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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by light_rock_zz

    Version: 2.0.1 | Updated: 04/07/14 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Strategies (Continued)


    When you see the notification box that indicates there's a VIP at the lobby, tap on it to bring you to the lobby to see what VIP has appeared, but don't tap the lobby yet as you're forced to send the VIP up, disabling you to make any necessary arrangements to check where is it best to send the VIP to! Now once you checked what VIP is at the lobby, analyze the appropriate floors and send them to that floor that is most suited for the VIP! You can choose to leave the VIP waiting at the lobby (but try not to make them wait in the stuffy elevator for too long; don't torture them and make them develop claustrophobia, the fear of enclosed spaces! =P) if you can't use the VIP for any really useful purposes as of current juncture, then always remember there's an option to store them at your lobby infinitely! Just remember not to tap the wrong option, it's the "Save VIP" option!!! Even if you accidently tap the lobby when the VIP just settled in the elevator and you apparently forgot to analyze your floors...

    Construction Worker

    Some people are likely to just blindly send a construction worker to a construction floor that takes the most amount of time to complete. That isn't very wise all the time. You have to look at how long every floor under construction takes to finish. Don't send a construction worker to a floor that is going to finish at the very early dawn hours when you're not awake! Send them to construction floors that can finish within the play times when you're not going to be away for long after sending him there, or those that will finish constructing just after these long periods of time when you're away after you send him there! I like to send them to constructing residential floors if there are a couple of possible reasonable construction floors to send the construction worker to, since they are usually in high demand for me if you build in my pattern. If they are no reasonable construction floors to send to, then you can stash them at your lobby by saving them up! Let's hope another construction worker arrives, then you can send the second one up first before the first one that is stored at your lobby! Let's just hope another one even appears then...if not your first construction worker VIP can stone at your lobby...like forever!

    And that happens to bring me to my next strategy! (Wow. What a coincidence. Okay, just kidding =P) Now that you can store your VIPs in the lobby like forever, if every floor has finished constructing, then please store your VIPs at your lobby, even if you've finished constructing every single available floor! (That's a tower height of 169!) It's much better to leave them at the lobby than to make them suffocate in your enclosed elevator (Especially when you might have provided some snacks at the lobby =P).

    Delivery Person

    Again some people simply send them to commercial floors that have the longest time remaining time left to be stock. Not very wise all the time, and again. The same method applies for the construction worker, as above, sending them to floors that stock finish within times you're around for some time or just after long periods of time being away from your tower. If you are not going to be away for too long, then it's great to send them to commercial floors that have their lights out too. Do remember to maximize the use of them, and send them to such a commercial floor that still have a long way to go before the lights go on again (But not too long until you're to be away for long!).

    However, there's an added strategy to this: You can send them to commercial floors that have job hoppers trapped there. It's really useful especially when you're preparing for the times just before you're going to be away from your tower for long, since you can free up more job hoppers to stock other products at other commercial floors. But do be careful as the Delivery Person only takes off 3 hours stocking times, so if the remaining time left still doesn't fit within your time frame, don't send them there! If you want to free up job hoppers, you'll like to send them to places that can free up the most job hoppers. Then your tower makes more profit while you're away!

    As I said above, Delivery People can be used to change unhealthy stock patterns of any commercial floors. Beware of the Cyclical Unstockment!

    It's quite unlikely that you need to store a Delivery Person, since they are generally useful at all times as you would usually have a couple of commercial floors that want your attention. Still, if the need arises, please remember to consider this option!


    The celebrity seems like the most useless of all the VIPs ever available so far, at least to most people! I beg to differ though. Celebrities are really useful VIPs that send in a crowd of customers that can kill off the remaining stock of a product that is running really low. Generally, it's best to send them to floors that have less than 50 stock left, so that you shorten the time to wait for that particular product to run out, especially when you have a time constraint, like you've been pressured to sleep by your seniors, or you need to rush off to some place. In other words, really useful when you're about to stock a product through the long times when you're away. Also, you would want to save a little battery for your device if you're playing it on a phone or your device's battery is running very low. Then you can stock that product within the play time interval. Furthermore, you could be waiting for a product that you would like to stock using job hoppers, especially if that particular commercial floor is weak. There's usually absolutely no need to store celebrities, since if no such floors with any extremely low stock exist, save yourself the agony and just send them to floors with very high stocks for all its available products.

    Big Spender

    Before the Tiny Tower Wiki vanished into thin air, they mentioned about the technique known as 'Big Spender Optimization'. It would definitely be the best way to use this VIP, since you won't want to use it like a celebrity, if not you'll fall short of his potential. As with the David and Goliath section, powerhouses are excellent places to send the Big Spender to. The list of all these powerhouses are compiled above, so revisit there to know the best places to send them! It's even better when your level 1 and 2 products are out of stock and the level 3 product is left with still a massive amount of stock, since the big spender is forced to buy out all of the level 3 product stocks. (Hehehe...we just burned a freaking large hole in his pocket! =P) I don't recommend using quick sell to sell off the other level products though, since it's not worth the Tower Bux and there are likely to be other powerhouses to send him to. A great technique to increase the probability of a Big Spender to buy out the level 3 product, assuming it's already in stock, is to hault the accepting of stock for the other products when they are done since the Big Spender won't be able to buy them out yet. You can on the way, stock a product that has already run out. Try not to send the Big Spender to a powerhouse that has only the level 3 product in stock and the next product to be in stock is gonna be a pretty long time since the lights of that powerhouse will go out.

