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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by light_rock_zz

    Version: 2.0.1 | Updated: 04/07/14 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    FAQ Changelog (Continued)

    Completed on 9 February 2012

    I worked on this guide outside of my busy schedule, which is just very few hours a day, so it took me quite a while to settle this update! The next major update (V1.0.0, which will mark the official completion of this guide, but not the final version!) won't be coming too soon---the individual commercial floor breakdown will take weeks to complete, and I don't have the time to do that now: only time to touch up on the minor details and strategies I left out!

    Christa Fitzgerald e-mailed me clarifying me about quick selling products using Tower Bux. The information here is correct, however only for the iOS version apparently. Hence, the warning at the introduction has been altered to direct Android users to the FAQs section, where the differences between the iOS and Android version are described! I've put the need to read this warning explicitly so that people won't skip straight away and get equally confused! The information on Tiny Tower being the #1 game on the App Store is corrected to the Game of the Week. The event "Deliveries & Messages" actually appears quite often, not quite rarely (There's a difference!). The mission, The Big Game, was finally released by NimbleBit and its row now joins the existing table with the appropriate 'storyline' and release date! And of course, the little text explaining about this mysterious mission is now removed. Yet another mission, Valentine's 2012, has been recently released and also added to the list.

    I've added the fact that you can't restock a second product while restocking one product already and you need to tap on the rectangular box to start stocking. Added descriptions for the boxes for the products in commercial floors. Added the fact that the corresponding job interest level for that commercial sector that the bitizen's dream job is will always be the highest. Plus bitizens who request elevator rides do nothing else when they arrive at their destined floor. Now you also know how to tell what achievement you already have! I shifted the contribution part of the FAQs and Advanced Strategies section to the "Contacting Me!" section.

    The FAQs section is finally populated with a couple of questions! The Advanced Strategies section which is now renamed to "Advanced Strategies & Information" is finally up! So now the "Technical Terms" section is useful since I use these terms often in these sections! As always, there's a bunch of cleaning up to do in every single update...

    Completed on 30 January 2012 too, but this time in the evening hours

    I forked out the last day of my absolute freedom to add in a new section of my guide! It wasn't easy to make, it actually took me 6 hours to do the whole damn freaking thing! =P The new section of the guide is none other than the General Commercial Floor Details! Here you can finally get a clear view of which commercial floors are better than others! Enjoy the nicely made table (A masterpiece, in my opinion!) and explore the wonders of Tiny Tower even further than before!

    I've also added the Technical Terms section. It's worthless for now, I haven't used them in the guide yet, but in future updates I will! If you want (Or if you like my guide so much, I hope so! =) Thanks for supporting me if you do!), you can get yourself familiarized with these terms so that you don't have to read and understand them again when I release new updates!

    In addition, a warning is included at the introduction to inform people playing Tiny Tower on an Android OS that not everything in the guide is relevant to them, in case they get confused when reading some things that they completely never heard before! A brief description of the advanced tutorial is now included! Added another 'Do nots' into the section under 'Contacting Me!'. Sections of the guide that I'll be making soon are now included as well. A couple of cleaning up has also been done.

    This first release is also the first version of this guide to go on GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com/) ! So you can say that the journey of this guide all begins here...and by the way there are absolutely no alpha, beta, release candidate, or whatsoever pre-versions of this guide...=P

    The first release of my Tiny Tower Advanced Strategy FAQ! Wohoo! It doesn't have a lot of content yet, I haven't included the strategies to 'beat' this game yet, only the tutorials completed by far. I'm planning to give a brief description of every single commercial floor as well, so please bear with me first!

    Released on January 20, 2014

    • Added back the 2 missing audio tracks Jazz Juice 110 bpm and the third nameless track

    Released on January 1, 2014

    • Added back missing costumes
    • Removed holiday decorations

    Released on December 5, 2013

    • Re-added the missing floors in the most recent holiday update.
      • The only compensation you can ask for is Bux, not your floors back.

    Released on December 4, 2013

    • Return of the Holiday theme
      • Holiday events
      • Holiday BitBook entries
      • New holiday themed app icon
      • More Santas and Elves visiting your tower
    • Attempted fix for server restore issues

    Released on May 6, 2013

    • Re-added costumes that were missing in last update (The Pocket Planes and the Tourist costumes).

    Released on April 26, 2013

    • 5 new commercial floors
      • Airline Food
      • Stables
      • Golf Sim
      • Robot Store
      • Costume Shop
    • 3 new residential floors
      • Overgrown Apts.
      • Reef Apts.
      • Theater Apts.
    • New Horse costume
    • Removed Pocket Planes costumes and the Tourist costume.
    • New free bux offers on Get Bux screen.
    • Notification icons at bottom of screen now stack to save space. Tap an icon multiple time to cycle through duplicates.

    Released on February 15, 2013

    • Removed Valentine's Day Theme
    • Tower scrolling optimizations.
    • The icon colour scheme for Sculpting Studio products is changed from dark grey to whitish grey.

    Released on January 31, 2013

    • Valentine's Day Theme Update
      • Valentine's Day pinkish tower theme
      • More bitizens dressed in Heart costume visits your tower.
      • The lobby is decorated in a Valentine's Day theme.
    • Fixed bug where multiple VIP icons would appear.

    Released on December 28, 2012

    • Holiday decorations removed.
    • Reverted back to the original app icon.
    • Holiday BitBook entries will no longer appear.
    • 5 new commercial floors
      • Hot Dog Joint
      • Plumber
      • Circus
      • Home Supply
      • Sculpting Studio
    • 3 new residential floors
      • Low Rent Apts.
      • Sunset Apts.
      • Pet Apts.

