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    Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 08/14/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Version 1.2 8/13/12
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    Love & Death: Bitten
    A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
    AKA The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
    Copyright 2012
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    Table of Contents:
    001.  General information
    002.  Walkthrough
      002a. Chapter 1: The Search
      002b. Chapter 2: The Choice
      002c. Chapter 3: The Vampire's Surprise
      002d. Chapter 4: Change of Heart
      002e. Chapter 5: Lovers Part
      002f. Chapter 6: The Witch's Return
      002g. Chapter 7: Love and Death
    003.  Credits
    001-General Information
    This is a walkthrough for the game called Love & Death: 
    Bitten. It's a hidden objects adventure game, and it's 
    about a woman named Victoria who falls in love with a 
    vampire named Damon. Together, they defeat the witch who 
    has Damon under a spell.
    If you want to contact me about this guide, use my email 
    address, ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com.
    Thanks to jgs, who made the ASCII art piece of a vampire, 
    which is at the top of this guide.
    The main menu of the game has a few options to pick. "More 
    Games" will show more games from PlayFirst. "Options" lets 
    you play around with the volume of various things in the 
    game. "Odette's Journal" takes you to a screen which charts 
    how far along you are in the game, "Change Player" lets you 
    change which player is playing the game right now, and "New 
    Game" lets you start the game.
    002a-Chapter 1: The Search
    The game starts with a cutscene. An evil witch named 
    Celeste has control over a vampire named Damon, and she 
    forces him to go to the village to get something to eat. 
    Damon is under the witch's spell, so he can't resist. 
    However, there may be a human girl who can help him...
    The game cuts to Damon, who has snuck into a butcher shop, 
    in hopes of finding a human to eat. The villagers have 
    formed an angry mob, which is not good for Damon if he 
    wants to return to the tower alive.
    Click on both shutters to the window, in order to close 
    Damon's goals appear in the "goals" box in the lower/right, 
    while the items he has appear in the bottom/middle of the 
    screen. His current goal is to leave the room, so click on 
    the door to the right.
    It's locked! There's no key here, so Damon is going to have 
    to use his vampire powers to knock the door down. If he can 
    get five drops of blood (as indicated by the blood meter on 
    the door), he can break the door.
    Most of the blood drops are in plain sight. Two of them are 
    protected by small puzzles.
    1. There is a blood drop in the cabinet in the lower/left.
    2. A blood drop is on the table.
    3. A blood drop is below some of the meat on the wall.
    4. Take the crowbar from under the door and use it on the 
    loose floorboard in front of the table. This reveals a drop 
    of blood.
    5. Use the meathook on the table on the meathook rack, on 
    the wall. Use the meat on the meathook, and blood falls 
    below the meat.
    Once you get all five drops, click on the door. Damon 
    breaks it down, and an angry dog appears. Pick up the bone 
    on the table and use it on the dog to distract it, then go 
    through the doorway.
    You're now in the storage room. In this room, you learn 
    about golden leaves. They are hidden all throughout the 
    game. Find enough of them to unlock bonus content (that is, 
    a very short scene). Two golden leaves are on this screen.
    Examine the lock to the roof here. Once you do, a raven 
    appears. Click on it, and you have a hidden objects screen. 
    Find all the items on the list, and click on them. The hint 
    button, which refills every thirty seconds, can help you 
    find any items if you get stuck.
    Finishing the challenge gets you the key. Use the key on 
    the lock on the ceiling. Damon then escapes through the 
    There is a puzzle here on the roof. You want to get from 
    the bottom/left tile to the upper/right tile. The catch is 
    that you can never move more than one tile at once, and you 
    can't land on the blue or purple tiles.
    To get through, go right, up, up/right, up/left, up/right, 
    up/right, up/left and up/right. You are now on the top row. 
    Go right, down/right, up/right, down/right, down/right, 
    up/right, up/right, down/right and up/right. Alternately, 
    wait long enough for the "skip puzzle" button to fill up, 
    so you can skip the puzzle completely.
    Damon looks at the crowd of people in the square below. 
    Look at the crowd a few times. The one person who gets 
    Damon's attention is Victoria, a young woman with red hair. 
    She seems to be outspoken. Click on her to end the chapter.
