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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by light_rock_zz

    Version: 2.0.1 | Updated: 04/07/14 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Advanced Tutorial (Continued)

    Deliveries & Messages

    You are required to find for a specific bitizen for this event. It's an event that pops up somewhat frequently. The event starts by just tapping the notification icon. There will be a pop-up which is sometimes quite a laugh to read. It'll include a bitizen name somewhere. Tap yes to try and find this bitizen. Tap no to just abort this event and return back to normal gameplay. If you tap yes, the picture of the bitizen you need to find and his name will be shown at the bottom of your screen to aid your hide & seek adventure. A good aid, not good enough when your bitizen list is disabled. In fact you can't access the menu at all or attend to any notifications. To complete your adventure, just tap the floor where the bitizen is. Luckily for you, no penalty is imposed if you don't find him at that floor you tap. You'll just get notification that he isn't there, and the search continues. Be wary, some bitizens can be pretty pesky, even if you know their workplace, they may not be there, they might slack in their apartments! Successfully finding this bitizen will get you 1 Tower Bux! Great! If you happen to get fed up with finding the required bitizen, you can tap the red X button at the bottom right corner of your screen to return to normal gameplay. You impatient guy!

    It seems that this event still appears even if there are no bitizens currently living in your tower! However, when you try to activate the event, it exits immediately. If a bitizen comes to live in your tower before you activate the event (That is, the event icon is already there but you haven't tap it), everything goes on as usual.

    Stocking Complete

    A commercial floor has finished stocking! Click the notification box to bring you to the commercial floor that has the product that stocked finished. Obviously bitizens are dumb creatures, they don't know how to put the product on stock themselves so you gotta help them by simply tapping that commercial floor! It'll go on sale after that, so you can start stocking the next product if anything is out of stock, or if the commercial floor is already fully stocked, leave it alone. Stocking finish a product won't net you any coins, but fully stocking, which means that the commercial floor has the ability to sell all three of its products, will net you some coins (The number of coins is determined by the total number of stock remaining divided by 20), or if you're lucky, even a Tower Bux! That's one in a sixth chance according to one of the NimbleBit guys (they are the ones who develop this awesome game!).

    Closed commercial floor

    Oh nooooooooo!!!!! One of your commercial floors has closed!!! And worse still, it's not doing anything, not even stocking any product! Tap the orange notification box to bring you to the closed commercial floor. Tap on it, employ bitizens there if you haven't, and start stocking something, anything!!!!! A closed commercial floor won't get you any coins, so avoid these!

    Commercial Floors

    Commercial floors are those floors that will see your number of coins accumulating! Each commercial floor is usually different, so it matters quite a lot what commercial floor is built from the construction (which selects a random one from a sector you chose, unless you specify with your Bux). This is only because each commercial floor holds a different amount of stock for all its 3 products it sells.

    Commercial floors will always see customers miraculously appearing from the doorway (I really wonder how they get up here?), of course unless it's closed (Funny thing is, bitizens still request elevator rides to closed commercial floors. More on that later). A commercial floor is closed if it has nothing to sell. It can even happen when it's stocking a product, since it can't go on sale yet. Closed commercial floors have their lights off. Bitizens who are currently being employed sometimes patrol the floor, even when it's closed (What hardworking people, why don't you go home and take a short nap or something?). They may walk off the floor sometimes, but will come back, so don't worry, they wouldn't leave the tower by themselves! Customers will have a speech bubble above them showing what they bought. All customers only buy off one product at a time. They appear from the doorway and just walk off the floor and presumingly, go sky diving =).

    Before we go into the window itself, in the main screen of your tower, there'll be a purple row that shows the commercial floor's name (Highlighted in its respective commercial sector colour), alongside with some space for up to 3 little pictures at the left which represent the 3 products it can sell. When the picture is shown, the product has some stock left to sell, and when it is not (Or if you see carefully, it is an extremely faded picture with probably less than 10% opacity), it is out of stock, or it may be in the process of stocking.

    When you tap the commercial floor, you'll see a window with many details. There are mainly three rows which represent the 3 products that could be stocked in each commercial floor, unless the commercial floor is currently restocking any one product. There are also three different states of every product, however, the illustrations below only show two of such, which exist in the standard window where the commercial floor is not restocking any products. The illustration just below this paragraph only shows when all 3 products are out of stock, while the later one in this section will illustrate when a product is in stock.

