An addictive, fast paced Action-Puzzle game, inspired by Lumines, but with unlockable Power-Ups which ramp up the gameplay. Your goal is to remove blocks from a grid by forming 2x2 patterns of the same color. The more blocks you chain together the higher your score. See why Quadra has become a run away hit.

Quadra is easy to pick up and play, but hard to master. What’s the highest score you can earn in a 2 Minute game? What about a 5 Minute game? What’s the largest number of chains you can get in Unlimited Mode?

The objective is simple in Quadra, earn the highest score possible by matching colored blocks before the pile reaches the top of the grid. The more blocks you match, the higher your score climbs. We’ve added bombs and different Power-Ups to change your strategy. With 3 modes and an increasing difficulty level for each mode, there‘s always a chance to achieve a higher score.

If you enjoy addictive puzzle games such as Lumines, Bejeweled, Jewel Quest, Tetris, Collapse!® or reMovem, and you’re ready for a fast paced experience, then you’ll love Quadra.

Quadra has a simple gameplay mechanic that hooks you quickly, becoming more difficult and challenging as you progress through the game. With 30 achievements and Game Center Leaderboard integration, see how you rank against your friends. Gamers can’t put Quadra down!

Key Features

* Challenge yourself with 9 different ways to achieve the highest score.
* Choose between 3 difficulty levels. Each level increases your chance for a higher score.
* Power-Ups unlocked as you play through the modes. Each Power-Up has a unique feel.
* Earn high scores using a bonus multiplier and multiple chains.
* Randomized Grid - Just when you feel you’ve mastered Quadra, start a game with a randomized grid. Try the Suicide Grid, if you dare.
* Game Center Leaderboards - See how you compare to your friends.
* Game Achievements - 30 different achievements to earn, that will increase your chain bonus multiplier.

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