You are Bubble Rider, the greatest hero of all time! Your goal, to destroy the RahSalMan, the monstrous fish threatening to destroy your town! But it seems like the odds are against you and its time to run to fight another day! Survive for as long as possible in one of the most exhilarating platform game of your life!

*Game Features*

-Explore three beautiful worlds and set new high scores specific to each level!

-Bubble Rider employs an easy to learn but hard to master tap and tilt control system.

-Tap and hold to charge your jump power and release to jump.

-Taping and holding while in the air will make the bubble heavier, making you fall faster.

-Tilting the device changes your speeds.

-Time everything correctly, and sooner or later, you will be jumping, and bouncing your way past deadly obstacles!

- Your bubble is delicate, sooner or later your bubble will run out of energy. Running into rocks and RahSalMan will only accelerate that process!

-Unlock levels by completing the score requirements for better score multipliers!

- What will your high score be?

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