    (Commercial Floor Name)

    Demand: ___%

    --(Commercial sector it belongs to, highlighted in respective colour)--

    Lvl __ (Upgrade)
    (Bitizen Picture/Hire)(Bitizen Picture/Hire)(Bitizen Picture/Hire)

    (Level 1 product/item name)

    (Coin picture) ____ __% off

    (Clock picture) __ __ QTY: ___ x2

    (Level 2 product/item name)

    (Coin picture) ____ __% off

    (Clock picture) __ __ QTY: ___ x2

    (Level 3 product/item name)

    (Coin picture) ____ __% off

    (Clock picture) __ __ QTY: ___ x2


    Above the three boxes show the commercial floor's name. Tap it to rename your commercial floor! Also, the commercial floor's level is shown there too (A bit like pokemon huh?). All commercial floors start off at level 1 when first opened. It costs a flat 3 Tower Bux to upgrade the floor. Upgrading a commercial floor makes each one of all the products have the following change: Original stocking price increases by 45 coins, stocking times increases by 5 minutes, and an increase of 75 stock once stocked finished. You can continue upgrading forever, there's no level limit (I heard someone upgraded his Mexican Food over 1500 times! =O).

    Just beneath the commercial floor's name shows the demand. The higher the demand, the more sales you'll get per minute. A 100% demand (Obviously, this is the maximum demand) means that you'll generally get 100 customers buying 100 products off one of your commercial floor in 10 minutes (Yeap, you guessed it, one customer can only buy one product at a time). For example, if the Food sector has a demand of 94%, then 94 customers will buy off 94 products off one food commercial floor in 10 minutes! If you have 6 food commercial floors, that would mean 94*6 products being sold off in 10 minutes! Demand is always rounded up to the nearest integer. Demand is calculated as follows. If there are no commercial floors of a particular commercial sector, then the formula is ignored and the demand is simply 100% for that commercial sector. (Since dividing by zero just makes people go crazy =P)

                              (Total number of commercial floors)
    Demand in % = ------------------------------------------------------------ * 100%
                  5 * (Total number of commercial floors in a specific sector)

    Moving on, the three boxes will show a picture of a bitizen with his happiness level at the bottom right corner of the blue box if there are bitizens employed there. If not, It just shows the word 'Hire', meaning there's a free space. Directly below this box would be a number in a black rectangle, the corresponding job interest level for that bitizen in the picture for this commercial floor sector. Tapping this bitizen picture brings you to the bitizen detail screen. Tapping on a box showing 'Hire' brings out the list of all bitizens, regardless whether they are employed or not. Tap on the bitizen you wish to employ at your commercial floor and confirm, hopefully one with a high job interest level for that sector! You can employ the bitizen if he's unemployed or is working at a commercial floor that is not currently restocking. Surprisingly, you can employ a bitizen at a commercial floor even if the floor that is employing is currently restocking, but not the other way around. =(

    Below the three boxes are the rectangular boxes if you've any bitizens employed there. These boxes have no borders and are gradient from light to dark from top to bottom. One bitizen employed will allow you to see the first box which contains a lot of details. This is called a Level 1 product/item, or whatever you can call it, name it. Two bitizens employed allows to see and restock a Level 2 product, item, or...whatever! (Let's just take it as a product from now okay? Don't torture me, please =P) Three bitizens allows you to see and restock the third and final level product. Of course that's assuming nothing is in stock yet. In each box, there's a load of details. There's a pretty picture of the product beside the coin picture and product name. The blank beside the coin picture is written in gold letters corresponds to how many coins you need to restock this product, after the discount. The discount in percentage corresponds to the blank to its right, in green. It's determined by adding up the job interest level relevant to the commercial sector of all the bitizens employed. The more, the merrier. =) That goes without saying. In other words, the maximum discount is 27% (with all three bitizens employed there a 9) The blank beside the clock picture shows how long the product takes to stock. And again 1M means one minute, 5H means 5 hours, and so on...The blank to the right of QTY (Stands for quantity, as you might expect) corresponds to how many of the product will go on sale after stocking it and accepting the stock. The more, the better, and the less need for bitizens to be around to restock the product. The "x2" only appears if there are enough dream jobbers to double the number of stock for that product. Tap on the rectangular box to start stocking the product! Finally, you don't need to confirm this anymore! =D (It used to be the case though) You can only stock one product at one time, so be careful what you stock! You can only stock the next product after you've accepted the stock for the product that has finished stocking.

    So what happens when you've got dream jobbers (Bitizens who are employed at their dream job) in that commercial floor? As I said, you get to double to the stock of products without increase in stocking price or time! But how does this work? Okay, 1 dream jobber will double the quantity of the level 1 product after it has stocked finished. 2 dream jobbers will double the quantity of both level 1 and 2 products once stocked finished. 3 dream jobbers will double the quantity of all products once they are stocked finished. As you could see, dream jobbers are very valuable, and enable the commercial floor to last longer without attention; so prioritize dream jobs over their job interest levels!

    After you start stocking, the window will change to a generic meter bar, with the option to hurry the restocking below this bar in another dark blue box. For every hour left, rounded up, it would cost one additional Tower Bux. You cannot select the amount of Bux to spend to cut off a suitable amount of restocking time, so it's a one-shot thing. You will be shown how long left does it to finally get the product on sale right below the meter bar. When this window shows up, you won't be able to view the amount of stock left for the other products, though of course by the main screen you can tell whether it's still in stock or not by means of the product picture still shown at the row showing the commercial floor's name. This can be a major disadvantage in deciding where to send Big Spender VIPs to!

