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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by light_rock_zz

    Version: 2.0.1 | Updated: 04/07/14 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Advanced Tutorial (Continued)


    Missions are a new addition to the game since the 1.5 update. The number of uncompleted missions is shown by a red rounded rectangular box with the corresponding number at the top right corner of the missions box. To complete missions, you must stock the required amounts of 2 products. However, it seems quite in trend to release missions that require three products to be stocked once in a while. Instead of these products going on sale, they will be absorbed by the missions and you'll need to continue stocking them until you've stocked the required amount of stocks for both products. It'll show zero beside that product picture. Throughout these times, the product will never be on sale for customers to buy. If you have more stock than required to complete the number of stock required for the missions, the remaining stock will go on sale! If you can't get that number of stock needed, all the stock is absorbed and nothing will go on sale. You'll need to stock them again. If you have just enough, the mission absorbs all the stock. Stock one last time to finally get it on sale!

    The number of stock required for the missions is indicated on the row of the specific mission on the mission list. Tap on it, and you'll see the so-called 'storyline' for doing this mission and it'll show how much stock is needed for each product. It even gives the name of the products and which commercial floor do they come from; how kind of NimbleBit! =D Tap 'Accept' to start the mission and return to the mission list, 'Decline' to go back to the mission list without starting the mission. Stocks remaining for a product that is required when just accepting the mission is not immediately absorbed by the mission. The mission's name is highlighted in green when active.

    If you're in real need of Tower Bux, but don't want to purchase Tower Bux from The 'Get Bux' option, prefer to get them through missions, yet you don't have the required commercial floors, you can ask your friends to gift you the products that you need! I don't know how this works, so ain't ask me!

    You cannot have 2 missions on-going at a time! If you try to accept a newer mission while one is on-going, the game gives you a warning notification that your progress for the currently on-going mission will be lost! That means if you have any products that were already absorbed by the mission, it'll be wasted as it'll reset to the original required amount next time you re-attempt the mission! Never do this unless no product stocks have been absorbed yet by any mission! You also cannot abort an on-going mission alone! So you must accept a new mission to abort the other one! It sucks, I know, but I hope (and presume), that NimbleBit will make an option to abort an on-going mission without accepting a new one. If you actually tap on the mission that you've activated, it still brings you the details of the mission, but then you can only tap 'Continue' to close the pop-up! This of course, won't abort the mission...If you made a mistake of activating a mission that you do not desire, just activate another mission that needs products from commercial floors that you do not have (If you're lucky to accidently select a mission as such, congrats! (= ).

    The reward for completing a mission by stocking all the required amounts of both products is Tower Bux. The number of Tower Bux received varies from mission to mission. After you complete the mission, it shifts from the 'Available' column to the 'Completed' column. Completed missions, unfortunately, cannot be played again. =( Anyway, here is the list of the 89 currently available missions (The 11 missions that require three products to be stocked is separated from the main table for aesthetic purposes =P):