    Released on November 29, 2012

    • 5 new commercial floors
      • Cheese Shop
      • Stock Exchange
      • Park
      • Surf Shop
      • Clockmaker
    • 3 new residential floors
      • Holiday Apts.
      • Ship Apts.
      • Temple Apts.
    • Holiday decorated tower
    • Holiday events
    • Holiday BitBook entries
    • New holiday themed app icon
    • More Santas and Elves visiting your tower

    Released on October 2, 2012

    • Fixed "Free Games" button not working in iOS 6.
    • Fixed bug where elevator riders would never show up in costumes.
    • Fixed Share button not showing on floor and bitizen focus screens.

    Released on September 19, 2012

    • Support for iPhone 5 screen aspect ratio
    • New iOS 6 sharing options
    • Bug fixes

    Released on August 6, 2012

    • Fixed bugs relating to VIP saving and viewing neighbors.

    Released on July 26, 2012

    • 5 new commercial floors
      • Italian Food
      • Fire Station
      • Archery Range
      • Pet Shop
      • Chocolatier
    • 3 new residential floors
      • College Apts.
      • Party Apts.
      • Honey Apts.
    • 6 new costumes added.
    • New: Ability to choose a specific floor to build for a fee in bux.
    • New: Ability to save VIPs in your lobby for later use.
    • New: Ability to tweet your floors, bitizens and BitBook posts on supported devices.
    • Exploit Fix: Time travel "accidents" - A random Bitizen will be lost when changing the time backwards on device

    Released on May 1, 2012

    • Minor bug fixes.
    • Cyber Cafe's background design has been changed from a Space Invaders theme to a mouse pointer and binary numbers theme.
    • Nerd Cave Apts.' background has been changed to a plain green colour.

    Released on March 22, 2012

    • 5 new commercial floors
      • Seafood
      • Mechanic
      • Billiard Hall
      • Jewelry Store
      • TV Studio
    • 3 new residential floors
      • Arctic Apts.
      • Bachelor Apts.
      • Space Apts.
    • Re-enabled multiple music tracks.
    • The pop-up windows when quick selling or gifting is slightly different.
    • Various bug fixes.

    Released on November 23, 2011

    • Fixed a bug in the way completed missions are saved.

    Released on November 18, 2011

    • Missions are introduced.
    • Gifting (to friends) is introduced.
    • Added star graphics for each floor to show the number of dream jobbers employed there.
    • 5 new commercial floors
      • Donut Shop
      • Courthouse
      • Haunted House
      • Candle Shop
      • Animation Studio
    • 3 new residential floors
      • Egyptian Apts.
      • Magic Apts.
      • Roman Apts.
    • 18 new costumes added.
    • Reworked sound code.
    • In-game ads added.
    • Fixed other minor issues.

    Released on September 15, 2011

    • Fixed crashing on older devices
    • Fixed occasional startup crash
    • Reset button now visible on settings screen

    Released on September 12, 2011

    • 5 new commercial floors
      • Pancake House
      • Security Office
      • Karaoke Club
      • Grocery Store
      • Laboratory
    • 3 new residential floors
      • Anti Grav Apts.
      • Submarine Apts.
      • Tiki Apts.
    • 32 new costumes added.
    • The ability to share towers on the web is added.
    • Added separate settings for sounds and music.
    • Fixed bug causing a crash when viewing certain neighbors.
    • Fixed a bug where Realtor VIP move-ins had the same dream job.
    • Fixed a bug causing floors to paint themselves.
    • Fixed a bug preventing shoes from changing color in dress up.
    • Increased allowed length of custom floor names.

    Released on August 16, 2011

    • Fixed a bug slowing sales while the app is open.
    • Fixed a bug where Real Estate Agent moved in bitizens all had the same dream job.
    • Fixed a bug which hid speech bubbles behind tall costumes.
    • Fixed a bug causing crashes when cycling through costume.

    Released on August 11, 2011

    • Added a new elevator, the Infini-Lift Lightspeed, available for 499 Tower Bux.
    • Added a Bitizen dressing menu with a back button. Redressing no longer costs Coins.
    • Added Bitizen Costumes (48 of them) and Costume Shop.
    • Added an external link to the BitBuilder, a webtool used to create bitizens with no in-game impact.
    • Added upgrades to commercial floors for increasing stock.
    • Added a new residential floor, Millspring Apts.
    • Added demand percentage to Stats screen.
    • Real Estate Agents now fill all empty spaces in a residential floor.
    • Increased the dream job bonus to 2 Tower Bux.
    • Fixed bug causing the game to crash when viewing neighbors with Emoji characters in their name.
    • Fixed bug causing music to play even when sounds are off.

    Released on July 19, 2011

    • Fixed bugs introduced in 1.2.
    • Increased chance for riders to tip Tower Bux.
    • Added sorting to Bitizen list.
    • Added ability to use numbers in floor names.
    • Removed restocking confirmation.
    • Removed notification for fully stocked Coin bonus.