    (Product name) (1, 2, or 3 coins in pictorial form; this depends on product level)
    In stock: ______

    (Tower Bux Picture) __ to sell or gift (Present Box picture)

    If a product is already in stock, it will show in its own respective box. This box, though, will have a white-grey border around the gradient box. There will be meter bar that will eventually drain when customers buy the corresponding product off. You should know what does the blank beside 'In stock' shows, of course....it's the number of product left for sale. Down to zero, and you have to restock this product. The blank below the meter bar corresponds to how many Tower Bux you need to spend to quick sell or gift. You can sell off all the remaining stock for the price of Tower Bux and you can restock it again, with all the glittery coins still in your hand. Again, this is a one-shot thing, so you cannot determine the number of Tower Bux to spend to quick sell the corresponding amount of stock. You can gift the stock to your friends as well, if they need it. Unfortunately, your act of kindness still requires Tower Bux to be performed. =( The remaining stock is gifted to your friends and you need to restock it again. Obviously, you don't get the profit this time. This is useful if your friends are completing missions, or if they just started playing Tiny Tower and do not have the capability to spend so much coins to stock the more expensive level 2 and 3 products. If you accidently tapped on the entire rectangular box to bring out a pop-up window that has only two options to sell or gift the remaining stock, without the option to cancel, fear not! Just tap on any one of the rectangular boxes that says either 'sell' or 'gift' and you'll be brought to another pop-up window, which means that you'll need to confirm that you really wanna to do that. Here you can tap on 'Cancel' and hallelujah, you're back to normal gameplay! Of course, if you're too sure you want to do that, tap on the other box!

    Now there are three boxes right below I haven't covered, right? The first one is 'Delete'. Tapping this will bring out a confirmation to delete the floor. You are going to destroy the very commercial floor right before your very eyes! It will revert back to an empty floor where you can build another sector, just like when you first build a floor. This box can't be tapped if the floor is currently restocking. If the commercial floor is deleted, all employees employed there will become unemployed and will return to their apartments. Deleting a floor costs no coins at all. The next box is 'Move'. You can shift this floor to other floor you want. The cost in a flat 1 Tower Bux, and you can move this commercial floor however far you want, so the distance moved is independant of the Bux cost. All the other floors will get pushed up or down when you shift the floor. It's like taking a wooden block out of the stack, let the rest of the blocks fill the gap by themselves and you find a place in the midst of the stack to slot the block you're holding. You can do this anytime, even while the floor is restocking. The last one is 'Paint'. You'll get to change the colour scheme of your floor. you'll start off with 100 paint buckets; you use one every time you re-paint. If you run out, you can buy another 100 of them for 1 Tower Bux. The new colour scheme is random, so keep splashing some paint on those walls till you're satisfied! Unlike changing bitizens outfit (Just tap the box with the opposite arrow), you can't revert back to a previous colour scheme, but you can revert back to the original one. You can paint anytime too. Painting doesn't affect the floor in any other way, unlike upgrading.

    In addition there is now a pretty small "tab" at the extreme middle top corner of your screen that slightly overlaps your window once you tap the commercial floor. You'll see the word "Share" and to the right of it a very cute "+" icon in a very sexy square box =P. Now if you have a twitter account and an internet or data plan connection, bingo! You can tweet your commercial floor! The game has a default message written for you and puts a pretty paper clip holding a nice screenshot of your commercial floor including your bitizens currently at their workplace! You can change your tweeting lines however you like, and when you're trigger-happy just tap the "Send" button and there you go!

    Residential Floors

    These floors are where your bitizens will live! Without residential floors, your commercial floors are worthless! All residential floors are identical since they all merely serve to house 5 bitizens, so it doesn't matter which one is built from the construction.

    Bitizens can automatically move in on their own if there is any free space when the bitizen requests an elevator ride there. Alternatively, you can force bitizens in by sending Real Estate Agents there to move in enough bitizens to fill the residential floor or using 1 Tower Bux to move 1 bitizen in immediately.

    Bitizens who are unemployed will return to their apartments and will be seen patrolling it, without leaving. You'll sometimes see bitizens who are employed at some commercial floor at their apartments too (Slackers!). Nobody is crazy enough to come out from the doorway out of the blue and walk through the apartment and go sky diving. =) Of course unless you're talking about bitizens who request an elevator ride to a full apartment and 'just visiting'.

    In the main screen of your tower, there'll be a purple row that shows the commercial floor's name in white, alongside with some space for up to 5 little pictures of a head with half a body in white too at the left, which represent the number of bitizens currently living in the apartment. 5 of them would be the maximum, which will disallow new bitizens from moving in until at least one bitizen living in there is evicted.

