How do I get past 6?

  1. Need help with level six boss

    User Info: Crxlarth

    Crxlarth - 5 years ago


  1. The first step is easy just do not get spotted or attacked when following the white cat. Use the mouse holes if you can to get away from the ghost cats.

    The second part is the tricky part you have to time everything just right or you will have to do it over again. Use the lighting to your advantage the cat under the sheet has a specific path to travel figure that out and time your movements. Hit the blue button first but there is a short cut it if you go around the side ways T towards the top turn right then head down a little then make a U shape going up then go to the right again and make a U going to the left. After you hit the blue button use the lighting to find the cat under the sheet then retrace your steps but instead of going to the beginning again head to the green button when you hit the green button try to find the cat under the sheet then run to the yellow button. Be careful the yellow button is timed if the cat is near you don't go just the time run out until he is a little ways away from you. After you hit the yellow button and make it down to the red and hit it the lights will come on and the sheet will come off the cat revealing the cheese if the yellow gate is closed there should be a yellow button on the opposite side of the red it will keep the yellow gate open. after you do that get the cheese and go through the door.

    I hope this helps, I had to do this level 5 times to figure out what the pattern was. Have fun playing the game

    User Info: Darkskitty

    Darkskitty - 4 years ago 0 0

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