    Mission Name'Storyline'Product 1 required from commercial floorProduct 2 required from commercial floorReward upon completionDate mission was added
    One Mad Tea PartyA Mad Hatter is throwing an absolutely mad tea party and needs the following:1,500 Green Tea from Tea House2,800 Sugar Cookies from Bakery10 Tower Bux18 November 2011
    Comic ConventionYour tower is hosting a comic convention and needs to collect:2,500 Mage Cards from Comic Store2,000 Cold Medicine from Pharmacy10 Tower Bux18 November 2011
    Award NightYour tower is hosting an awards show! We need the following:5,400 Teeth Whitening from Dentists Office450 Haircut from Barber Shop6 Tower Bux18 November 2011
    The Dude AbidesA cherished rug has been stolen! Bowling and sarsaparilla will help us think! We need:1,300 Single Game from Bowling Alley2,500 Root Beer from Pub5 Tower Bux18 November 2011
    One Big ScoreSome Bitizens think they have a system to beat the odds! Collect the following:9,000 Loan Application from Bank4,500 Poker Game from Casino18 Tower Bux18 November 2011
    Bithoven's SymphonyA grand symphony has been planned! We need:2,700 Chair from Wood Shop1,000 Sheet Music from Music Store5 Tower Bux18 November 2011
    Prom NightYour tower is hosting a prom dance! The dance requires:1,125 Corsage from Floral Studio4,500 3 Piece Suit from Mens Fashion7 Tower Bux18 November 2011
    A Bit FishyA recent oil spill has resulted in a sea food shortage! People can't get enough:1,125 Sea Urchin from Sushi Bar1,350 Shrimp Platter from Mexican Food5 Tower Bux18 November 2011
    Thanksgiving FeastFamily from all over are flying in for a feast! Gather these items:2,250 Roast Duck from Fancy Cuisine2,700 Flight Booking from Travel Agency6 Tower Bux23 November 2011
    On The BeatTiny Tower police need a coffee break! Bring them:300 Cup of Joe from Diner2,025 Glazed Donut from Donut Shop4 Tower Bux30 November 2011
    The HeistSome bitizens are planning a heist on a neighboring tower. They need these supplies:2,025 ID Badges from Security Office8,100 Radio from Security Office8 Tower Bux7 December 2011
    Soy LocoA vegetarian craze is sweeping the tower, all people want to eat are:2,025 Orange Tofu from Asian Cuisine1,575 Soy Burger from Vegan Food5 Tower Bux14 December 2011
    Santa's SwapThe children in your tower need cookies for Santa in exchange for their toys!1,650 Sugar Cookies from Bakery2,050 Toy Soldiers from Toy Store4 Tower Bux21 December 2011
    New Years 2012Everyone is excited to celebrate the coming of the new year in style! Celebrations and resolutions require:450 Cocktail from Night Club5,400 Cardio Workout from Health Club8 Tower Bux28 December 2011
    Save The PlanetA growing number of bitizens are becoming environmentally conscious, we need:3600 Mountain Bike from Bike Shop450 Beet Salad from Vegan Food6 Tower Bux4 January 2012
    Nasty BugThere's a nasty bug going around your tower :( those affected need the following:450 Cold Medicine from Pharmacy525 Soup & Sandwich from Diner5 Tower Bux11 January 2012
    Last NightBitizens in your tower have been making some decisions they regret! There's been a run on:450 Root Beer from Pub7,200 Demon Skull from Tattoo Parlor7 Tower Bux18 January 2012
    Hot TrendsHipsters in your tower have lead to increased demand of:225 Espresso from Coffee House6,750 Discography from Record Shop10 Tower Bux25 January 2012
    The Big GameEveryone is excited to watch the big game! Collect the following:10,350 Flat Screen TV from Tech Store1,125 Hot Wings from Pub15 Tower Bux1 February 2012
    Valentine's 2012Everyone in your tower is making plans for Valentine's Day, stock the following:5,400 Stone Massage from Day Spa16,200 Arrangement from Floral Studio28 Tower Bux8 February 2012
    Presidents Day 2012Celebrations and sales are in full swing for Presidents Day! Stock the following:3,200 Used Van from Auto Dealer5,200 End Table from Furniture Store7 Tower Bux15 February 2012
    Beware of DogAfter failing to buy your tower, a rival developer would like the following:13,500 Tower Design from Architect Office4,500 City Sim from Game Studio21 Tower Bux22 February 2012
    SuperstarA certain young pop singer is going to be performing in your tower! We need:4,500 Band Poster from Graphic Design5,250 Album from Record Shop9 Tower Bux29 February 2012
    Bits in SpaceYour tower is starting its own space program! They need the following:1,350 Rocket Ship from Toy Store1,800 Planet Tour from Planetarium5 Tower Bux7 March 2012
    St. Patty's 2012The Bitizens are preparing for St. Patrick's Day festivities! They need:550 Green Tea from Tea House2,700 Green Tumbler from Glass Studio6 Tower Bux14 March 2012
    A Baby Is Born!To capture this precious moment we need:2,700 Family Portrait from Photo Studio270 Toy Blocks from Toy Store5 Tower Bux21 March 2012
    Wedding SeasonLove is in the air and Bitizens are getting hitched! These products are in demand:5,400 Full Ceremony from Wedding Chapel7,200 Bouquet from Floral Studio11 Tower Bux28 March 2012
    April Fool's 2012Bitizens are preparing some hijinks in your tower! They need:225 LOL's from Comedy Club1,350 Trick Shots from Billiard Hall5 Tower Bux4 April 2012
    Spring TimeSpring is in full-swing in your tower, there's been a run on:7,200 Bouquet from Floral Studio2,025 Butterfly from Tattoo Parlor7 Tower Bux11 April 2012
    Tiny TaxesBitizens are scrambling to complete their tax returns! They need:5,400 Addition Help from Tutoring Center9,000 Loan Application from Bank15 Tower Bux18 April 2012
    Earth Day 2012Your tower is going green for Earth Day! We need:1,710 Hanging Plant from Plant Nursery8,100 Cans from Recycling9 Tower Bux25 April 2012
    Cinco De Mayo 2012The Bitizens are preparing for Cinco De Mayo festivities! They need:130 Chips & Salsa from Mexican Food2,025 Trumpet from Music Store5 Tower Bux2 May 2012
    Mother's Day 2012Bitizens are buying gifts for their mothers in droves! We need:5,400 Stone Massage from Day Spa9,000 Nice Outfit from Womens Fashion15 Tower Bux9 May 2012
    Summer VacationBitizens are planning trips to soak up some sun! We need:5,400 Cruise Booking from Travel Agency675 Triple Scoop from Scoops8 Tower Bux16 May 2012
    Summer SchoolYour bitizens are keeping smart over the summer! They need:1,125 Hardback from Book Store8,100 Grammar Help from Tutoring Center8 Tower Bux23 May 2012
    First ApartmentLots of bitizens are moving into their first apartments! They need:3,600 Modern Chair from Furniture Store5,900 Detailed Vase from Pottery Studio10 Tower Bux30 May 2012
    Team TinyTryouts are being held for the tower softball team! Bitizens need:2,700 Check Up from Doctors Office1,350 Weight Workout from Health Club5 Tower Bux6 June 2012
