and don't get yourself confused! (And hit yourself in confusion! =P *Pokemon reference*)

    Copyright Information

    Copyright 2012-2014 Zechariah Gerard Tan, a.k.a Infinity Ace or light_rock_zz

    This FAQ is protected by copyright. It will not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It must not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. Any site wishing to use this work must contact the author first. This guide is currently only allowed to be hosted on GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com/) and Neoseeker (http://www.neoseeker.com/). Any websites which are permitted to host this guide must do so without any alteration to it at all, including any minor spelling or grammar mistakes.

    GameFAQs will always host the most updated version since it's my (Where "my" and "me" refers to the author of this guide) main operating zone. Any other sites which are approved to host this guide should host the most updated version when the e-mail attached with the most updated version of this guide informing you (Where the "you" in this paragraph only refers to the administrators of the hosting sites other than GameFAQs) that there is an update to my guide is sent to you. A return e-mail informing me that the guide is updated on your site is highly recommended to facilitate a spot check to verify for any unforseenable errors (Such as formatting or sometimes even phrasing, mostly on my part). Failure to update my guide will initially result in spam reminders and eventually other unforseenable consequences.

    You are strictly prohibited from lifting sections directly out of this guide for your own. It's known as plagiarism, and it doesn't go down well. If you've been found lifting anything original from this guide, I'll start off nice by sending you an e-mail to demand for the removal of any such content. However, refusal to comply with this demand will result in a domino effect, so you will be hunted down and you'll find your Internet Service Provider (ISP) contacted, and your website permanently shut down through any means necessary. If you spot any such of my original content on other sites, please contact me immediately! You're warned extremely harshly that you will not claim this guide as your own.

    You may, however, reproduce this guide for personal use only, whether a printed copy or stored electronically, and may be distributed as long as no profit is made by doing so. You may create a link on your website that directs web browsers back to this guide on GameFAQs and/or Neoseeker without informing me, but preferably please do so. You are also welcome to use the layout of this guide as inspiration for your own as long as appropriate credit is given. You may also use factual information from this guide in your own as long as it is not just copied lock, stock, barrel, and as long as me (The guide creator and editor) is credited as the source.

    All trademarks and copyright material not exclusive to this guide are recognized as the legal property of their respective owners.

    Completed on 7 April 2014

    I've changed the Technical Terms section a bit, changing the term descriptions a bit. It will not change what you've already know if you know the terms, as the meaning and the technical terms themselves remain the same, but I sort of...uhm....made it some a bit better and clearer.

    I also made an update to the powerhouses section under Strategies David and Goliath, removing a few from the table (Such as the confusing Tutoring Center which was on one hand in the table, but on the other hand miraculously on the unclassified list as well). I decided to repeat the notepad format for the extreme strategy of Into the Menu, since it only makes sense that the first strategy that uses this notepad should have it, although I still kept the notepad format at the miscellaneous strategy. I've added a pointer to the strategy of upgrading commercial floors a.k.a Feel the Power Surge within! I changed the strategy names of Residential Discrimination and The Sniper, as these 2 are pretty boring. =P

    I made some changes to some of the questions involving the bitizen category, since it seems like the Android version uses a different system to determine a bitizen's job interest levels. (This also means another difference added to that most popular question. Probably most popular, at least. =P) I also updated the Tiny Death Star question, along with the Disco Zoo one, to keep you guys updated to what I might be planning for guides in the future.

    Finally, the most important thing is that the format of this guide on Neoseeker now follows their new awesome format! =D The old format which adhered closely to GameFAQs wasn't so pleasing to the eye as paragraphs of text tend to clutter together. According to my contact with Neoseeker, they now also envision images! Hooray! Now the Ultimate Update may be able to proceed! Of course, that's if I actually go the extra mile to do up annotated images...so it won't come so fast.

    Completed on 12 March 2014

    No, unlike the last major update of this guide that brought it to completion (Version 1.0), Tiny Tower did not receive a major update. Though yes, there are still some minor updates here and there, but it is already evident that Tiny Tower is pretty much an abandoned game by NimbleBit, as they set out to manage more recent games and possibly even work on newer ones. Either way, Version 2.2.5 was released, and being the minor update it is, it simply just shows how quick NimbleBit responds to the seasons, as they quickly remove the holiday theme. I'm not sure whether it's just me, but the holiday theme updates just seem to drain battery a little faster, so that was something welcomed for me. Also, Version 2.2.6 fixed an accidental minor bug which excluded the other two music tracks.

    That's definitely not it for a major update! This guide update is fairly big revamp for this guide! I've completely revised the whole tutorial to be a lot more intuitive so that it is really an in-depth guide that covers the different aspects and functions of this game! I also completely destroyed the Basic Tutorial, since it's nothing more than a textual description of the in-game tutorial, and I doubt you are that stupid to not understand the in-game tutorial.

