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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

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    Version 1.2 12/18/12
      o           .'`/
          '      /  (
        O    .-'` ` `'-._      .')
           _/ (o)        '.  .' /
           )       )))     ><  <
           `\  |_\      _.'  '. \
             '-._  _ .-'       '.)
         jgs     `\__\
    Freddi Fish and the Stolen Shell
    A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
    AKA The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
    Copyright 2012
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    Table of Contents:
    001.  General information
    003.  Walkthrough
      003a. Startgame Sequence
      003b. Exploring
      003c. Golden Pipe Locations
      003d. Endgame Sequence
    004.  Credits
    001-General Information
    This is a walkthrough for the game called "Freddi Fish and 
    the Stolen Shell". It is the third game in the Freddi Fish 
    series; it was originally called "Freddi Fish 3: The Case 
    of the Stolen Conch Shell". I played the iOS version of the 
    game, which has a shorter title.
    To contact me about this guide, use my email address, 
    Thanks to jgs, for the ASCII art of a fish, seen at the top 
    of this game.
    Freddi Fish: Our hero, Freddi Fish, is a friendly detective 
    who is trying to help solve the mystery of the Stolen Conch 
    Luther: Freddi's small green friend, who likes to make 
    jokes. Freddi sometimes has to keep Luther in line.
    Pelican Sam: A pelican who flies Freddi and Luther into 
    town. Sometimes, he's willing to sell a phrasebook to 
    Freddi, in exchange for an orange sea urchin.
    Uncle Blenny: Luther's uncle. He's the keeper of the conch 
    shell that has been stolen. He was arrested as the prime 
    suspect in the theft. Freddi and Luther must prove his 
    Soggy: Uncle Blenny's faithful dogfish, who can sniff out 
    the culprit once Freddi finds the three gold pipes.
    Magenta: A monkey who likes bananas. She spends her time on 
    the beach. Sometimes, she's trapped on the ocean, trying to 
    reach the beach.
    Bird: A bird lives behind the waterfall. It likes to hug 
    things, such as an egg, a gold pipe, and a baby bird.
    Fish: There is a small boy fish and his mother, who appear 
    in a scene that plays once you find the second gold pipe.
    Claw: A crab who spends his time in the Bullies Club. He is 
    secretly afraid of bigger bullies.
    Gill Barker: A shark who runs a game at the carnival that 
    costs four purple sea urchins to play. Sometimes, he gives 
    you a funhouse mirror as a prize for beating the first 
    level of his game.
    Rosy Pearl: An entertainer, who runs a show beyond the 
    Pierre: A tailor in town who speaks with a French accent. 
    He can fix a broken sail, and he wants to create a fancy-
    looking hat.
    Nadine: A narwhal with a long tooth. Sometimes, she has a 
    nut on her tooth, which needs to be removed.
    Horse Fedders: A friendly seahorse. Horse is a tourist from 
    another country, and he can barely speak any English.
    003a-Startgame Sequence
    The game starts with Pelican Sam dropping off Freddi Fish 
    and her friend Luther, so they can visit Uncle Blenny at 
    the Founders Day Festival.
    Dive into the water here, by clicking near the down arrow. 
    The old fishing net is blocking the path into town.
    See the bottle in the upper/right? Click on it to remove 
    the plug. The bottle fills, opening the net. Swim through 
    the now-clear tunnel to reach the town.
    Uncle Blenny calls. Sadly, he has been arrested for 
    stealing the Great Conch Shell. This is a serious crime, 
    because without the shell, the festival can't take place.
    Uncle Blenny is innocent. He explains that the Great Conch 
    Shell has three golden pipes. If you can find the pipes, 
    Uncle Blenny's dogfish, Soggy Sniffer, will be able to 
    locate the real thief.
    The town has a lot of different area for you to explore. 
    Here's a minor map of the area:
         Beach  Crab Bully  Tunnel    Terrific
             |      |         |       Tumble
    Water    |  Submarine   Organ     Tubes
    Fall_____|      |         |         |
      |       \    Horst     Grandma   Nadine
    Bird       \    |        Grouper    /
     |         Crossroads         \    /
     |                   \         Gill
    Rosy          Pierre  \         /
    Pearl             \    \       /
                        Town Square
                        /        \
                       /         Jail
                  Pelican Sam
    The town square connects to five different places. The 
    bottom/left place leads to the town entrance (and Pelican 
    Sam). The bottom/right place leads to Uncle Blenny in jail. 
    The upper/left place leads to Pierre the Tailor's shop.
