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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by light_rock_zz

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    Strategies (Continued)

    Stocking between your play intervals (Casual management style)

    If you play Tiny Tower extremely casually (Not as crazy as me managing my tower once every 30 minutes previously at least =P) like once per day, then please do not adopt the strategies elaborated here. Please read your Safety Precautions for your night flight.

    Unless you play really hardcore, non-stop for a very long time, this method applies to you! Decide at what intervals you're going to play this game (once every 10 minutes - a bit crazy but...,once every 2 hours, etc). Then look through the individual commercial floors. Stock those products which fit or just exceed the play intervals just that little bit (Less than 5 minutes, or rather just how long you take to manage the tower before putting it aside). Send job hoppers to those places that require them to achieve that as well.

    Since often settling your tower for that interval takes usually more than 3 minutes, you can stock products which take only 1, 2 or 3 minutes to stock. For example, the Chips & Salsa from the Mexican Food, Bar Nuts from the Pub, California Roll from the Sushi Bar and Ice Cream Bar from the Scoops. That is, assuming they are all at level 1.

    Stocking during hardcore management times

    If you play hardcore (I frankly don't recommend this when your tower has developed enough and sees the opening of higher value commercial floors, but there's no stopping you if you want to), stock those products that take short times to stock finish. You need to know how long are you playing hardcore and stock products within this time frame. Stock the products that take the least amount of time to be stocked first.

    Maximizing the stocking times when you are away for long

    As you're probably a pretty busy person =P, you'll need to stock products that take a really long time to stock (Usually that's a level 3 product) while you're away to maximize this time while you're away. Before we start, you need to look at the number of job hoppers, those who often change jobs to the commercial floors that you need them, you have available. You'll want to occupy all of them to be busy to maximize these times! Then we look at the commercial floors. There are 3 parts to this: Commercial floors that are very or extremely stable, those that are semi-stable or stable, and those that are very unstable or unstable. Let's look at those that are very or extremely stable first.

    Tap the commercial floor to bring out the pop-up with all the details of it and its stocks. Observe for those products that are running very low on stocks. You need to roughly know how long you're still gonna be around. Look out for products that already run dry and is ready for re-stocking. Stop! Don't stock them yet! Look at the other products. Now if a product that is running low drains out (You'll need to estimate based on the demand on the corresponding sector. Remember 100% demand means 10 customers a minute! If other products are also in stock, then take them into consideration how long will that product you want to run out. Assuming that each product will get bought out at an equal rate, 1 other product in stock takes twice as long for your wanted product to run out, and 2 others means thrice as long. Take that into consideration!) and stocks within the time frame while you're still gonna be around, wait for it to run out and stock it. If any of the other products does not fulfill both of the conditions above, then you can safely stock the product that is already out of stock. Always stock the product that is of higher level that takes much longer to stock as far as possible, unless you're away for such a period of time that a lower level product will be just in stock or in stock just some time ago after you check in on your tower.

    However, you may encounter commercial floors that are fully stocked but has products that are somewhat running out but not exactly. Maybe a product has like 500 stock remaining and you're gonna be away for like 6 hours (That's when you're sleeping maybe?). If that's the case (which is really bad!), then you might want to consider quick selling. Only do that for the level 3 product though, it's not worth the Tower Bux for the rest. If I do the maths for you, for level 3 products, 1 Tower Bux can gain you maximum 3*600 = 1800 coins, which is slightly less than trading in 50 Tower Bux for 100,000 coins, where 1 Tower Bux is worth 2000 coins. For level 2 products, 1 Tower Bux can gain you maximum 2*600 = 1200 coins. Much worse, so there's nothing to say about the level 1 products... So in other words, if your level 3 product is running quite low already, you can consider using Tower Bux to quick sell the remaining stocks. Don't use too much of them, it's not profitable in the long run! Of course, wait for the stock to run just below a multiple of 600 to reduce any wastage of Tower Bux before quick selling. On the way, you can look for other products that are running really low and stock them if applicable. If the stocks of all products are sufficient to last through while you're away, there isn't a point to use quick sell.

    Now here comes the commercial floors that are semi-stable or stable. Again the above technique applies for stocks that are running very low. If you need to employ job hoppers to commercial floors to stock some products that are within the time frame you're around, do it! Be very careful though, if the stock time exceeds that time frame, don't stock it! Now here you need to carefully consolidate the number of job hoppers you have and what sectors these job hoppers are good at (have a good job interest level for it, like 7 and above?). Look at what commercial floors that have products which are out of stock and take a long time to stock. Look carefully at your job hoppers' job interest levels for that relevant commercial sector. Occupy every one of the job hoppers! Consider the possible combinations of where you could send the job hoppers to. Now send them to commercial floors to stock products that when you add up the stock times of all the products that are going to be stocked by the job hoppers, it's going to be the maximum time. For example, I've 2 job hoppers (assuming that they are good at every commercial sector) and I've 3 possible commercial floors to stock the level 3 product: the Pancake House which is only semi-stable, the Fortune Teller which is stable and the Fabric Shop which is also stable. I've 2 options: Send 1 job hopper to the Fortune Teller to stock the Seance that takes 2H 40M to stock and the other one to the Fabric Shop to stock the Bolts of Fabric which takes 2H 40M to stock. Or, I can send both job hoppers to the Pancake House to stock the Big Stack which takes 6H 40M to stock. If I add up the times to stock the products in option 1, it tallies to 5H 20M, less than the stock time of option 2. So I should opt for option 2!

    Of course, you want to stock other products that are can be stocked without any job hoppers around, if you find it impractical to stock with job hoppers, while you're away too to further maximize these times! Also, if the product takes far too long to stock and you estimate that when you check back, this product will still be stocking for quite some time, don't stock it!

    Finally comes the very unstable and unstable commercial floors. The above technique of watching for product stocks that are running very low applies again, as usual. You can employ job hoppers to these commercial floors to stock products that will be within the time frame you're around. However, if not, then leave the commercial floor alone to close. If you find any products that is very worth stocking throughout times you're away, then do it! As far as possible, do not try to stock the level 3 product of these commercial floors as you're going to waste too much resources!

    Stocking times leading up to times where you are away for long

    This applies to a suitably long time when you're much more free before the times when you're really busy and will be away for long periods of time. This time you'll want to stock products that fit within the time just before long periods of being away from the tower, using any job hoppers. These commercial floors have the possible products that can be considered for stocking throughout the long times when you're away, but you figured out that these products are not the best to stock through these long periods of time. For example, I have a stable Rock Climbing commercial floor and I have only 2 job hoppers to circulate around my tower. The level 3 product of Rock Climbing, 3 Climbs, takes 2H 15M to stock, but I've got another 2 stable commercial floors which are the Grocery Store and Wood Shop. The respective stock times of their level 3 products is 5H and 5H 20M. I would want to send my job hoppers to these 2 commercial floors instead during the long periods of time I'm away to maximize these times, instead of the Rock Climbing! So I'll have just finished stocking my 3 Climbs just before being away for long!