    002b-Chapter 2: The Choice
    Later on, when it is not so dark, Victoria argues with her 
    uncle, the politician. He doesn't seem to care or like her 
    very much.
    Examine Damon, who is on the rooftop. He disappears 
    mysteriously. Pick up the twigs on the ground here, and go 
    through the door to the butcher shop.
    The main room is empty for now, except for two golden 
    leaves. Go right, to the storage room. Victoria sees that 
    the ladder to the roof is too high for her to reach.
    Go back left, to the main room. A raven appears, so click 
    on it to start a hidden objects puzzle. The objects in 
    yellow are tricky ones that you must unlock. For example, 
    there is a "spread on cracker" you must find. The cracker 
    is on a place on the left, with the spread on a knife below 
    it. Click on the knife, then use it on the cracker. That's 
    how you find the "spread on cracker".
    Solving the puzzle gets Victoria a hooked pole and a boning 
    Go right, to the storage room. Use the hooked pole on the 
    ladder leading to the ceiling, and click on the ladder to 
    climb up it. Victoria goes up to the roof.
    Victoria has to go across the roof now. Unlike Damon, she 
    can only step on blue or white tiles. Go right, up/right, 
    up/right, down/right, down/right, up/right, up/right, 
    down/right, down/right. You're in the bottom row. Go 
    up/right, up/right, up/right, up/left, up, up/right and 
    up/left to the final tile.
    Victoria is now looking out at the square. This is where 
    Damon was at the end of Chapter 1. The hidden objects raven 
    appears, and you have another hidden objects screen. 
    Solving this screen gets you a branch. Victoria also 
    notices a handprint that confirms Damon was here, and she 
    sees a shadow by the door of her house.
    Time to leave this area. Go back, down, left, and back. 
    You're in the square again. If you haven't already, pick up 
    the twigs here, then go right into Victoria's house. Her 
    uncle asks her to make a fire.
    Near the fireplace, there is a bellows and some paper. Pick 
    them both up. Use the bellows on the embers in the 
    fireplace, then use the paper on the fireplace. Use the 
    twigs (from outside) on the fireplace, and finally, use the 
    branch (from the hidden objects screen on the roof of the 
    butcher shop) on the fireplace. The room lights up, and 
    Damon appears.
    Victoria talks with Damon, who runs away suddenly. It seems 
    he has been searching through the house, so Victoria 
    decides to figure out what he was searching for. Click the 
    hidden objects raven here for another hidden objects 
    screen. Solving the screen gets you a match, a golden stone 
    and bread.
    Go out through the window. Someone has destroyed the bridge 
    to the forest. Pick up all six throwing stones on the left 
    side of the river. One of them is on the roof. Use a 
    throwing stone on the boat. Aim well enough, and you throw 
    it successfully.
    This is a pretty simple challenge. Just throw stones at 
    everything. Throw three stones at the boat, two stones at 
    boards where the boat was, and throw one stone at the large 
    rock on the far side of the bridge.
    Pick up the four boards, which were freed by Victoria's 
    stone throwing. Use them on the gap in the bridge, and she 
    can now cross over. Pick up the white arrowhead and white 
    pinecone on the far river bank, then go into the forest.
    The area here is covered with vines. Use the knife on both 
    sets of vines, on the right and left. This reveals 
    something which is clearly a puzzle.
    Use the match on the log in the middle of this area. This 
    makes numbers appear on the left side.
    Pick up the white mushroom in the lower/left here, and the 
    white flower in the lower/right. Along with the pinecone 
    and arrowhead, you now have four white things. They can be 
    dipped in the paint bowls at the top of the doorway.
    The goal of this puzzle is to decipher the clues and color 
    four items correctly. For example, (1,5) and (3,2) goes in 
    the top/left spot. According to the grid, those squares are 
    yellow and arrowhead. So make the arrowhead yellow, then 
    put it on the top/left pedestal.
    A purple flower goes in the lower/left, a yellow arrowhead 
    in the top/left, a blue pinecone in the top/right and a red 
    mushroom in the lower/right.
    Solving this puzzle causes symbols to appear on the back 
    wall. Click on them, until they match the four symbols 
    about the fire-coated pedestals.