    (Apartment Name)

    5 Bed


    (Picture of bitizen) (Bitizen's Name, below it his employment status)

    (Picture of bitizen) (Bitizen's Name, below it his employment status)

    (Picture of bitizen) (Bitizen's Name, below it his employment status)

    (The words "For Rent", below it "1 [Tower Bux picture]")

    (The words 'For Rent', below it "1 [Tower Bux picture]")


    You can rename your apartment if you want by tapping on the current apartment name, just like commercial floors! Residential floors aren't like pokemon though, they don't have any levels...

    If a bitizen lives in the apartment, his picture appears in the blue box and some details to the right of the blue box appear: The bitizen's name and his employment status. If the apartment has vacant spots, it'll be like the 2 blue boxes with the words 'For Rent' and '1 (Tower Bux picture)' inside. To the right will be blank in that's the case. There's a bug surrounding this, apparently (Confirmed for the iOS version only, I don't know about the Android one). Since the distance between any two blue boxes is very small, it's possible to tap on 2 boxes at a time. If you tap on the two adjacent boxes that show the words 'For Rent' and the Tower Bux picture at the same time, you'll see two pop-ups appearing almost at the same time! One will appear on top of the other so you won't see the other one. Tapping on either the 'Yes' or 'No' option will result in your game crashing! That's no good. No good for two reasons. First, you'll be frustrated of course and need to re-open the Tiny Tower app. Again. But adding on to your frustration, you may lose your most recent progress in the game! So, if you see two pop-ups coming up at one time, immediately close Tiny Tower app, disallowing it to crash! You'll have a chance of the game saving your progress. But in the first place don't be a "kan cheong spider" (A term used to describe someone who's kan cheong. Kan cheong is just a Cantonese and Hokkien term meaning nervous, harried or uptight) and anyhow tap the boxes if you so happen want to force in new bitizens! Saves you the trouble of closing the app!

    The three buttons at the bottom of the window do the same thing as it would for commercial floors, but the 'Delete' box has a little changes. Since residential floors have no stock at all, they don't re-stock anything at all. The Delete box is always there, but if you've any bitizens currently living in the residential floor, you can't delete it. You need to evict all of them first before you can delete the residential floor. And again deleting floors require no coins at all. Strange huh?

    You'll see that very same small tab at the extreme middle top corner of your screen as commercial floors when you tap your residential floor, and you guessed it, it does the very same thing!

    Menu button

    Okay, you're looking through all these wall of texts and already understood much of the game...but suddenly you see that green rectangular menu box sitting at the bottom right corner of your screen. Out of curiosity, you tap it, then you are bombarded with a bunch of big boxes that you don't quite seem to understand. Confused? Don't worry, I'm here to clear your doubts! (Hopefully)

    There are altogether 12 boxes. Let me list them all and their functions...


    It's the first box from the top row, starting from the left side. Tap this button, you'll see the list of bitizens; it's the very same list you'll see if you tap the 'Hire' button from a commercial floor window. However, instead of giving you a confirmation pop-up of whether you want to employ the bitizen in the commercial floor, it pops up the Bitizen Detail Window.

    This time let's go into detail of this bitizen list. Each row shows one bitizen and his overall status. To the left side shows the bitizen's name and which commercial floor is he currently employed at. To the right side shows his job interest levels for the various commercial sectors. The numbers correspond to the following order of commercial sectors from left to right: Food, Service, Recreation, Retail, Creative. The numbers are colour coded to make interpreting their job interest levels for each commercial sector easier. The bitizen's dream job (which is pretty faint and hard to see, unfortunately) is also shown on the right side (And sometimes being overlapped by the text that is the current commercial floor the bitizen is employed at). To the extreme right shows his happiness level.

    At the upper part of your screen, you'll notice 7 tabs. Each tab affects the ordering of the whole entire list of bitizens. So each tab has their unique algorithm to sort out the bitizens! But how does each tab works?

    The first tab from the left is the most obvious one--it shows a green happy face on it! So you can roughly guess it already! Yeap, it sorts the bitizens by how happy are they! The bitizens with a red frowny face are at the top of the list, those with yellow neutral faces in the middle, and the dream jobbers with that green happy face last, leading to 4 distinct stratas, with the unemployed bitizens (Also frowny face guys, which is bad for their health, lol =P) at the top. How are the bitizens with similar happiness level sorted? I don't know. Random, if I'm not wrong. Generally this is the most useful way to sort out the bitizens in your list so that you can keep track of your job hoppers very easily.

    The second tab is tagged with 'Job'. By skimming through the list it's quite apparent how does this one work. Basically it sorts by where all the bitizens are currently employed! The list is still pretty messy though, the only real splitting is the commercial sector they are working at. Obviously, bitizens working at the Food sector comes first, and those at the Creative sector are last in the list, with everything in-between, following the standard order of commercial sectors. At the extreme top are bitizens who are unemployed. This trnaslates to 6 distinct stratas. Not even bitizens who work at the same commercial floor are put right next to each other! Happiness levels do not count here.