    However, this is usually quite idealistic since it's not ideal to leave just the level 3 product in stock. Furthermore, Tiny Tower has a disadvantageous system of not showing you how much of the rest of the stock for other products you have while stocking, which is something that occurs very often. So you cannot view how much of the level 3 product is left on sale. It may thus be best to send them to powerhouses that are fully stocked, since you are able to check out the stock levels of every product. The best powerhouse would be one that is still going strong and generally the most total stock, with none of its stocks going weak. The best way to remember is through the thousands for each product correspondingly, so it may go something like "3, 6, 18". If any of the products have its stocks less than 1K, then just forget about that floor already. If you could remember the amount of stock left for powerhouses that are stocking the level 1 product (Try not to let the level 1 product be on sale then), you may then just go with the strategy before this one.

    With the new feature of stashing the VIPs, it is easier to employ the first strategy instead of the second one. You just have to remember the stock levels of all contenders (Of course, you can always trust the notepads, whether hardcopy or softcopy) and wait for the level 1 product of these powerhouses to run out and send them to the best contender which has finally depleted its level 1 product. Also, you can look out for any powerhouses that have their lights out and is stocking its level 3 product! When it's done stocking, start stocking the level 1 product and take him out of your lobby to send him all the way there. Not always the level 1 product is ideal, since it may not fit within your play interval. If the level 1 and 2 product fit within the same number of play intervals, then go for the higher level product. Even if the level 3 product also fits within the same number of play intervals, go for it!

    Real Estate Agent

    The basic strategy is too obvious: Just send him to a residential floor that has the most number of empty spaces! (includes residential floors that have no bitizens living there yet!) If there's a tie,...just do that lame-old mini-mine-ni-mini-more, catch the spider on the wall among the residential floors that have equal number of empty slots to decide, or whatever means you have like having biasness against a certain residential floor! =)

    But then there's a catch: Remember I said to keep new bitizens moving into emptier residential floors (less than 4) no matter what to increase chances of new bitizens requesting an elevator ride to the residential floor and moving in? But now, with the Real Estate Agent, you'll find a fresh set of bitizens to consider for job hoppers! (and definitely dream jobbers!) So when you see that Real Estate Agent at the lobby, do analyze residential floors carefully, evict the sucky bitizens that were living in any one residential floor and just eating up space! Preferably, you'll want to find the residential floor that can evict the most bitizens for more fresh bitizens to move in! Then when the residential floor eventually becomes emptier, it'll be a great choice to send the Real Estate Agent too, in case most of your residential floors have already 4 bitizens!

    If there's not a single place to send the real estate agents to, then store them in your lobby (Probably only occurs when every single one of your residential floors are filled) until there's a new residential floor that opens! (Or if there are a significant number of empty spaces in an existing residential floor, like 2?)

    Consideration of the deletion of commercial floors

    Generally, don't delete commercial floors. All commercial floors gain coins for you, no matter how low value they are. Furthermore, you're eventually gonna get them anyway, and it's likely to get them without any job hoppers with a dream job there. Low value floors are an advantage in a way that you can quickly stock them with job hoppers and then leave them alone after having the level 1 and 2 products in stock to stock other products in other commercial floors that require them around. Also, you'll waste time building another commercial floor there again, as the building is going to be longer than before as your tower as grown taller. If you realize you badly need a new residential floor, wait until you can build the next floor. It's okay to break the cycle of 2 commercial floors, then 1 residential floor since you'll eventually realize you'll run really short of job hoppers as your tower grows.

    However, it may instead be favorable to do so when all of the following conditions are met. First, the construction time of the new commercial floor must fit into the time in which you are away, in which is very likely the long periods of time when you are away. Thus only delete commercial floors just before these periods. If not, this will incur the opportunity cost of earning more coins when the floor is still under construction. Actually, you already did incur a bit of it when you could stock a product there, but that's assuming that you have enough job hoppers to do so. Second of all, the commercial floor must be a very low value one, and the rest of the available commercial floors in its sector should have at least a significant number of higher value commercial floors. You might want to consider about more than 50% of them to be as such, and a suitable base of a higher value one being its level 3 product taking at least 1.5 hours to stock. Third, there must be absolutely no dream jobbers for it currently, unless there are insufficient job hoppers to circulate the tower. Lastly, you should only delete it if you find that it naturally runs out of all its products just before these long periods of tower inactivity (Remember that low value commercial floors are often easily fully stocked), or if there are very little stock remaining in which you could wait for them to run out. It is only under these circumstances, in which you should delete the commercial floor. The conditions are strict, yes, so I discourage you from doing this.

