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    FAQ by The Vic Viper

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    PAPER TOSS 2.0

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    How To Play

    Your goal is to get items from your desk to a trashcan on the other side of the room. Making things more difficult, a fan will push the items off to the side. The fan changes speed and direction after each shot, with speed values going between 0.00 (off) and 6.00. In order to make it into the basket, you'll have to thrown the object into the wind, so it arcs into the basket. Simply put your finger on the item and flick it in the direction you want it to go.

    • 0.00 - 1.00: Fairly trivial for heavier items, but lightweight items can still be pushed out of the way.
    • 1.01 - 2.50: Still fairly easy to make the basket, but you'll have to throw off to the side, especially for lightweight items.
    • 2.51-4.50: At these speeds, even the heavy objects will have to be thrown in a wide arc.

    4.51 - 6.00: The lightest objects can border on impossible to get into the basket, and even the heavy ones will need to be thrown towards the corners of the screen to get them into the baskets.

    As you get consecutive shots into the basket, you'll earn score multipliers. Every four shots boosts your multiplier by 1, to a maximum of 6. Missing a shot resets your multiplier to 1x.


    • 2x: 2 consecutive shots
    • 3x: 3 more consecutive shots, 5 total
    • 4x: 4 more consecutive shots, 9 total
    • 5x: 5 more consecutive shots, 14 total
    • 6x: 6 more consecutive shots, 20 total

    The easy way to get shots is to look at the menu bar on the top and figure out what spot on the bar you have to aim at for each wind speed. This will change depending on the item and mode, so just practice until you can get shots in regularly.

    Game Modes

    All modes are more or less the same, though the difficulty varies greatly, as do the points earned by making a shot. The bigger the level, the more precise your shot has to be in order to get it into the basket.

    CubicleSmall+1You can hit your co-worker with items. You earn +20 by getting an item into the coffee cup (only small objects can fit).
    InternSmall+5An intern carries the basket back and forth.
    WarehouseMedium+10You can blow up the left wall to reveal another basket.


    Paper points can be exchanged for "stuff", which falls into two categories: items, which are alternate projectiles, and power-ups, which are single use cheats.


    Items are what you throw into the baskets to earn Paper Points. Differences in items are not merely cosmetic; they vary in weight, size, and whether or not they bounce. These will force you to readjust your aim for each item.

    • Weight: Heavier objects aren't blown as hard by the fan, so you don't have to throw as wide. Very light objects are near impossible to get into the basket at 5+ speeds.
    • Size: The larger the object, the more precise your aim has to be to get it into the basket.
    • Bounces: Non-bouncy objects will burst upon impact, including the rim of the basket.
    • Extra: Special abilities.
    Paper Ball0The original. Accept no substitutes.Very lightSmallYesDefault
    Tomato25Who throws a tomato? Honestly!LightSmallNo-
    Crushed Can250Be sure to recycle.LightSmallYes-
    Banana500This is bananas!LightSmallYes-
    Football750Tossin' the old pigskin.MediumMediumYes-
    Cola1000Now that's refreshing.LightSmallYes-
    Stapler1500Nobody touches my stapler.MediumSmallYesThe best for making shots until you can get the Eight Ball
    Watermelon2000This is going to get messy...HeavyLargeNo-
    Flying Saucer2500Straight from outer space!Very lightMediumYesFloats further than normal when coming down
    Super Bouncy Ball5000Bouncin' around!LightSmallYesBounces very high
    Burning Ball7500Do you guys smell something burning?LightSmallYesCan set some things on fire
    Eight Ball10000You sure you wanna make this shot?HeavySmallYesThe easiest to make shots with
    Grenade12500Boom goes the dynamite!HeavySmallNoCan blow up some objects
    Pudge Ragdoll50000Twice the size, twice the points!MediumLargeYesDouble points on all shots

    For the most part, the stapler and Eight Ball are the best items for racking up points as they are small, but heavy and don't explode on impact. That said, you will need to use all of the items if you want all of the achievements.


    Power-ups can be purchased at any time, and are activated as soon as they are purchased. Due to the high cost, they aren't that useful for earning points. What they are good for is earning achievements since you can compensate for difficult shots or undo a mistake.

    Bigger Basket50Increases the size of the basket
    Toss Training50Display a suggested swipe path.
    Basket Vacuum300Pulls thrown objects into the basket.
    Multiplier BoostVariesIncreases your multiplier by 1x
    Off Switch100Turns off the fan for one shot
    Rewind300Rewinds your previous shot

    Multiplier Costs

    • 2x: 20
    • 3x: 50
    • 4x: 90
    • 5x: 140
    • 6x: 200


    When the win condition for an achievement is met, a message will appear at the top of the screen, but play is not interrupted. Achievements can be viewed by clicking on the trophy icon on the main menu.