    Some parts of the information are reorganized, so all the information (Such as formulas) that doesn't give any strategy has been shifted to the Advanced Tutorial, which now makes the section Advanced Strategies & Information to simply Strategies. Changes to the strategy of using the Big Spender VIP. In addition, the question on the sorting list has also been deleted and its information shifted to the tutorial as well. I've added some more differences between the Android and iOS versions. This Tiny Tower guide, being the very first guide for me, organization of information was quite poor and with the next guide, my Pocket Trains guide, I had to build the guide up from scratch, with only some help of organization from this Tiny Tower guide, in which then was when I first decided to start up new sections that elaborate the different aspects of a game (Such as commercial floors and residential floors), and leave the more visable aspects (The more specific areas such as specific screens) to a separate, later section. (This sparked off the creation of the sections "Trains" and "Stations", in which I'm still comtemplating whether to add another section labelled "Jobs" instead of lumping it under the "Stations" section) The Pocket Trains guide also made me decide that a tutorial is purely a tutorial, so no strategies as far as possible, together with the fact that such advanced information and misconceptions should be placed together with the tutorial.

    I've added a lot more interesting titles to each sub-section under the Strategies...just for fun. =P See whether you can get the references between it's possible source and the strategy I'm elaborating on! (Not for all of them, some of them are a bit simpler) A brief summary (A phrase) of the strategy is added as the sub-sub-sub-sub section header, right after the strategy header, so that you actually know what I'm really talking about. There may be real sub-sections under that strategy header as well to break it down better, but the summary phrase will always be right under the strategy header. It may save you from reading the same thing you've heard before all over again.

    As with every update (which I would at least make some significant changes), other minor changes are also seen. First of all is the addition of another column in the commercial floor details table under General Floor Details which showcases the amount of Tower Bux required to specifically build a commercial floor there at your request. Remember, I did ultimately tell you how to calculate this amount under Strategies, but to save the trouble, I thought: Why not just put that in, and so I did! I deleted 2 ways to get Tower Bux, since one of them is probably not true (The Random Encounters), and the other one never quite seem to appear anymore. The first two columns' text has been bold and italicized, to improve aestheic appeal to you readers. =P A few mistakes has been corrected in the table (Not sure how that leaked in the first place though...). The column cells in the first column are also extended to declutter the table. Both commercial and residential floors in their table under the same section has been now ordered alphabetically among those with the same total stock and same Bux cost (And thus the same height required before having the capability for it to be built) respectively. To the question about changing themes, I've added the consequences of downgrading just to get that beloved theme you want, now that I think I've figured out what went wrong with the Version 2.2.3 update.

    A couple of new dress codes are added to the relevant table thanks to the help of Shawn Lee Si En! Thanks! (Note to this helpful chap: I didn't include all of them, since there are a couple of them I don't quite agree with) This also induced me to look through the costumes and add more of my own! On the way, I've also made it more clear of a deeper strategy one could take, and explained a bit more about the seemingly confusing sorting means of the table. (Okay! I admit that it is quite a mess, but to resort it again take a lot of work, and frankly I don't see a better way to organize it. Yet.) Upon his recommendation, I've also finally added a table showcasing the powerhouses! (If I already did so for the Bux-Earning Machines, then seriously, what was holding me back from the same kind of table for powerhouses? I wonder...=P) Finally, I've added a really interesting strategy that is in opposition to many other guides out there, though it comes with a catch. It's under Residential Floors in Strategies, so head over there to find out about it!

    Looks like the Tiny Tower Wiki (I meant this one: http://tinytowerwiki.com/) no longer exists...RIP...so too bad for those people who want to cheat! It also means there is no more such wiki to refer for people who so happen want to gain credit for simply plagiarizing right off the bat, so I've modified the Contacting Me! intro paragraph. I've modified the answer to that pretty dumb question involving Tiny Death Star. Check it out if you want! As a sub-question (The very first of its kind!), I've also added a question based on NimbleBit's newest game, Disco Zoo.

    Side Note

    Until now, I'm still waiting to do up The Ultimate Update which will finally add images to my guide, so that the tutorial becomes a lot more intuitive, with annotated images which help further compartmentalize the more specific aspects of Tiny Tower in terms of the screens it shows us, leading to the rise of a lot more sub-sections which will truly help in the organization of my guide.

    However, Neoseeker doesn't seem to support images, and currently they're in the process of trying to do so, but tip-off from them reveals a completely different format of Formatted FAQs, which will involve a lot more work, both when working on The Ultimate Update and future updates as well, since I would have to maintain two guides and update them exactly (Or even worse, slightly different!). It's tiring, ok? So until I work out something with Neoseeker, The Ultimate Update will be on hold for now. But if it ever surfaces, it would probably be a completely new version, such as Version 3.0.