    Once that's done, zoom in on the back wall for another 
    puzzle. In this puzzle, you want every row and column to 
    contain all four symbols. According to color, the wall 
    should look like this:
    B Y R P
    R B P Y
    P R Y B
    Y P B R
    You can now go left to the witch's castle or right to 
    Odette's House. Start by going to the left, where there is 
    a hidden object screen. This results in you getting a 
    unicorn horn. That's all you can do on this screen now, so 
    go right twice to Odette's House.
    Click on the door to Odette's house. It's locked, and a 
    hidden object scene starts. Solve the screen to find the 
    key to the house, and an onion. 
    Use the house key on the door to open it up. Go inside. Try 
    to talk to Odette to learn she has a bad cough. Examine the 
    book over the cauldron and read it. It's a spell for 
    getting rid of coughs! You only have a two of the needed 
    ingredients, though: unicorn horn and onion.
    Back away from the cooking area, and the hidden objects 
    raven appears again. This hidden objects screen gives you a 
    bat wing (another ingredient) and a fish hook.
    Leave Odette's house and return to Victoria's house. You do 
    this by going back twice, then left. The hidden objects 
    raven appears, and when you solve the screen, you get bug 
    spray. You also see the hidden safe that Victoria's uncle 
    Click on the safe to open it. It has a wine cabinet key, 
    for the wine cabinet inside the butcher shop. Go down to 
    return to the town square, then go to the butcher shop. The 
    hidden objects raven reappears, and this time, you have to 
    make a sandwich. I guess Victoria is a little hungry.
    Solving the screen gets you three eggs and a potato, both 
    of which are ingredients. You also get fishing line.
    Go right to the storeroom, and use the key from Uncle's 
    safe on the wine cabinet. Pick up the brandy wine. Now, 
    return to the bridge by going left, back, right and through 
    the window.
    A fishing pole is at the river. Use the fishing line (from 
    the butcher shop) and the hook (from Odette's hut) on the 
    fishing pole. Use the bread (from Victoria's house) as 
    bait, and you can catch a fish.
    The fish is the second-to-last ingredient you need. Go back 
    to Odette's house by going forward, then right. The final 
    ingredient is a carrot, outside of her house. The spiderweb 
    is blocking it. Use the bug spray on the spider, then take 
    the carrot.
    Enter Odette's house and approach the cooking area. You 
    should have all the ingredients now.
    1. Unicorn Horn (from outside the castle gate)
    2. Onion (from outside Odette's house)
    3. Bat Wing (from inside Odette's house)
    4. Fish (from fishing at the river)
    5. Three eggs (from the butcher shop)
    6. Potato (from the butcher shop)
    7. Brandy Wine (from the butcher shop's storeroom)
    8. Carrot (from outside Odette's house)
    You're going to have to cook all the ingredients, according 
    to the steps in the book.
    1. Put the potato in the mortar bowl.
    2. Put the onion on the board and use the knife on it. Put 
    the carrot on the board and use the knife on it. Put the 
    bat wing on the board and use the knife on it.
    3. Add the chopped onion, chopped carrot and chopped bat 
    wing to the mortar bowl.
    4. Use the wooden spoon on the mortar bowl and then use the 
    wooden spoon on the plate. This gives you a meatball-like 
    blob. Do this four times.
    5. Use the tongs to pick up a lump of coal, and use the 
    coal on the burner to light it.
    6. Use the brandy wine on the burner.
    7. Take the purple liquid from the small bottle and use it 
    on the bowl.
    8. Use the fish on the bowl.
    9. Use the unicorn horn on the grater and add the grated 
    horn to the bowl.
    10. Add the four balls on the plate to the bowl.
    11. Add the egg to the grill above the bowl.
    12. Use the ladle on the bowl. Use the liquid on the 
    smaller bowl, in the lower/left. Put the liquid from the 
    small bowl to the large bowl, four times in a row.
    13. Use the spatula on the egg.
    14. Add the egg to the small bowl to make the cold-be-gone 
    Once the soup is done, pick it up, then give it to Odette. 
    She talks a bit about the vampire and the witch, and she 
    gives you two mirrors.
    Leave Odette's house and back away. Go left, to the castle 
    gate. Zoom in on the front of the gate, and use the two 
    mirrors in the circles here. Both circles are on the outer 
    ring of the big circle.