    'Stabilizing' commercial floors temporarily by stocking Level 1 and 2 products

    For every commercial floor, always be sure to constantly stock the level 1 and 2 products using job hoppers if necessary when they run out, even if the commercial floor is semi-stable, unstable or very unstable! By doing so you can ensure any commercial floor is able to at least sell something or be ready to sell something when you check on your tower on your next play time. Also, a commercial floor will not be closed without restocking any products assuming the commercial floor is not already stocked with both products. Then you get more profits per minute!

    Do not stock the Level 3 products blindly

    Try not to send job hoppers to stable or semi-stable commercial floors to stock the level 3 products just to occupy all of them, since they take usually pretty long to stock (unless you talk about low value commercial floors, if that's the case it's fine if it fits within your play interval). Early on in the game this is quite ok since you'll have more than enough bitizens, but later on you'll find that there is a lack of them. Maybe you might have a lot of job hoppers to spare, but when you check in the next time you'll find a couple of semi-stable, unstable and very unstable commercial floors to be closed without any restocking. When your tower sees the appearance of more high value commercial floors (Usually when you get your second creative commercial floor and so on if you follow the building evenly pattern from the standard order of Food to Creative), there should be an excess of 1 or 2 job hoppers to minimally stock all the products you want to (Thus meaning that these excess job hoppers should only be then employed to reduce stocking costs of products that have short stocking times) so that they are available to stock any commercial floors that are closed. Imagine having a 1 coin product and a 2 coin product on sale at different commercial floors, and then a 3 coin product on sale on one commercial floor. If I choose the former case, then the job hoppers can be freed in a shorter time than the ones in the latter case even when both cases theoretically generates the same amount of profit per unit time!

    This even applies to very or extremely stable commercial floors! While you don't need job hoppers to spare, watch out for your other products if they're running out so that when you stock the level 3 product, that commercial floor won't be closed for long! If they're running out, wait for them to run dry and stock them! Check the time to stock the level 3 product to the estimated time the remaining products will run out (You can calculate this by dividing the total stock left by the demand level for the corresponding demand percentage and then x10. That'll give you the number of minutes for the commercial floor to close without any restocking) If it's safe to stock them without long periods of being closed, then you're safe to stock them. Generally try to keep the level 1 and 2 product stocks as full as possible to avoid downtimes, especially for unbalanced commercial floors with particularly big time percentage gaps between the level 2 and 3 products.

    Identifying and correcting stock patterns

    There are certain commercial floors that you would actually notice a rather fixed pattern in the number of total stock. Perhaps, at the very end of every single day, this commercial floor becomes too weak to survive through when you go zzzzz...However, at the same time, there are also commercial floors that will become strong enough to sustain through any long periods of time while you're away. This pattern does seem pretty consistent sometimes, and usually it's due to your anxiety to immediately stock a product after you've checked back on your tower. The individual level products do also seem to run dry at specific times, and upon your discovery that they've ran out, you'll want to stock them immediately.

    Of course, it's great when your commercial floor has a stock pattern that ensures that the commercial floor remain strong enough to be self-sufficient. However, commercial floors that bear stock patterns which makes it weak just before these times can spell trouble. For these commercial floors, there's a pressing need to change these patterns. It's not a very easy process, you need to ensure that the pattern is fixed and confirmed before you take any action to correct it. Usually you'll need 2 or 3 days to confirm that a disadvantageous pattern exists before the user-corrective mechanism can kick in. Although I mentioned that quick selling the level 3 product if a commercial floor is weak is a feasible idea for its sustainability, however if you realize that you have to quick sell the level 3 product every day, then there's something really wrong! And remember, you're making a loss compared to trading the Tower Bux for coins at the bank!

    So in these cases, you'll want to consider to leaving the commercial floor weak and let it close throughout long times without any re-stocking. In this way, you'll actually change the stock pattern of this commercial floor. You'll realize that in the next time before being away for long at the same time of the day, the total stock of the commercial floor changes from minute amounts to acceptable or even humungous numbers!

    Other than leaving commercial floors alone without re-stocking to change their stock patterns, another great way to change stock patterns is to send a Delivery Person to that commercial floor. The currently stocking product is being pushed forward to go on sale even quicker, enabling to sell itself off earlier and changing the times it needs to be re-stocked; hopefully it's just before those long times you're away! There are many other ways of changing stock patterns, and sometimes you may change them unintentionally, so be careful!

    Using dream jobbers to interfere in the stocking process to double stocks

    A new bitizen has moved into your tower to live! You check out his details...and he has a dream job in a commercial floor that you have! But then you check on the commercial floor...oh no! It's stocking a product with a job hopper! So now what?

    That's when this method comes in! You need to check on what kind of bitizens are employed there (Dream jobbers and/or job hoppers) and what product is it stocking. If the commercial floor that your new bitizen wants to work at is semi-stable and it's got a job hopper employed there to obviously stock a level 2 product (You'll want to employ just enough job hoppers to stock a product to make up more reserve job hoppers!), then you can 'interfere' in the stocking process! Since we can take advantage of a loophole (Or maybe an intended design to trap careless people =P) that commercial floors that are still stocking can still employ people, you can hire the new bitizen, regardless how sucky is his job interest level at the corresponding commercial sector, at his dream job there! You'll get 2 Tower Bux as usual (which is already really good!), but here's the added bonus: The product suddenly doubles the original quantity you're supposed to get with using the job hopper alone to stock that product! Although you already paid the coin cost to stock the product, so you can't get the added percentage discount, isn't doubling the quantity, even for just that single time, great enough for you?

    But don't employ new bitizens blindly at their dream job under these circumstances! If you notice that by employing that new bitizen at his dream job doesn't net you that bonus (That's when you use 2 job hoppers only to stock a level 2 product, so adding the dream jobber doubles the level 1 product, and therefore has no effect on the currently stocking product), don't do it! Unless it's a desirable dream jobber you want to keep in that commercial floor for quite a long time, so that you can just trap him there, ignore him after that and leave him happy there (Generally I recommend these bitizens to keep if their corresponding job interest level is 8 or 9). If the bitizen is not desirable, employing him there might make you forget to evict him later! So for these cases, wait for the commercial floor to stock finish that product, employ the bitizen there and then evict him! (Since if you bring out the bitizen list, he'll show up unemployed with a red frowny face, if you sort by happiness level, which is the most useful way to sort, if not he'll be somewhere in-between the long list and you're gonna forget him. You'll get 2 free Tower Bux too! =D) Also, if a commercial floor is stocking a level 3 product with any job hoppers (hence the level 3 product will not double), you can't interfere in the stocking process since every commercial floor can only employ three bitizens max. So it's impossible to double the level 3 product while it's stocking halfway! =(

    Fully stocking specific low value commercial floors for possible Bux income

    This strategy is only useful if you manage your tower like seriously crazy, probably once every 30 minutes. If not just don't bother reading this part. You're probably better off getting bux through other means, and most likely in the end you'll want to upgrade these commercial floors mentioned in this section anyway...