    Achievements fall into one of several categories:

    • Make a certain number of shots with each item
    • Earn a 6x multiplier (20 consecutive shots) on each mode
    • Make a certain number of consecutive shots on each mode with any item
    • Hit background objects with certain items
    • Trick shots
    The First of ManyMake your first shot"Shot" refers to making in the basket, not just throwing something.
    It's Not CheatingUse any of the Powerups2x Multiplier is the cheapest.
    Give Me Something to ThrowMake one shot with every throwable item in the gameSee Tip 3
    You Stink!Miss 5 shots in a rowJust aim off screen in the direction the fan is going.
    That's a Lot of PaperMake 100 total lifetime shotsSee Tip 2
    Now That's Dedication!Make 10,000 total lifetime shotsSee Tip 2
    You've Got to Be KiddingMake 1,000,000 total lifetime shotsSee Tip 2
    Make It RainEarn 100 paper pointsSee Tip 2
    Makin' That PaperEarn 10,000 paper pointsSee Tip 2
    High RollerEarn 1,000,000 paper pointsSee Tip 2
    Paper Toss ProMake 500 shots with the Paper BallSee Tip 3
    Avid RecyclerMake 250 shots with the Crashed CanSee Tip 3
    High in PotassiumMake 250 shots with the BananaSee Tip 3
    Office Chair QuarterbackMake 250 shots with the FootballSee Tip 3
    Everyone's a CriticMake 100 shots with the TomatoSee Tip 3
    I Haven't Seen Your StaplerMake 250 shots with the StaplerSee Tip 3
    Office PicnicMake 100 shots with the WatermelonSee Tip 3
    From Outer Space!Make 100 shots with the Flying SaucerSee Tip 3
    Thirst QuencherMake 250 shots with the ColaSee Tip 3
    Bouncin AroundMake 100 shots with the Bouncy BallSee Tip 3
    Made of FluffMake 250 shots with the Pudge RagdollSee Tip 3
    FirestarterMake 500 shots with the Burning BallSee Tip 3
    Fire in the HoleMake 250 shots with the GrenadeSee Tip 3
    Signs Point to...AwesomeMake 800 shots with the Eight BallSee Tip 3
    Easy Multiplier MasterAchieve a x6 multiplier on EasySee Tip 1
    Easy StreakMake 50 consecutive shots in the main basket on EasySee Tip 1
    Coming Out of Your PaycheckDestroy the Office Chair with a Grenade on EasyAt such a short distance with a heavy object, the fan isn't much of a worry.
    BouncyBounce once off the floor and into the basket on EasyAim off screen when the fan speed is around 1.60
    Medium Multiplier MasterAchieve a x6 multiplier on MediumSee Tip 1
    Medium StreakMake 40 consecutive shots in the main basket on MediumSee Tip 1
    Overclocked CPUHit the computer tower with a Burning Ball on MediumIt can either be a direct hit, or the ball can roll into it.
    File This!Blow up the filing cabinet with a Grenade with MediumThe filing cabinet is half off the right side of the screen, not the one by the trashcan.
    Hard Multiplier MasterAchieve a x6 multiplier on HardSee Tip 1
    Hard StreakMake 30 consecutive shots in the main basket on HardSee Tip 1
    Explosive Watercooler Talk!Blow up the Watercooler with a Grenade on HardAim straight ahead when the fan is at about 1.50 and you'll hit it.
    Nothin' but BasketBounce a shot off the back left desk and into the basket on HardThrow directly ahead when the fan is pushing left at a speed of around 2.20.
    Triple Bounce!Bounce three times then into the basket with a Bouncy Ball on HardAim to the far left when the fan is pushing right at a speed of around 0.90.
    Cubicle Multiplier MasterAchieve a x6 multiplier on CubicleSee Tip 1
    Cubicle StreakMake 50 consecutive shots in the main basket on CubicleSee Tip 1
    Hot Coffee!Make 5 consecutive shots into the coffee cup with a Burning Ball on CubicleUse Off Switch if the fan is going the wrong way or too strong to make the shot.
    Frag Out!Destroy Larry's chair with a Grenade on CubicleDon't worry, Larry survives.
    Coffee RicochetBounce a shot off the coffee cup and into the trash can on CubicleAim at the cup with the fan blowing to the left at a low speed.
    Tough CrowdHit Larry in the face with a Tomato on CubicleHis head is about the size of the trashcan, so no special technique is needed.
    Intern Multiple MasterAchieve a x6 multiple on InternSee Tip 1
    Intern StreakMake 25 consecutive shots in the main basket on InternSee Tip 1
    Up and in!Bounce a shot of the ground and into the moving basket on InternAim directly ahead when the intern is off screen and the fan speed is between 1.5 and 2.0; it'll probably take several tries since you're aiming blindly.
    SharpshooterMake 3 consecutive shots with a Flying Saucer on InternNot too hard, and you can use Bigger Basket if you need it.
    Warehouse Multiplier MasterAchieve a x6 multiplier on WarehouseSee Tip 1
    Warehouse StreakMake 30 consecutive shots in the main basket on WarehouseSee Tip 1
    Hidden BasketMake a shot into the hidden basket on WarehouseBlow up the left wall of boxes with the Grenade to reveal the basket.
    Burning Bank Shot!Bank a Burning Ball off the box shelves and into the basket on WarehouseAim for the metal support between the shelves.
    ExterminatorBlow up the boxes on the shelf with a Grenade on WarehouseThrow so that the Grenade would go off screen if the boxes weren't there.


    1. Earn a lot of paper points before trying these so you can use Rewind if you miss one. For the Multiplier Master bonuses, you can use Multiplier Boosts to get yourself up to 6x and then make a single shot to get the achievement.
    2. The 100, 10000, and 1000000 paper point and shot achievements are totals earned, counting points spent on items.
    3. Make X shots with item Y achievements do not have to consecutive and count across all modes.


    In addition to Paper Toss 2.0, there is the original Paper Toss and Paper Toss: World Tour. If you want points, but don't feel like earning them, you can purchase them with real world money.