    Tower WatchYour Bitizens have formed a crime-solving group called the tower watch! They need:8,100 Radios from Security Office22,500 Surveillance from Private Eye10 Tower Bux13 June 2012
    Father's Day 2012Everyone is buying gifts for Father's Day! There's been a run on:3,600 Mountain Bike from Bike Shop18,000 DVD Release from Animation Studio10 Tower Bux20 June 2012
    Pocket PlanesWith the release of NimbleBit's Pocket Planes, bitizens are jetting around the globe! Collect:2,700 Flight Booking from Travel Agency45 Bar Nuts from Pub5 Tower Bux27 June 2012
    Frog FundraiserYour tower is hosting a fundraiser to save the endangered frogs! They need:9,900 Charity Event from Museum450 Sparkling Juice from Fancy Cuisine14 Tower Bux18 July 2012
    Mars CuriosityBitizens are excited for the Mars Curiosity landing! They need:4,500 Solar Tour from Planetarium13,500 Mystery Goo from Laboratory12 Tower Bux1 August 2012
    Self DefenceBitizens in your tower are getting serious about self-defence! They need:7,800 White Belt from Martial Arts12,000 Tasers from Security Office12 Tower Bux8 August 2012
    Music FestivalYour tower is hosting a music festival! We need:2,025 Trumpet from Music Store21,000 Album Recording from Recording Studio15 Tower Bux18 August 2012
    Bit Trek TNGEveryone is watching the newly released Bit Trek DVDs! They need:18,000 DVD Release from Animation Studio10,350 Flat Screen TV from Tech Store12 Tower Bux23 August 2012
    Labor Day 2012Bitizens are holding a Labor Day parade! They need:3,500 Convertible from Auto Dealer375 Radios from Security Office6 Tower Bux29 August 2012
    Fire DrillYour tower is holding a fire drill! Firefighters need:8,100 Radios from Security Office5,000 Tower Design from Architect Office9 Tower Bux5 September 2012
    MyPhone 5 LaunchBitizens are already lining up for the MyPhone 5! They need:5,400 MyPhone from Mapple Store2,025 News Segment from TV Studio6 Tower Bux19 September 2012
    Canadian Thanks 2012Canadian Bitizens in your tower are celebrating Thanksgiving! They need:1,125 Roasted Potatoes from Vegan Food2,250 Roast Duck from Fancy Cuisine4 Tower Bux3 October 2012
    Baseball PlayoffsBitizens are hard at work watching baseball playoffs! They need:45 Bar Nuts from Pub675 Popcorn from Cineplex5 Tower Bux15 October 2012
    Mimecon 2012Your tower is hosting a mime convention! They need:2,700 Facial from Day Spa2,025 Interpretive Dance from Theater6 Tower Bux22 October 2012
    Election 2012Bitt Romney and Barack Bitbama are running for Tower President! They need:14,850 TV Ad from Ad Agency2,025 News Segment from TV Studio20 Tower Bux7 November 2012
    North Pole ReconAn elf has arrived to do some naughty/nice recon for Santa! He needs:8,100 Background Check from Private Eye1,350 Palm Reading from Fortune Teller5 Tower Bux30 November 2012
    Valentines 2014Your Bitizens are in love and celebrating Vaentines! Collect:6,525 Arrows from Archery Range4,950 Choc Box from Chocolatier11 Tower Bux14 February 2013
    National Pig DayBitizens are going hog wild for National Pig Day, they need:2,025 Cowboy Hat from Hat Shop675 Pet Portrait from Photo Studio4 Tower Bux27 February 2013
    St. Patty's Day 2013Bitizens are gearing up for St. Patty's Day! They need:1,350 Sugar Cookies from Bakery2,700 Top Hat from Hat Shop5 Tower Bux14 March 2013
    Tower TaxesBitizens are rushing to prepare their taxes! The need:5,400 Addition Help from Tutoring Center9,000 Loan Application from Bank15 Tower Bux26 April 2013
    Arbor DayFor a day at the park to hug trees, you will need:2,475 Fertilizer from Plant Nursery675 9 inch sub from Sub Shop5 Tower Bux26 April 2013
    Cinco De Mayo 2013Bitizens are getting festive for Cinco De Mayo! They need:450 Tacos from Mexican Food2,025 Trumpet from Music Store5 Tower Bux1 May 2013
    Memorial Day 2013Bitzens are honoring the fallen. They need:2,025 Trumpet from Music Store7,200 Bouquet from Floral Studio8 Tower Bux22 May 2013
    Jrk's BirthdayBitzens in your tower are honoring President Kennedy. They need:675 Rocket Ship from Toy Store2,025 News Segment from TV Studio5 Tower Bux29 May 2013
    Flag Day 2013Stars and stripes galore in your tower! Get the following:7,200 Bolts of Fabric from Fabric Shop450 Thread Spool from Fabric Shop10 Tower Bux12 June 2013
    Father's Day 2013A special day for dads everywhere. Bitizens need:2,700 Laptops from Tech Store18,000 DVD Release from Animation Studio15 Tower Bux19 June 2013
    SolsticeThis will be a very long day! Your bitizens need:900 Sandals from Shoe Store18,000 Disc Throw from Park15 Tower Bux26 June 2013
    Independance Day '13Feeling patriotic? Bitizens need:2,025 Loaded Dog from Hot Dog Joint2,025 Cowboy Hat from Hat Shop6 Tower Bux3 July 2013
    Aboriginal DayBitizens are celebrating native cultures, they need:6,525 Arrows from Archery Range20,500 Custom Robes from Costume Shop25 Tower Bux10 July 2013
    Moon DayA small step for bit-kind. Bitizens need:675 Rocket Ship from Toy Store400 Ice Cream Bar from Scoops5 Tower Bux17 July 2013
    Pioneer DayBitizens are preparing to explore! They need:19,350 Tune Up from Mechanic1,350 Camera from Tech Store15 Tower Bux24 July 2013
    Book Lovers DayThe bookworms in your tower need:14,850 Bookcase from Wood Shop1,125 Hardback from Book Store15 Tower Bux31 July 2013
    Summer Vacation '13Bitizens are going on summer vacation! They need:20,500 Custom Board from Surf Shop675 Small Smoothie from Smoothie Shop15 Tower Bux7 August 2013
    Relaxation DayBitizens are taking some time to relax, the need:5,400 Stone Massage from Day Spa675 Vanilla Candle from Candle Shop8 Tower Bux14 August 2013
    Aviation DayBitizens are crazy about aviation! They need:2,700 Flight Booking from Travel Agency45 Bar Nuts from Pub5 Tower Bux21 August 2013
    Labor Day '13Bitizens are celebrating workers everywhere! They need:9,000 Leak Fix from Plumber13,500 Inspection from Fire Station10 Tower Bux4 September 2013
    Programmers' DayShow your support for software developers by collecting:2,700 Laptops from Tech Store9,000 Anti-Virus App from Software Studio11 Tower Bux11 September 2013
    Oktoberfest '13Bitizens are celebrating Oktoberfest! They need:450 Root Beer from Pub6,750 Cuckoo Clock from Clockmaker5 Tower Bux18 September 2013
    Confucious DayA wise man said you need to collect the following:31,500 Black Belt from Martial Arts1,125 Noodle Bowl from Asian Cuisine15 Tower Bux25 September 2013
    World Vegetarian DayBitizens are going meat-less for vegetarian day, they need:1,575 Soy Burger from Vegan Food1,710 Hanging Plant from Plant Nursery4 Tower Bux2 October 2013
    Fire Prevention DayBitizens are learning about fire safety! They need:15,750 Fire Drill from Fire Station2,025 Print Ad from Ad Agency15 Tower Bux9 October 2013

