MiniGame Paradise: care for adorable critters and master tons of minigames!An arcade game too cute to miss! Find out what all the fuss is about as you splish splash, whomp whack, and flip flop across 11 amusing mini games.With just one simple touch in this itsy bitsy world of fun, youll be running, flying, and bumping around to gather stars and power-ups. Use your collectable minipet characters to navigate all the fun. Dress them up and decorate your house for gameplay buffs and happier pets.? This game supports English, francais, Deutsch, ????, ????, ??? and ??_________________________________________NOTICE? MiniGame Paradise wins The Bronze Award by PocketGamer with special review!_________________________________________FEATURES1) EASY CONTROLS- each game needs only one simple tap to play.2) 11 MINIGAMES And MORE!- 11 minigames in one: unlock more as you earn or buy stars!3) 35 COLLECTABLE CHARACTERS- win tons of play-enhancing costumes and items for your pets.4) ACHIEVEMENT MISSIONS:- challenge yourself and win great prizes!Decorate your house to nurture your pet, and watch your friends interact with their furniture._________________________________________ CRITIC'S QUOTES TouchArcade: "MiniGame Paradise is simply a well done collection of action based minigames...the games are just fun."Gamezebo: "Minigame Paradise offers a clever mash-up of mini-games and pet simulation..."148Apps: "...a number of the other mini-games are actually pretty good."Pocketgamer: "The mini-games contain some surprising depth."SlideToPlay: "The kids will love the animals and the vibrant environments."---------COM2US GAMES ---------- Tiny Farm- Derby Days- 9 Innings: 2013 Pro Baseball- Homerun Battle 2- Style Starlet- Swing Shot- IMO: The World of Magic- Magic Tree by Com2uS- Super Action Hero- Slice it!- Tower Defense- Inotia 4---------ABOUT COM2US---------Follow us! Com2uS' Fan and

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