    Released on July 18, 2011

    • Added the ability to rename floors.
    • A new Real Estate Agent VIP is introduced which will move a new bitizen into the apartment of your choice.
    • 5 new commercial floors
      • BBQ Place
      • Recycling
      • Rock Climbing
      • Auto Dealer
      • Floral Studio
    • Tap the top of the screen to auto scroll to the top of your tower.
    • Attempted to fix issue where floors are stuck in construction.
    • Fixed some sound issues.
    • Game is now saved more often.
    • Improved Get Bux store connectivity.
    • Game data now saved in un-encrypted device backups.
    • Added warning to game reset.
    • Reduced Dream Job reward from 3 Tower Bux to 1 Tower Bux.

    Released on July 1, 2011

    • Fixed crash when dressing up bitizens.
    • Fixed crash on loading on older devices.
    • Fixed bug with Game Center achievement updating.
    • Disabled certain features during tutorial.
    • Scaled down names of neighbors to prevent overlap.
    • Other small bug fixes.

    Released on June 28, 2011

    • Fixed crash on resume bug.
    • Fixed crash on load on older devices.

    Released on June 15, 2011

    • Original Version.

    Advanced Tutorial

    If you've already went through the Tiny Tower tutorial, it's not the most informative. It's typical of most NimbleBit games, as they are content to let you figure things out on your own. I'm not criticizing them, but for those who really don't quite understand Tiny Tower's mechanics, I've specifically built this tutorial for you! It is my task to (hopefully) educate you on the rest of the game aspects and tie up those loose ends. You are one step closer to being a professional Tiny Tower manager! Ready?

    Important Disclaimer!

    By writing a guide to ease you into better enjoying the game, bear in mind this tutorial is nothing more than walls of text with very limited (If any at all) pictorial illustrations. By reading this section of the guide, you should have ideally already started playing the game proper. You shouldn't be reading this guide at all if you have no idea what this game is really about, still deciding to play this game or not (That one is reserved for textual or video reviews), or simply playing this game for "testing" purposes. Because you simply won't understand what I'm talking about, since text and limited illustrations can only do that much. I'm not stopping you from doing so even if you fall under these categories, because I'm not going to hunt you down using Google Maps. =P I have better things to do and I believe in giving you the freedom to do whatever you want unless you are harming others. The purpose of this tutorial is to get you more accustomed to this game by understanding its mechanics, rather than being a lost sheep.

    However, part of the fun in a game is to figure out yourself how to properly play this game. (Well, there's actually not quite a proper way to play games other than to have fun, but nevertheless I feel there are certain parameters) If what I just said clicked with you, then I suggest you don't continue with this textual tutorial (And perhaps save yourself from walls of probably boring text =P) and start your own wonderful exploration tour! Perhaps you may discover more than I am going to say subsequently!

    Lastly, understand that this guide is written out of free will, and I'm no professional guide writer (The content of my work is not being checked by editors), so don't expect it to be a perfect guide. It's like having the expectation that you are living in a perfect world. For the sake of humor, I'll probably be inserting a bit of opinions into this tutorial, although such is not quite typical. Hope you don't mind? =)

    Your Main Aim

    Okay, so what are you playing this game for? Basically your objective of the game is to build the most prosperous and thriving tower in the entire city! (Unfortunately, not even I know what city are you in, but anyway...) To do that, you need people, which are called bitizens in this game, to live in your Tiny Tower, and work at the commercial stores that you build! Only then your tower will see the profits rolling in! Use these profits to further expand your tower upwards---towards the skies and beyond! Soon you'll attract more bitizens into your tower and more commercial stores will be built to accommodate them! Finally, you'll have one bustling Tiny Tower!


    Coins have a plethora of uses. They look like small golden rounds. They are easily earned but you'll need them ever so often. However, you'll likely to need loads of them to do something big. Here are the ways to get coins:

    • Selling the stock of products at commercial floors. All Level 1 products sell for 1 coin, Level 2 products for 2 coins, Level 3 products for 3 coins.
    • Fully stocking a commercial floor, as a bonus. To get this bonus, stock finish the last product that is not on sale and ensure the rest have some remaining stock. This amount is determined taking the total number of remaining stocks for all products divided by 20.
    • Escorting a bitizen to their desired floor, by way of the elevator, as tips. You'll gain twice the number of coins as the floor number the bitizen wants to go to.
    • Collecting of rent from bitizens. The first time you check in on your tower after 12 midnight, you'll collect some coins from your bitizens. The rent is paid daily at this time. Each bitizen who live in your tower will pay 100 coins a day.

    And here are the ways to spend that crazy amount of coins you earn every day, even without attendance to your tower!

    • To add a new (empty) story to the top of your tower. It doesn't cost a single coin to start building something there though, strangely.
    • To re-stock products in commercial floors that had their stocks run dry.

    That's all coins do! Yet there's so many ways to earn them...

    Tower Bux

    Tower Bux look like small green dollar bills, with a bold "T" in the center. So that's pretty much like real bank notes; from whatever country who really cares, huh? They can perform so much more functions, but of course that comes with a price of them being rarer to find and earn.

