Play Lords & Knights now and become ruler of a mighty empire! Join other lords in exciting battles against thousands of players a all to take control of the country. Build carefully crafted castles across a great and glorious empire!
a Start by building out your first castle
a Build a number of different buildings within your magnificent castle
a Recruit a powerful army to fight against other lords
a Capture other castles and enlarge your empire
a Stockpile and trade important resources to strengthen to your empire
a Develop strategies for capturing and defending castles
a Ally yourself with other players
a Explore new technologies and complete exciting missions
a Experience the beautifully crafted and richly detailed medieval graphic style
a Top-class fun a alone or with the community
Download the app now for free and join the exiciting world of Lords & Knights a the fascinating medieval MMOG.
Lords & Knights requires an internet connection to play.

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