    There are two arches in the town. The right one leads to 
    Gill Barker's carnival area. If you can find four purple 
    sea urchins and give them to Gill, he'll let you play a 
    Purple Sea Urchins can be found at the Grandma Grouper 
    Machine, the entrance to the Terrific Tumble Tubes, the 
    entrance to town, the waterfall, the beach, and at a 
    crossroads. There are four purple sea urchins in all; they 
    will appear in four of the above-mentioned locations.
    From Gill's, you can go into the tunnel. This leads to a 
    Grandma Grouper fortune telling machine. The tunnel left of 
    this leads to the carnival organ. There is sometimes a 
    tunnel which is left of the organ, too; if this is the 
    case, a gold pipe is there.
    From Gill's, you can also go right to meet Nadine the 
    Narwhal. You can go past her to the Terrific Tumble Tubes 
    (a series of tubes that Luther can swim through). The 
    entrance to the area is blocked by a fish and a clam. Tap 
    the fish, then tap the clam, and the entrance is cleared.
    The left arch of the town square leads to a crossroads. If 
    you go through the tunnel here, you meet the seahorse 
    tourist that speaks another language. Move on from him to 
    reach the submarine. You can go inside the submarine if you 
    want. You can also go down into the gorge here to meet the 
    crab bully.
    Going left from the crossroads leads to another crossroads. 
    The right path leads to the beach and Magenta the Monkey. 
    The left path leads to the waterfall.
    At the waterfall, you can use the green shovel (from 
    Nadine's area) on the log. Then push the log three times, 
    so you can travel past the waterfall to an area with a 
    bird. You can dive into the water here to meet Rosy Pearl 
    in her area.
    003c-Gold Pipe Locations
    There are eight possible places where the three golden 
    pipes can be. These are randomly determined at the start of 
    each game, so every time you play the game, you're likely 
    to find that the golden pipes are in new locations.
    I'll list the eight locations in alphabetical order.
    1. Beach
    The gold pipe is on top of a banana tree here. Magenta the 
    Monkey could climb the tree and get the pipe for you. 
    You'll notice, however, that there is something out on the 
    sea. Swim to it to find Magenta, trapped on a boat.
    Return to the entrance to town and pick up the plug (which 
    was set loose when you entered town). Return to Magenta and 
    give it to her. Now the hole in her boat is fixed, but the 
    hole in her sail is still there.
    Go to Pierre the tailor. Give him the sail, and he will fix 
    it for you. Return to Magenta and give her the newly-fixed 
    sail. She will then sail to the shore.
    Once she's on the shore, click on the gold pipe in the 
    tree. Magenta agrees to get it for you, in return for 
    helping her reach the island.
    2. Bird
    A gold pipe could be with the bird, behind the waterfall. 
    If this is the case, one of the hats at Pierre's tailor 
    shop will have an egg on it. Click on the hat, and Pierre 
    will comment that he wants to have a feather on the hat, 
    not an egg.
    Go to Nadine's area and pick up the green shovel. Then, go 
    to the waterfall and use the shovel on the log. Push the 
    log three times, and you can now travel to the area where 
    the bird is.
    Click on the bird. It will lose a feather. Return to Pierre 
    and give him the feather. Alternately, return to Pierre and 
    use the feather on the egg hat. Pierre trades you the egg 
    for the feather.
    Go back to the bird. Give the egg to the bird, and the bird 
    gives you the pipe in exchange for the egg. 
    3. Crossroads
    At one of the crossroads, there is a cage with the golden 
    pipe inside. However, the handle falls off whenever you try 
    to use it. We'll have to find a nut to keep the handle on.
    Go to Nadine's area. She has a nut on her tooth. We'll need 
    a wrench to get it off of her. Go past Nadine to the 
    Terrific Tumble Tubes. The entrance to the area is blocked 
    by a fish and a clam. Tap the fish, then tap the clam, and 
    the entrance is cleared. Go inside the area and take the 
    glove from the ground.
    Now, go to the submarine. Open the door and go inside. Use 
    the glove on the spiky clam to get a wrench. Now go to 
    Nadine and use the wrench on her to get the nut.
    Return to the crossroads. Use the nut on the cage handle. 
    Freddi will fix the handle and keep the cage open, while 
    Luther gets the gold pipe.
    4. Entrance
    A gold pipe is inside a clam, by the entrance to town. 
    Freddi needs to find something to keep the clam open.
    Go to the area where the submarine is. A wallet is lying on 
    the ground, and it belongs to one of the characters. Listen 
    to the description of the wallet's owner, in order to 
    figure out who the wallet belongs to.
    Give the wallet to its owner, and he or she gives you an 
    orange sea urchin as thanks. Go to Pelican Sam (outside the 
    town entrance), and trade him the orange sea urchin for a 
    phrase book.