    Finding the right time to complete missions

    This strategy doesn't require too much explanation: Only complete missions when the 2 commercial floors is able to double the required product stock after being stocked, by dream jobbers. So if you need to stock a level 2 product from one of the commercial floors for a mission, make sure you have at least 2 dream jobbers employed there to stock it! This way, you can complete missions much faster, but actually more importantly you save more coins and any job hoppers that may be required to stock other products at other commercial floors! Most of the time a product is required to stock 3 times at a level 1 commercial floor, without any dream jobbers, but then the stock for the third time is completely absorbed by the mission and you must stock it again to put it on sale! However, with dream jobbers, you stock it only 2 times, but there's an added bonus: you still get stock to sell after stocking it the second time, although this time the amount of stock is equivalent to a job hopper stocking it.

    For the cost of less coins, you can get the same amount of Tower Bux just like that! Isn't that great? There's no hurry to complete missions, since they will remain in the available column forever until you complete them.

    Upgrading commercial floors

    In the long run, upgrading commercial floor is a lot more worth it than exchanging 50 Tower Bux for 100,000 coins. Only upgrade commercial floors that are very or extremely stable though, it's more worth the Tower Bux. For each upgrade on any commercial floor, the maximum additional profit for every stock cycle of every product will definitely increase. (The increase in the maximum profit depends on which product in a commercial floor are you talking about) A stock cycle just refers to one cycle of spending some coins to restock one product, and then allowing it to sell off till the product stock is completely depleted. Since it costs 3 Tower Bux to upgrade a commercial floor, then if we do some pretty complicated maths...

    1 Tower Bux = 250 coins

    Since there isn't an exchange rate for 3 Tower Bux, then we have to exchange them one by one! That'll be: 3 Tower Bux for 750 coins.

    Now since every upgrade costs 3 Tower Bux, and each upgrade increases the maximum additional profit for every stock cycle for any level 1 product in any commercial floor by 117 coins, level 2 product by 267 coins and level 3 product by 417 coins. A stock cycle refers to when you restock a product when it runs out, and then letting it on the shelf to sell out completely. It'll take only just 7 stock cycles to exceed the exchange rate at the bank assuming you only stock level 1 products, 3 stock cycles if only level 2 products, and 2 stock cycles if only level 3 products. It'll continue to snowball, so upgrading commercial floors are really worth the Tower Bux.

    Upgrading is beneficial, especially when you're not playing the game for extended periods of time, for example 6 hours when you go zzzzzzz.....Then you can sell more stock throughout the night without worry of it closing and reducing the sales per minute. Also, super big stock that had run dry can stock through these times, so that when you next attend to the game, the item is stocked finished and ready to rock for the rest of the day! Commercial floors like the Coffee House closes too fast when left unattended, especially when not stocking! Even with it stocking the 3rd item, which is the Frappe, it takes only 20 minutes. If I stock this through times when I'm away for extended periods of time, you're wasting the time in which the floor is closed but finished stocking its Frappe since it wouldn't sell its Frappe until I attend to it and accept the stock. This time wasted could be used to stock an extended stock of the Frappe (say, I upgraded its stock time to 2 hours).

    No doubt that if an upgraded store that is closed and had its item stocks upgraded so much that even the first item takes 2hrs to stock, but once its open, it can really rock the day! Of course, in the first place, these stores are unlikely to close. However, as the stocks for each product get a lot larger, they are a lot less likely to run out, and this also implies that you'll encounter more instances where the commercial floor becomes fully stocked. This would mean that you get even more profits from the coin bonus from this fully stocked bonus. Of course, it's going to mean that you'll get more chances of earning Bux as well.

    Upgrading is essential especially to unbalanced commercial floors. Take for example the Arcade and the Scoops. The products of these floors are such that the first two products are quickly stocked with low amounts of stocks, but the last one is a huge jump which takes a very long time to stock. For example, the Arcade first and second items take 5 minutes and 15 minutes to stock, but the last one takes 2 hours to stock. Similarly, the Scoops is even more horribly unstable with first and second items stock times of 3 minutes and 15 minutes, but the last one takes 3 hours to stock. You know what does that means? The store will close while stocking the last item, even with the first and second item stocks doubled by dream jobbers. You don't like that. You don't want that. Upgrading these stores reduces the percentage difference between such items so that when stocking the next item the store won't close. So I can upgrade the Scoops to the point where the first, second and third item stocking times are as follows: 1H 33M, 1H 45M, 4H 30H, assuming I upgraded it 18 times to level 19. Now it's quite unlikely that the store will close assuming you stock from the first item to the third one in order and you start the next item stocking almost immediately after the previous one finished stocking. This also applies to stores with wide percentage gaps between the first and second item. E.g. Travel Agency, with first and second item stock times of 15 minutes and 1 hour.