    The last five tabs are tagged with rounded squares which are coloured according to what commercial sector they correspond to. These 5 tabs are the hardest to figure out their sorting means at one glance! Have you got it? Hmm...not so easy, isn't it? All right, I'll tell you. These 5 tabs have the most splitting up of bitizens into groups, but that doesn't mean it's very useful! For each tab with its respective sector colour, the list is sorted by the bitizens with the highest relevant job interest levels first to those bitizens with the lowest levels last. So bitizens with a 9 in the sector comes first in the list, then the 8s, 7s, and so on...until 0! This means there are 9 distinct stratas, since unemployment are not taken into account for the sorting of this list. Again, bitizens are jumbled up in their own respective group with the same corresponding job interest level.


    You tap this, you get to set a few settings. Yeah, very few. Only three is available. There are only two states of these 3 settings: On and Off. Now how lame is that?


    Your first option is music. Yeap, there are in-built music into Tiny Tower (Every game should have its own music anyway). They are pretty nice and soothing, so you can turn it on. But if you wanna save battery, yeah, don't bother then. There are three music tracks available. The playlist is stuck on "Repeat All", which means that it goes by a set order and once the third music ends it goes back to playing the first one, and so on...The music will shut itself off if you lock your device or navigate away from the game (This includes the drop-down notifications!), and will change when you next check in on your tower. This way you can sort of change music by using the drop-down notifications. Just pull it down and flick it back up to where it belongs, and presto! The next music in the playlist starts playing! Here are the 3 tracks and how they're arranged in the em, imaginary playlist:

    1. This Could Be Fun by Erik Haddad (Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?4uc7tl5318u9u2h)
    2. Jazz Juice 110 bpm by Dan Foster (Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?26gi741p3555d8l)
    3. And the last one...nobody knows the title of the song, nor does anyone know the song artist...anyway it can be downloaded here: http://www.mediafire.com/?9psb4i6jn6d750n

    And separately,

    • Exclusive Holiday (Christmas) Theme (Download here: https://www.mediafire.com/?58m6whpl1u7zsnr)

    The last track, the exclusive holiday theme, is only used when the holiday theme is used. When this exclusive track is used, it will be the only track in the list, so the usual 3 will be temporarily out of service until the holiday theme is scrapped and the original theme is used again. It's a Christmas remix! The good news is that it's stands at 2 minutes long so you won't get bored of it so fast, but the bad news is that it will keep looping all over again and again and again and...you get it.

    In my opinion, the 3rd music track is the best! If you like the music you can download them by clicking the links above! Enjoy! =)

    P.S. All the tracks downloaded above are have a bit rate of 128kbps, which is considered relative low and may not give high quality music. You may change the details of the tracks if you wish, although I've already filled them in for you, plus a pretty cover art! =)

    Sound FX

    The next thing you can set is the Sound FX. They are really irritating in my opinion, especially the 'ching' sound from the collection of coins that occurs simultaneously with the update of the coin figure (Once every second!), so off them!!!!! Saves your battery and your frustration with the Sound FX!


    You can set notifications too. Useful if you have lots of spare time to manage your tower. Otherwise, pretty irritating and wastes battery as well. Basically if you lock your device, and of course you must leave Tiny Tower running in background, if a product has stocked finished, your screen lights up and you hear a sound to inform you that a product is finished stocking. It happens only once as of what I heard, if you don't clear that notification another one won't come out. You can then drag the Tiny Tower icon to the right side of your screen to unlock your device and open Tiny Tower to make that product go on sale (You got to DIY and tap that commercial floor though, that unlocking procedure doesn't do it for you!). It's just like unlocking your iOS device the usual way, except the thing to drag is smaller and has a cute Tiny Tower icon on it rather than a boring arrow. Notifications appear in-between the clock bar and the usual unlocker slider bar. If you've too many other notifications, you may need to scroll to reach the Tiny Tower one.

    Reset Game


    Unless you're really bored of that super tall Tiny Tower under the glass panel of your device. Or unless you seriously screwed up your entire game. Otherwise, DON'T DO IT!!!!!

    Reset Game is not a setting, obviously, but it does what it says on the tin: Reset your game. You'll be back with that one miserable floor only, the lobby. You'll have to spend weeks or even months to get back to that booming tower you had before. Are you sure you want to do this?!?!?! You'll get a warning notification when you press the green box right at the bottom of your screen. It used to be the case that the warning notification isn't even there at all, people who accidently press it must be weeping away!!! ='(


    This box isn't even relevant to the game at all!!! It's just a freaking advertisement button that will take you to the App Store and showcase all of NimbleBit's proud games that they created!!!!

    Important Notice!

    I am not insulting NimbleBit in any way at all!!!! Do not feel insulted if you love NimbleBit a lot or you are part of NimbleBit!!!!!


    Tapping this button will pull down a panel hidden (supposedly, I presume it was hidden there all the while...) below and show you all the achievements: those you've gained and those you haven't. The name of the achievement, the description and the number of points it gives is shown for all achievements attainable.

