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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by light_rock_zz

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (Continued)

    Why is my bitizen which is employed never seen at his workplace?!?!

    Asking me? I've got no idea! =P There doesn't seem to be any influencing factor that determines whether the bitizen will be at his apartment or workplace. Sometimes there are super hardworking (and no life =P) bitizens who work and are at their workplace 24/7! Others are 24/7/365 slacking away! (Okay, maybe not so exaggerating...=P) If you're really frustrated with that bitizen of yours who is always found slack away, then evict him! Just kidding! You can unemploy him from that workplace whenever you can and then employ him back there. Presto, the bitizen finally shows up at his workplace! Be warned, after the game is closed, the bitizen could be back to his old way of slacking at his apartment when you re-open the Tiny Tower app! So what's the foolproof way? Just don't care...it doesn't make a difference whether the bitizen is at his workplace or not anyway, he still does the job as usual. So why care?

    The Tiny Tower Wiki says that each bitizen (in terms of their name) has their own unique set of job interest level combination and a specific dream job. Is that true?

    I can disprove it. My tower used to have two A. Montgomery living in my tower. However, both A. Montgomery have different job interest level combinations and dream jobs: One wants to work at the Day Spa and has a combination of 8-9-8-7-6 but the other one wants to work at the Asian Cuisine and has a combination of 9-8-7-6-5. By the way, the one that wants to work at the Asian Cuisine is now doing so and is very happy! =D Unfortunately, the other one that wants to work at the Day Spa had a tragic outcome and was evicted due to lower stats compared to a newer better bitizen with the same dream job (Combination 8-9-7-8-9. How much better can that get?)...=( I doubt they knew of each other's existence during the period when both of them were living in the tower at the same time though; they lived in different apartments.

    What will exactly happen to my commercial floor when I upgrade it? What happens if its stocking a product?

    You meant the other effects? Other than increasing the stock time and stock quantity of each item by 5 minutes and 75 respectively? First of all, very unfortunately, the stock you have left before you upgraded that particular commercial floor won't be increased no matter how much you upgrade. =( Only on the next time you start and finish stocking a product on that particular commercial floor will that product have the extended stock quantities (And extended stock times).

    So what happens if you upgraded a commercial floor that is currently re-stocking a product? The time left for that product to finish stocking will actually increase by 5 minutes for every single level upgrade! Of course, this is gonna mean that your amount of original product quantity (without dream jobbers) will also increase by 75 for every single upgrade. Since the time left taken to stock the product increases but the quantity of those products already on sale doesn't, I suggest you don't upgrade that commercial floor yet if the amount of product left won't last within the amount of time left to stock originally plus the number of times you want to upgrade the commercial floor * 5 minutes!

    Now the final situation: What happens if you try to upgrade your commercial floor that has finished stocking? Well, in the first place you can't! If you tap on that commercial floor in attempt to access the commercial floor detail window, the game will instead put the product that finished stocking on sale! Okay, sounds stupid of me to say this when you're thinking of another thing, right? I bet you're thinking of when you already tapped on that commercial floor to bring out that detail window before the product stocks finish right (In other words, when the window comes out, the large green stocking bar will still appear not filled to its extreme max)? After every upgrade, the amount of time taken for that product to go on sale increases by 5 minutes starting from 0 minutes! (Because you're supposed to have already stocked finished the product!) Did you see the amount of time left to stock finish the product just below the middle portion of the stocking bar? It actually reads "<1M" even when the blue "Stock" box appears, ready to be tapped on to put the product on sale! That also means that the green portion of the stocking bar gets pushed back! Now you ask: What happens to that Stocking Complete box notification icon that resides at the top-right corner of the commercial floor and at the bottom of the screen in the notification bar? Actually, both of them are gonna stay there! But when you try to tap on the commercial floor (After you exit from the detail window), it won't go on sale; it'll bring out that same detail window! So you've sort of glitched the game! =P The usual thing (Of bringing you to that commercial floor) occurs when you tap on the one in the notification bar though. However, the amount of minutes left (rounded down, as usual) will still show just above that Stocking Complete box notification icon. Strange huh?

    Why didn't you include a section to explain the various ways to cheat in this game?