    And the 11 missions that are much more demanding (And depict NimbleBit's randomness because they just roll out these kind of missions with no specific patterns identifiable =P)...

    A Day at the BeachThe warm weather has everyone wishing for a day at the beach. Gather:900 Sandals from Shoe Store13,500 Tournament from Volleyball Club1,350 Jumbo Swirl from Frozen Yoghurt20 Tower Bux9 July 2012
    Beat the HeatA heatwave has hit your tower, the Bitizens need:900 Frappe from Coffee House450 Root Bear from Pub1,800 Cola 6 Pack from Soda Brewery8 Tower Bux11 July 2012
    London GamesBitizens are preparing for the upcoming London Games! They need:13,500 Tournament from Volleyball Club1,350 Sneakers from Shoe Store13,500 Tournament from Racquetball25 Tower Bux25 July 2012
    Back to Wiz SchoolSome bitizens are preparing to go to a very special school, they need:2,025 Tarot Reading from Fortune Teller5,400 Love Potion from Laboratory1,125 Hardback from Book Store6 Tower Bux14 September 2012
    CowabungaBitizens have noticed some odd looking turtles in the Tiny Tower sewers! Collect:3,500 Mystery Goo from Laboratory1,500 Black Belt from Martial Arts225 Giant Pizza from Pizza Place6 Tower Bux26 September 2012
    Halloween 2012Bitizens are preparing for Halloween! They need:2,025 Choc Truffle from Chocolatier36,000 Monster from Laboratory9,000 Screams from Haunted House20 Tower Bux24 October 2012
    Board MeetingBig-shot executives are holding their annual board meeting and need catering!900 12 Inch Sub from Sub Shop2,025 Walnut Muffins from Bakery225 Espresso from Coffee House5 Tower Bux22 January 2013
    Mother's Day 2013Bitizens are full of appreciation for their mothers. They need:1,575 Purse from Womens Fashion2,250 Earrings from Jewelry Store5,400 Stone Massage from Day Spa10 Tower Bux8 May 2013
    Armed Forces Day 2013Bitizens are showing support for their armed forces. They need:1,350 Toy Soldiers from Toy Store450 Haircut from Barber Shop8,100 Radios from Security Office10 Tower Bux15 May 2013
    Feel the EarthBitizens are one with the Earth. They need:3,600 Mountain Bikes from Bike Shop8,100 Cans from Recycling18,000 Glass from Recycling20 Tower Bux5 June 2013
    Senior Citizens DayBitizens are showing support for their elders, they need:1,350 Bird Feeding from Park1,575 Purse from Womens Fashion675 Tie from Mens Fashion4 Tower Bux28 August 2013

    In order to get new missions to complete, you simply need to connect to the internet and visit your Tiny Tower app (Open it as your currently active application) and let it download any available missions for a while.

    From looking at the dates of release for the missions, NimbleBit usually introduces a new mission once every week, and most of the time that's a Wednesday, usually around the morning hours with reference to GMT (which actually stands for Greenwich Mean Time, which is actually the mean solar time, a reckoning of the passage of time based on the Sun's position in the sky, at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London. Just a fun fact for you all to know! (= ) The release of missions slowed down during one period of time, possibly due to the development of their newest game Nimble Quest (It's a combination of RPG and the classic game "Snake"), picked up again, and finally completely haulted. Truly, Tiny Tower is really getting abandoned...=(

    There seems to be a bug surrounding missions. If you stock a product using dream jobbers to double the quantity of the normal stock received, a bug in the game allowed lesser quantity of that product required to stock! When you thought "Zzzzzz...still got x number of times left to stock the product to complete that half of the mission...", then suddenly after stocking the product for lesser times than what you calculated, going back to the 'Available' column in the mission list will give you a shock of your life: The number of product stock left to be stocked for that product you've just stocked plunges to 0! This bug is known to exist for missions that need to stock a product for more than 3 times without dream jobbers in a level 1 commercial floor. I won't guarantee the bug holds through for every such mission, but it's happened to me several times already. Some missions as such seem to function properly while others just don't. Really weird.


    Again, you'll need an internet connection. Using this option will allow you to upload your entire Tiny Tower to the World Wide Web for all to admire! Everyone can view the commercial floors, residential floors, at exactly where they are at in your tower! You can even see the number of dream jobbers at a certain commercial floor! (Just look at the number of stars on top of the corresponding floor number and you'll know) The colour schemes and names of every floor can be viewed too. Obviously, your user name will be displayed as well, at the top of the tower. You can too, find out what elevator is he using (although it doesn't move at all). Unfortunately, you can't find out how many bitizens live in every single individual apartments, what's in stock at his commercial floors, how much coins or Tower Bux does he have, nor do you know how many bitizens live in his tower at one glance (If you like, you could slowly count the number of bitizens on every floor and that would probably give you the number of bitizens living in his tower. =) Would you bother to though?!) You won't see the stream of customers strolling in too. And again, there's an advertisement where you can click to download Tiny Tower for both iOS and Android at the very top of the tower. There's an option to tweet about the tower too. Your tower even gets its own URL! (abbreviation for uniform resource locator, just a fun fact for you to know (= ) Your tower webpage will take on a URL form like this: http://towers.nimblebit.com/__________ (where the blank is a ten-digit number that will complete the URL)

    I don't know how the process of uploading your tower to the World Wide Web works, so...

    General Floor Details

    Here I'll give you a very nice overview of every single commercial and residential floor! It'll give you sufficient details to understand every commercial floor well enough.

    I'll include, obviously, the commercial floor name and which sector does it belong to. I'll get you the details of each and every product that a commercial floor sells: how much does it cost to restock the product without discount, how much stock the product will be just after it goes on sale without any dream jobbers, and how long does it take to stock. Another two interesting facts I'll include here is the minimum tower height in which a certain floor can only be built (In the last column) and the cost (In Tower Bux) required to specifically build a commercial floor at that constructing floor. Of course, we're going have a fair competition between each commercial floor, so the list shows these stats with all commercial floors at only level 1!

    And when you are about go mad looking at that many columns and rows for the commercial floor table, I am here to relieve you by informing you that the residential floor table has significantly less columns and rows. Woof! =P In the residential floor table, I'll give you the name of the residential floor (Like duh... Why don't you try covering this entire column and read the rest of the table? Well, if you have nothing to do, you can test yourself. Sounds fun? =P), the minimum tower height required to build the residential floor there, and the cost in Tower Bux required to specifically build the residential floor.

    For the time to restock the product, I'm following the game, so here, and again, is what each letter stand for!

    • M means minutes
    • H means hours
    • D means days (But no product takes more than a day to stock anyway, so this is practically useless...)

    And there isn't any more...so no weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, millenniums, and whatever other crazier longer time periods (Plus any other shorter time periods than seconds as well) you can name, it's not there, so seriously, stop wasting your time on this crap. =P

    When the time period shows up days (Happens for construction and if you upgrade your commercial floors like crazy), minutes are hidden. So that means only a maximum of 2 different time periods can appear for one floor.