    Completed on 21 December 2013

    Updated the question on Tiny Death Star, since I've finally tried to make that attempt to start playing Tiny Death Star. =P What's the result then? I'll keep you in suspense right here...so head down to the FAQs section to find out!

    I've made a bit of mistake regarding that terrible version 2.2.3 update. I initially thought that the residential floors will be gone together with their inhibating bitizens. It turns out that after consulting some forums, the bitizens not-so-miraculously still remain in your tower, but their residential floor will appear to be "Empty Floor", so practically they don't quite have a home to leave in since their apartment is under, uhm, "renovation". =P See? What did I tell you? Bitizens can just sleep on the floors of their workplace, can't they? (Since they have no home in your tower, they don't practically really need a residential place there. Anyway, I kind of doubt that their residential areas are that comfy neither.) =P Bitizens can also be currently employed at "Empty Floor" as well, apparently, and they are even seen patrolling that "Empty Commercial Floor", another strange case of under "renovation". Unless they are that pitiful to have their residence area under "renovation" as well, I don't get their rationale of thinking behind staying at and patrolling an "Empty Commercial Floor" under "renovation". Perhaps they are like those useless construction workers patrolling the constructing floor for I-don't-know-what reasons? =P I suspect that you will be unable to stock the products sold at those "Empty Commercial Floors", though I have no idea what happens to the remaining stock prior to the update. That would correct the FAQ changelog text in the previous update (Version 1.5). However, I've also discovered that there is also some compensation for those affected by the incident, thankfully. In order to get the compensation which includes only Bux, you need to contact NimbleBit (Presumingly through email?) and include the text: "found at the bottom of the Tiny Tower Settings menu". You will need to be logged into Game Center on your device to view this text.

    The Advanced Tutorial is completely re-ordered, because the previous order made no sense to me thinking about it now (Why didn't I thought of it previously anyway?!?! Stupid me =P). I've changed the Bank and the Get Bux sections of the Advanced Tutorial, so that the options are now represented in a table for better clarity. Also, I've removed my opinion at the Bank section since the tutorial is only supposed to serve you to get accustomed to Tiny Tower, and thus should not have any kind of strategies inside there. Other than that, and than the re-ordering and the subtle changes, there's not much other changes other than the The Lobby and Currency section since they were originally the last 2 sections so it needs to have a bit correction due to a part of its text referring back to a previous section.

    I've also added an entirely new section in the Strategies which is simply Tower Bux (Probably inspired from my Pocket Trains guide?), and this is now a more appropriate place to place any strategies involving Tower Bux, including the option of exchanging Bux at the bank which was removed from the tutorial. Separately, an extra advantage to upgrading commercial floors under the "Miscellaneous" section (If you forgot where it belonged to; not that you'll remember anyway =P) is added to further reinforce the strategy.

    Completed on 15 December 2013

    Added more differences between the iOS and Android version of the game. And something, what I call exciting turned quickly boring just happened. Tiny Tower has updated to version 2.2.2! So what on earth happened here? Why don't you go to the Tiny Tower Release Notes to find out? Nah, I would probably just have wasted your time. So I'll let you in on the boring stuff. Bug fixes. Yes, there's it, it's that boring. Updates subsequently don't get very interesting anyway...in fact they sometimes get more frustrating instead! Version 2.2.3 had introduced a completely terrible and nasty bug in the game which took away a couple of commercial and residential floors, leaving those exisiting floors empty! The rant was all over the internet, with players demanding compensation. That incident was really one terrible mistake made by NimbleBit. It even drove some players away from the game permanently. While the fix came in version 2.2.4 very quickly, there was apparently completely no compensation for those lost floors and they must even be rebuilt from scratch, which includes waiting for them to open again! However, I've got no idea what happened to those bitizens who may be lost with the "destroyed" residential floors. Luckily for me, I updated straight from version 2.2.2 to 2.2.4 (I rarely check for updates for my apps in any of my mobile devices, unless there is an update which I am anticipating for some time, even as I just got my data plan for my Android phone), skipping the terrible 2.2.3 update, so I didn't experience that kind of frustration at all. However, I sincerely send my sentiments to those affected by this terrible incident.

    Added the new exclusive holiday theme music under the music section, which joins the other 3 usual music, although it is distinctively separated on its own (Poor thing...)'= ). And of course, I've added a download link to this exclusive music as well!

    I've also extended the Strategies introduction, making almost the same as my other Pocket Trains strategy guide, by adding a very important disclaimer. The same has also been done for the Advanced Tutorial , although that is purely just adding a disclaimer. And if you think both disclaimers (within the guide, if you compare my 2 guides, they are almost the same) are the same or very similar, think again but best go and read them youself to find out!

