How do i change jobs ?

  1. I have lvl 2 squires and chemist in my party right now in my party but when i try to change my job for ramza to knight but it doesnt work?

    User Info: joesnap10

    joesnap10 - 5 years ago


  1. From the world map, tap the MENU button, then select PARTY ROSTER in the pop-up menu (second item) and tap the OK button. Next, tap on the character whose job you wish to change then tap the MENU button. Select JOB in the pop-up menu (third item) and tap the OK button. Drag your finger left or right across the screen to choose the character's new job, then tap the OK button. This will transform the character to his or her new job right before your very eyes (except Ramza). The character will be reequipped with the best available weapons and armor available in your inventory that is appropriate to the character's new job.

    User Info: bfcoats2

    bfcoats2 - 4 years ago 0 0

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