    So how do we get them? Surprising there are quite a lot of ways to earn them, mostly through special events and by chance. Since they are mostly earned through special events, they are, pretty rare to find too. Here are the ways to catch 'em all:

    • The immediate way to get Bux is to just purchase some through the 'Get Bux' option in the menu. You'll need some real life cash to spend though.
    • Checking on your tower on a day where one of your bitizens have a birthday on it. It'll grant you 1 Tower Bux. It only happens once per bitizen per day, so don't bother cheating the system.
    • Successfully finding the required bitizen in the special event 'Deliveries & Messages'. You'll get 1 Tower Bux too.
    • Using your coins to build a new (empty) floor to be added to the top of your tower. The game will congratulate you on your tower's expansion and give you 1 complementary Tower Bux.
    • Employing a bitizen at his/her dream job for the first time. That will give you 2 Tower Bux. Nice!
    • Escorting a bitizen to their desired floor, by way of the elevator, as a tip. This happens pretty rarely, and you get only 1 Tower Bux. Seems like this is about a 1 in 15 chance.
    • Fully stocking a commercial floor, as a bonus. A notification appears if you managed to be lucky enough to get the 1 Tower Bux. It's a 1 in 6 chance, according to a NimbleBit developer.
    • This feature is only available from Version 1.5 and onwards. Successfully completing a mission. You will get a varying amount of Tower Bux depending on which mission you complete, which ranges from 4 Tower Bux to 28 Tower Bux.

    Tower Bux are mainly just bonuses, so you and your Tiny Tower can practically continue developing even without a single Tower Bux. Your life will be hell though. =P Anyway, here's how to use them!

    • Hurrying constructions of any floor. Just like in the tutorial. The number of Tower Bux required for this is 1 for every hour, rounded up. So if you have 1H, 34M left, you'll need 2 Tower Bux. Even if it shows 1H left, you'll need 2 Tower Bux (Because the time needed to actually finish this process is rounded down, remember, seconds don't show)
    • Hurrying the stocking of products on commercial floors. The number of Tower Bux needed is the exact same as hurrying construction.
    • Quick Selling or gifting product stocks on commercial floors. You'll need 1 Tower Bux for every 600 stock remaining, regardless of which product you are selling or gifting. The number of Tower Bux, is again, rounded up.
    • To immediately move in a Bitizen at an apartment with any vacant spots. You'll need 1 Tower Bux for this.
    • Upgrade the elevator. The first upgrade is 25 Tower Bux, the second one is 75 Tower Bux, the third is 125 Tower Bux, and the last upgrade is 499 Tower Bux. Again, you need to purchase the previous upgrades to see the next one.
    • Buying paint buckets, which are required to re-paint floors. You'll get 100 paint buckets for every Tower Bux you spend, so you can just splash them on your walls of your Tiny Tower like nothing! =)
    • Unlocking costumes for Bitizens through the redress panel. If you tap the 'Costumes!' box in the re-dressing bitizen window, you'll be taken to a list of costumes you can. Unfortunately, they are not free and you need to unlock them first by tapping on the corresponding row and buy them. Then it's all yours to use at your free will! Costumes cost 3 to 5 Tower Bux.
    • Moving a floor to a different position in the Tiny Tower. You'll need 1 Tower Bux to do so.
    • Exchanging them for coins at the Bank. You can use 1, 5, 20 or 50 Bux to trade in for coins.
    • Upgrading commercial floors. To increase the number of stock for each and every product in that commercial floor by 75. You'll need a flat 3 Tower Bux for one single upgrade. The time taken to stock each and every product of that commercial floor will also increase by 5 minutes.
    • This feature is only available from Version 2.0 and onwards. Choosing a specific commercial or residential floor to build in an empty floor.

    And so that's all the functions of Tower Bux covered. Plentiful, huh?

    Screens showing views of your Tiny Tower

    In the zoomed in view of your Tiny Tower (which is the screen you first see when you start playing the game after the loading screen), you'll see a purple bar at the bottom of your screen. At its left side shows the image of a coin and beside it a number which represents the number of coins you have as of current. It updates really often, like once every second? In the middle is a picture of a Tower Bux and a number right beside it. This represents how many Tower Bux you have now. Of course, as I said, Tower Bux are rare, you don't gain them often, so it updates only every time there's a change to this number (Whether is it a gain or a loss). To the right is the menu button, which I'll cover later. It makes up a major part of the game, so it's really important! Moving on, at the extreme top left corner, you'll see an image of half a person and a number beside it. This shows how many bitizens live in your tower. There's a magnifying glass icon just below it: Tap this to zoom out and view a zoomed out view of the whole tower. As your tower grows, you won't be able to see the whole tower anymore. Tapping the icon makes your screen shift to the top of your tower. This zoomed out view is pretty useless, but at night it may be useful as commercial floors which are open will have two rectangular lights lighted up to the right side of the floor. Those commercial floors that are closed have no lights to the right side of it, aside from the main floor black-out. This view gives you an overall glance on which commercial floors are open. (All residential floors remain lighted, even when there are no bitizens living there yet.) The extreme top right corner has an image of a building and a number beside it. This number is simply how many stories (or floors) high is your Tiny Tower.

    So that was the foreground covered. Now on to the main background where all the good things happen! You can freely scroll the background up and down since that will give you access to all the floors in your tower. The foreground stays where they are, so you always see them (Well, that's why I call them the foreground anyway...) The leftmost column is just the elevator shaft, which other than being the physical passageway for the elevator to transport bitizens, it also indicates the floor numbers for each corresponding floor. Once the bitizen exits the elevator, the tip amount will be added to the coin amount in the foreground. Beside the elevator shaft doors house commercial and residential floors, which I will go into more detail about all the nitty gritty details under their own relevant section. They may also be up to 3 yellow stars at the corresponding commercial floor, which represents the number of bitizens whose dream job is at that commercial floor (Or simply dream jobbers) currently employed there. It does not represent the level of a commercial floor. Upgrading commercial floors do not affect its appearance. As you could see here, every floor only holds one commercial or residential floor, which is something like one unit in a standard shopping centre.

