Is there a max skill level for health, attack, block, magic, etc?

  1. Is there a max skill level for health, attack, block, magic, etc?

    I levelled up shield by accident and I plan on using dual weapons eventually. Should I start over or keep going because its possible to max all the skills at some point?

    Otherwise, for a dual user, what should you invest most points in: Attack? Health? Magic?

    The blocking skill is completely useless if you don't use a shield, right (not used for parries?)

    User Info: Jbaker2

    Jbaker2 - 5 years ago

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  1. There is no max level, they keep going up as long as you have skillpoints (which with New Game+ is unlimited)

    I would suggest not wasting the $100,000 grand on fixing one skillpoint, if you really want to you can just wait til $100,000 is a bit more insignificant before making the purchase.

    Attack is probably the most essential, especially for dual weapons which have much lower weapon att bonuses than the other classes.

    and yes, using dual weapons blocking is useless - although somehow you still get shield mastery if you have one equipped...

    Finally, this game is not really designed for you to use only one class, there are only about 20 dual class swords (that aren't blacked out) and 9 sets of armour which take about 6x more exp to level up.
    You will probably run out of unmastered dual swords before you finish mastering all the other armours, rings, shields and helmets.

    hope that answers your question :)

    User Info: hotshotgames

    hotshotgames - 5 years ago 2 0


  1. In my opinion just go for health, because eventually the enemies will get so powerful they could easily take you out. There is a level cap 437 someone on the ChAIR forum said he got to lvl 437 on rebirth 10^10

    User Info: Kronos260

    Kronos260 - 5 years ago 0 0

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