FROM THE MAKERS OF THE WORLDWIDE #1 HIT “INCEPTION THE APP”#1 MUSIC GAME IN MANY COUNTRIESDimensions is a sonic adventure game starring YOU and played in your real life! It’s a unique sensory thrill you must experience at least once in your lifetime!“You should totally try it!” Leigh Alexander,“The kind of immersion that few mobile games are capable of.” - Martin Bryant, The Next Web"An amazing immersive Soundtrack for your life."- Hans Zimmer "It's like legal drugs with no side effects!" - Pharrell Williams Dimensions is a mind bending game that uses Augmented Sound to give you a completely new and unique immersive gaming experience. It comes from the team which brought you the amazing chart topping Inception The App.JOIN THE DIMENSIONAUTS! Become part of an exclusive group exploring the Multiverse. As a Dimensionaut you will lead an exciting double life. You will still be with your friends, but unknown to them you will also have adventures in the Multiverse. SOLVE THE PUZZLE OF THE MULTIVERSE Your mission is to unlock and infiltrate new Dimensions, collect Artifacts and defend yourself from the Nephilim. THE REALTIME SOUNDTRACK TO YOUR LIFE FEATURING MUSIC FROM HANS ZIMMER This is a augmented reality game which takes place in music and sound. Its the soundtrack to your new life - a life in the Multiverse. PERSONALISED GAMING Most games like Draw Something, Angry Birds or Infinity Blade require your full attention - Dimensions is different. You can live your life AND play the game at the same time by doing things in your real life. In Dimensions, you really are inside the game! REALTIME MULTIPLAYER Play together with your friends in realtime with the Collective Dimension. DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BECOME THE BEST DIMENSIONAUT IN THE MULTIVERSE? Dimensions is an awesome game for all fans of Christopher Nolan, Inception, Hans Zimmer and the ultimate in sci-fi augmented reality sonic adventure!++++++++++ Follow us to find out new secrets about Dimensions and the Multiverse : Facebook : Twitter : @rjdj #dimensionsapp Web : ++++++++++ REQUIREMENTS : iPhone 3GS, 4 or 4S iPod Touch 4G and above iPad 1 and 2 iOS 4.2+ Good Internet Connection. Location Services On.

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