    Because I strongly discourage cheating! Play the way the game is designed to be, man! Don't be a sore loser and resort to such underhand means to complete the game! Enjoy the game slowly; when you finish building all the useful floors the game can get quite boring. Enjoy the times when you see those dream jobbers coming in, which makes them happy and your tower expanding day by day!

    But if you really want to cheat...I can't stop you, but you'll have to find the methods of cheating yourself! Ha! I'll give you a clue of where to easily find a comprehensive coverage of these methods though: The Tiny Tower Wiki! Ooops! That doesn't exist anymore! Too bad! Now you're really on your own! Back to Google, I guess. I hope you'll never find it! *Chuckles*

    Are you going to make a guide for Tiny Death Star as well, since it's similar to Tiny Tower?

    Hey hey hey, what do you think I'm running here? A guide generating machine? I have a lot of things on my hands to do as well, you know! I even had to take some time off to type out the answer to this question! (Well, actually no one asked me to, nor did anyone ask such a question, but I just decided to include it. I don't know why. =P)

    Although Tiny Death Star was originally not supported by both my Android and iOS devices, I've found a workabout around this problem! While probably not optimized for my Android phone, it still runs decently well. All I needed to do was to extract the APK file from Google Play (And thus is completely legal), and I discovered a website that was able to do that while I was trying to download another APK. Then I would install this APK by allowing third-party APKs to be installed. It was a tremendous success - the game was able to run without major problems such as crashing. However, it does seem laggy, since Tiny Death Star may not have been optimized for my Android phone. Despite these small problems, it's basically functional on my phone. So now I get to play it!

    However, while the guide is actually currently in progress, I'm now struggling to decide whether to finish up the guide, because recent updates for Tiny Death Star are completely ruining the game in terms of gameplay balance, turning it more into a casino that sucks money for Disney. I'm still on Version 1.2 on Android, and unwilling to update due to major bugs and this imbalance. Things are made worse when my Android device is running out of space, so I'm quite decided on deleting this game, but I will, though, definitely backup my hard-earned save progress. What I'm thinking right now is to upload the guide with its tutorial accurate to the latest Version 1.4 (With help from you guys, hopefully), but strategies-wise, I may take one of 2 paths. The first way is to just spam and upload all the strategies I have in my head, which means that a couple of strategies will only be feasible or accurate up to Version 1.2. Alternatively, I may only upload strategies that are still very much applicable to Version 1.4 despite the fact they are crafted from Version 1.2.

    Unfortunately, new content is always being added to Tiny Death Star from time to time, and my refusal to update this game means that the development of the Tiny Death Star guide has come to a complete standstill. It's definitely not helping that I have lost interest in Tiny Death Star due to the imbalance, so it's true that I could approach netizens for help on completing and continuously updating the tutorial, but the lost of interest hinders this. Would you make a guide for a game that you are no longer interested in, or rather, if you perhaps even hate it? Such a case of a development coming to a complete standstill has happened before in my short history of making guides. Did you remember the changelog for Version 1.0.0 for this very guide? I mentioned that the "Individual Commercial Floor Breakdown" section has been removed, and it "might return in the near future, but just not yet for now." What actually happened was that I was developing that section for a while, but gave up halfway because I felt it was too "boring", repeating the same thing, especially for commercial floors of similar balance and/or value. I then decided to eliminate the whole section from this guide. But I thought: Hey, I've already went quite far in developing this section, so wouldn't it be a waste to just destroy days of effort? So, what actually happened was that the whole section has then remade into a new separate guide, the Commercial Floor guide. However, as soon as it split off into its own guide, the new guide's development has already came to a complete standstill, as I have no interest to finish up the rest of the "section". This new guide is still sitting around in my computer and even deposited into my backup hard drive, but that's it. It's just a white elephant. So long story cut short, that's probably what is going to happen to the Tiny Death Star guide. But you never know, huh? ;)

    How about Disco Zoo as well?

