Fireworks Havoc is an energetic color matching shooter that melds arcade style gameplay with the thrill of fireworks - all at your fingertips!

Shoot multicolored targets as they pop up on the screen using a variety of movement patterns to challenge your aim. As time ticks down more and more targets appear at once so you'll have to hone your skills if you want to shoot them all. Boost your score by not missing a shot, hitting targets when they're as high as possible, or collecting powerups before they disappear!

☀Unlimited replay potential - gameplay is randomized so you never play the same round twice!

☀Go for the high score - game tracks your highest score and other statistics so you always have a new bar to aim for!

☀Engaging Audio - sound reacts to your performance!

☀Take a timeout - Free Mode offers a fun, visually impressive way to relax for a few minutes!

☀Great for all ages - kids and parents alike are sure to have a blast!

☀More than fireworks - Fireworks Havoc's fun, fast-paced gameplay makes it more than just a fireworks's a great game in its own right!

Fireworks Havoc is undoubtedly the fireworkiest color matching shooter ever created! Download now and get your hands on some Havoc!

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