    The Lobby

    That's the first floor of your entire tower, and the floor that you start with when you first play the game. The lobby is the heart of your Tiny Tower, and serves as the entrance for bitizens (including VIPs, they are bitizens after all) to enter the elevator to take a ride (However, it seems that they don't even need the lobby to enter the elevator; they just miraculously enter the elevator. Maybe there's a secret back door that they all enter that's right behind the elevator? Then I wonder what's the main doorway in the lobby that you can see do =P). It doesn't make any coins nor Tower Bux, nor does it house any bitizens, so it isn't like your apartments for bitizens living in your tower. However, it is now officially what some might call the "VIP Apts." as of the Version 2.0 update. You can now store up to 5 VIPs at the lobby. And that sums up the only useful function of the lobby. You can re-paint the lobby if you want, you just have to tap on the lobby once first before tapping the "Re-paint" box in the pop-up window now. Painting is still done the same old way as re-painting a commercial or residential floor. Of course, you can't move the lobby (I can't imagine having a lobby at the hundredth plus floor! That will be so weird!). Needless to say, you can't delete the lobby. I would love to and build a better lobby though, but...

    New Floors Screen

    All new floors will start out as an empty one, and will be at the top floor of your tower unless you move it. After you build a new floor and tap on it, you will get a choice of what sector to build. You can only choose specifically what to build (Which commercial or residential floor exactly) at the new floor if you're willing to pay that really hefty cost in Tower Bux for that target floor you want, if not just tap the sector you want to build and the game picks randomly for you what exactly to build there. (So now you see why I don't trust those useless construction workers slacking at their construction sites =P) There are six sectors: Residential, Food, Service, Recreation, Retail, and Creative. The last 5 are all commercial sectors and can gain coins for you. The first one is your "supplement" to these commercial sectors. Underneath you're wondering what's this demand all about; it determines the popularity of all the commercial floors in that particular sector. The higher the demand, the more sales you'll get per minute. After you tap the box that corresponds to which commercial sector you want to build (Or even as you choose to specifically build a certain floor), construction will begin. You'll then see a little box at the right hand corner of the construction floor with a construction sign and a mini meter bar below. Just above it shows the time remaining.

    There's no limit to how many floors you can build, but there's a limit to the number of useful floors you can have. What are useful floors? Simply floors that are residential or commercial floors. Once you build finish all of the available commercial and residential floors (24 of each commercial sector, adding up to 120 commercial floors, plus 72 residential floors, adding up to a grand total of 192 useful floors. This is as of the 2.2 update), you can't build anymore in those empty floors you have, since you have built every available floor on that sector. With every floor available built, the rest of the empty floors are completely useless and will remain empty, until a new update with more floors to build arrives. When the update does arrive, then you can start building new floors there again.

    So let me ask you a question, if your tower is 192 floors high, have you built every one of those useful floors? Answer is in the spoiler box below...(If you don't know how to read the text inside it, just triple click the blank part of the spoiler box when your highlight cursor appears! If you don't understand, just hold the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard and press the "A" key! Basically Ctrl+A. I had trouble myself trying to figure out how to read it as well, so I better educate you all how to do so! =P)

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    No! You've forgotten to include the lobby! =P Your tower needs to be 193 floors high to be able to build every one of those useful 192 floors!

    Constructing costs and time

    As you would realize, the cost to build the next floor is ever increasing, in fact this cost is increasing exponentially. For those who can't understand, in layman terms, the increase of this cost is increasing floor by floor. (When you analyze the formula below, you realize that the increase in the increase is constant. Using differentiation, the increase in the change in C is a constant 300. Change in C = 300F) So how do we know the cost of building the next floor? There's a very nice formula that holds through, so letting the cost of building the next floor to be C and the floor number that is to be built in to be F, the formula is:

    C = 150*(F)

    So now, every floor takes time to be built right? The timer for any construction only starts when you tap on the sector to build, not when you just built the empty floor. Luckily for us, the time required to build the sector increases at a constant rate. Unfortunately for us, the time taken for the construction to finish depends on the height of the tower, not which floor that is going to build something is located or its originality. What's the difference, you ask? If it depends on which floor is building something, then a smart player can move another floor that has already completed constructing a sector on top of it. This could reduce the time needed for that new floor to build finish its sector; 30 minutes is shaved off for each floor above it. Also, if you're suddenly not happy with a commercial floor somewhere in between the tower, you can destroy it and build a new sector. Since the floor is not at the top, the time taken for the newer sector to open is shorter than if we take the timing from the height of the tower. Get it? Never mind. =P In the following formula, the height of the entire tower (plus the lobby, of course) be H and the time to build finish the new sector on that floor will be T, in minutes.

    T = 30*(H-1)

    If you've built all the available floors for a specific sector (Such as Food or Residential, remember that you can only build one of each of them!), and you try to be a joker =P and tap on that specific sector when asked to choose which sector to build on an empty floor, the game tells you that you're maxed out in that category. You can't build another of that sector anymore, you idiot! You have to wait for a new update to be released that includes new floors...

    Tower height limitations

    Commercial floors to be built are determined randomly (other than the situation you actually go and pick a specific floor to build. But even then, this still applies to you.), yes, but unknowingly to you, there's actually a limit that stops you from getting those crazily high value commercial floors when you first start out in the game. Have you ever seen anyone that gets a Private Eye, or perhaps the Animation Studio in the first two commercial floors of that sector they build? Of course you haven't (And I know I'm right =P). That's because the higher value commercial floors can only be built once your tower reaches a certain height. You can try to pick a specific commercial floor early on in the game and you'll realize that some commercial floors may not be in the list yet. This also applies for residential floors, though I kind of doubt you care anyway?