    This is a puzzle. You want to rotate the red arrows, so 
    light is touching all three mirrors. Click an arrow to 
    rotate it.
    One light beam goes up, left and up to the upper/left 
    circle. One light beam goes right, up, right and down to 
    the bottom circle. The third light goes down, right, and up 
    to the upper/right circle.
    Solving the puzzle gets you a mysterious tablet, and it 
    opens the gate. Go inside to end the chapter.
    002c-Chapter 3: The Vampire's Surprise
    As soon as Victoria enters the castle gate, she is attacked 
    by a monster. Damon appears and fights the monster. He 
    saves Victoria's life, then takes her to a room inside the 
    Click on Victoria. Damon sees that she is injured, and he 
    sees that she has a tablet. Pick up the tablet, and the 
    hidden objects raven appears. Complete his scene to get 
    iodine, a bandage and a brush. Use the iodine on Victoria's 
    wound, then use the bandage on her wound. That should help 
    Go back a screen, and Damon flies to the courtyard. It is 
    covered in blood, but Damon isn't interested in that right 
    now. Go to the right, to the aviary. The pixies here are 
    rather humorous, and they start to gossip about Damon and 
    the girl he brought into the castle.
    The moon pedestal is at the base of the tree here. Zoom in 
    on it, then put the moon tablet in the empty space. It 
    looks like Damon needs to find four runes. They are all 
    here, in the areas outside of the castle proper.
    Go backwards three times, and you'll be at the castle gate. 
    The hidden objects raven appears, which gets you a spade 
    and the sapling rune.
    Go forward and left to reach the garden. Examine the angel 
    statue here, and the hidden objects raven appears. Solve 
    the screen to get a seed rune, a flower and a sun 
    engraving. Solving the hidden objects also gives you the 
    ability to interact with the various items in the garden.
    As you can see, there is a flower bowl in front of the 
    angel statue. Your goal is to fill it with all six flowers. 
    To start, put the flower in your inventory in the bowl. 
    Then, pick up the flower in the pond and put it in the 
    bowl. That makes two flowers.
    Use the brush on the tombstones three times to get another 
    flower. Pick up the moon engraving (near the base of the 
    waterfall on the left). Use the moon engraving and the sun 
    engraving on the slots in the pedestal in the middle of the 
    garden to get another flower. That makes four flowers.
    Use the spade (from the castle gate) on the patches of dirt 
    here to find the fifth flower. The sixth flower isn't in 
    the garden; it's in the courtyard. So, go right to the 
    A rune is on the right, near the walkway. Click on it, and 
    Damon decides he needs five drops of blood before he can 
    get it. This allows you to interact with a number of items 
    on the screen, including a rock by the tree on the left. 
    Move this rock to get the sixth flower.
    Go back left. Use all six flowers on the bowl by the angel 
    statue, if you haven't already. This results in Damon 
    getting the tree rune.
    Pick up the two planks of wood here, then go right, to the 
    courtyard. Pick up a third plank here, then use all three 
    planks on the rubble in the lower/left in order to get an 
    iron pipe.
    Use the iron pipe on the bloody stone in the middle of the 
    courtyard to get three pavers. Use the three pavers on the 
    tree to break it open and reveal the blood.
    Pick up all five blood pools on this screen. You may have 
    to move the rock and bucket in order to get at the blood. 
    Once you get all the blood, you can move the stone that is 
    blocking your access to the fruit rune.
    Pick up the fruit rune and go right to the aviary. Zoom in 
    on the moon pedestal, and put the four runes in the proper 
    This causes Damon to get a key! It is a very special key, 
    as we'll see in a moment. Fly up to the tower room (above 
    the tree here), then zoom in on the tower lock, on the back 
    wall. Hidden behind this lock is the potion that can free 
    Damon from the witch's spell. Use the key on the lock to 
    end the chapter.
    002d-Chapter 4: Change of Heart
    Damon returns to Victoria. He has to sleep during the day, 
    but he gives her a task: find another tablet. Damon then 
    leaves, without even bothering to unlock the door to the 
    room. So, Victoria's first task will be to get out of the 
    room and into the hallway.
    Click on the door to summon the hidden objects raven. Solve 
    the screen to get a key, a sheep and a dog.