    The Initiation

    So when should we start upgrading commercial floors? It's best to start after getting the 2nd last elevator (The Ultra-Lift Extreme 3000). Of course, you're not always in a rush to upgrade your elevator in the first place, since you also want to spend sets of 50 Tower Bux to grab 100,000 coins instantly to give your tower a great initial boost in your tower expansion progress. In my opinion, the final elevator upgrade isn't necessary, since first of all, most of your profits will come from commercial floors instead. Second of all, the Ultra-Lift Extreme 3000 is fast enough to handle probably up to a 100+ floors before you truly get fed up. The next question would be: Where do we start? Start from the lowest value commercial floor (It's likely the Coffee House, but you may not have it yet, so find your own!). When the lowest commercial floor(s) total stock meet that of the currently second lowest value commercial floor(s), then include them in the next cycle of upgrading. So now that second lowest value commercial floor is considered among the lowest value commercial floors. Keep upgrading your lowest commercial floors so that they all basically share the same amount of total stock before beginning the next cycle of upgrade them all again. The process is pretty much endless and continues...

    Exactly when should we upgrade the commercial floors? For sure, the worst case is to upgrade them when they are fully stocked, since there is nothing left to stock and immediately extend the stock numbers. Another reason exist which also explains why we shouldn't do so while fully stocked. In the next round of stocking after the upgrade, the coin cost to stock any of the 3 products will increase, making you pay more. Of course, you can argue that that tiny little increase in cost doesn't quite matter, but it all adds up. Sometimes, you may be just short of that little to build your next floor during your play interval. Whenever you build the next floor, you should usually only do it at the end of your play session, not because we deliberately want to delay it, but it's because you should leave coins to be able to restock your products. You may not have enough coins to restock your products if you build your new floor first! This is especially so when you are stocking the level 3 products just before your night flight. I mean...when you will be away from your tower for long. =P Unless you have all the time in the world, you won't want to wait for your coins to accumulate slowly once again just to restock a few products! Furthermore, by having a few products on the waiting queue, you may accidently throw them out of the queue.

    The second reason also hints to you that we shouldn't do it before restocking a product. So the best time to do it is when the product is in the midst of restocking (Or when you just started the restocking process). You don't need to pay the additional cost, though the number of stock will increase when the product finishes restocking. However, a problem may arise when the restocking time left exceeds the time in which the commercial floor remains open. In other words, the commercial floor shuts off its lights before it stocks finish due to the long time it takes to restock the product. Would you rather have increased stock when the commercial floor re-opens or have the commercial floor open with less stock without closing? It's a difficult call, and I don't want to go down to the mathematics to calculate the net gains and losses of each way. I would prefer to just use a bit of common sense and experience to evaluate this. (But if you want, go ahead and calculate!) Generally, if too much time is left (Approximately 1 hour or more?) before the commercial floor re-opens, then wait until the next product starts stocking before starting to upgrade. But if it's just a short while that the commercial floor is closed, then go ahead. Remember, you can approximate the time the commercial floor remains open by using this formula (This one is generic, in this case, at least one of the 3 terms, L1, L2 or L3 will be equal to zero since it is the product you want to stock. T refers to the amount of time left in minutes where the commercial floor will remain open, while L1, L2 and L3 refers to the amount of stock left for each level product, and D is the demand for its commercial sector):

         L1 + L2 + L3
    T = --------------

    So if this value of T exceeds the time left to restock the product currently stocking by whatever gauge you want (I gave 1 hour), don't upgrade! Whatever, the simplest way is to just to heck that and upgrade only if the commercial floor doesn't close. Take a glance at the stock numbers of the other product(s) on sale, and if you determined that the commercial floor is still strong, then upgrade. If it is weak, then don't upgrade. Simplifies stuff. But remember, the definition of "strong" means you must still look at the absolute number of stock left on sale, since upgrading a Level 1 Coffee House by at least like 8 times when it's still strong will still close it halfway through the extended restocking process.

    Dealing with Deliveries & Messages

    So here is the foolproof method! You'll need a notepad programme, so open it now. (Please don't tell me that you don't have one, because all iOS and Android devices come pre-installed with at least 1 notepad programme.)

    Now we are going to create the bitizen list. It's a very simple format, so it's very user-friendly! Anytime the Deliveries & Messages mission appears and you can't find the required bitizen, whether is it because his name sounds so alien to you or you know where he works but can't find him at his workplace, you can always switch task to your notepad programme that is currently showing the bitizen list for reference. You should get used to the format you set out yourself to fully utilize this method's potential.

    So what's the simple format? Really simple; here you go! You can use other formats too, so long it does the job.

    (Bitizen name) [Floor number bitizen lives in],[Floor number bitizen works at permanently]

    Preferably, You should sort out the list according to alphabetical order to make it easier for yourself, putting the first letter of the following bitizens' name as the header. For example:


    A. Montgomery 38,40

    Aaron Graham 29,34

    Allen Ortiz 17,97

    Antonio Woods 65,100

    Ashley Horton 77,76

    So what about job hoppers who don't have a definite workplace to settle yet? Just include the floor number that they live in. For the floor number the job hopper works at, put a question mark. For example,

    Roberto Allen 8,?