    How does the game determine the tower height in which only til then, a certain commercial floor can be built? Well, you guessed it, this game loves working around some pretty nice formulas. So here's how this formula works. Add up the stock times of all 3 products in a commercial floor at Level 1 in minutes, and then divide that total by 30. That's it! The last thing you have to do is to round up that number to the nearest integer value (If it is already an integer, then don't bother) and that's how high your tower needs to be before you can build that chosen commercial floor. A good bunch of the results you've noticed from the commercial floors table above is a 2, and the highest value you can extract from the table is 56, while a majority come in 10 or below (This number is even bigger when you talk about 15 floors or below!), so the limit is not very obvious. For residential floors, there are preset values assigned to every residential floor.

    Building a specific commercial or residential floor

    The higher the total stock of a commercial floor, the more expensive for it to be specifically built in that empty floor of yours. It will even cost you a heap if you choose to build a specific residential floor! To determine the exact amount of Tower Bux you need to build a commercial floor, add up the stock times of all three products it sells at Level 1, in minutes. Then take the result and divide by three. If you don't get a nice integer (In other words there's a bunch of numbers after the decimal point) then just round this calculated value up.

    Surprisingly, even residential floors have been classified into a hierarchy system. Apparently, some residential floors are considered more "prestigious" than others? =P Some are worth more Tower Bux to specifically build them. This hierarchy system becomes more apparent at the beginning where you only have access to a few residential floors, which you can see by trying to pick a specific residential floor to build. So how do we know when a residential floor is available to be built? Well, it happens that your tower height directly determines the minimum "prestige" level of the residential floor that can be built. So the Storage Apts that is assigned 1 Tower Bux can be built at a minimum tower height of 1 floor. Wait, isn't having just the lobby adequate then? Ahh ooops! Bad example! =P Here's a better one: A residential floor that is assigned a prestige value of 100 Tower Bux can only be built when your tower is at least 100 floors high.


    Bitizens are the driving force of your tower, without them, there won't be profits rolling in!

    It's very safe to say that bitizens never abandon the tower themselves, no matter how sad they may seem. This way you can manipulate them at your own will! Bitizens also post on BitBook, the game's version of FaceBook. More details on the BitBook later. Only bitizens that live in your tower post on BitBook (even if they live in your tower for only one second!). Each bitizen have their own unique traits, their skin colour, facial hair colours (I thought that this could be changed since you just need some dyeing, but apparently...no...) and their name. (which you also can't change =(, sad case...)

    When you tap on the picture of a bitizen, the Bitizen Detail Window with more details about the bitizen comes out. It looks something like this, though everything is middle-flushed, as with every other window.

    (Bitizen's Name)

    Dream Job:


    Home: Floor __
    B-Day: ___ __

    Food : __

    Service : __

    Recreation : __

    Retail : __

    Creative : __

    Employed at:

    Dress UpJobEvict

    The blank below 'Dream Job' shows which commercial floor he wants to work at. It's coloured according to which sector that commercial floor belongs to. Green is Food, Blue is Service, Yellow is Recreation, Purple is Retail and Red is Creative. Be a kind soul and put the Bitizen in his dream job as far as you can! Your genuine act of kindness will result in 2 Tower Bux. For the first time you do that only though. Each bitizen only has one dream job. The corresponding commercial sector he wants to work at will always have the highest job interest level. Not only that, there's a bonus: You double the stock of a product after it stocks finish...without increase in price or stock times! The blank beside home tells you which floor does the Bitizen live in. B-Day just means birthday, probably just a way to compress this into the window =P. If you check in on your tower during your bitizen's B-Day, you'll be gifted 1 Tower Bux.

    There are a couple of numbers beside the respective commercial sector names. These numbers correspond to what we call "Job interest levels". This number represents his job interest level for any of the commercial floors in that corresponding sector. The higher, obviously, the better. 9 is the maximum while 0 is the minimum (and of course, the worst). These affect the discount rates at which all 3 products at a commercial floor is entitled to. This will be explained more later under Commercial Floors. The blank below "Employed at" simply shows which commercial floor the bitizen is currently employed at. It'll just show "Unemployed" if he's not employed anywhere. A face is shown to the left of this employment information. There are 3 types of faces: A green happy face, a yellow neutral face and a red frowny face. The green happy face is shown if the bitizen is employed at his dream job. A yellow neutral face is shown if he's employed at a commercial sector in which he has a corresponding job interest level of 5 or more. A red frowny face is shown if the bitizen is unemployed or employed at a commercial sector in which his corresponding job interest level is 4 or less. The happiness level shown by the face is merely an indicator, and does not affect anything.