    Do you really need a guide for such a simple and casual game?!?! There's hardly any strategy to it at all! The main crux of the game is uncovering the correct tiles to successfully add an animal to the zoo. There's a lot of different combinations of animals that can appear in one tile board, and I presume that with enough sense, you'll figure out strategically which tile at what position to uncover one by one. Never mind, you can simply head to the Disco Zoo Wiki and they give you all the tiles to uncover in order to minimally find one puzzle piece of the animal. (in which after that, you can proceed to find the rest of its pieces) All you need to do is to superimpose the grids (of the animals the game tells you will appear on this rescue) on each other and then find the specific tile(s) of a certain position in the 5x5 grid that repeats the most number of times on each of the grids you superimpose. Of course, another part to consider is the usage of your DiscoBux. Lastly, there is the ZooPedia that you would normally need to buy. I won't include this into my Disco Zoo guide (If it ever surfaces, of course) for 2 reasons. Firstly, it's very hard to detail the tile combination for each animal due to limitations of guides (Remember I still have Neoseeker to contend with other than GameFAQs! And I treat both sites fairly and nicely.). Secondly, because it costs money, detailing the ZooPedia will hurt NimbleBit and that's something I refuse to do, as they are really awesome developers that get their IAP schemes right. (The cunning and unreasonable Tiny Death Star IAP schemes were probably thought out by Disney instead. This is especially so when Disney is apparently losing money and laying off employees.)

    So in conclusion, I most likely won't make a guide for it, especially when I haven't even played it (It's not on Android yet, and my iOS device doesn't support it). But until I actually play it, you and I will never know if my very own Disco Zoo guide will eventually surface.

    Contacting Me!

    Any strategies or other information to contribute? You strategy should try to be original, and I do understand that usually most are not unique to yourself, but at least have your own unique rationale. I myself have read countless strategy guides and tips out there to gain insight myself, and through adoption or experience, come up with my own rationale. If you submit a great strategy that I've never thought of, I'll definitely credit you! Unfortunately I'm not an easily convinced person, so please write out your rationale for your strategy so that I can try and convince myself to agree with you! If your rationale (Or I would prefer to call argument) fails to convince me, sorry, I won't include it and it would probably just fade away. =(

    Any relevant questions/doubts you wish to clear with me? And please be so kind to include your operating grounds, such as which system OS are you on (Android or iOS. VERY IMPORTANT! Note that I will be able to better answer question pertaining to the iOS version because it's the only one I play, but I'll try my best to help the Android users too! (= ) and the version number of the Tiny Tower app (IMPORTANT mainly because of new features introduced in later versions, and also because of problems and bugs). You may include other relevant information such as the specific OS version and phone model (This may help sometimes in the case of bugs although I'll request you to send it to NimbleBit instead). Some questions that I can answer may be even included in the FAQs section if I feel it is worthy of it! Of course, you'll be credited if the question is asked by you! And please, I beg you (See? I've been reduced to this poor state because of some of you D= ) to not ask any questions answerable in my guide as far as possible and look through my guide carefully whether your question can be answered. I may understand if you may sometimes do so especially if the question you ask has the answer buried in some very minor part of this guide as my guide is really huge in content, but please try to save me the trouble of pointing you there.

    Is there something wrong in the guide? Did I accidently leave your name out in the credits section when you've contributed in any way to this guide or spelled it wrongly anywhere? (I take this seriously!!!) Or want to host my guide on your website? You can contact me! I'm reachable at fbi_light_rock@hotmail.com . Alternatively you may drop me a private message (PM) if you have any CNET Networks Entertainment site accounts (Including GameFAQs, GameSpot, MP3.com, and TV.com) although it must be strictly done through GameFAQs only. (I will NOT reply if you PM me via any other CNET Networds Entertainment sites including GameSpot because I never check my account on these sites and will not do so for the rest of my life) My username is light_rock_zz. I'll gladly include your name in the credits section if you contribute anything useful! Don't hurry me for a reply though, I'm not a very free person...