    What's the concept behind this method? Pretty simple, really. Every bitizen will only be at either one of two places: Their apartment or their workplace (which you'll prefer them to be at, first of all you'll know their workplace better, and second, you won't like slackers! =P). So you can say these bitizens have no life, not visiting their tenant mates at their workplace or go shopping, huh? =) Oh well, better for us anyway. It's just the game mechanics, so I'm pretty speechless. That's all!

    Important! For this method to work, you shouldn't be moving floors up and down, as it'll screw up the entire workplace and residential floor for every (if not almost all) bitizen recorded in the note! Anyway, what's the point of moving floors when you can find bitizens so easily already?

    What's the difference between the latest iOS version of the game and the latest Android version of this game?

    Okay, for this one, I'm gonna split their differences into 4 sections. There's that many differences, yes. =(


    • Tiny Tower was originally developed by NimbleBit. They manage the iOS version of the game. However, the Android version is managed by Mobage, the one who ported this game over to Android.
    • The iOS version is always the most updated version of Tiny Tower, but I can't say the same for the Android version...


    • The iOS version does not require any privileges to grant user access to play the game (Other than your password at your lock screen, if you even use one of course =P). However, the Android version requires an internet connection and a Mobage account to start up the game and play (Plus any other funny lock screen passcodes including your bizarre lock pattern or your standard text password if applicable). Your active internet connection can be turned off thereafter though.
    • For the Android version, there is a small Mobage account icon at the extreme top left hand corner of the screen all the time, and this pushes the indicator icon for the number of bitizens living in your tower just to the right of this icon. Of course, unless you want Mobage to invade the iOS version, there isn't that thingy in the iOS version...
    • Your tower is saved on GameCenter for iOS, but on your Mobage account for Android. That means you can uninstall your game on both versions, and have the ability to restore them in case something goes wrong (Like if you want to be naughty and cheat on the game. Shame shame on you!). Both are apparently pretty automatic once you have the appropriate connection.
    • The Android version misses out a few commercial and residential floors that the iOS version has.
    • Internet is required to retrieve your achievements for iOS since it has to connect to an external GameCenter, but Android's achievements are in-game so you don't need internet for that. Or maybe, since you need internet to start up the game for Android, you never know that your achievements are actually only stored on your Mobage account and retrieved during the start-up of the game...=P Nah...just kidding...
    • You can retrieve newly released missions for iOS just by having some kind of connection to the World Wide Web, but for Android, unfortunately, you are going to have to wait for Mobage to update the game and hopefully put in those new missions for you.
    • The 'Games' box in the main menu will lead you to the App Store that showcases all of NimbleBit's games for the iOS version, but this box doesn't exist for the Android version.


    • Your achievements for iOS are accessed by tapping the GameCenter icon at the menu screen, which bears the default GameCenter icon (Hmm...I wonder if this is bound to change when iOS 7 is released...but I hope not! The new GameCenter icon sucks! Ok, personal opinion...). Almost the same for Android, except that it is replaced by the icon which actually says achievements, and bears an uh, strange star icon (And no, I don't call that cute). And the achievement list for iOS is the default (And seriously more cool) GameCenter list, while Android has decided to innovate its own list of rounded rectangles with sad stars (For uncompleted achievements) and uh, tongue sticking out stars (For completed achievements)?!?!
    • The bitizens in the iOS version seem to dress more smartly in their ties since their ties are all the way to their necks (And presumingly their collars buttoned), but in the Android version they seem less concerned with their looks since their collars are (presumingly) unbuttoned, creating an open neck and their tie knots below the "V". You can kind of tell because the vertical line that sometimes appear on bitizens' shirt (Bitizens don't always wear a tie) are lower down, nearer to their legs in the Android version compared to the iOS version.
    • VIPs have more accessories to wear in the Android version than in the iOS version (E.g. A female construction worker may instead wear a yellow hairband instead of a sunhat).
    • There are no comma separators for digits (Usually they are used when displaying large numbers, to make them easier to read) in the Android version, but it's there for iOS. The style of such separators in iOS follow that of Australia, Canada (English speaking), Israel, Japan, both Koreas, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, United Kingdom and USA, which is used in both print and handwriting in this form 1,758,439,572,398 . Other styles include 1 758 439 572 398 , 1.758.439.572.398 , 1'758'439'572'398 , 1,7584,3957,2398 and 17,58,43,95,72,398 . The last two are used by China and India respectively, both in print and handwriting.