    Click on the flower blanket on the wall. Victoria moves it 
    aside to reveal a small playroom. Go inside. Click on the 
    rocking horse to learn something is inside it, then use the 
    key on the toy chest in the lower/left to summon the hidden 
    objects raven.
    This hidden objects screen gives you a carrot, a mirror, a 
    cow and dynamite. Why was there dynamite in a girl's 
    playroom? Use the carrot on the rocking horse to get a pig.
    Leave the playroom. Put the four animals on the door, and 
    you can exit to the hallway. Most of the rooms leading from 
    this hallway are blocked off at the moment. In fact, the 
    only room you can enter is the weapons room to the right.
    The hidden objects raven is here. Solve his screen to get 
    dynamite and a scythe. Move back to the hallway. Put the 
    dynamite on the rubble to the left, and use the scythe on 
    the foliage on the right wall. This gives you access to the 
    The bird on the left has a key. Click on it to see that the 
    bird is protecting the key. You'll have to distract it with 
    music, using the music machine on the right. Click on the 
    lever to start the machine.
    The machine is missing three pipes. Use the scythe on the 
    ivy in this area, to reveal the three missing pipes. Put 
    them on the machine, where the two pipes are.
    You now have a challenge. Play the same song that the bird 
    is singing, by clicking on the correct-colored pipes. Once 
    you complete the challenge successfully, the bird flies to 
    the right, and you can get the key.
    Move back to the hall, and use the key on the door at the 
    end of the hall. This lets you go inside Damon's study, 
    where the hidden objects raven is. Solving this challenge 
    gives you a match, dynamite, a mirror and a piano tuner.
    Go back to the hall. Use all three sticks of dynamite on 
    the rocks on the left, then use the match to light all 
    three sticks of dynamite. This destroys the rocks and lets 
    you go downstairs.
    Downstairs, there are puzzles which will be solved in later 
    chapters. For now, go to the right to enter the ballroom. 
    It's mostly empty. Go through the door on the right to 
    reach the costume room, where the hidden objects raven is. 
    Solving this screen gets you a rope and another mirror.
    Return to the ballroom. Pick up the pulley on the ground, 
    then use it on the wall, right of the stage. Put the rope 
    on the pulley, and click on the pulley to open the 
    The hidden objects raven appears, but this time, the scene 
    tells you a story. Take the crown on the back wall and put 
    it on the Damon puppet, then take the teddy bear by the 
    stairs on the left and give it to the little girl by the 
    stairs on the right.
    Victoria concludes that Damon was a prince, and he lived 
    happily with his little sister in this castle.
    Pick up the smile, on the bottom stair and put it on 
    Damon's head. Then, move Damon to the piano. Move the three 
    ladies to the piano, and then give the three roses (from 
    the background) to the three ladies. The roses are color-
    Take the broken heart (from the curtain on the top of the 
    screen) and give it to the witch. Pick up the wand (below 
    the purple lady) and give it to the witch. Three circles of 
    light appear next to the witch. Use them on the ladies.
    Move the witch to Damon, and move the sheet music (on the 
    piano) to the open piano bench. Finally, move Damon to the 
    tower to get a key.
    So, it seems that Prince Damon was popular with women. 
    However, the witch attacked the women by turning them into 
    frogs, and then she made Damon her vampire slave. Ouch. 
    Poor Damon.
    Victoria backs away from the marionette show. Use the key 
    on the piano bench to get sheet music. Use the music on the 
    piano. Uh oh, the piano is out of tune! Use the piano tuner 
    (from Damon's study) to fix the piano, then use the music 
    on the piano. This gets you a mirror.
    Leave the ballroom. The exit door to the main hall is 
    locked by a gargoyle. Zoom in on it, and use all four 
    mirrors on the circles here. It's another reflection 
    challenge, just like the one you did to get into the hall.
    One light goes up, and then up/right to a mirror. One light 
    goes left, up and left to a mirror. One light goes right, 
    down, left and down to a mirror. The last one goes down, 
    left, down and right to the mirror.
    Solving the puzzle opens the exit, and it gives Victoria a 
    gargoyle tablet. Take the tablet, then go outside. Even 
    though it was clearly daytime when you were in the 
    ballroom, it is now night. Victoria is once again attacked 
    by a monster and saved by Damon.