    These Bux-Earning machines, as I would like to call, are commercial floors that have their level 1 product only with very little stock after being stocked finished at level 1, even with dream jobbers. Hence, the stocking time of the level 1 product is extremely short, like 1 to 3 minutes (3 minutes can be a little long sometimes, so if you feel so don't bother doing this for the Scoops). It's best for them to have the level 2 products with a massive percentage difference from the level 1 product so that only the level 1 product runs out alone frequently to be re-stocked and fully stocking the commercial floor again since the other 2 products have much bigger quantity to last them for a nice amount of time. You should not upgrade these commercial floors at all and leave them at level 1 since these low value floors are often fully stocked very easily, which of course gives the fully stocked bonus in coins. However, this also increases the chances of getting a Tower Bux from fully stocking these commercial floors. They are thus possible incomes of Bux.

    The following commercial floors can be so called Bux-Earning Machines (They are all from the Food commercial sector):

    Commercial Floor NameLevel 1 Product Details [Name:Restocking Cost, Quantity, Restocking Time]Level 2 Product Details [Name:Restocking Cost, Quantity, Restocking Time]Level 3 Product Details [Name:Restocking Cost, Quantity, Restocking Time]
    PubBar Nuts: 9 coins, 15, 1MRoot Bear: 90 coins, 150, 10MHot Wings: 225 coins, 375, 25M
    Mexican FoodChips & Salsa: 9 coins, 15, 1MTacos: 90 coins, 150, 10MShrimp Platter: 270 coins, 450, 30M
    Sushi BarCalifornia Roll: 18 coins, 30, 2MTuna Roll: 72 coins, 120, 8MSea Urchin: 225 coins, 375, 25M
    ScoopsIce Cream Bar: 27 coins, 45, 3MTriple Scoop: 135 coins, 225, 15MIce Cream Cake: 1620 coins, 2700, 3H
    Maximizing the use of powerhouses

    Powerhouses are excellent places to send the Big Spender VIP to. Hopefully he buys out that level 3 product, if he does, you're in for some crazy profits! This makes definite powerhouses the best type of powerhouses to send a Big Spender VIP to. With a significant percentage difference between the level 2 and 3 products, there's a higher chance of just leaving the level 3 product on sale, without the other 2 products interfering when the Big Spender VIP arrives. Even for the sustainable powerhouses, Big Spender VIPs are great when the powerhouse and its employees are not stocking any products, so when the Big Spender buys out any product (Again, hopefully the level 3 product), you can immediately start stocking it again. Keeps those employees there somewhat busy (Still, some will slack at their apartments even when the commercial floor they're employed at is stocking. Idiots!).

    When you are in the early stage, you may consider making just a few early powerhouses, since you will definitely get more later. Putting all your eggs in one basket is no good because the other commercial floors won't be able to get their dream jobbers! Remember that with the The Sequence, the number of bitizens you get is only that much, thus incurring the opportunity cost of dream jobbers elsewhere. Furthermore, more lucrative powerhouses will appear later on to dump your dream jobbers at.

    I've tried my best to classify all the potential powerhouses according to some guidelines I gave for myself. For example, early powerhouses must be below a certain position in the commercial floor table under its own commercial sector. This detail is highlighted in italics in the table. For early "sustainable" powerhouses, they must carry a reasonable total stock. The total stock is highlighted in bold for these powerhouses. I mostly accept any early "definite" powerhouses, with their level 3 product details highlighted in bold. Sustainable powerhouses must be above a certain total stock, with this information highlighted in bold. Definite powerhouses are according to the definition given under Technical Terms, with details of the level 3 product highlighted in bold. The total stock is also highlighted in bold if it is sufficiently high (>12,500).