    Mechanics: (P.S. This has absolutely no reference to the new commercial floor added in the 1.5.2 update! =P)

    • The figure for coins seems to update consistently once every second (If there are any updates at all during that second, of course) for the iOS, but for the Android version, whenever it changes, even by just one coin, it would update, making updates much more frequent for Android.
    • Generally, the Android version seems to be more generous with Bux. "Deliveries & Messages" seem to pop up more often, and bitizens seem to tip you a Bux more from elevator rides (This could be my imagination?).
    • After choosing a new employment location for any bitizen (Even if you are unemploying the bitizen) from the commercial floor detail window (Tap on commercial floor > Tap on bitizen > Tap on Job), the iOS version will bring you straight back to normal gameplay (Where you can freely scroll through your tower) after the confirmation window, but the Android version will bring up the bitizen detail window for that particular bitizen you are currently dealing with, and you must close that before closing the commercial floor detail window that bitizen was originally working at to return to normal gameplay.
    • The notification bar in the iOS version is a more condensed form, meaning one type of each category has only one box and tapping it will cycle through all the floors that have that notification box. But in the Android version, every notification on every floor has its own box, making one whole long line of boxes that will most of the time exceed the screen width, forcing you to clear the boxes in front first before clearing the others originally off-screen.
    • The job interest level combination for each bitizen seem to be derived from specific sets in the iOS version, but it seems quite random for the Android version. It could be derived from sets of 5 numbers in no specific order, but I'm not sure.
    • The elevator in the Android version seems to prefer to send you to the upper floor if let's say your elevator is somewhere between 2 floors. That being said, if it is a lot closer to the lower floor, it'll go there instead. But the elevator in the iOS seems to always bring you back down to the lower floor even if it is close to the upper floor.
    • You can store VIPs back into the lobby even after selecting them from your stash in the lobby for the Android version, but not the iOS version. This is because selecting the VIP in the lobby for the iOS will immediately bring out the elevator arrow keys on screen to bring the VIP to the floor you want. But for the Android version, it will "restart" the entire procedure as if a new VIP just entered your lift.
    • You cannot select a VIP from the lobby to bring up if your elevator isn't at the lobby for the Android version, but that doesn't matter for the iOS version.
    • The Bux cost to specifically build a commercial floor (Residential floors seem to be the same) slightly differs between the Android and iOS versions. This may be because the Android version seems to round up the end result, while iOS version seems to round it down. In other words, the difference for a specific commercial floor is just 1. For the floors that give exact results, there is no difference in Bux cost. This has not been verified yet, and it's mostly just my theory.
    • Bitizens on BitBook post a comment that implies they are not happy with their job if their corresponding job interest level is 5 and below for the Android version, but it is 4 and below for the iOS version. (Whether they get employed in their dream job or not doesn't matter)
    • You can change to the next music track manually by navigating away from the game for even just a second for iOS. But for Android, doing so will lead you back to the first song This Could Be Fun. For both versions, it will go through the imaginery playlist and loop over and over again until you do something to stop it.

    At what times should I play this game?

    For the first few days you started this game, you'll feel like hardcore-ing this game and play it non-stop, for long periods of time! Tiny Tower can really get you hooked! However, you'll soon get frustrated of waiting for commercial floors to stock finish their products, especially when your tower sees high value floors opening later on! (At least, that's what I feel) Because of this, I recommend you to check in on your tower once every 30 minutes/half an hour if you've the capability to do so, if not once every hour is fine as well. Of course, that's assuming you haven't upgraded your commercial floors very much yet. Generally it'll take you about 2 to 5 minutes to sort out your tower before having another break. I find it very optimal as you'll be less frustrated over waiting times, doing nothing much but sending bitizens up the elevators, and won't be faced with a lot of closed commercial floors just after you check in. But when you first start out, it's natural to hardcore the game, and I may even recommend it to get things going next time.

    The play time interval will really depend on how much you've upgraded your commercial floors as a whole. So if you've upgraded most of the commercial floors x times, then you should add 5x minutes to my suggested 30 minutes! (Are you still intending to keep the Pokemon Vending Machines? Even if so, you shouldn't factor them into consideration for playing intervals.)

    But don't give your seniors an excuse to do this during any important periods of time! (Any place that requires some controlled forms of behavior...) Neither will you use this excuse to your family to draw out your device with Tiny Tower during family eating times, or worse, to stay awake throughout the night! And please don't say like: "Hey, that light_rock_zz guy on GameFAQs told me to attend to my tower once every 30 minutes or 1 hour. Can I do that now please?" Please...please...don't implicate me...it's just a suggestion...not as if your tower gonna die throughout these times...=P

    Why don't I see a save option in this game?!?!

    Tiny Tower saves your progress automatically at certain time intervals so chill man! I don't know what the time interval is though. I'm quite sure that your game will get saved if you switch task back to Tiny Tower so that the GameCenter "Welcome back" rounded rectangular notification box appears. The game might be using a double-save system as well (A system where the game creates a separate save file first, and then when the information has finished writing to the new save file, it'll delete the old save file. This system is actually used by Pokemon games), although I'm really not clear as these kind of stuff are a little too technical for me =P, as your save does not corrupt when the game suddenly crashes and force close. I experienced quite a number of crashes already, and not once have my save corrupted (And hopefully it never will!).

    Hmm...why didn't you suggest re-sorting the various floors?

    So let me ask you in the first place: Why are you re-sorting your floors? Frankly its mainly to aid the process of finding the required bitizen in the event "Deliveries & Messages". However, the method suggested under the miscellaneous section of the advanced strategies is frankly enough (And more efficient! Seriously, I'm not kidding. Try both methods and you'll find out!) to solve the entire problem already. In fact, trying to adopt both methods at the same time will screw up each other!