    There are three boxes at the bottom of the window. The first box is tagged below with "Dress Up". You can change the outfit of your bitizens here! A enlarged picture of the bitizen you are dressing up appears, and there are boxes which you can tap to change their outfit. The next outfit generated is completely random, so keep trying until you are satisfied! There are several different kinds of accessories that can be generated, the list is shown below! The only thing you can't change is the bitizen's skin tone colour and his hair colour. Any facial hair will be the same colour as the hair colour. Oh yeah, by the way, female bitizens can't have facial hair. Booooooooooo!!!! It used to cost a single coin to dress up bitizens, but no longer does that apply now! Yeah! If you want a more specific costume, you can try tapping the box that says 'costumes'. A list of costumes will appear, but they are not free (Boo!), you need 3 or 5 Tower Bux to unlock them first. From then on, you can use them freely, without any quantity restrictions, so equip them on all your bitizens for all you like since costume stocks don't run out. (Not surprising since we have a costume shop in this tower =P)

    Glasses (Both male and female):
    • Black frame clear glasses
    • Silver frame clear glasses
    • Black frame sunglasses
    Facial Hair (Male only):
    • Goatee
    • Handlebar
    • Van Dyke
    • Backwards Cap
    • Bandana
    • Baseball Cap (Male only)
    • Beanie
    • Beret
    • Bowler
    • Cap
    • Cat Ears
    • Cowboy Hat
    • Crown
    • Football Helmet
    • Headband (Female only)
    • Hachimaki
    • Party Hat
    • Pirate Hat
    • Propeller Hat
    • Sunhat (Female only)
    • Top Hat
    • Visor
    • Walkman
    • Earrings (Female only)
    • Tie (Male only)

    The next box is tagged with 'Job', in which you can assign them a job by tapping here and then tapping the row in which the commercial sector is. You need to zzzzz.....confirm again....by the way, you can't assign bitizens a new job if they are working in a commercial floor that is currently restocking. Still remember what's restocking? It's when a product is out of stock and you are trying to replenish it so that it can sell again! It'll show a meter bar at the floor. You'll get a notification that you can't re-assign them. You can also make them unemployed, by tapping the top row of the list that says 'No Job', to make a reserve bitizen for any commercial floor that needs someone later. You can't unemploy if he's in a commercial floor that's re-stocking.

    The last box is tagged with 'Evict' and has a picture of an arrow pointing towards northeast. It's the uh em, most evil thing to do with a bitizen. Tapping this box will bring out a notification to confirm to evict the bitizen from your tower. You're denying his rights from living in your tower completely, you evilist! This will result in an extra space in the apartment he lives and an extra space in a commercial sector (if he's currently working there). And again you can't do this if the bitizen is working in a commercial floor that is currently restocking. You won't cost you anything, so no Bux or coins involved, to evict a bitizen, though I'm not quite sure what detrimental effects it may have on you by evicting a "celebrity" bitizen...

    Tower Events

    These are the stuff that will keep you occupied while playing this game for some time non-stop. These event notifications appear at the bottom of your screen in one single line. These notifications stay the same size no matter how long the queue is, which means that previously most notifications will exceed your screen width and you have to clear the ones in front before clearing those behind...now that sucks...if you find a closed commercial floor just after you check on your tower, its notification box will be far behind, forcing you to clear those in front first before attending to that commercial floor.... (As of Version 2.2, the notification boxes are condensed to only one of its type, so a maximum of 4 notification boxes will appear) Anyway they are several types of events that can occur in your tower, so here are they! The first two are mutually exclusive, so if one of them happens, the other cannot happen. These 2 events involve just one miserable bitizen in the elevator. (They seem to only hold one bitizen at a time. Maybe the elevators are too crammy? So don't leave them there for too long because claustrophobia is likely to build up! =P)

    • A bitizen visit, marked by a red box with two triangles pointing away from each other
    • A VIP visit, marked by a red box with the word 'VIP' on it, underlined
    • Deliveries & Messages, marked by a blue box with a picture of a person from the top half
    • Finished stocking, marked by a light yellow box with a picture of a white open carton box
    • Closed commercial floor, marked by a orange box with an exclamation mark inside.

    Bitizen visit

    A normal bitizen is just visiting your tower...zzzzz...it happens like at least once every minute (Depending how fast your elevator is), sometimes once every ten seconds! Amazingly, he doesn't even need to walk through the lobby to its doorway to even enter the elevator! Bitizens that entered the elevator are stubborn enough not to exit the elevator under almost all circumstances! One pesky way of ridding of these insistent idiots is to force close the game and restart it! It might happen when your device runs out of RAM (Random Access Memory) and restarts itself. Tap the notification box, it brings you to the lobby. Tap anywhere in the lobby to bring up two large arrows. You need not tap on the 2 arrow boxes to have the elevator go up or down, so just hold on to either the left side or the right side of the screen to do so. Your whole screen is being repurposed to only these 2 functions, although surprisingly you can still tap the Menu button to access the menu. The bitizen will have speech bubble saying the number of the floor he wants to go to. Bring the bitizen up there, while watch his little cute expression of his mouth opening and closing on the way. =) The elevator automatically adjusts itself to a floor, so there's no need to be a perfectionist (All the better if you can though!) to release your hold on the screen to lead it there. On arrival to his desired floor, he happily tips you a couple of coins (He's still showing that cute expression!), and leaves the elevator. The number of coins he tips you is twice the number of the floor he wants to go to. No point bringing him/her up to another floor, since this stubborn idiot won't exit the elevator until he/she notices he/she reaches the right level. If you get lucky, the bitizen can tip you 1 Tower Bux too! It's quite rare, so thank your lucky stars if you do get it! The bitizen suddenly becomes emo when he enters the doorway of the floor, and then he joins the customers that enter the floor as well; walking off the floor and again, presumingly going to have a (hopefully) fun time sky diving. =) However, unlike those customers, he doesn't even buy off a single product as he walks off the floor. Then I wonder why did he even took the elevator and waste his money for? Just to sky-dive? Then why don't you go to the top floor instead? Weird guy.