    It's been a really long time since this guide has been updated, and during this period of inactivity Star Wars: Tiny Death Star has been released! Worldwide some more, not just a soft release in Australia. It really proves how long has it been since this guide has seen any changes, isn't it? =P So I've added a little new question in the FAQ section regarding this...the exact details? I'll leave you to find out yourself under the FAQ section... In addition, due to the addition of this question, I have reclassified the eh uhm, the cheating question under an entirely new category "Miscellaneous" together with this new question.

    And as usual, your new missions...Programmers' Day, Oktoberfest '13, Confucious Day, World Vegetarian Day, Fire Prevention Day,....and it suddenly stops there. NimbleBit seemed to have ceased releasing new missions. Now up to date, we have not received a single update that includes new commercial floors (Ok, maybe version 2.2.3 gave us "new" commercial floors to build, since they took away some of our commercial floors for us to rebuild them again...but that's not classified under particularly new...and yes, it's not meant to be a joke, but just a point there nevertheless). It's like as if NimbleBit has abandoned Tiny Tower, other than supplying it that re-used Holiday theme...

    Completed on 12 September 2013

    And so...I became bored one day and guess what? Yeap, I decided to try the Android version of Tiny Tower.

    And that was really a great eye opener for me! I could start right from the beginning just as I did like uh...2 years ago (Which obviously, already forgot how I started), and create new starting strategies! As you've read through the guide, especially in the Advanced Information & Strategies section, most of these tips were meant for players who have already made significant progress in the game. I was never able to put myself into the shoes of newbies to this game since I started my work on this guide, which was just the beginning of last year. (That tells you how long I've already played this game!) But all that has changed now! To cut the long story short, I've added an entirely new section under Advanced Information & Strategies, called...The Starting Line. Ok, that's a tad uncreative...but whatever. It gets that message across. At least something a bit more exciting than you might expect. Rather than "Starting Off" or something like that? =P

    But that isn't the only insight starting out new on an Android version gave me! There's more! I discovered something pretty surprising about the residential floors and included it under the Construction section! Then I made even further changes as my research painted me the full picture of building specific residential floors using Tower Bux, and hence updated the section under Residential Floors in General Floor Details! Plus, I can also include more differences between the iOS and Android version! I realized that you can actually tweet in the Android version as well and unfortunately the default tweet text for both versions are slightly different (Android's one is longer), so I've changed the commercial floor detail window description under Advanced Tutorial, and the BitBook description as well.

    I've also made a few changes here and there. I've italicized the achievement names...just for aesthetic purposes. =P All the formulas presented in this guide has been changed to pre-formatted text, again just for aesthetic purposes. But one of the formulas looks drastically better in this form, which is the one given in Business Demand under Miscellaneous. Some changes to the advanced strategies for stocking, the description under "Get Bux" and the mission introduction text. In addition, I have added a solution to a possible worst case scenario in case you are faced with it when using the strategy under Destination (No longer) Unknown. Finally, some changes to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section, so as to try not to contradict my slightly altered strategy.

    And as usual...the boring missions..."Pioneer Day", "Book Lovers Day", "Summer Vacation '13", "Relaxation Day", "Aviation Day", "Senior Citizens Day" and "Labor Day '13".

    Completed on 18 July 2013

    A minor update for you guys, but one that is valuable to me! As usual, I have purposedly added (albeit, boringly =P) the new missions "Independance Day '13", "Aboriginal Day" and "Moon Day".

    So why is this update so valuable to me? Neoseeker have finally updated their WikiMedia markup format to match that of GameFAQs! I didn't blame them the entire time, since they are way smaller than GameFAQs as a firm and hence get things done a little more slowly, while GameFAQs gets to enjoy all that economies of scale (EOS in short, some fancy term used in micro-economics. EOS are cost advantages that enterprises obtain due to size, with cost per unit of output generally decreasing with increasing scale as fixed costs are spread out over more units of output.) from specialisation of their workforce. And yes, I am studying economies currently together with other subjects at time of writing. =) Anyway, back to the main point, that means that I can finally "unify" the two versions of the guides on GameFAQs and Neoseeker! (A bit like iOS universal apps that can work on an iPhone and iPad, huh? ;) It's like the GameFAQs version was the iPad version due to it being more organized, while the Neoseeker one was the iPhone version before this update.) Of course you can't be bothered since you are only concerned with reading my guide, isn't it? =P But for me, it means that I no longer have to maintain two separate versions of a single guide! That would mean I would be more productively efficient (Ooops, am I talking too much economics in one day? =P) and get up the guide updates you want more quickly!