    If you want though, when you finish building all the 192 useful floors (Remember that means having a 193 floor high tower!), you can do a one-shot re-sorting. That also means that you'll only need to make a major change to the note only once! You'll want to sort the tower into six sections: At the bottom would be the Food sector, just right on top the Service sector, then Recreation, Retail, Creative, and finally the Residential floors. Why put the residential floors right on top? Simply because it makes sense in real life! =P Have you seen a commercial tower that puts its residential floors right at the bottom? No... Anyway inside the individual six sections, you can sort the lowest value floors at the bottom of the section and the highest value floors at the top, since the lower ones are the ones you'll attend to the most often. Be careful when sorting out though, you'll definitely want to upgrade your commercial floors, so that'll move up the value of a particular commercial floor! Take that into consideration! For residential floors, sort them as you please, but if you don't know how to, then go by prestige level assigned through its cost in Tower Bux.

    How do I change the tower theme?

    As many of you might know, although the theme of the tower is pretty much the same most of the time, there are 2 periods of time where NimbleBit changed the tower theme slightly. There's the original theme that was in place most of the time, but there was also the Holiday theme (Or more specifically Christmas theme) exclusive to version 2.1.3 and 2.2.3, 2.2.4 for iOS and the Valentine's theme exclusive to version 2.1.5 for iOS. Some of you may be asking if it's possible to have an option to change the theme between the original one and either both or one of the special themes. Unfortunately, under normal circumstances, the answer is "No". In other words, the themes was never presented as an option to you, so you're forced into using the theme the app version entitles you to.

    You may however, have a backup of the version of Tiny Tower (Whether is it version 2.1.3, 2.2.3, 2.2.4 or 2.1.5 for iOS) sitting in your iTunes library if you didn't bother to update your app library and you may hence use that backup in iTunes to install the corresponding version with your desired tower theme. However, if you have installed a later version than the version that you desire to install due to the exclusive theme and already built a commercial floor or residential floor that is introduced in that later version, I will not take any responsibility for what will happen to your tower due to the downgrading. Warning: Doing this downgrade under those circumstances will result in the same scenario when you updated to Version 2.2.3 from anywhere from Version 2.1.4 to Version 2.2.2, where you would get a bunch of bitizens either employed at empty (commercial) floors, living at empty (residential) floors, or both, which likely disallows you to employ/unemploy them at/from the missing floors. (The fatal Version 2.2.3 mistake was because this Version 2.2.3 update was actually exactly the same as the Version 2.1.3 update, in which during this period many commercial and residential floors were added.) You may also search the internet for the IPA file that corresponds to the version you desire, download it, connect your iDevice to your computer and use iFunBox to install the desired version of Tiny Tower using that IPA file you downloaded. (There's nothing wrong with that since Tiny Tower is free) For Android, if you have a backup program such as Titanium Backup or AppMonster, and have backed up older versions (Stored as APK extensions), usually done automatically (When you just installed that version), you may open up the program to do the necessary steps to install the desired older version of this game. That being said, for both OS, you still do not get the option of swtiching back to the original theme without updating the game.

    Does that mean there's absolutely no other way to switch themes conveniently? No! Of course not! Although this mehod still does not entitle to switch themes conveniently within the app itself, but it's nevertheless more convenient to do so. Furthermore, there's absolutely no risk involved in corrupting your game save (Because I already tested it for you!) since no downgrade is necessary at all.


    The following method only applies for the iOS version! This is because iOS and Android uses very different structures for their gaming apps. Therefore even by rooting your Android phone (Which is the first step if you wish to succeed in using this method), the following download links will not help you get your desired theme.

    Here's what you need to do. First, choose the theme you want to have. (I've provided the original theme as well) Then click the corresponding Mediafire link at the end of this answer and download the ZIP file (All of which are officially mine so DO NOT STEAL these files and upload elsewhere because I'll KILL you!!!) in that link. Extract the ZIP file (If you don't know to, you seriously need help! Elsewhere. Not here because I've no time and space for that, and besides the operation is different for different PC OS.) and put it in a folder for convenience. Now you need to find a way to get access to the core application data of Tiny Tower. Your best bet would be iFunBox. Preferably your iDevice should be jailbroken so that there's better chances of having this access. Then open up the Raw File System in iFunBox, and navigate to "var/mobile/Applications/Tiny Tower/Tiny Tower.app". Now open up the folder that you put the contents of my ZIP folder into, and copy the PNG (Which by the way, stands for Portable Network Graphics. Just a fun fact =P) images and PLIST files into that directory/folder. iFunBox automatically replaces the files with duplicate names, so the previous theme will be overwritten with the new one you downloaded from me. =P Okay, not so really mine, but at least, you have to give me credit for discovering this method and providing the essentials to carry out the change in theming, right? ;) Once it's done (It'll say "Idle"), you can now open up the Tiny Tower app, and tada, the theme you want is there!