    Powerhouse TypeCommercial SectorPowerhouseLevel 1 Product Details [Name: Restocking Cost, Quantity, Restocking Time]Level 2 Product Details [Name: Restocking Cost, Quantity, Restocking Time]Level 3 Product Details [Name: Restocking Cost, Quantity, Restocking Time]Total Stock of all 3 ProductsMinimum Tower Height
    EarlyFoodScoopsIce Cream Bar: 27 coins, 45, 3MTriple Scoop: 135 coins, 225, 15MIce Cream Cake: 1620 coins, 2700, 3H29707 Floors
    BakerySugar Cookies: 270 coins, 450, 30MWalnut Muffins: 405 coins, 675, 45MBread Loaf: 1620 coins, 2700, 3H38259 Floors
    Donut ShopDonut Holes: 180 coins, 300, 20MGlazed Donuts: 405 coins, 675, 45MBearclaws: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20M39759 Floors
    Hot Dog JointPlain Dog: 135 coins, 225, 15MLoaded Dog: 405 coins, 675, 45MChili Dog: 1980 coins, 3300, 3H 40M420010 Floors
    SeafoodSea Bass: 315 coins, 525, 35MLobster: 405 coins, 675, 45MKing Crab: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20M420010 Floors
    Airline FoodPretzels: 225 coins, 375, 25MGinger Ale: 540 coins, 900, 1HTurkey Sandwhich: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20M422510 Floors
    BBQ PlaceOnion Rings: 180 coins, 300, 20MBBQ Sandwich: 540 coins, 900, 1HBeef Ribs: 1980 coins, 3300, 3H 40M450010 Floors
    EarlyServiceShip & PrintPhotocopies: 135 coins, 225, 15MShipment: 270 coins, 450, 30MSales Report: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20M36759 Floors
    Wedding ChapelQuick Hitch: 270 coins, 450, 30MFull Ceremony: 1080 coins, 1800, 2HThemed Ceremony: 3240 coins, 5400, 6H765017 Floors
    RecreationArcade1 Play: 45 coins, 75, 5MExtra Life: 135 coins, 225, 15MHigh Score: 1080 coins, 1800, 2H21005 Floors
    AquariumAdmission: 270 coins, 450, 30MFish Toy: 405 coins, 675, 45MAnnual Pass: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20M412510 Floors
    Bowling AlleyShoe Rental: 45 coins, 75, 5MSingle Game: 270 coins, 450, 30MTournament: 2700 coins, 4500, 5H502512 Floors
    RacquetballPractice: 270 coins, 450, 30MFriendly Game: 540 coins, 900, 1HTournament: 2700 coins, 4500, 5H585013 Floors
    Volleyball ClubPractice: 270 coins, 450, 30MFriendly Game: 540 coins, 900, 1HTournament: 2700 coins, 4500, 5H585013 Floors
    Cyber CafeWeb Browsing: 135 coins, 225, 15MComputer Game: 270 coins, 450, 30MGame Tourney: 3600 coins, 6000, 6H 40M667515 Floors
    EarlyRetailMens FashionTie: 135 coins, 225, 15MDress Belt: 315 coins, 525, 35M3 Piece Suit: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20M37509 Floors
    Womens FashionCute Hat: 135 coins, 225, 15MPurse: 315 coins, 525, 35MNice Outfit: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20M37509 Floors
    Candle ShopVanilla Candle: 135 coins, 225, 15MPine Candle: 450 coins, 750, 50MPumpkin Candle: 1660 coins, 2850, 3H 10M38259 Floors
    Tech StoreCamera: 270 coins, 450, 30MLaptop: 540 coins, 900, 1HFlat Screen TV: 2070 coins, 3450, 3H 50M480011 Floors
    Pet ShopPet Food: 270 coins, 450, 30MHermit Crab: 630 coins, 1050, 1H 10MParrot: 2160 coins, 3600, 4H510012 Floors
    Grocery StoreCereal: 405 coins, 675, 45MTabloid: 900 coins, 1500, 1H 40MProduce: 2700 coins, 4500, 5H667515 Floors
    EarlyCreativeGraphic DesignAlbum Cover: 540 coins, 900, 1HBand Poster: 900 coins, 1500, 1H 40MWeb Site: 2700 coins, 4500, 5H690016 Floors
    Glass StudioGreen Tumbler: 540 coins, 900, 1HOrange Vase: 1080 coins, 1800, 2HAqua Vase: 2700 coins, 4500, 5H720016 Floors
    TV StudioNews Segment: 405 coins, 675, 45MTalk Show: 1080 coins, 1800, 2HCeleb Interview: 3105 coins, 5175, 5H 45M765017 Floors
    Floral StudioCorsage: 225 coins, 375, 25MBonquet: 1440 coins, 2400, 2H 40MArrangement: 3240 coins, 5400, 6H817519 Floors
    Art StudioSmall Potrait: 900 coins, 1500, 1H 40MStill Life: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20MLandscape: 3600 coins, 6000, 6H 40M960022 Floors
    DefiniteFoodItalian FoodGarlic Bread: 180 coins, 300, 20MCannoli: 585 coins, 975, 1H 5MSpaghetti: 3330 coins, 5550, 6H 10M682516 Floors
    Pancake HousePancakes: 315 coins, 525, 35MBerry Pancakes: 1080 coins, 1800, 2HBig Stack: 3600 coins, 6000, 6H 40M832519 Floors
    ServiceMechanicOil Change: 540 coins, 900, 1HNew Tire: 990 coins, 1650, 1H 50MTune Up: 3870 coins, 6450, 7H 10M900020 Floors
    Security OfficeID Badges: 405 coins, 675, 45MRadios: 1620 coins, 2700, 3HTaser: 5400 coins, 9000, 10H1237528 Floors
    PlumberDrain Clean: 405 coins, 675, 45MLeak Fix: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20MNew Pipes: 6660 coins, 11100, 12H 20M1477533 Floors
    StablesHorse Brushing: 315 coins, 525, 35MHay Bale: 1980 coins, 3300, 3H 40MStall Cleaning: 7200 coins, 12000, 13H 20M1582536 Floors
    CourthouseSmall Claims: 540 coins, 900, 1HFamily Court: 2160 coins, 3600, 4HGrand Jury: 8100 coins, 13500, 15H1800040 Floors
    Doctors OfficeCheck Up: 540 coins, 900, 1HPrescription: 1620 coins, 2700, 3HLab Test: 9000 coins, 15000, 16H 40M1860042 Floors
    DefiniteRecreationParkBird Feeding: 270 coins, 450, 30MPaper Reading: 1080 coins, 1800, 2HDisc Toss: 3600 coins, 6000, 6H 40M825019 Floors
    Billiard HallTrick Shots: 270 coins, 450, 30M9-Ball Game: 450 coins, 750, 50MPool Contest: 4500 coins, 7500, 8H 20M870020 Floors
    CircusCircus Ticket: 270 coins, 450, 30MElephant Ride: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20MTiger Show: 5940 coins, 9900, 11H1335030 Floors
    Karaoke ClubSolo Song: 270 coins, 450, 30MDuet Song: 900 coins, 1500, 1H 40MClub Rental: 7200 coins, 12000, 13H 20M1395031 Floors
    Golf Sim75 Balls: 405 coins, 675, 45M200 Balls: 2250 coins, 3750, 4H 10MGolf Lessons: 9900 coins, 16500, 18H 20M2092547 Floors
    RetailHome SupplyLumber: 540 coins, 900, 1HPower Drill: 1035 coins, 1725, 1H 55MTable Saw: 4950 coins, 8250, 9H 10M1087525 Floors
    Auto DealerUsed Van: 540 coins, 900, 1HHatchback: 1350 coins, 2250, 2H 30MConvertible: 6300 coins, 10500, 11H 40M1365031 Floors
    Surf ShopSurf Wax: 405 coins, 675, 45MRash Guard: 2025 coins, 3375, 3H 45MCustom Board: 8100 coins, 13500, 15H1755039 Floors
    Robot StoreCleaning Robot: 720 coins, 1200, 1H 20MRover Robot: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20MAndroid: 8100 coins, 13500, 15H1770040 Floors
    DefiniteCreativeSoftware StudioCalendar App: 540 coins, 900, 1HAnti-Virus App: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20MBank Software: 4500 coins, 7500, 8H 20M1050024 Floors
    ChocolatierChoc Truffle: 405 coins, 675, 45MChoc Box: 990 coins, 1650, 1H 50MChoc Sculpture: 6300 coins, 16500, 11H 40M1282529 Floors
    Game StudioMatch 3 Game: 540 coins, 900, 1HCity Sim: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20MMMORPG: 6300 coins, 10500, 11H 40M1440032 Floors
    Film StudioFood Commercial: 1080 coins, 1800, 2HTV Episode: 1800 coins, 3000, 3H 20MMovie Shoot: 6300 coins, 10500, 11H 40M1530034 Floors
    Sculpting StudioBust: 900 coins, 1500, 1H 40MIdol: 1980 coins, 3300, 3H 40MStatue: 6300 coins, 10500, 11H 40M1530034 Floors
    ClockmakerCuckoo Clock: 1350 coins, 2250, 2H 30MCat Clock: 2700 coins, 4500, 5HFloor Clock: 8100 coins, 13500, 15H2025045 Floors
    SustainableServiceFire StationKitten Rescue: 450 coins, 750, 50MInspection: 2700 coins, 4500, 5HFire Drill: 6750 coins, 11250, 12H 30M1650037 Floors
    Stock ExchangeStock Buy: 540 coins, 900, 1HBond Buy: 2700 coins, 4500, 5HGold Buy: 7200 coins, 12000, 13H 20M1740039 Floors
    Martial ArtsWhite Belt: 2160 coins, 3600, 4HRed Belt: 4320 coins, 7200, 8HBlack Belt: 6,300 coins, 10500, 11H 40M2130048 Floors
    Private EyeBackground Check: 1620 coins, 2700, 3HSurveillance: 4,500 coins, 7500, 8H 20MMurder Mystery: 9,000 coins, 15000, 16H 40M2520056 Floors
    CreativeFashion StudioWrap Design: 540 coins, 900, 1HBlouse Design: 2700 coins, 4500, 5HOutfit Design: 4500 coins, 7500, 8H 20M1290029 Floors
    Recording StudioJingle Recording: 405 coins, 675, 45MSingle Recording: 3600 coins, 6000, 6H 40MAlbum Recording: 5400 coins, 9000, 10H1567535 Floors
    LaboratoryLove Potion: 1080 coins, 1800, 2HMystery Goo: 2700 coins, 4500, 5HMonster: 7200 coins, 12000, 13H 20M1830041 Floors
    Architect OfficeRoom Addition: 1080 coins, 1800, 2HHouse Design: 2880 coins, 4800, 5H 20MTower Design: 7200 coins, 12000, 13H 20M1860042 Floors
    Animation StudioAnimated Short: 990 coins, 1650, 1H 50MDVD Release: 3600 coins, 6000, 6H 40MCinema Classic: 9000 coins, 15000, 16H 40M2265051 Floors