    Since Neoseeker is now more competitive, it means that most of the differences elaborated in the question under FAQs section is no longer valid! Now that there's not much differences left, heck, I decided to delete the whole question. Besides, I should really stop disciminating and judging both sites. Also, I have removed the links to the Neoseeker variant of this guide since both are completely identical in content (Like seriously, word-for-word) at the introduction.

    Completed on 28 June 2013

    Added the missions "Cinco De Mayo 2013", " Mother's Day 2013, "Armed Forces Day 2013", "Memorial Day 2013", "Jrk's Birthday", "Feel the Earth", "Flag Day 2013", "Father's Day 2013" and "Solstice". Now that's the pretty lame part. The even lamer part is that there wasn't even an update to this game when I made this guide update. So why did I do it? Well, read on and you'll find out...

    First of all, I updated the "Contacting Me!" section. Ever since this guide has been released, I've been really happy to see my inbox occasionally flooded with your own questions about the game, queries about some information about the game although some asked about information already present inside this guide, interesting contributions, etc! =D However, the information you guys gave me were sometimes limited in terms of what operating grounds are you on (The most common problem is whether you are playing the Android or iOS version, a couple of e-mail questions didn't state clearly and hence I had to consider both sides, which does make me a bit more unnecessarily busy). So I decided to update this part to clearly request (Because I'm such a nice guy =P) for information that is necessary to me. Contributions, in my opinion, should also come with an appropriate reasoning because not everyone thinks the same as you and so a bit of reasoning is needed as some sort of "argument" to make readers understand your rationale, especially so for new strategies (Speaking of which, I haven't gotten any. YET) and new dress codes (In which a couple of you have sent in. And yes, the reasoning provided in my dress code tables aren't just for laughs for this particular reason =P). It also explains why I haven't looked through them and included any of such contributions. I will though when I have the time and I will also start sending out return e-mails to request for the reasoning.

    While not so important to most of us, I've also updated the Copyright Information section because reading the portion of this section that pertains to sites hosting my guide a few times over made me feel it was a bit too harsh so I reduced my requirements for these hosts and tone down the severity.

    I've also split the Dream Job Gambling strategy into sub-sections of its own, since reading that horrible junk of text is going to drive people mad and it also aids readers in looking out for new sub-strategies that may be added over time.

    Finally, a new question under the FAQs section! And this, people, is the thing you are probably going to be most excited for. This question is about the different tower themes utilized throughout the life of this game. Some of you may be wondering: Can I actually change the theme back to original (In the case during the special time periods where a different theme is used) or change the theme to a previously used theme (In the case where you have the original theme and wish to revert back to using the special themes)? Wanna know the answer? Head over to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to find out!

    Completed on 7 May 2013

    Added the missions "Valentines 2014", "National Pig Day", "St. Patty's Day 2013", "Tower Taxes" and "Arbor Day". Wait what?!?! 2014?!?! Hehs, it's just a mistake on NimbleBit's part probably due to a typo error. Even the description has a typo error which says "...Vaentines!" Missing the "L" guys!!! But if you like (Or if you are damn particular =P), you can correct the mission details. Just find a way to access the Tiny Tower app data (Your best bet is iFunBox), then navigate to Documents/missions.plist", and open it in some text editor. Scroll to the bottom to find this Valentines mission, change the required text and save it over the old one. There's a slight mistake in the mission "Tower Taxes" too; it's just missing out the "Y" in the word "they", so instead it becomes "The need". Lol. At least they got back into the momentum of releasing new missions though...

    NimbleBit has released 2 new updates! First one was pretty lame though; it will just change the tower theme back to normal and there's some uh...tower scrolling optimization...In addition, there's also one minor change that is not mentioned in the Release Notes in the App Store. They also changed the colour of the icons for the products (Bust, Idol, Statue) of the latest Sculpting Studio. For what? I guess it's because the previous colour scheme of the icons was too difficult to see if it being dark grey, blending with the purple bar showcasing the floor name and products on sale. So now it's sort of whitish grey to make it easier for you to see whether these products are in stock. But they didn't change the colour scheme of the actual products which are displayed in full scale (At least in the Tiny Tower App =P), strangely.

    The second update is what everyone has been waiting for! New commercial floors! Check out the release notes for this new v2.2 for more details! The addition of new commercial floors would also mean that I had gotten the details of them too, so head right over to General Floor Details to know 'em all well! With the addition of new commercial floor also sparked some new thoughts in my head on how to dress the new dream jobbers, so do also check out the Colour Coding and Costumes! A small note though: The Airline Pilot costume has been removed in the update v2.2, but seems like they should be returning this costume alongside with the other Pocket Plane costumes too. They've tweaked the notification bar too, which I think is way too underdeveloped (They could add in the badge icon to indicate how many of that notifications are there)... Yet another mistake they did is that they took away all the costumes in Pocket Planes and replaced with what?!?! A horse?!?!