    Go right, to reach the aviary. Give the tablet to Damon. 
    Victoria falls asleep. 
    002e-Chapter 5: Lovers Part
    Now that it's nighttime, Damon can explore. Put the tablet 
    on the moon pedestal. Damon sees that he needs four more 
    As you might guess, if you've played these games before, 
    Damon has to visit all the screens that you've been to 
    already (minus the castle gate and the garden).
    Start off by picking up the orange flower in the 
    bottom/right corner here. Back away to reach the courtyard. 
    Pick up another flower, on the left castle wall. Also, pick 
    up the mermaid head in the collapsed rubble in the 
    Fly up to Victoria's room, where the hidden objects raven 
    is. Complete its challenge to get a gold coin and an 
    octopus. The gold coins go on the mural in this bedroom 
    here. You'll need four in all. Pick up a second gold coin 
    on the desk.
    Go to the toy room, where the hidden objects raven is. 
    Complete this scene to get a third gold coin, a shark and 
    an empty jar.
    Go back to the bedroom, then go to the hallway. Go forward 
    to Damon's study. Go through another hidden objects screen 
    for a foot pedal, the fourth gold coin, and a fish.
    Leave the study. Go to the right, to reach the weapons 
    room. Examine the rune here, which is near the largest 
    candle. This starts a challenge to light up the fire rune. 
    Pick up all eleven candles in this room, and use them on 
    the brown circular holes on the carpet.
    Now, use the pedal wheel on the grindstone. Pick up the axe 
    in a corner, and use it on the grindstone. Sparks from the 
    axe light up all the candles, and the fire rune is now 
    fully lit. Pick it up.
    Leave the weapons room, then go downstairs. Go into the 
    ballroom, and enter the costume room. The hidden objects 
    raven is here, and solving his screen gets you an eel, a 
    crab, a jellyfish and a fan.
    Now you've solved all the hidden objects screens, you have 
    the items you need to start solving puzzles. Go left to the 
    ballroom, and step back to the main hall. Pick up the 
    mermaid tail, which is left of the fountain. Use the 
    mermaid tail and the mermaid head on the statue.
    You have six aquatic animals in your inventory. Use all of 
    them on the base of the fountain here, putting each animal 
    in its proper spot. This causes the statue to start working 
    Take the water rune from the statue, as well as the flower. 
    Use the water jar on the fountain to get some fresh water.
    Go upstairs, and go to the balcony. You need to make the 
    big plant in the back of this area grow, so you can get the 
    rune. There is a recipe for plant growth on the left table. 
    Put all the flowers into the bowl, including one flower 
    which is on the screen. This gives you plant growth potion.
    Use the plant growth potion on the big plant in the middle 
    of the screen. Use the jar of water on the plant as well. 
    The plant then grows to full size, and you can grab the 
    earth rune.
    All right, there's only one rune left! Go backwards twice, 
    to reach the bedroom. Use all four coins on the device 
    here, and the rune appears on the scroll. Use the fan on 
    the rune, and you get the air rune.
    Back up, then go right. You're in the aviary again. Zoom in 
    on the moon tablet, then put all four runes in their proper 
    slots. This gives you a key.
    Fly up to the tower room, and zoom in on the lock. Use the 
    key here to help unlock the potion. Damon only needs one 
    more key, before he can get the potion!
    That's when Celeste the Witch returns.
    002f-Chapter 6: The Witch's Return
    Victoria wakes up, and Damon is nowhere to be found. The 
    pixies say to look for him in the garden, so go back and 
    Well, Damon isn't here. Examine the waterfall with the lion 
    head, and Victoria notes that there are missing valves. 
    Back away, and pick up all three valves on this screen.
    Zoom in on the waterfall again. Use the valves on the slots 
    on the left. This starts a minigame, where you want to mix 
    the colors so they match the basin at the bottom of the 
    screen. You have to do this ten times.
    1. Blue
    2. Yellow
    3. Red and yellow
    4. Red and blue
    5. Blue and yellow
    6. Red and blue and blue
    7. Red and yellow and yellow
    8. Blue and yellow and yellow
    9. Blue and red and red
    10. Red and yellow and blue
    Solving this puzzle gets you clock hands. Pick them up, 
    then go into Celeste's chamber. The mirror here leads to 
    where Damon sleeps. Examine it to see that it is missing 
    many discs. Move backwards.