    A couple of floors are unclassified, as shown in the list below, though they may seem to fit in one of the categories. These commercial floors do not particularly hold large amount of stocks, and they are also balanced (Or at least, doesn't fit the requirement of definite powerhouses). You may dispute my classifications of these commercial floors, but bear in mind this is purely my own opinion. Feel free to write back if you have a strong reason to reclassify or add some commercial floors!

    • Cheese Shop
    • Recycling
    • Tutoring Center
    • Archery Range
    • Jewerly Store
    The importance of both dream jobbers and job hoppers

    Early on in the game, almost all (if not all) of your bitizens will be job hoppers. It's fine, since it's difficult to get any dream jobbers in your tower when you've that little commercial and residential floors.

    However, as your tower grows to the skies, you'll need dream jobbers a lot, which means your job hoppers from the beginning must start becoming dream jobbers. They are extremely valuable to your tower as they enable your commercial floors in your tower to last longer without any attention and seeing frequent downtimes. That doesn't mean that your tower should only have dream jobbers. You'll need proficient job hoppers as well. Earlier on, you'll accept just anyone that comes into the tower to live so that you can meet your needs. Of course, you'll need a lot of dream jobbers too. Once you have about over half of the commercial floors, an overwhelming majority of them should hopefully be dream jobbers. However, as dream jobbers are always extremely desirable, most of the time you would accept almost any dream jobber that comes to live in your tower. This means that dream jobbers are usually only very specialized in that commercial sector of theirs where their dream job lies. So most dream jobbers don't make for a good job hopper. Besides, it is not always favorable to use a dream jobber for job hopping, as their dream job commercial floor may run out of stock before they finish their job at those unstable or semi-stable commercial floors, which makes them unable to transfer back to their dreamland.

    For any job hopper, at least a 7 is ideal, and they must be extremely capable bitizens that have job interest levels of 7 and above in at least 3 commercial sectors. You'll need less of them at first, but when you reach around 80 floors, you need approximately 10 of them to manage your tower well. As your tower grows towards this stage, your demands of which bitizens you want will increase as well. Bitizens that have job interest levels of 8 and above on three commercial sectors and maybe just one of 7 and above are generally more favourable. You should adjust your demand of bitizens according to what you feel, and use your tower height as a gauge.

    Evicting the lousier bitizens and accepting newer, better bitizens

    As new bitizens move in all the time, it's part and parcel of life to evict less skilled dream jobbers or job hoppers to accommodate the new ones. It sounds sad, yes, but on the bright side no one's gonna stand up to you since they are after all dumb bitizens. (Who don't know how to put the product that already stocked finish on sale!)

    If a new bitizen moves in to an apartment, be sure to check out all his details. Of course the least of your concerns are his name and his B-Day. You'll definitely want to look at his job interest levels for each commercial sector and his dream job! If he has a dream job in a commercial floor that you have, be sure to employ there first to grab the 2 Tower Bux! Of course, you need to check if the commercial floor is not stocking or has an empty slot to employ bitizens.

    As with the above section of Bitcaste system, you'll like to keep bitizens in that commercial floor and tower if the bitizen has a dream job in a commercial floor you have and a high job interest level for that corresponding sector (I'll recommend 8 or 9). Remember, take dream jobs of a bitizen priority over the relevant job interest level! Dream jobbers double stocks, while job interest levels merely cut off a fraction of the cost to restock any products in the relevant commercial floor! If the bitizen has a dream job at a commercial floor you don't have, and his job interest levels does not fit the mark to be a job hopper, evict him! If his job interest levels are really good at can give 8 or 9 % discounts at least 3 commercial sectors, you can keep him to make him become a job hopper. If he has a dream job in a commercial floor you have but a low corresponding job interest level, please keep the bitizen! Also, if you have a new bitizen that is not too bad and the apartments he lives in has less than 4 bitizens, keep him to increase chances of new bitizens moving in to this apartment, unless you have the capability to carry out Dream Job Gambling.

    Sometimes you'll get a dilemma of which job hopper to evict when all your job hoppers seem as proficient as each other. To resolve this dilemma, I suggest keeping a personal list of the number of job hoppers proficient for each sector. From that list, evict the job hoppers that is in the list for generally the most number of bitizens for all the sectors he/she is proficient in. For example, if the job hopper's proficiency is in Service and Retail, and the number of job hoppers proficient for both Service and Retail, evict him/her. Of course it's not always straightforward since sometimes the number of job hoppers proficient in one sector that the potentially going to be evicted bitizen is the most, yet for another of his/her proficiency, it is the least number. It's difficult to decide, so it really depends on situation, though one tipbit for you is do look at how high is that proficiency in that sector (So look for the 9s in that job interest level).