    Commercial Floors

    Commercial SectorCommercial Floor NameLevel 1 Product Details [Name: Restocking Cost, Quantity, Restocking Time]Level 2 Product Details [Name: Restocking Cost, Quantity, Restocking Time]Level 3 Product Details [Name: Restocking Cost, Quantity, Restocking Time]Total Stock of all 3 ProductsMinimum Tower HeightCost In Tower Bux
    FoodCoffee HouseEspresso: 45 coins, 75, 5MTall Latte: 90 coins, 150, 10MFrappe: 180 coins, 300, 20M5252 Floors12
    Sushi BarCalifornia Roll: 18 coins, 30, 2MTuna Roll: 72 coins, 120, 8MSea Urchin: 225 coins, 375, 25M5252 Floors12
    PubBar Nuts: 9 coins, 15, 1MRoot Bear: 90 coins, 150, 10MHot Wings: 225 coins, 375, 25M5402 Floors12
    Mexican FoodChips & Salsa: 9 coins, 15, 1MTacos: 90 coins, 150, 10MShrimp Platter: 270 coins, 450, 30M6152 Floors13
    Sub Shop6 inch Sub: 90 coins, 150, 10M9 inch Sub: 135 coins, 225, 15M12 inch Sub: 180 coins, 300, 20M6752 Floors15
    Smoothie ShopWheatgrass: 36 coins, 60, 4MSmall Smoothie: 135 coins, 225, 15MJumbo Juice: 270 coins, 450, 30M7352 Floors17
    Frozen YoghurtMini Chocolate: 45 coins, 75, 5MMedium Vanilla: 135 coins, 225, 15MJumbo Swirl: 270 coins, 450, 30M7502 Floors17
    DinerCup of Joe: 45 coins, 75, 5MBacon & Eggs: 180 coins, 300, 20MSoup & Sandwich: 270 coins, 450, 30M8252 Floors19
    FoodSky BurgerFries: 90 coins, 150, 10MNuggets: 135 coins, 225, 15MBig Burger: 270 coins, 450, 30M8252 Floors19
    Tea HouseGreen Tea: 45 coins, 75, 5MDumplings: 225 coins, 375, 25MPork Katsu: 360 coins, 600, 40M10503 Floors24
    Vegan FoodBeet Salad: 90 coins, 150, 10MRoasted Potatoes: 225 coins, 375, 25MSoy Burger: 315 coins, 525, 35M10503 Floors24
    Asian CuisineSpring Rolls: 90 coins, 150, 10MNoodle Bowl: 225 coins, 375, 25MOrange Tofu: 405 coins, 675, 45M12003 Floors27
    Pizza PlacePizza Slice: 45 coins, 75, 5MPersonal Pan: 270 coins, 450, 30MGiant Pizza: 405 coins, 675, 45M12003 Floors27
    Fancy CuisineSparkling Juice: 90 coins, 150, 10MCaviar: 270 coins, 450, 30MRoast Duck: 450 coins, 750, 50M13503 Floors30
    ScoopsIce Cream Bar: 27 coins, 45, 3MTriple Scoop: 135 coins, 225, 15MIce Cream Cake: 1620 coins, 2700, 3H29707 Floors66
    BakerySugar Cookies: 270 coins, 450, 30MWalnut Muffins: 405 coins, 675, 45MBread Loaf: 1620 coins, 2700, 3H38259 Floors85
    FoodDonut ShopDonut Holes: 180 coins, 300, 20MGlazed Donuts: 405 coins, 675, 45MBearclaws: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20M39759 Floors89
    Hot Dog JointPlain Dog: 135 coins, 225, 15MLoaded Dog: 405 coins, 675, 45MChili Dog: 1980 coins, 3300, 3H 40M420010 Floors94
    SeafoodSea Bass: 315 coins, 525, 35MLobster: 405 coins, 675, 45MKing Crab: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20M420010 Floors94
    Airline FoodPretzels: 225 coins, 375, 25MGinger Ale: 540 coins, 900, 1HTurkey Sandwhich: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20M422510 Floors94
    BBQ PlaceOnion Rings: 180 coins, 300, 20MBBQ Sandwich: 540 coins, 900, 1HBeef Ribs: 1980 coins, 3300, 3H 40M450010 Floors100
    Italian FoodGarlic Bread: 180 coins, 300, 20MCannoli: 585 coins, 975, 1H 5MSpaghetti: 3330 coins, 5550, 6H 10M682516 Floors152
    Pancake HousePancakes: 315 coins, 525, 35MBerry Pancakes: 1080 coins, 1800, 2HBig Stack: 3600 coins, 6000, 6H 40M832519 Floors185
    Cheese ShopCheddar: 405 coins, 675, 45MParmesan: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20MMozzarella: 4320 coins, 7200, 8H1087525 Floors242
    ServiceBarber ShopShave: 45 coins, 75, 5MHaircut: 90 coins, 150, 10MPerm: 270 coins, 450, 30M6752 Floors15
    LaundromatSock Fluff: 45 coins, 75, 5MDelicate Cycle: 180 coins, 300, 20MDenim Dry: 360 coins, 600, 40M9753 Floors22
    PharmacyCold Medicine: 90 coins, 150, 10MFlu Shot: 540 coins, 900, 1HRX Refill: 1080 coins, 1800, 2H28507 Floors64
    Health ClubWeight Workout: 270 coins, 450, 30MBall Workout: 405 coins, 675, 45MCardio Workout: 1080 coins, 1800, 2H29257 Floors65
    Travel AgencyCar Reservation: 135 coins, 225, 15MFlight Booking: 540 coins, 900, 1HCruise Booking: 1080 coins, 1800, 2H29257 Floors65
    Day SpaPedicure: 405 coins, 675, 45MFacial: 540 coins, 900, 1HStone Massage: 1080 coins, 1800, 2H33758 Floors75
    Fortune TellerPalm Reading: 270 coins, 450, 30MTarot Reading: 405 coins, 675, 45MSeance: 1440 coins, 2400, 2H 40M35258 Floors79
    Ship & PrintPhotocopies: 135 coins, 225, 15MShipment: 270 coins, 450, 30MSales Report: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20M36759 Floors82
    ServiceBankCheck Deposit: 135 coins, 225, 15MNew Account: 720 coins, 1200, 1H 20MLoan Application: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20M442510 Floors99
    Dentists OfficeCleaning: 540 coins, 900, 1HTeeth Whitening: 1080 coins, 1800, 2HGold Crown: 1620 coins, 2700, 3H540012 Floors120
    OptometristEye Glasses: 540 coins, 900, 1HContect Lens: 1080 coins, 1800, 2HLaser Treatment: 1620 coins, 2700, 3H540012 Floors120
    Wedding ChapelQuick Hitch: 270 coins, 450, 30MFull Ceremony: 1080 coins, 1800, 2HThemed Ceremony: 3240 coins, 5400, 6H765017 Floors170
    MechanicOil Change: 540 coins, 900, 1HNew Tire: 990 coins, 1650, 1H 50MTune Up: 3870 coins, 6450, 7H 10M900020 Floors200
    RecyclingNewspaper: 270 coins, 450, 30MCans: 1620 coins, 2700, 3HGlass: 3600 coins, 6000, 6H 40M915021 Floors204
    Tutoring CenterAddition Help: 1080 coins, 1800, 2HGrammar Help: 1620 coins, 2700, 3HTrig Help: 3240 coins, 5400, 6H990022 Floors220
    Security OfficeID Badges: 405 coins, 675, 45MRadios: 1620 coins, 2700, 3HTaser: 5400 coins, 9000, 10H1237528 Floors275