    One advantage of this method is if you are jailbroken and have iFile or for the matter any other tool that have root access into system files, you can download this into your iDevice and store it at a separate location. This means that you can simply copy the required files of the theme you want to the required directory whenever you want without the use of a computer! Of course be sure to keep a backup of all the themes in that separate location, especially the original theme.

    Be warned that every time there is an update for Tiny Tower and you go ahead with the update, the theme you currently applied will be overwritten with the theme the new updated version provides, and most of the time it's going to be the original theme unless the update details specify otherwise. That means that you will have to redo the entire operation of copying the PNG image(s) and PLIST file(s) into your iDevice. At least, it's not that troublesome to carry out the operation again but do bear this in mind.

    In case you want only specific parts of the tower to change, no problem. Just copy the relevant PNG image(s) and/or PLIST file(s) into the same directory/folder. Below shows the list of what each PNG image(s) and PLIST file affects.

    • crane.png - Affects the entire rooftop (Including the flooring everything on the rooftop sits on)
    • dirt.png - Affects the soil and the metallic structural supports the tower sits on (Includes the flooring of the lobby)
    • lobby.png + lobby_m.png - Affects the lobby floor only (Does not affect the flooring it sits on)
    • lvl_badge.png - Affects the dream jobbers' stars at a commercial floor elevator shaft. Only applies for the Holiday (Christmas) theme. The original and Valentine's theme have the same appearance of these stars.
    • shaft.png - Affects Elevator Shaft only (Colour of the elevator doors on every level and the vertical power lines)
    • All PNGs with the word "elevator" somewhere in the file name - Affects the appearance of the elevator ONLY. The number order from 0 to 4 corresponds to upgrade order, starting with the Standard Elevator. Only applies for the Valentine's theme. The original and Holiday (Christmas) theme have the same appearance of these elevators.
    • All PNGs with the word "Default" somewhere in the file name - Affects the opening splash screen you see when you first open the app. Just for information, it is required by all iOS apps to have most of these files for app interface designs.
    • All PNGs with the word "Icon" somewhere in the file name - Affects the appearance of the icon you see in the home screen and the Settings screen (General > Usage). You probably need to reboot your iDevice in order to see the changes because the icon cache must be cleared (To destroy the old app icon) and then refilled. These files are needed for all iOS apps.
    • bb_events.plist - Affects the flavour text variety that you see on BitBook. Both the Holiday (Christmas) and Valentine's themes have extra kinds of posts that they can post on BitBook.
    • finder.plist - Affects the flavour text variety that you see in the pop-up window asking you to find for a specific bitizen when you tap the blue box with a picture of a person from the top half which activates the event Deliveries & Messages. Both the Holiday (Christmas) and Valentine's themes have extra kinds of flavour text for this event.

    And finally, here are the links you've been waiting for to change your tower's theme. Have fun modding your game! =)

    • The Original Tiny Tower theme: http://www.mediafire.com/?k93zjyqsazbdzd9
    • Holiday (Christmas) theme: http://www.mediafire.com/?rrhat3ocj37dddm
    • Valentine's theme: http://www.mediafire.com/?2gbth817w9z8nfj

    What's the suckiest and best bitizen in this game that can ever appear?

    I've seen a couple of ****ed up bitizens that bear job interest levels of all zeros in every single commercial sector before! Of course if you see any of such ****ed up bitizens, evict them at all costs!!! Of course, though, if they have a dream job in a commercial floor you have (which is really surprising. I thought you were not even interested in working anywhere at all? Huh?), put them there first before you screw them off your tower!

    As for the best bitizen, I haven't seen a bitizen with all 9s in every single commercial sector. As you know, since the max job interest level for each commercial sector is 9, bitizens can have an overall job interest level out of 45 (9*5, simple maths!). I've only seen the max overall job interest level for a bitizen to be 41 out of 45. There are only two such combinations I've seen by far that add up as such, so in the standard order of food, service, recreation, retail and finally creative, here are they: 9-8-7-9-8 or 8-9-7-8-9. But for the Android version, I've seen 9-9-9-7-7. They are also bitizens with very strong job interest levels of 9 for 3 commercial sectors, and the combinations go as such: 9-1-9-1-9 and 0-0-9-9-9, with their dream job's sector among any of the 3 strong ones. Other than these combinations, I haven't seen any other strong combinations, which leads me to the next question...

    Is the job interest levels for each commercial sector randomly and individually determined?

    I don't believe so. I believe there are only fixed combinations of these job interest levels, although there exist a whole bunch of them. I believe that the job interest levels are not randomized individually, but the combinations are chosen from a random set of job interest levels. For example, the job interest level sets, in the standard commercial sector order of food, service, recreation, retail and creative could be 9-1-0-1-2, 8-9-0-1-2, 7-7-7-7-7, etc... (These sets of combinations do exist in this game! I didn't make them up! =P) However, as I commented above in the differences between the iOS and Android versions, the Android version seem to use a different system.