    If a new bitizen comes in and he has a dream job at a commercial floor that is already very or extremely stable, then you need to make some careful decisions. First, check out the relevant job interest level for that corresponding sector where his dream job is. Note that job interest level. Now check out the same job relevant interest levels of those who are already employed at that commercial floor in their dream job. Now if any of the 3 bitizens has the relevant job interest level lower than of the new one, evict the bitizen with the lowest relevant job interest level. If it's a tie, then you can first look for strong job interest levels in other commercial sectors (7 and above), and add up the total job interest levels of the bitizens who tied at their relevant job interest level to determine the better guy and evict the lousier guy. If the new bitizen has a lower job interest level than all of the existing bitizens, temporarily unemploy any one bitizen there to temporarily make way for the new bitizen. Then you can steal (Hehehee...) his 2 Tower Bux and thereafter perform the most cruel act ever: Make him happy at his dream job for a few seconds and then evict him!!! It's so evil, but fun...>=D If the relevant job interest level for the new bitizen ties with any bitizens, then do the same and compare their other job interest levels for other commercial sectors, and evict the less skilled one.

    So what happens if the new bitizen wants to work at a commercial floor that you have but is stocking and there isn't a point to interfere in the stocking process? Then you can compare the new bitizen with the existing ones first before deciding who to keep, and who to evict, if the commercial floor is very or extremely stable. If not, just look at the new bitizen's relevant job interest level. Now if the commercial floor is going to take quite some time to finish stocking, you aren't gonna wait for it and waste your battery! But if you leave the tower alone, you might forget what to do with the new bitizen. So how do we deal with this? That's when you should join the Festival of Colours (And the Cosplay festival)!

    If the new bitizen is a desirable one to keep at the commercial floor that is currently restocking, then you can change his appearance to the assigned dress code of that particular commercial floor you have in mind first. If not, change his clothings to a contrasting colour as the colour of the commercial sector he wants to work at. It would be best to change it to a colour that is not green, blue, yellow, purple or red, since doing so might confuse you to think that he belongs to another commercial floor in some other sector, and hence forgetting to evict the bitizen. This way you'll remember whether you want to keep him or not! If there's a bitizen in that particular very or extremely commercial floor that you want to evict thereafter, dress him up like a new undesirable bitizen. Now you just have to remember to not stock the next product when that particular commercial floor finishes stocking 1 product. Look at the bitizen list to know that you've a new bitizen to settle!

    Managing job hopping through cycling bitizens

    As I said, job hoppers are an absolute necessary to keep those big profits rolling in. As their name implies, they often change their jobs and work in random commercial floors that are not yet very or extremely stable. Their purpose is to generally serve the commercial floors that are very unstable, unstable or semi-stable, and help them stock the level 1 and 2 products. It's necessary to keep 2 products on sale all the time, as when one runs out, another will still be on sale, will be stocking or stocked finish to see less downtimes for that particular commercial floor! Also, they are useful for commercial floors that are stable or semi-stable to stock level 3 products through the long times you're away.

    You'll need to cycle your job hoppers extremely carefully to get the big bucks (Uhm, not the Tower Bux, but coins) coming in. If you see a commercial floor that requires bitizens to stock a certain product, send just enough job hoppers there (Remember that the highest level of product that can be stocked is equal to the number of employees there!). There's not much added bonus to send an excess, other than that minute discount rate which isn't particularly important, so don't do it!

    It would be best to keep the commercial floor of the highest value (Or at least, the product that you intend to stock that is of the longest time) the very last to stock. This way, you can cycle your job hoppers like above. When it comes to this last commercial floor, when every other commercial floor is stocking or fully stocked, employ the rest of the job hoppers to fill them all. However, if the stocking time does not fit within your playing interval, look for the next highest value commercial floor. So you're looking for the highest value commercial floor whose product's stocking time is the longest but fits within your play interval. This would allow you to shave off the most cost in stocking.

    Dream jobbers can also be used for job hopping! However, the commercial floor they come from must be fully stocked. In addition, it must be going strong, as you don't want a product there to run out before they return. Given that they've found their dream job in your tower, it's best not to use them too much, but if you do, return them to their dream job as soon as possible. With too many job hoppers around, you can mix them up with these dream jobbers. These dream jobbers should only be used for products that stock within your play interval. It also means that it's best to apply the strategy in the preceding paragraph before this one so that they can be easily returned to their dream job.

    When the commercial floor is finished stocking the product, it's time to re-organize them. If you stocked the level 1 product of an unstable or very unstable commercial floor but its level 2 product is no longer in stock, send another job hopper to stock that level 2 product! If it's running out, then employ the second one and wait for it to run dry. If both level 1 and 2 products are in stock, then unemploy all job hoppers working there, unless you're planning to stock the level 3 product which fits within the break time interval. After you stock finish the products you want to go on sale, you can simply unemploy all the job hoppers there and desert the commercial floor. Surprising, the commercial floor continues to sell its products without a single soul around to maintain it! Generally always free up job hoppers whenever possible from commercial floors to employ them elsewhere. You can stock the level 3 product of commercial floors if you've too much job hoppers to spare and the stocking time of that product fits within your break time interval, just in case you'll need them again somewhere else. If that really happens though, it's probably quite bad, since there are too little dream jobbers, but hey, that can't be helped sometimes.

    Using colour coding and costumes to distinguish bitizens

    You might find it cool to dress your bitizen in a very cool style you like, but can you tell all of them apart, and remember who bears a particular dress code?

    This method is also mentioned in the wiki! Here you would like to assign dream jobbers to wear a specific uniform to easily find them during the event Deliveries & Messages! In general, assign the dream jobbers their clothing according to the colour of the commercial sector that they want to work at, or are already working at. Remember, Food is green, Service is blue, Recreation is yellow, Retail is purple and Creative is Red! So a bitizen that wants to work at a Food commercial sector should wear green clothings! You should immediately assign new bitizens that had stabilized in their job immediately their respective dress code to avoid confusion!

    You can further distinguish bitizens, as you know, there are only five commercial sectors, and you've so many bitizens to tell apart, and it isn't very possible to make all of them pretty distinct enough! So maybe dream jobbers at the Travel Agency (Service sector) wear light blue clothings while those at the Fortune Teller wear dark blue clothings! Some dream jobbers can wear more unique dress codes, such as dream jobbers at the Architect Office and Art Studio have that very 'cool' and artistic look to tell them apart from the rest! Dream jobbers at the Optometrist could have blue shade clothings with clear, black-frame glasses, and maybe those at the Book Store have purple shirts with clear, black-frame glasses too! It's up to your imagination to decide unique dress codes! Let 'em run wild and you'll start fabricating more of them!