    You've got a number of puzzles here, which result in 
    finding discs. Pick up the ladle in the lower/right, and 
    use it on the jar in the lower/right to get a disc. Pick up 
    the doll near the middle of the screen and use it on the 
    guillotine. Pull the lever to the guillotine to behead the 
    doll and get a disc.
    Take the skull, which is in the middle of the room, and put 
    it on the hand of the statue to get a disc. Pick up the 
    glass of blood, which is left of the guillotine, and use it 
    on the plant towards the bottom of the screen to get a 
    The other discs are easier to find. Click on the bugs, the 
    hand on the shelf, the heads on the shelf, and the bird in 
    the cage. All together, you'll get many discs and two 
    Leave this area and return to the garden. The hidden 
    objects raven appears. Go through his screen to get three 
    more mirrors and five discs.
    Return to Celeste's room and look at the mirror. Put all 
    the discs on the mirror, and this starts a puzzle. Can you 
    figure out where to put all the discs?
    The top half of one disc is the bottom half of the disc 
    below it, flipped upside-down. Look at the two discs in the 
    lower/left and lower/right to see this. Duplicate this 
    pattern all around the mirror and it opens to the final 
    tablet puzzle.
    Put the five mirrors in the five empty slots here. Two 
    beams of light come off of the right shiner. One goes left 
    and up to a mirror. The other goes up, left, down, right, 
    down and left, to the other yellow shiner.
    One beam of light from the left shiner goes up and right to 
    a mirror. Another one goes left, down, right and up to a 
    mirror. The other beam of light goes down and right, where 
    it reflects off of the green thing to shine on two mirrors. 
    Solving the puzzle gets you the final mysterious tablet.
    Take the tablet. The mirror disappears, revealing the room 
    behind, where Celeste is with Damon. Celeste attacks 
    Victoria, and leaves her for dead. Unfortunately for 
    Celeste, Victoria is far from dead, and she is hungry for 
    002g-Chapter 7: Love and Death
    Time for Victoria to fight for her vampire! If you want, 
    you can now go through the mirror to the room where Damon 
    sleeps. Zoom in on the lock to learn that it is indeed 
    Go to the aviary, where the pixies are. Put the gargoyle 
    tablet on the moon pedestal. It seems that Victoria needs 
    four runes.
    Fortunately, all the runes are in one place this time. 
    They're inside the clock, which is in the main hall. You 
    need to get all the cogs for the clock, though. Every 
    hidden objects screen hides two gears.
    So, do the hidden objects screen in the ballroom, in the 
    costume room, in the weapons room, in Damon's study, in the 
    bedroom and in the toy room.
    Now, go to the clock in the main hall. Put the clock hands 
    on the clock face, and put the cogs in the slots. Not only 
    do you have to put all the cogs in the right spaces, but 
    you have to rotate them into place. Once a piece is in the 
    right spot, it snaps into place.
    Put all the cogs on correctly, and you get the four runes. 
    Return to the aviary and put all these runes on the tablet 
    to get the final key.
    Go to the tower room, by means of the garden passageway. 
    Use the key on the lock to get the potion. Victoria then 
    hears Damon play music in the ballroom.
    Go to the ballroom, where there is a confrontation between 
    Celeste, Damon and Victoria. Give Damon the potion, then 
    click the piano.
    Time for the final puzzle of the game! You want to put all 
    the symbols on the board, so each row and column contains 
    nine different symbols. Each three by three square contains 
    nine different symbols, too. Start by figuring out where to 
    place the least common symbols.
    Once you've solved the challenge, the confrontation 
    continues. Damon is freed, but Celeste has the last laugh, 
    as she turns Victoria into a vampire. Oh no! I'm betting 
    Damon wishes he hadn't smashed the anti-vampire potion now!
    That's the end of the game.
    If you collected 100 golden leaves throughout this game, 
    you have the option to glimpsing the future. This is 
    basically a picture of vampire Victoria. Follow the cooking 
    instructions in order to view the picture.
    This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2012.  If you want 
    to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
    under general information).

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