    Those achievements you've gotten have two states: Whether GameCenter online has recognized it or not. If you're connected to the internet and you open GameCenter in the game (But not open GameCenter as a separate app!), it'll register the most recent achievements you've gotten but have not been synced yet. Those registered will have the full colour of the respective badge. As for those achievements you've just gotten and have not synced with GameCenter online yet, it'll show a golden badge with an obvious golden border, like a rim of a coin. In the middle of the badge shows an outlined trophy that is about two-thirds filled with gold, and the cut-off of the gold colour running diagonally from bottom left to top right.

    As for achievements that you haven't get yet, and you haven't even made a single step towards the goal (In layman terms, it just means being at the 0% mark. Some achievements have progress actually, in fact only those in the construction and bitizens category. Those in the stocking category is either completed at 100%, or not at 0%), it'll show a big black question mark in the middle of the circle with a rather thick black border, both of which looks to be a depression in the window. The rest of the space inside the circle drawn by the black border is filled with the GameCenter window's background colour (which is forest green. That's the colour of your pool/billiard table! =P) If you're somewhere halfway through in getting the achievement, the black border will start filling up in an anti-clockwise direction with a yellow colour, starting from 0 degrees bearing (That's north!), and the percentage of the border being filled by orange will correspond to your current percentage. In the middle of the circle will then show the percentage completion in yellow fonts, as if being written by a whiteboard marker.

    You'll get an option of rating the game as well! (But I don't know whether this is submitted to GameCenter or NimbleBit where an internet connection is available...) There are 47 achievements altogether netting you a maximum of 680 points: 4 in the construction category offering 190 points, 3 in the bitizens category giving 90 points, and 40 in the stocking category netting you 400 points. And now, all the achievements!

    Construction Category:

    TriskaidekaphobiaBuild 13 floors.10 points
    First QuarterBuild 25 floors.30 points
    Five OhBuild 50 floors.50 points
    Cloud TopperBuild 100 floors.100 points

    Bitizens Category:

    Tiny VillageHave 15 bitizens living in your tower.10 points
    Tiny TownHave 50 bitizens living in your tower.30 points
    Tiny CityHave 100 bitizens living in your tower.50 points

    Stocking Category:

    Pizza RollFully stock the Pizza Place & Bakery.10 points
    Funny MoneyFully stock the Comedy Club & Bank.10 points
    Sub ParFully stock the Sub Shop & Mini Golf.10 points
    Say CheeseFully stock the Dentist Office & Photo Studio.10 points
    iGlassFully stock the Mapple Store & Glass Studio.10 points
    Dance FeverFully stock the Night Club & Doctors Office.10 points
    Book WormFully stock the Book Store & Plant Nursery.10 points
    Field TripFully stock the Tutoring Center & Museum.10 points
    Fish TacosFully stock the Aquarium & Mexican Food.10 points
    BlockbusterFully stock the Cineplex & Video Rental.10 points
    Keep RollinFully stock the Bike Shop & Bowling Alley.10 points
    Something's BrewinFully stock the Coffee House & Soda Brewery.10 points
    Bar FightFully stock the Pub & Martial Arts.10 points
    Fortune CookieFully stock the Fortune Teller & Asian Cuisine.10 points
    Decked OutFully stock the Mens Fashion & Hat Shop.10 points
    FashionistaFully stock the Fashion Studio & Womens Fashion.10 points
    Nerd AlertFully stock the Comic Store & Arcade.10 points
    Stellar RecordFully stock the Planetarium & Record Shop.10 points
    Dirty LaundryFully stock the Private Eye & Laundromat.10 points
    DessertedFully stock the Cake Studio & Scoops.10 points
    Cold MedicineFully stock the Frozen Yogurt & Pharmacy.10 points
    Spike in SalesFully stock the Volleyball Club & Ad Agency.10 points
    Fat QuarterFully stock the Health Club & Fabric Shop.10 points
    Cut an AlbumFully stock the Barber Shop & Recording Studio.10 points
    Bet the PotFully stock the Casino & Pottery Studio.10 points
    Printer InkFully stock the Ship & Print, as well as the Tattoo Parlor.10 points
    Green ScreenFully stock the Vegan Food & Film Studio.10 points
    Joystick JunkieFully stock the Game Studio & Game Store.10 points
    R&RFully stock the Day Spa & Travel Agency.10 points
    OakinawaFully stock the Wood Shop & Sushi Bar.10 points
    Tea SquareFully stock the Tea House & Architect Office.10 points
    Code FreezeFully stock the Software Studio & Smoothie Shop.10 points
    Please Be SeatedFully stock the Theatre & Wedding Chapel.10 points
    An Eye for ArtFully stock the Optometrist & Art Studio.10 points
    Burger BytesFully stock the Sky Burger & Cyber Cafe.10 points
    Designer ShoesFully stock the Graphic Design & Shoe Store.10 points
    Musical ChairsFully stock the Music Store & Furniture Store.10 points
    Nice ShotFully stock the Paintball Arena & Racquetball.10 points
    Rags to RichesFully stock the Diner & Fancy Cuisine.10 points
    AmusementsFully stock the Toy Store & Tech Store.10 points


    You'll need an internet connection for this to work! This screen basically just stacks up your friend's tower against yours, to see how high yours is in comparison to theirs. It purely shows the height, with the pictoral illustration of a generic real life opaque building, so you can't quite see what's inside, and thus the commercial and residential floors your friends have. The height number is shown at the bottom of each of these towers, with all the GameCenter names used shown. Your own GC name is highlighted in orange (And is the first from the left), while your friend's GC name all in white.