    But the best is to buy costumes for your bitizens to create the most unique dress code! For example, you could buy the Doctors coat for dream jobbers at the Doctors Office and Pharmacy, or maybe the Golfer costume for those at the Mini Golf! Using costumes, you could clearly tell them apart from the rest and find them (hopefully), more easily!

    Here are some dress codes to consider! The table is sorted according to alphabetical order, with commercial floors that share the same costume clustered together, so only the first commercial floor that corresponds to a specific costume is put into consideration for this sorting list. There will be repeating commercial floors, since the costumes usable for them may overlap with one or more other floors, and may have its own exclusive costume.

    Also, there are a couple of more interesting ones that have further strategies of making use of 2 costumes in the same commercial floor. Go and find a good use for that right now, right here! Of course, it's entirely up to you whether you really want to adopt 2 costumes in the same floor, since it may result in duplicate costumes between 2 floors, due to insufficient costumes left to utilize.

    Dress Code(s)Commercial floor(s)Explanation (if applicable)
    Red clothings with shady sunglassesAd AgencyCool and fashionable people wear cool and fashionable stuff! Walking advertisement for the ad agency maybe?
    Fashion Studio
    Airline PilotAirline FoodCertainly the people who serve you on the airplanes are usually not the pilots of the planes themselves, but the stewardess, but at least they do somewhat look as smart as the pilot himself, albeit a slightly different colour. Besides, putting the dress code as a waiter makes no sense.
    RobotAnimation StudioHave you heard of the term animation bots? As for the tech store and the robot store that's quite obvious...
    Robot Store
    Tech Store
    DiverAquariumObvious, bitizens who want to work at the aquarium need to dive into the aquariums to check on their fishes! Duh! =)
    Red clothings with a 'cool' and artistic lookArchitect OfficeAs they love to design stuff artistically, they naturally want themselves to look artistic as well!
    Art Studio
    ApronBakeryBecause people working there bake stuff! (Pancakes need to be baked too!)
    Pancake House
    Business SuitBank, Stock ExchangePeople working at the bank (The Stock Exchange is pretty similar, though it mainly provides services for stock brokers and traders to trade stocks, bonds, and other securities) need to be dressed smartly...
    BarberBarber ShopObvious...
    BikerBike ShopAnother obvious one...
    Purple Clothings with glassesBook StorePeople working at the Book Store read books often, unfortunately most of the time leading to myopia, shortsightedness...=(
    Uncle SamCircusThey look like ringleaders that command the animals to do those stunts to amaze you. And I'll be frank that I'm not quite fond of animal shows because of the animal humilation (Particularly those that are more ferocious like tigers and lions) these animals face. Yes, I'm random, and by the way I'm not an animal lover but...anyway since it's there in the game, just make use of it.
    ClownCircusClowns are funny guys, so are the people who are going to work at the comedy club! Hopefully you've went to a circus before, because the clowns are always the "first line of entertainment". This makes for a further strategy for the Circus because the Uncle Sam can be the leader (Bitizen with the best stat, particularly in Recreation), and the other 2 being the clowns.
    Comedy Club
    Red Clothings with glassesClockmakerClockmakers are pretty much closely associated with watchmakers, and as we know watchmakers perform extremely delicate and close-up operations, leading to shortsightedness...=(
    BaristaCoffee HouseIt's what coffee brewers wear; it's just typical for the more known ones like Starbucks. The Sub Shop takes this costume from "Subway, Eat Fresh", and I think this does make some sense, since Subway workers do wear baristas.
    Sub Shop
    Super HeroComic StoreComic Store sells comic books, and most of them have a super hero in it!
    KingCostume ShopThe Costume Shop sells Custom Robes, which look almost exactly like the King costume. To be frank, I would really like to put Guards in too (Well, it only makes sense, as they are palace guards), but they really don't fit in.
    JudgeCourthouseBecause there will always be a judge to decide the outcome of a court trial?
    SurgeonDentists OfficeDid you even visit a dentist before? If you do, all dentists are dressed something like that!
    DoctorDoctors OfficeYou would of course know why the doctor costume, but as for the nurse, I'm treating the Doctor's Office closest to a hospital. This makes up for an interesting further strategy where the doctor is the "boss" (Dream jobber with the best stats, taking Service as first consideration, of course), and the other 2 are merely nurses that serve the "boss".
    WaiterFancy CuisineIt's a place that serves high class food, so you need employees with a smart look!
    Bee SuitFloral StudioBecause bees are happy whenever they see flowers, just like the happy dream jobbers at the floral studio!
    Young WizardFortune TellerYes, it is true that fortune telling exists in real life. But with the power of magic, such fortune telling skills are enchanced further, like those in Harry Potter. Well, whatever, pure magic is entirely fictional and up to your imagination to create its abilities one process from its practice. (By the way, I think I'll reject Witch for Fortune Teller because witches practise witchcraft which is generally evil, so fortune telling is out of question)
    HazmatGlass StudioI don't really like this costume, but nevertheless you may feel otherwise, so I'll just list it anyway. A hazmat (Sometimes it can be a bomb suit) is a protective suit from chemicals, which fits the Laboratory, but at the same thing, broken fragments of glass can be handled safely too!
    GolferGolf SimDuh...
    Mini Golf
    Mad HatterHat ShopBecause they love hats so much!
    GhostHaunted HouseThey look spooky in it. Try it! Don't try if you're a faint-hearted person! =P And the pumpkin is Halloween-related, another spooky uhm....prop. =P
    Yellow clothings with clear glasses
    BoxerHealth ClubIf you haven't known, Health Club is just a nicer term for Gynasium, so these people are tough, just like boxers!
    EngineerHome SupplyThe engineer suit makes them suited to do these manual work of changing oil and tires of automobiles, as well as to clean up those troblesome chokes you have at home! So for the Home Supply...I guess it makes sense for them to know how to fix up those home supply tools in case...someone claims faulty stuff...
    Fast Food UniformHot Dog JointThe Sky Burger sells fries, nuggets and burgers, like McDonalds, which is a fast food restaurant. Like McDonalds, Sky Burger employees should have a uniform! Hot Dog stalls are usually fast food since all the employees need to do is to put the hot dog into the pre-preapred bun. But since the Hog Dog Joint in our Tiny Tower is little more restaurant-like instead of a mini push cart store, there needs to be some kind of presentable dress code.
    Sky Burger
    HeartJewelry StoreA perfect gift for Valentine's Day...for girls of course. Ain't ask me about what to give guys for Valentine's. It's also a symbol of love for one another...but again usually girls only wear it (If guys do, don't be surprised!) =P