    If the bitizen happens to take an elevator ride to an apartment, and it has at least one slot empty, he moves in to your tower to live. He'll start off unemployed, just like in the tutorial. Unfortunately, the bitizen who moved doesn't even pay a single coin for that elevator ride! Bastard! If the apartment is full with 5 bitizens, then he'll walk off the floor as usual and pay tips for the elevator ride as usual.

    On a side note, bitizens usually like to visit apartments that are full with 5 bitizens. Then they can't move in. Smart move of them uh?

    VIP visit

    Lucky you! A VIP is visiting your tower! And again they just miraculously appear in the elevator without walking through the lobby and its doorway! It rarely happens so make good use of it! VIPs are special event bitizens that carry certain effects. The VIP, like those bitizens who request useless elevator rides, will wait for you to send him/her up. The operation to send them up the elevator is entirely the same as normal bitizens. If you want to rid of the VIP at the lobby (Why on earth would you want to do that?!?!), do the same way as you would to rid of any bitizens in your elevator.

    But now luckily (That's at least I hope you have Version 2.0.0 or above) if you don't want them now you could finally store them at your lobby! NimbleBit changed the notification window to include 2 options as text boxes. If you want to use them like normal just tap "Use Now". But if you save them up for next time, then just tap "Save VIP". Now they'll roam your lobby until you tap on it and the VIP's icon in the similar window like residential floors! (And apparently the VIPs are also tagged with their names! Lol. Finally! A really good use for the lobby! Hurray!) Seems like no matter how important are they, they don't have another choice but stay in the lobby for as long as you like! You can only store up to 5 VIPs, beyond that if you try to store another one the game will refuse you to do so (You don't even have a choice to swap out a VIP already patrolling the lobby!) and force you to begin transporting the VIP to any floor except the lobby.

    Unlike normal bitizens, you can send them to any floor at your own will. They have no speech bubble above them (Plus they usually appear pretty emo =). They sometimes make that cute expression though). Tap the notification box to go to the lobby. Tap the lobby to start your escort. Send them up to a floor that needs it the most! If you send them to a floor that renders their effect useless, they simply walk off the floor like a normal bitizen. You need to confirm that you really want them to be sent to that floor you bring them to. You can't send a VIP to the first floor, the lobby, no matter what. There are 5 types of VIPs, let me list them for you...

    Construction Worker

    Both male and females wear a yellow hardhat and orange garb (That's their costume). The male seem to be wearing a ball cap while the female one, a sunhat.

    They are useful to a great extent in that they cut off 3 hours off a floor that is currently having construction. That saves you 3 Tower Bux! If less than 3 hours remain and they are sent there, it immediately opens! You can send multiple construction workers to one floor, they will continually cut off 3 hours after each other, so their ability stacks. If they are sent to a construction floor, they exit the elevator and wow! Miraculously disappears! The construction worker has been sacrificed! (It must be a terrible life being a construction worker, if I were forced to be one, I'll never ever visit the Tiny Tower!!!)

    Delivery Person

    Both male and females are dressed up completely in brown. (Other than their face, of course, since they are not camouflage ninjas =P) The male wears a ball cap, while a female does not have any additional headwear.

    They are pretty similar to construction workers, but they cut off 3 hours off stocking times of any commercial floors that is currently stocking. The product is in stock immediately if the VIP is really sent there and less than 3 hours remain for it to stock finish. Similar to the construction worker, their ability stacks, you can send as much delivery people to a single commercial floor. Unlike construction workers, they walk off the floor no matter which floor they go.


    Only female celebrities exist sadly. She wears a pink shirt, white pants (Did you notice that bitizens never wear shorts, three-quarters, or anything else for bottoms? =) Other than pants or jeans?) She has long hair with variable colours, puts on red earrings and sunglasses (Cool!).

    The celebrity is deemed by most people the most useless among all the VIPs. Why? Because she only brings in a fixed crowd of 50 bitizens to your commercial floor you sent her to to buy out 50 products. Business continues as usual after the crowd of 50 bitizens. For some weird reasons, she doesn't buy anything herself. She just walks off the floor. Cool and emo huh?

    Big Spender

    Only male big spenders exist...he wears a green suit with a yellow tie and puts on a set of cool sunglasses.

    Big Spenders are pretty useful as he buys out all remaining stocks of one product, but it's random which one he will buy out. You'll need to restock the product after he visits that commercial floor of yours. Keeps commercial floors and bitizens busy by continually stocking. You can send him to a floor that is still restocking and make good use of him so long it has other products on sale. The only sad thing is, you can't check out the remaining stock on those products. He'll walk off the floor after buying his stuff (which takes less than a second, I wonder how he takes all that products home?)

    Real Estate Agent

    Both the male and female wear a dark blue outfit, but the male variant wears a red tie while the female one puts on red earrings. Because of this, it can be rather difficult to distinguish a female Real Estate Agent and a female Delivery Person, since the two colours are similar and the earrings on the Real Estate Agent are hardly noticeable! Be careful and analyze carefully!

    The Real Estate Agent moves in enough bitizens into an apartment (what you know as residential floors) to fill it up completely to 5 bitizens. You'll get a notification that new bitizens have moved into the apartment. Sending this agent to a full residential floor with 5 bitizens is completely useless as you helplessly watch the Real Estate Agent walk off the floor without doing anything. Best send them to an empty apartment or nearly empty apartment. Saves yourself some Tower Bux to move bitizens in immediately. It costs 1 Tower Bux to immediately move in one bitizen to an empty slot in an apartment by the way.