    Do note that the following MUST NOT be done:

    • No insults or vulgarities in the e-mail. You will be blocked for eternity. I swear.
    • DO NOT SPAM MY INBOX!!! This includes advertising, chain letters and any other useless junk that gets sent. I'll make your life hell!!! (You don't want to find out how)
    • Do not claim that you've contributed to this guide when you actually didn't! I'll ask you in what way have you contributed. If I find out that the part that you claim to have contributed is false, I'll never include your username in my guide at all costs, even if you eventually gave me information that is applicable to this guide! If you ever did that, I'll still include it, but I will not include your username in any place in this guide! (Especially in the credits section!)
    • Do not use any other languages in your e-mail other than English! I will not use Google Translate just to interpret your e-mail! Also, no slang or SMS languages allowed! Just use standard American or British English, and I'll be able to read your e-mail properly!
    • Do not send an e-mail informing me on minor mistakes like spelling or grammatical errors (with the exception of misspelling usernames), or drop me a notification that a new mission has been released. You are wasting my time reading your useless e-mail and you will not be credited at all. Of course, you're going to be ignored again.

    Please include a subject title that informs me that your e-mail is related to the contribution of this guide. Otherwise, your e-mail will be interpreted as spam and will be deleted.


    The creation/success of this guide would not have been possible without the following groups/individuals:

    • NimbleBit: Thanks for creating such an excellent game! If not for you, there won't be even a guide dedicated to you, so many thanks NimbleBit!!! =) *Gives a round of applause*
    • Tiny Tower Wiki community: Thanks for maintaining such a great Tiny Tower guide! Without you all, I won't be able to include some factual information (Because I'm a pretty forgetful guy (= ) plus some strategies (but I swear that I did not copy them lock, stock, barrel from you all! I modified your strategy explanations to make them more pleasing to read!) in my guide.
    • Christa Fitzgerald: Thanks for raising up the point of quick selling products using Tower Bux! The Android version used to adopt the old system of quick selling, unlike the iOS version. Although this difference is no longer valid, this made me realize that I have to include the differences between the iOS and Android version somewhere! Thanks for the inspiration!
    • Karyne Duclos: For updating me on the latest Android version updates which imports some of the latest iOS version features that I am currently unaware of. Hence, you would observe that some of the feature comparisons in the mechanics section of the FAQ regarding the differences between the Android and iOS has been removed. Thanks for the update, keep it coming!
    • Lucas Keur: Thanks for asking me the question regarding the tower themes! Although my resounding answer was that it depends on whether you have the latest version, but that was under normal circumstances. Your question in fact sparked off an entirely new private investigation on how to change the tower theme (I knew it was possible, but complicated tweaking is required. I didn't thought of it at that point in time though), which took hours of experimentation to perfect! (I knew the approach to doing it because my past experiences with games, both mobile and PC. I love to exploit games, tweak them and/or find ways to modify save files to completion. I don't hack save files all the time; besides completing the game is part of it, but some games are just not really my cup of tea. I don't compete with other players using these skills though because I don't believe in unfair competition.) Thanks to you, everyone (Who reads this guide of course =P) can now change their tower themes much more easily!
    • Shawn Lee Si En: Thanks for the contribution of several new costumes in the dress code table! Frankly, many of them never crossed my mind before and me reading what you think of it, many of them made sense to me! The costumes he contributed were Hazmat for Glass Studio (Accepted, Hazmat for Laboratory was my own extension), Nerd for Cyber Cafe (Rejected; I don't see it as very appropriate), Ninja for Asian Cuisine (Rejected in favor of Sushi Bar, and doesn't make a lot of sense to me), Gentlemen for Fancy Cuisine (Rejected; I don't see the link), Young wizard for Fortune Teller (Accepted), Lab Coat for Pharmacy (Completely Accepted (= ), Bride only for Wedding Chapel (Ignored, since more options are better), Princess for Womens Fashion (Accepted, though I think it's a bit iffy), Cat for Pet Shop (Accepted, the rest were my own extensions) and Heart for Jewelry Store (Accepted, again a bit iffy). (All these contributions are recorded here just in case you want to look through them, though I don't like some of them, so this serves like an annex) He also suggested the list of powerhouses, which really, why didn't I think of that?!?!
    • You, the reader of my guide: Without you why the hell would I even bother to create such a guide!?!?! Thanks also for playing Tiny Tower and increasing its popularity! Cheers to Tiny Tower! May it always be an excellent game that will be played by many people worldwide!