    Thankfully, in the next update (v2.2.1) shortly after, they've re-added back the costumes that they took away in the v2.2 update! So the Airline Pilot and Tourist costume dress codes I suggested are once again valid! Hooray! =D But they still didn't upgrade the new collapsed notification bar...maybe we'll give them some time to do so. Speaking of which, because of this new mechanic, I've added it as a difference between the iOS and Android version. I've also added a note in the dream job gambling strategy portion that makes use of these notifications.

    I also received a tip-off from an unacknowledged source via e-mail that some of my comparisons between the iOS and Android are no longer valid, so I've removed these differences from the list in the FAQs section. Keep me updated on the Android release, guys! Thanks! =D

    Completed on 4 February 2013

    Added the mission "Board Meeting". It's been quite a while, isn't it? ;) But other than that, NimbleBit also folked out some time to bring us a new lovely Valentine's Day update! Unfortunately, they couldn't afford the time to think of new commercial floors, so that is on hold for now.

    Completed on 3 January 2013

    First of all, wishing you all a very Happy New Year! =D

    That was pretty quick! Another update for Tiny Tower has arrived! And NimbleBit seemed pretty updated; the Christmas season is over so they've...unfortunately...removed the holiday theme. =( But on the brighter side, they've released even more new commercial floors for us to play around with! =D It's quite a trade-off, isn't it?

    So I've worked quickly to get you all these new details of the commercial floors! As you might have realized, every time new commercial floors, there bound to be new ways to dress up these new dream jobbers! So yeap, I've added a few more. But I also made a change to the Travel Agency one to a much better and matching dress code. I figured the relationship between the total stock times of all products in a certain commercial floor and the cost in Tower Bux for you to build that floor if you so decide to build that specific floor (Are you crazy?!?!) so that has been included under the Advanced Information section under "Commercial Floors".

    However, it seems that putting in the new installments and doing the removal of the holiday theme had their hands totally occupied in the last month that they've stopped adding new missions?!?! Actually, we got to sympathize with NimbleBit because they are working hard to bring us a new game that looks like an adorable RPG game! You can do a little research to find out some early details, but it isn't much for now, in fact not a release date yet...

    Completed on 3 December 2012

    Added the missions "Baseball Playoffs", "Mimecon 2012", "Halloween 2012", "Election 2012" and "North Pole Recon". Version 2.1.2 was also released! But hell, no one really care since no one really knows what even happened. I mean like, small bug fixes?!?! What bug fixes?!?! But they seemed to have promised new floors for the next update. Keeping us in a little suspense, huh? Well, now at least we have something to look forward to. Let's just hope it comes out quickly...I can't wait to fill my empty floors! =P Update! Version 2.1.3 has been released, and they've got us what they promised! New commercial floors! But there are also a couple of unexpected surprises...find out more under the Tiny Tower Release Notes ! All these new information has been now included in the commercial floors table!

    But that's not all! I've added new stuff to the Strategies under construction! A new strategy, and a new info! What a perfect combination! Also, the commercial floor table now have a new column at the extreme right which tells you how high your tower needs to be before you can build that commercial floor (And if you don't really get what I mean, you can read the new information under construction). More dress codes has been added as well!

    This update is the first version of this guide that is hosted on a new host, Neoseeker (http://www.neoseeker.com/).

    Version 2.1 was being released! But it was sort of a letdown when it came out since a pretty major update is likely to mean new floors but no...yet it's essential to for the new iPhone 5 and iOS 6...Some time later 2.1.1 was released, but this update won't really affect those guys that refuse to upgrade to iOS 6 or buy an iPhone 5 (Like me! =D iOS 6 sucks! For now...) since it targets this group of people. The links for the Tiny Tower OSTs are down and has now been replaced by my own mediafire links, which are much better! =D

    The missions "Cowabunga" and "Canadian Thanks 2012" had also been added. If you're wondering what Cowabunga is all about, it's just the catch phrase from the comic book series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. ;)

    And yes, you guessed it, the Neoseeker variant is now online. =D Yes, it's slightly different from the GameFAQs variant as promised. You can check out the differences in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section. Hence, a link to the Neoseeker variant for iPhone (There's one for Android and iPad too, but they are all totally the same) has been included in the Introduction. ***This paragraph is no longer valid as of Version 1.3.1, except for the fact the Neoseeker version came online at this time, of course (Then what do you think? I think I'll deny Neoseeker to host my guide? Yah, wait until the world ends then =P)***

    Completed on 11 September 2012

    The biggest and baddest update for Tiny Tower (And my guide too =P) has arrived! Tiny Tower pushes itself beyond version 1 and shoots straight for 2.0! Because of that, this guide has to also go through a big "renovation" due to new mechanics being introduced! As all might expect, a big update doesn't leave behind a couple of new commercial floors! So that part must also be included! Remember what I said last time about the "weird" stocking price of the products in the commercial floors introduced in Version 1.5.2? That has now been fixed as I discovered that the guys at the Tiny Tower Wiki initially made a mistake and entered in the discounted price of all those products! Check out all the new awesome features of Tiny Tower 2.0 in the Tiny Tower Release Notes! Shortly after, Version 2.0.1 was released.