    ServicePlumberDrain Clean: 405 coins, 675, 45MLeak Fix: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20MNew Pipes: 6660 coins, 11100, 12H 20M1477533 Floors329
    StablesHorse Brushing: 315 coins, 525, 35MHay Bale: 1980 coins, 3300, 3H 40MStall Cleaning: 7200 coins, 12000, 13H 20M1582536 Floors352
    Fire StationKitten Rescue: 450 coins, 750, 50MInspection: 2700 coins, 4500, 5HFire Drill: 6750 coins, 11250, 12H 30M1650037 Floors367
    Stock ExchangeStock Buy: 540 coins, 900, 1HBond Buy: 2700 coins, 4500, 5HGold Buy: 7200 coins, 12000, 13H 20M1740039 Floors387
    CourthouseSmall Claims: 540 coins, 900, 1HFamily Court: 2160 coins, 3600, 4HGrand Jury: 8100 coins, 13500, 15H1800040 Floors400
    Doctors OfficeCheck Up: 540 coins, 900, 1HPrescription: 1620 coins, 2700, 3HLab Test: 9000 coins, 15000, 16H 40M1860042 Floors414
    Martial ArtsWhite Belt: 2160 coins, 3600, 4HRed Belt: 4320 coins, 7200, 8HBlack Belt: 6,300 coins, 10500, 11H 40M2130048 Floors474
    Private EyeBackground Check: 1620 coins, 2700, 3HSurveillance: 4,500 coins, 7500, 8H 20MMurder Mystery: 9,000 coins, 15000, 16H 40M2520056 Floors560
    RecreationComedy ClubLOL's: 45 coins, 75, 5MLMAO's: 70 coins, 120, 8MROFL's: 225 coins, 375, 25M5702 Floors13
    Video RentalMovie Rental: 36 coins, 60, 4MNew Release: 135 coins, 225, 15MConsole Rental: 270 coins, 450, 30M7352 Floors17
    Night ClubCover Charge: 45 coins, 75, 5MCocktail: 90 coins, 150, 10MVIP Ticket: 405 coins, 675, 45M9002 Floors20
    Arcade1 Play: 45 coins, 75, 5MExtra Life: 135 coins, 225, 15MHigh Score: 1080 coins, 1800, 2H21005 Floors47
    CasinoNickel Slots: 180 coins, 300, 20MDollar Slots: 405 coins, 675, 45MPoker Game: 900 coins, 1500, 1H 40M24756 Floors55
    Mini Golf1 Player Round: 270 coins, 450, 30M2 Player Round: 540 coins, 900, 1H3 Player Round: 1080 coins, 1800, 2H31507 Floors70
    PlanetariumPlanet Tour: 360 coins, 600, 40MSolar Tour: 900 coins, 1500, 1H 40MLaser Show: 1080 coins, 1800, 2H39009 Floors87
    Rock Climbing1 Climb: 405 coins, 675, 45M2 Climbs: 810 coins, 1350, 1H 30M3 Climbs: 1215 coins, 2025, 2H 15M40509 Floors90
    RecreationAquariumAdmission: 270 coins, 450, 30MFish Toy: 405 coins, 675, 45MAnnual Pass: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20M412510 Floors92
    Haunted HouseChills: 225 coins, 375, 25MCreeps: 540 coins, 900, 1HScreams: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20M427510 Floors95
    Bowling AlleyShoe Rental: 45 coins, 75, 5MSingle Game: 270 coins, 450, 30MTournament: 2700 coins, 4500, 5H502512 Floors112
    CineplexPopcorn: 135 coinss, 225, 15MMatinee: 1080 coins, 1800, 2H3D Movie: 1,800 coins, 3000, 3H 20M502512 Floors112
    MusuemAdmission: 405 coins, 675, 45MAudio Tour: 720 coins, 1200, 1H 20MCharity Event: 1980 coins, 3300, 3H 40M517512 Floors115
    TheaterInterpretive Dance: 405 coins, 675, 45MComedy: 1080 coins, 1800, 2HTradegy: 1620 coins, 2700, 3H517512 Floors115
    RacquetballPractice: 270 coins, 450, 30MFriendly Game: 540 coins, 900, 1HTournament: 2700 coins, 4500, 5H585013 Floors130
    Volleyball ClubPractice: 270 coins, 450, 30MFriendly Game: 540 coins, 900, 1HTournament: 2700 coins, 4500, 5H585013 Floors130
    RecreationPaintball Arena100 Paintballs: 405 coins, 675, 45M500 Paintballs: 1080 coins, 1800, 2H1000 Paintballs: 2205 coins, 3675, 4H 5M622514 Floors139
    Cyber CafeWeb Browsing: 135 coins, 225, 15MComputer Game: 270 coins, 450, 30MGame Tourney: 3600 coins, 6000, 6H 40M667515 Floors149
    ParkBird Feeding: 270 coins, 450, 30MPaper Reading: 1080 coins, 1800, 2HDisc Toss: 3600 coins, 6000, 6H 40M825019 Floors184
    Archery RangeBow Rental: 315 coins, 525, 35MArrows: 1305 coins, 2175, 2H 25MArrow Combo: 3600 coins, 6000, 6H 40M870020 Floors194
    Billiard HallTrick Shots: 270 coins, 450, 30M9-Ball Game: 450 coins, 750, 50MPool Contest: 4500 coins, 7500, 8H 20M870020 Floors194
    CircusCircus Ticket: 270 coins, 450, 30MElephant Ride: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20MTiger Show: 5940 coins, 9900, 11H1335030 Floors297
    Karaoke ClubSolo Song: 270 coins, 450, 30MDuet Song: 900 coins, 1500, 1H 40MClub Rental: 7200 coins, 12000, 13H 20M1395031 Floors310
    Golf Sim75 Balls: 405 coins, 675, 45M200 Balls: 2250 coins, 3750, 4H 10MGolf Lessons: 9900 coins, 16500, 18H 20M2092547 Floors465
    RetailToy StoreToy Blocks: 55 coins, 90, 6MRocket Ship: 135 coins, 225, 15MToy Soldiers: 270 coins, 450, 30M7652 Floors17
    Book StorePaperback: 135 coins, 255, 15MHardback: 225 coins, 375, 25MBoxed Set: 540 coins, 900, 1H15004 Floors34
    Plant NurserySmall Cactus: 117 coins, 195, 13MHanging Plant: 342 coins, 570, 38MFertillizer: 495 coins, 825, 55M15904 Floors36
    Shoe StoreSandals: 180 coins, 300, 20MSneakers: 270 coins, 450, 30MDress Shoes: 540 coins, 900, 1H16504 Floors37
    Hat ShopTrucker Hat: 135 coins, 225, 15MCowboy Hat: 405 coins, 675, 45MTop Hat: 540 coins, 900, 1H18004 Floors40
    Bike ShopBike Shirt: 180 coins, 300, 20MBike Wheel: 270 coins, 450, 30MMountain Bike: 720 coins, 1200, 1H 20M19505 Floors44
    Furniture StoreFake Plant: 180 coins, 300, 20MEnd Table: 540 coins, 900, 1HModern Chair: 720 coins, 1200, 1H 20M24006 Floors54
    Music StoreSheet Music: 90 coins, 150, 10MTrumpet: 405 coins, 675, 45MElectric Guitar: 990 coins, 1650, 1H 50M24756 Floors55
    RetailFabric ShopThread Spool: 90 coins, 150, 10MQuit Square: 405 coins, 675, 45MBolts of Fabric: 1440 coins, 2400, 2H 40M32258 Floors72