    That's all I know from one little screenshot! I'm not sure whether you can tap on your friends' tower to see them in detail...like those you can view when you use the Sharetower option to upload to the World Wide Web...


    Tapping on this will take you to the stats screen. It can be pretty useful! At the top half of the screen, you'll see a bar chart showcasing the demand level of each commercial sector. The exact demand percentage is shown below each bar in the respective sector.

    In the middle of the screen shows the sales per minute, measured in coins. The sales per minute is very accurate, it shows to one decimal place, and updates practically every tenth of a second. Try to stock the level 3 products in your commercial floors and consider leaving the stocking of level 1 products on hold to maximize the sales per minute!

    At the bottom of the screen shows how many floors of each sector has been built so far, or simply the floor distribution, both commercial and residential. It does not include construction sites...


    Here you can upgrade your elevator. The only difference between each elevator is speed (and if you consider, design =P). The speed of each elevator is measured in PPM, which is Passengers Per Minute (Frankly I don't know how to use this measurement, it sounds so darn weird =P). The higher the PPM, the faster the elevator. It's almost exactly one floor per second for the 1st elevator, the Standard Elevator, and since this measurement is directly proportional to the elevator's PPM, so using that you can basically calculate the speed in terms of floors per second by dividing the elevator's PPM by 4. So you can scrap that weird measurement in PPM and use the newer and more human-understandable measurement! =) Blah, for convenience I'll just put it here anyway. And so FPS in the table below does not stand for First-Person Shooter =P, but for Floors Per Second.

    You must purchase the upgrades one by one to see the next upgrade, in other words, you can't jump the gun and buy the best and final elevator (which is the 5th elevator) when you only got the 2nd elevator, only when you got the 4th elevator, then you can buy the last one. You'll need Tower Bux to purchase elevator upgrades. The game will show the next elevator available for upgrade and it's details, including its speed and its name.

    Here's the list of elevators:

    Elevator No.NameSpeedCost in Tower BuxComments
    1stStandard Elevator4 PPM/1 FPS0You don't need to buy this elevator; it's already there from the start! Nobody actually knows the name of this elevator...the game doesn't even say it...but the Tiny Tower Wiki just names it as such. It's a really slow elevator, after you get like 10 floors you get frustrated of sending bitizens up, so upgrade it as soon as possible!
    2ndNB200 Commercial Lift8 PPM/2 FPS25While it's 2 times faster, it's still pretty slow, so save those Tower Bux for the next upgrade!
    3rdInsta-Lift 2000 SE12 PPM/3 FPS75Elevators always seem slow after a while, so save up your Tower Bux until you buy your final upgrade!
    4thUltra-Lift 3000 Extreme16 PPM/4 FPS125This lift is frustrating, it's nicely fast, but when you overshoot, it's difficult to get to that floor as it stops slowly...You need to overshoot another floor and then bring down by a single tap to get it to the right level!
    5thInfini-Lift Lightspeed42 PPM/10.5 FPS499You might think: the faster, the worse the problem of overshooting. I was afraid of that too, but when I bought it I was surprised to find out its inertia is almost zero! It stops almost instantly when you release your hold on the screen. It's crazily fast too, but you'll get used to it.

    Get Bux

    You can purchase Tower Bux here for the cost of real life money. So be careful when using this option, as you're no longer dealing with in-game currency! Tap it, and you'll see there are packs of 10, 100 and 1000, each of which are separate In-App Purchases (IAPs). Thus this is the only reason why Tiny Tower is a freemium game, because it's free-to-play, but you can buy IAPs if you like. Unlike some terrible games (We're staring at you, EA!), Tiny Tower's IAPs are not essential to buy to progress in this game, and without them you won't be entirely irritated by the game waits. (Now talk about that darned Real Racing 3 IAP scheme. How scheming.)