    As usual, the boring stuff. New missions "Mother's Day 2012", "Summer Vacation", "Summer School", "First Apartment", "Team Tiny", "Tower Watch", "Father's Day 2012", "Pocket Planes" (Seriously, lol), "A Day at the Beach", "Beat the Heat", "Frog Fundraiser", "London Games", "Mars Curiosity", "Self Defence", "Music Festival", "Bit Trek TNG", "Labor Day 2012", "Fire Drill", "Back to Wiz School" and "MyPhone 5 Launch" has been added. "A Day at the Beach", "Beat the Heat", "London Games" and "Back to Wiz School" were the first missions which deviated slightly from the standard mission format as you are required to stock 3 products instead of the usual 2 to complete the 2 missions. Of course, you'll also gain even more Tower Bux upon completion of the 2 missions. In addition, the table text now has more variations for aesthetics purposes. =P

    The dress code table has been updated to include more dress codes from the new costumes available in the 2.0.0 update, plus the table is better organized: Instead of separating the different commercial floors or costumes that were supposed to fall under the same table cell by commas initially, they are now properly separated into different table cells, taking advantage of an update to GameFAQs WikiMedia markup to accommodate a more flexible table format. The different columns of the table have different font types (Normal, bold and italics), and again, for aesthetics purposes. =P

    There is a number of formatting changes for the blue boxes to make it look more aesthetically pleasing to your eyes, which also takes advantage of the new GameFAQs markup update. Also added one more way of earning Tower Bux (How could I have forgotten this one?!?! Missions!!!) and one more way to spend Tower Bux. The Bux-Earning Machine strategy sees an update to reduce its significance. It's not really an effective strategy for most players which play casually anyway, but worth considering for those hardcore players. The first question in the FAQ section also sees an update to remove comparison features which are no longer valid thanks to the new updates rolled out for the Android version. Credit to Karyne Duclos for that!

    The "Individual Commercial Floor Breakdown" section has been removed. It's too time consuming to finish that up. It might return in the near future, but just not yet for now. Besides, no one seems to really care about it. Maybe it's a good thing since there are only 12 main sections left, instead of the unlucky number 13. =P

    At long last, a new host has asked permission from me to host my guide there! =D That site is none other than Neoseeker (http://www.neoseeker.com/) ! Of course, I can't any more happier and immediately made preparations for Neoseeker to conveniently host my guide! Hence the copyright information had to undergo an update! The guide on Neoseeker won't look quite the same as the one on GameFAQs since their WikiMedia Markup format is slightly different and outdated, but nevertheless it'll still be as awesome as the one on GameFAQs!

    Completed on 6 May 2012

    Just to note, this guide still sees occasional updates (Usually once a week where a new mission is released), it is NOT the final version, nor am I inactive in updating this guide anymore. It's just that there isn't much new stuff to include along with it, so I'm waiting for a one shot go to include new stuff. Furthermore, I'm getting busier and busier, and there just simply isn't much time left to do up updates.

    Tiny Tower sees another minor update! Okay, this time it's really very minor; check out the release notes to find out more! (Okay, maybe there isn't much to check out anyway, there's really nothing much =P) The FAQ section sees an update! A new question under a brand new category of commercial floor is added! The question concerning bitizen names and job interest level combinations and dream jobs is updated due to my ever-growing tower! The question on play intervals includes better advice now, especially when your commercial floors have been upgraded! More new missions, "April Fool's 2012", "Spring Time", "Tiny Taxes", "Earth Day 2012" and "Cinco De Mayo 2012", had been added to the mission list! Added some new dress codes to the existing list as well.

    P.S. If you're wondering why no one else by far has been credited despite several updates involving new questions in the FAQ section, they were all thought of by myself =P, usually due to respective triggering events that occurred in my tower.

    Completed on 28 March 2012

    At long last, Tiny Tower has received its first update in 4 months! The update might sound minor as it transits from 1.5.1 to 1.5.2, but there is the addition of new commercial floors! All this information on the release notes are added, plus the details of the new commercial floors! In my opinion, the number of coins needed to stock the products for the new commercial floors (Without discount, assumingly) looks very suspicious, but that'll do for now, until I do some personal thorough research. The release notes with any new version including new commercial floors are now properly ordered according to the standard order of Food, Service, Recreation, Retail, and finally Creative. Residential floors are ordered according to alphabetical order. The part on new floors in the advanced tutorial has a minor change to accommodate this addition of new commercial floors, plus that of the music section. Hence, the first question in the FAQs section is also updated, with a small pun =P. Two new missions, "A Baby Is Born!" and "Wedding Season" have also been added to the list of missions!