    Game StoreUsed Game: 180 coins, 300, 20MController: 360 coins, 600, 40MGame System: 1440 coins, 2400, 2H 40M33008 Floors74
    Record ShopSingle: 225 coins, 375, 25MAlbum: 450 coins, 750, 50MDiscography: 1350 coins, 2250, 2H 30M33758 Floors75
    Mens FashionTie: 135 coins, 225, 15MDress Belt: 315 coins, 525, 35M3 Piece Suit: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20M37509 Floors84
    Womens FashionCute Hat: 135 coins, 225, 15MPurse: 315 coins, 525, 35MNice Outfit: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20M37509 Floors84
    Candle ShopVanilla Candle: 135 coins, 225, 15MPine Candle: 450 coins, 750, 50MPumpkin Candle: 1660 coins, 2850, 3H 10M38259 Floors85
    Comic StoreMage Cards: 135 coins, 25, 15MBattleclub Figure: 540 coins, 900, 1HAtom Man No 1: 1620 coins, 2700, 3H38259 Floors85
    Tech StoreCamera: 270 coins, 450, 30MLaptop: 540 coins, 900, 1HFlat Screen TV: 2070 coins, 3450, 3H 50M480011 Floors107
    RetailPet ShopPet Food: 270 coins, 450, 30MHermit Crab: 630 coins, 1050, 1H 10MParrot: 2160 coins, 3600, 4H510012 Floors114
    Grocery StoreCereal: 405 coins, 675, 45MTabloid: 900 coins, 1500, 1H 40MProduce: 2700 coins, 4500, 5H667515 Floors149
    Mapple StoreMyPod: 270 coins, 450, 30MMyPhone: 1080 coins, 1800, 2HMyBook: 2700 coins, 4500, 5H675015 Floors150
    Jewelry StoreEarrings: 450 coins, 750, 50MDiamond Ring: 2070 coins, 3450, 3H 50MNecklace: 3960 coins, 6600, 7H 20M1080024 Floors240
    Home SupplyLumber: 540 coins, 900, 1HPower Drill: 1035 coins, 1725, 1H 55MTable Saw: 4950 coins, 8250, 9H 10M1087525 Floors242
    Auto DealerUsed Van: 540 coins, 900, 1HHatchback: 1350 coins, 2250, 2H 30MConvertible: 6300 coins, 10500, 11H 40M1365031 Floors304
    Surf ShopSurf Wax: 405 coins, 675, 45MRash Guard: 2025 coins, 3375, 3H 45MCustom Board: 8100 coins, 13500, 15H1755039 Floors390
    Robot StoreCleaning Robot: 720 coins, 1200, 1H 20MRover Robot: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20MAndroid: 8100 coins, 13500, 15H1770040 Floors394
    CreativePhoto StudioPet Potrait: 135 coins, 255, 15MSelf Potrait: 270 coins, 450, 30MFamily Potrait: 540 coins, 900, 1H15754 Floors35
    Soda BreweryCherry Soda: 180 coins, 300, 20MCola 6 Pack: 360 coins, 600, 40MSoda Keg: 900 coins, 1500, 1H 40M24006 Floors54
    Cake StudioSingle Layer: 405 coins, 675, 45MDouble Layer: 675 coins, 1125, 1H 15MTriple Layer: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20M480011 Floors107
    Pottery StudioSimple Bowl: 540 coins, 900, 1HPretty Plate: 720 coins, 1200, 1H 20MDetailed Vase: 1980 coins, 3300, 3H 40M540012 Floors120
    Graphic DesignAlbum Cover: 540 coins, 900, 1HBand Poster: 900 coins, 1500, 1H 40MWeb Site: 2700 coins, 4500, 5H690016 Floors154
    Glass StudioGreen Tumbler: 540 coins, 900, 1HOrange Vase: 1080 coins, 1800, 2HAqua Vase: 2700 coins, 4500, 5H720016 Floors160
    Tattoo ParlorButterfly: 405 coins, 675, 45MDemon Skull: 1440 coins, 2400, 2H 40MFancy Parrot: 2700 coins, 4500, 5H757517 Floors169
    TV StudioNews Segment: 405 coins, 675, 45MTalk Show: 1080 coins, 1800, 2HCeleb Interview: 3105 coins, 5175, 5H 45M765017 Floors170
    CreativeAd AgencyPrint Ad: 405 coins, 675, 45MBillboard Ad: 1260 coins, 2100, 2H 20MTV Ad: 2970 coins, 4950, 5H 30M772518 Floors172
    Floral StudioCorsage: 225 coins, 375, 25MBonquet: 1440 coins, 2400, 2H 40MArrangement: 3240 coins, 5400, 6H817519 Floors182
    Wood ShopChair: 540 coins, 900, 1HRocking Horse: 1440 coins, 2400, 2H 40MBookcase: 2970 coins, 4950, 5H 30M825019 Floors184
    Art StudioSmall Potrait: 900 coins, 1500, 1H 40MStill Life: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20MLandscape: 3600 coins, 6000, 6H 40M960022 Floors214
    Software StudioCalendar App: 540 coins, 900, 1HAnti-Virus App: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20MBank Software: 4500 coins, 7500, 8H 20M1050024 Floors234
    ChocolatierChoc Truffle: 405 coins, 675, 45MChoc Box: 990 coins, 1650, 1H 50MChoc Sculpture: 6300 coins, 16500, 11H 40M1282529 Floors285
    Fashion StudioWrap Design: 540 coins, 900, 1HBlouse Design: 2700 coins, 4500, 5HOutfit Design: 4500 coins, 7500, 8H 20M1290029 Floors287
    Game StudioMatch 3 Game: 540 coins, 900, 1HCity Sim: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20MMMORPG: 6300 coins, 10500, 11H 40M1440032 Floors320
    CreativeFilm StudioFood Commercial: 1080 coins, 1800, 2HTV Episode: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20MMovie Shoot: 6300 coins, 10500, 11H 40M1530034 Floors340
    Sculpting StudioBust: 900 coins, 1500, 1H 40MIdol: 1980 coins, 3300, 3H 40MStatue: 6300 coins, 10500, 11H 40M1530034 Floors340
    Recording StudioJingle Recording: 405 coins, 675, 45MSingle Recording: 3600 coins, 6000, 6H 40MAlbum Recording: 5400 coins, 9000, 10H1567535 Floors349
    LaboratoryLove Potion: 1080 coins, 1800, 2HMystery Goo: 2700 coins, 4500, 5HMonster: 7200 coins, 12000, 13H 20M1830041 Floors407
    Architect OfficeRoom Addition: 1080 coins, 1800, 2HHouse Design: 2880 coins, 4800, 5H 20MTower Design: 7200 coins, 12000, 13H 20M1860042 Floors414
    ClockmakerCuckoo Clock: 1350 coins, 2250, 2H 30MCat Clock: 2700 coins, 4500, 5HFloor Clock: 8100 coins, 13500, 15H2025045 Floors450
    Costume ShopCustom Hat: 900 coins, 1500, 1H 40MCustom Dress: 4500 coins, 7500, 8H 20MCustom Robes: 8100 coins, 13500, 15H2250050 Floors500
    Animation StudioAnimated Short: 990 coins, 1650, 1H 50MDVD Release: 3600 coins, 6000, 6H 40MCinema Classic: 9000 coins, 15000, 16H 40M2265051 Floors504

