With Simple Racing HD you are immersed in the fantastic world of 2D micro racing cars that compete in a 3D championship rally on tracks in many different locations, both day and night.Use the turbo button for spectacular overtaking, but remember to brake in time.Your driving skills with the accelerometer will make you a champion!During races you earn credits to enhance your race car to get the maximum a driver can wish for.The gameplay style is arcade, you can touch the brake only at certain corners when you want to do the lap record for the rest the player must only think to keep the car on the road. The tracks are great fun and easy to learn and the game is fluid on both iPhone and iPad of first generation.If you are looking for a rally arcade game for iPad, with 3D view from the top and fun, Simple Racing and is game for you.Featuring-Rally Championship-Quick Race-Ratings and time scores-Boost your car brakes ,frame,tyre and engine-Choose from 10 tracks in 5 environmentsVisit NuOxygen Games Publishing

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