    Completed on 18 March 2012

    Our first very minor update! Realizing the immediate errors in the GameCenter portion of this guide made me rush to correct this! Of course, other small things come with this update as well, such as the addition of the new mission "St. Patty's 2012". In the FAQ section, the so-called, em, random question had description changes after investigating more time into this part (Frankly, I hate bitizens to slack around at their apartment, which could be a cause!). Also, a new question has been added! Now that we know the new game NimbleBit is developing, that has been added to the missions part that didn't exactly state what game they were developing. Description on how to get out of the sticky situation of accidently tapping the rectangular box showing the product details supposedly 'forcing' you to quick sell and gift has been added, just in case you want panicky. =P

    Completed on 11 March 2012

    Added the new missions "Beware of Dog" (Don't you think NimbleBit is trying to have a zing against Zynga, which has a logo of a dog, who came out with their title "Dream Heights" which is a rip-off of Tiny Tower? =P), "Superstar" and "Bits in Space" to the mission list. Removed the fact that you need an internet connection when you tap the GameCenter box in the menu since it's not true. Changed the description of the badges of uncompleted achievements (I don't know where I got my previous one from anyway...=P), and added the fact there are percentage completions together with their descriptions! Added another 'do not' to the contact section. Corrected the timing for the release of new missions since obviously not everyone lives in the same time zone as I do, so this timing is now reference to the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

    Extended the Dream Job Gambling strategy yet even further! (It's a super useful strategy that has many sub-parts to it!) Also added 3 new questions to the FAQs section to explain how the sorting means in the bitizen list work, the saving feature, and just a pretty random question... The separator rows, which is meant to separate the commercial floors in the different sectors, in the table that shows the general commercial floor details have been taken out as the dashes sometimes exceed into the next line for monitors with different resolutions, making it looking rather unsightly. The bug for tapping the boxes to force in new bitizens and mission completion is now added.

    P.S. And again this version number is read as zero-point-eight-point-fifteen, not ...point-one-five! Yeah, this is the last time I'll say this so you now know that I'll read 2 digits together as a 2-digit number and not as two 1-digit numbers!

    Completed on 19 February 2012

    The "General Commercial Floor Details" is corrected to just "General Floor Details" since it won't make sense for residential floors to be included in this section under the previous name! The commercial floors now have their own sub-section as well! Since residential floors are really part of the plan now, the introduction text is now altered to fit them in snugly! The FAQ Changelog is now corrected to follow the same format as the Tiny Tower Release Notes: The order is now from the latest version to the earliest one instead of the other way around.

    A new advanced stocking strategy is now added to the list! The strategy for Dream Job Gambling is now extended even further. The new mission was also released by NimbleBit is now added to the mission details table. A little research has told me that the second final currency is spelled as 2 separate words "Tower Bux" and not a single word "TowerBux" that I use consistently throughout this guide, so that has been corrected! Added a few more details on the music.

    P.S. The version number is read as zero-point-eight-point-ten, not ...-point-one-zero! Get it? If it's ...-point-one-zero, then we might as well put it as 0.8.1 instead as it makes no difference! ...-point-ten means that it's the tenth minor revision! (In my case, I increase the version of my guide by 0.0.5 if it's quite a major update, but not major enough to bring it up to the next 0.1) In GameFAQs, due to the character limit of 5 for versions, the version number is simply written as ".8.10".

    Completed on 12 February 2012

    Our first not so major update! Added the fact that it's impossible to abort an on-going mission without starting another mission. Added the possible accessories that could be used for dressing up bitizens. Added a few more suggested dress codes to the list. Added a warning to the advanced strategy on Deliveries & Messages. Added the floors per second measurement for the first elevator to enable calculation of actual speed for other elevators in a better measurement using the elevator's respective PPM. Added instructions on how to read the text in the spoiler box.

    The strategy for missions is now shifted from its explanation section in the advanced tutorial to the advanced strategy section. The 'cluttered' table of contents (There's too much text that makes it hard to read!) has been cleaned up as the date of release for both my FAQ and the Tiny Tower game revision has been shifted from the same line as the version numbers (Sub-section header) to the line below it as a sub-sub-section header. Major update to the copyright information to meet the required standards for copyright explained by GameFAQs. Update to the "Contacting Me!" section. Needless to say, yet more cleaning up. So from now on, let us all assume that cleaning up is always done on every update. Saves me my breath and making you bored from reading this part again. =)