    Residential Floors

    Residential Floor NameMinimum Tower HeightCost In Tower Bux
    Storage Apts.1 Floor1
    Plainlake Apts.2 Floors2
    Bachelor Apts.3 Floors3
    Sweetside Apts.3 Floors3
    Low Rent Apts.4 Floors4
    Ivymoss Apts.8 Floors8
    Lotus Apts.8 Floors8
    70's Apts.10 Floors10
    Tuscana Apts.10 Floors10
    Cottage Apts.15 Floors15
    Safari Apts.15 Floors15
    Mismatch Apts.18 Floors18
    50's Apts.20 Floors20
    Art Deco Apts.20 Floors20
    Broadleaf Apts.20 Floors20
    Greenwood Apts.28 Floors28
    Baycrest Apts.30 Floors30
    Rustic Apts.30 Floors30
    Santa Fe Apts.30 Floors30
    Bridgeview Apts.33 Floors33
    Aquatic Apts.35 Floors35
    Pinehurst Apts.35 Floors35
    Eclectic Apts.40 Floors40
    HiFi Apts.40 Floors40
    Overgrown Apts.40 Floors40
    Goldcreek Apts.42 Floors42
    Plumbrook Apts.44 Floors44
    Fawlty Apts.45 Floors45
    Garden Apts.45 Floors45
    Ridgemill Apts.45 Floors45
    Devonshire Apts.49 Floors49
    Glendale Apts.50 Floors50
    Holiday Apts.50 Floors50
    Moderna Apts.50 Floors50
    Sunset Apts.50 Floors50
    Mapleton Apts.52 Floors52
    Westgrove Apts.55 Floors55
    Arctic Apts.60 Floors60
    Beach Apts.60 Floors60
    College Apts.60 Floors60
    Nerd Cave Apts.60 Floors60
    Roman Apts.60 Floors60
    Dover Apts.65 Floors65
    Birchside Apts.69 Floors69
    Mesa Apts.69 Floors69
    Chateau Apts.70 Floors70
    Magic Apts.70 Floors70
    Mismount Apts.70 Floors70
    Party Apts.70 Floors70
    Submarine Apts.70 Floors70
    Tiki Apts.70 Floors70
    Hacienda Apts.75 Floors75
    Brightpoint Apts.80 Floors80
    Egyptian Apts.80 Floors80
    Loft Apts.80 Floors80
    Ship Apts.80 Floors80
    Space Apts.80 Floors80
    Stonecrest Apts.80 Floors80
    Theater Apts.80 Floors80
    Greek Apts.85 Floors85
    Silverwell Apts.88 Floors88
    Anti Grav Apts.90 Floors90
    High Tech Apts.90 Floors90
    Honey Apts.90 Floors90
    Pet Apts.90 Floors90
    Reef Apts.90 Floors90
    Zen Apts.95 Floors95
    Club Apts.100 Floors100
    Estate Apts.100 Floors100
    Gothic Apts.100 Floors100
    Millspring Apts.100 Floors100
    Temple Apts.100 Floors100

    There are currently 72 residential floors, which means a maximum of 360 bitizens can live in your tower! There'll be just enough bitizens to stuff every commercial floor with the maximum 3 bitizens, so don't worry!

    Technical Terms

    For the rest of the guide, I'm gonna some pretty technical terms (that I defined myself =P) to get the message across much more clearly. You'll need to get a good understanding of these terms to understand the rest of my guide; but don't worry though, my English isn't really fantastic =P, so I'll use pretty simple terms and not some complicated word that you never come across before (And so you won't have to dig out that dusty dictionary lying in your bookcase). Here we go!