    Lab CoatLaboratoryIt's for sterilization purposes, since they deal with a lot of chemicals. (Yes, Pharmacists don't deal with such dangerous chemicals but more drugs, but still...there is a potential risk of drug contamination)
    Mad ScientistLaboratoryIt's not easy to be a laboratrist, you know? Your education must be really good! Let's just say that they are super geeks and study too hard and become mad geeks....=P
    Mapple GeniusMapple StoreObvious...
    Karate OutfitMartial ArtsUmm...if you don't get it...I shall knock some sense into you...
    OverallsMechanicGenerally, overalls are preferred for dirty work, which is all those stuff offered at this particular mechanic store.
    GroomMens Fashion, Womens FashionPeople who work at well-known and reputable fashion stores wear very nice and formal outfits!
    White Suit
    UsherNight ClubThat's a person who escort people to their seats, etc...so they escort them to their um, so-called seats to listen to the concerts put up by concert bands and deejays (DJs!)...I don't really know...at least the Tiny Tower Wiki suggests as such...
    ChefMexican FoodIn my opinion, the Mexican Food serves kinda restaurant food...but the Pizza Place is obvious!
    Pizza Place
    ArchaeologistMuseumArchaeologists recover and analyze material culture and environmental data left behind by ancient civilization, which includes artifacts, architecture, biofacts (also known as eco-facts). One of which is very distinct in this floor - the Tyrannosaurus Rex (Or simply, T-Rex)! They are responsible for the maintanence of these exhibits, and best equipped to show tourists around. (Well, this museum seems to be more of a service than an auction place)
    RockstarMusic StoreThe music store sells guitars, like what the rockstar is holding! (Although the one held by the rockstar is an acoustic guitar, not an electric one)
    Blue Clothings with glassesOptometristAs for the tutoring center, they look like a geek with those glasses! And for the optometrist, they sell eye glasses! Not all optometrists wear spectacles, but...
    Tutoring Center
    BunnyPet ShopIn order to attract business, they decided to dress as these cuddly pets to attract customers to buy and adopt them! Seems like those are the only things they can find in the wardrobe, or they can't give a damn about business for other pets. =P (I would discourage Horse, because it'll be used later too, and besides, like Panda Suit, they are okay, but not typical as pets)
    Cat Suit
    Frog Suit
    AstronautPlanetariumThe planetarium allows people to go on a planet and solar tour. See it live in front of you is the best experience! So people working at the planetarium must go outer space with their tourists! You'll need the astronaut suit often for that!
    Plumber APlumberI presume you know that Mario and Luigi were originally supposed to be Italian plumbers before all those rescuing Princess Peach crap? Since each commercial floor can only employ three people, it would be a great idea to dress only one of the three dream jobbers which has the worst stats in the other costume from the other two bitizens with better stats. E.g. Dress the two bitizens with better stats in Plumber A (Mario!) costume while the third one with the lowest stats in Plumber B (Luigi!) costume. This way you can easily evict the third one without too much trouble of re-identifying the one with the worst stats in case a better bitizen with the same dream job comes in.
    Plumber B
    DetectivePrivate EyePeople working at the private eyes are all detectives as they carry out secret surveillance!
    Baseball UniformRacquetball, Volleyball ClubA sporty look!
    Star Captain
    ElvisRecord ShopElvis Aaron Presley. You mean you don't know him? He was one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century, he is often referred to as "the King of Rock and Roll". Do you know how many discographies did he release? Seriously, I don't know; there's just too many. =P
    Yellow Clothings with HelmetRock ClimbingRock climbing is a pretty dangerous sport of course...so we better be cautious in case we bump our heads into the rocks...or perhaps even suffer a bad fall! Note: If you can't get the Helmet with yellow clothings, then you may substitute the helmet for a hat that looks pretty hard instead, but no fashionable baseball caps or...yah...you get what I mean. It is pretty difficult to get a helmet as your bitizen's headwear even.
    SecuritySecurity OfficeA little too obvious for the Security costume, isn't it? I just felt that dressing them up in the Trooper costume is kinda funny, but what's even better is that troopers (More specifically Imperial Stormtroopers from Star Wars!) fight for the defense of the Galatic Empire! If we assume that it's a prison for hardened criminals, soldiers may be required for the extremely tight security.
    SailorShip & PrintThe word "ship" already tells you why I picked this out huh? Particularly, the shipment it sells tells you that definitely someone is needed to get the stuff across water bodies to get the job done. (I would discourage using Sailor for Surf Shop, because it doesn't make sense for sailors to go surfboarding! What a laugh if we see someone doing that in sailor uniform! =D)
    HorseStablesNo, stable not as in resistant to change of position or condition, not subject to sudden or extreme change or fluctuation (Definition from The Free Dictionary). I meant STABLE. Okay, never mind, that doesn't help. =P I actually meant the noun form of this word, not the adjective form. A stable is a building in which livestock, especially horses, are kept, commonly meaning a building that is divided into separate stalls for individual animals. (Definition from Uncyclopedia. Nah, just kidding. =P It was from Wikipedia) So that's the stable definition for its noun form. So these bitizens take well care of the horses. And therefore to make their life easier, they decided to befriend the horses by dressing up like one...
    Purple Clothings with sunglassesSurf ShopYou don't want your eyes to get damaged from the sun's ultra-violet radiation when you go outside to the sea to surf, right?
    PhantomTheaterHave you heard of the 'Phantom of the Opera'?
    SantaToy StoreBecause Santa Claus and his elfs gives toys to children! Of course here they sell them, not give them but anyway...
    TouristTravel AgencyBeing in the Travel Agency industry means that you have to take those tourists round their travel destination! That means that these guys need to relate to these tourists in order to effectively communicate history and culture of the visiting destination! What's the first step? To make the tourists feel that you are a part of them! That's where dressing like a tourist helps
    GroomWedding ChapelHopefully you've a mix of male and female bitizens working at the Wedding Chapel; they can be the walking advertisement to attract newlyweds!
    BrideWhat's a groom without a bride? =)
    PrincessWomens FashionDon't you feel that princess costumes are pretty fashionable? =)

    For the rest of the dream jobbers at other commercial floors...just dress them up in casuals, but do remember that their clothes colour should follow the corresponding commercial sector! Of course, despite the many ways to dress up your bitizens, there are still going to be a couple of trouble distinguishing a number of them...and furthermore the weakness of this system is that if the required bitizen is at their apartments (You slackers!) so you can't find them at their workplace, and must seek out which floor they live on. Often you don't remember this, so here comes a foolproof method that will work 100% of the time! The details are under the Miscellaneous section...