    Quantity provided in the packCost of IAP packProfitability of Option
    10 Tower Bux$0.99~10 Tower Bux per $1
    100 Tower Bux$4.99~20 Tower Bux per $1
    500 Tower Bux$19.99~25 Tower Bux per $1
    1000 Tower Bux$29.99~33.3 Tower Bux per $1

    If you want to speed through and get this game completed (At least, to your desired state, as like I said in the very beginning, games like this don't have any ending at all), this might be your only choice. But if you wish to enjoy this game and watch as your tower slowly grows, then don't bother with this option at all. Of course, you could throw in a one-time payment just as a thank-you to NimbleBit as well (A couple of guys actually do this). Ultimately, it's up to you. You'll obviously need an internet connection to do this. Just tap, get your Tower Bux, and NimbleBit will sincerely thank you for your purchase. It's that simple, though I'm not quite sure about your feelings after spending some real cash...


    There's a commercial floor that is happens to be a bank under the Service sector, but this function of the game has nearly no relevance to it...Anyway here you can exchange the Tower Bux that you have for coins. There are 4 options, all of which are listed below in a pretty nice table!

    Quantity of Bux exchangedCoins received in exchangeProfitability of option
    1 Tower Bux250 coins250 coins per Bux
    5 Tower Bux1,500 coins300 coins per Bux
    20 Tower Bux20,000 coins1,000 coins per Bux
    50 Tower Bux100,000 coins2,000 coins per Bux

    If you wish to exchange any other quantities of Bux, you must add the Bux in the above options up to get the number of Bux you want exchanged. For example, you want to exchange 63 Bux. There are many ways to do this, but the most practical (And time-saving =P) way to do this would be to exchange 50 Tower Bux once, then exchange 5 Tower Bux twice, and finally exchange 1 Tower Bux three times. Of course, any order of the 6 exchange processes will do; don't need to be so rigid. =P


    It's just the FaceBook version for the bitizen who live in your tower. Bitizens who just buy off products off commercial floors or bitizens who request elevator rides and just walk off the floor do not post on BitBook. It's somewhat useful, as it serves as a log of events in your tower since bitizens announce news about their employment, workplace status, stocking and roommates. Of course they post other random things as well, such as wondering aloud about the nature of their existence, admitting to playing other NimbleBit games while working and other seriously random rubbish =P. Some of the BitBook posts are quite delightful, so if you have some time, do read the BitBook!

    The number of new BitBook posts that you haven't read is shown by a small red rounded rectangular box with the corresponding number at the top right hand corner, similar to your badge icons for iOS. It clears once you just tap on it.

    There's also a 'like' feature on BitBook where other bitizens can choose to like the BitBook posts. Unfortunately, you can't join in the fun and like BitBook posts =( ...instead the game will randomly decide how many bitizens like a particular BitBook post. The number of likes range from 0 to 9. But at least now, you can tweet your bitizens' BitBook posts (Pretty strange that we are tweeting "FaceBook" posts) by tapping the "Tweet" box inside the same rounded rectangular box as the number of likes for that post! You'll need a Twitter account (Like uhm, obviously? =P) and some connection to the internet, like another obviously...The game automatically writes for you a default post, but you can change the text at your own will! When you're satisfied, just tap "Send" and finally jump for joy (I don't know why =P)! And now...why can't we also have a dislike feature? =P I would really love that one!

    There are several types of posts in the BitBook. Here are they!

    • Birthdays - when it is a bitizen's birthday on the day you play tiny tower, the birthday bitizen will post something about his birthday.
    • Commercial Floor Closed without restocking anything - sometimes bitizens who are currently employed at that closed commercial floor can sometimes inform everyone that the commercial floor is closed. Perhaps they are just boasting about their current capability to slack? =P
    • Commercial Floor Fully Stocked - sometimes bitizens currently employed at that commercial sector will imply or say it directly that their workplace is fully stocked, and they might advertise their workplace or request for a break.
    • New Bitizen that just moved in to live - sometimes the new bitizen will post on BitBook that may directly or indirectly imply that they've just moved in.
    • Bitizen gets a job in a commercial sector where his corresponding job interest level is more than or equal to 5 - sometimes bitizens will announce that they are settling in quite happily. This category of comments applies to getting a dream job too with the same job interest level requirements.
    • Bitizen gets a job in a commercial sector where his corresponding job interest level is less than or equal to 4 - sometimes bitizens will announce that they are unhappy about working in that commercial floor. They may even curse the commercial floor they are employed at; those bastards! For some funny reason, even if they get their dream job but their relevant job interest level is less than or equal to 4, they still make these kind of BitBook posts. You not happy is it? Then why don't you get the **** out of my tower? *Evicts the bitizen* Bitizen pwned! =)
    • New sector opened - some random bitizen in your tower may inform everyone, directly or indirectly, that a new sector has opened!
    • New bitizen moves into an apartment - bitizens who are living in the same apartment that the new bitizen is now living in may comment about the new person or any events happening between them. Strangely, the new bitizen can sometimes comment on himself. Strange guy.
    • Random BitBook posts - some random bitizen in your tower may occasionally make a random comment. These kind of posts are usually the funniest ones, so be sure to read there and be amused!

    However, don't look at the BitBook too often, you can get you bored sometimes, especially the fact that bitizens sometimes repeat what the others said right before them!