    Go to the foreign tourist, Horst, who is outside of the 
    submarine area. Use the phrase book on him. Flip through 
    the book, until you find a picture of the flag of Horst's 
    country. Click on the flag, and you'll be able to talk to 
    Horst gives you his special device for keeping things open. 
    Go to the entrance to town and use the device on the clam 
    to keep it open. You can now get the gold pipe.
    5. Organ
    Sometimes, a gold pipe is trapped inside the organ, which 
    is left of Granny Grouper (which is left of Gill the 
    shark). There are a numbered of colored tubes here.
    At the bottom of the organ are buttons you can play. They 
    look like this:
    Yellow: +1, +2, +3
    Purple: -1, -2, -3
    Blue: +2, +4, +6
    The gold pipe is on a colored tube. For example, let's say 
    it is on a blue tube. This means you can press one of the 
    three blue buttons to move it. Press the +2 button to move 
    it forward two spots, press the +4 button to move it 
    forward four spots, and press the +6 button to move it 
    forward six spots.
    That's how this challenge works. The gold pipe is always on 
    a colored tube. Press a button which is the same color as 
    the tube the pipe is in; this causes the pipe to move.
    The yellow and blue buttons move the pipe closer to the 
    exit, while the purple buttons move the pipe backwards. 
    Move the pipe all the way to the exit to win.
    There are some tubes which are blocked, which you cannot 
    land on; the location of these tubes is randomly 
    6. Submarine
    Go to the submarine and click on the door. It falls off, 
    and you can go inside.
    The gold pipe here is locked in a case. Go to the beach 
    area and pick up the key. Return to the submarine and use 
    the key to open the case and get the gold pipe.
    7. Terrific Tumble Tubes
    Sometimes, a gold pipe is in the Terrific Tumble Tubes (a 
    series of tubes that Luther can swim through). The entrance 
    to the area is blocked by a fish and a clam. Tap the fish, 
    then tap the clam, and the entrance is cleared.
    Press the play button (the red one in the lower/left) and 
    Luther goes through three tubes.
    You'll notice that there are three levers in the 
    lower/left. These levers control which tubes Luther goes 
    through. Click one, and you'll see bubbles appear in a 
    tube. That means Luther will travel through that tube, if 
    you press the red button.
    Click on the levers, until bubbles appear in the tube with 
    the gold pipe inside. Then, press the red button. Luther 
    will travel through the tubes and pick up the gold pipe as 
    it goes through the tube with the pipe inside.
    8. Tunnel
    The tunnel is to the left of the organ. The tunnel is not 
    always there every time you play the game. Whenever the 
    tunnel is there, that means a gold pipe is inside.
    Sadly, the tunnel is dark, so you can't see anything. Claw 
    the Crab Bully has a flashlight that will work in the 
    tunnel, but he doesn't want to share it with Freddi. 
    To get the flashlight, you must play Gill Barker's carnival 
    game. He wants four purple sea urchins, before he'll let 
    you play. Purple Sea Urchins can be found at the Grandma 
    Grouper Machine, the entrance to the Terrific Tumble Tubes, 
    the entrance to town, the waterfall, the beach, and at a 
    Go to all the various locations where purple sea urchins 
    can appear, and pick up all the sea urchins. When you have 
    four, give them to Gill Barker. He lets you play Carnival 
    Flip, which is a simple Match Four game.
    When you beat Level 1 of the game, you get a funhouse 
    mirror as a prize. If there is no gold pipe inside the 
    tunnel, you can still play this game, but you won't win 
    Go back to Claw and use the mirror on him. He becomes 
    frightened by the big scary crab that he sees, and he will 
    decide to give the flashlight to Freddi and Luther.
    Go to the tunnel and use the flashlight. Move the mouse 
    around the screen to shine light everywhere. In the various 
    alcoves, you'll find some fish and a gold pipe.
    003d-Endgame Sequence
    Once you get all three gold pipes, Freddi and Luther return 
    to Uncle Blenny. The dogfish chases after the criminal, 
    while Freddi and Luther follow. The trail leads to some 
    sort of temple.
    Luther quickly gets into trouble, and he finds himself 
    locked in a cage! Oh no.
    Swim left, then go through the left doorway. The key to 
    Luther's cage is here, blocked by a light that is either 
    red, blue or green.
    Go back right and go through the red, blue and green 
    doorway. This is a bit of a maze. The signs above each 
    doorway show you where to go. For example, if you want to 
    find the blue crystal, go through the doorways with blue on 
    top, until you reach them.
    The first thing you want to do is head to the green area. 
    Go into the pot room which is next to the room with the 
    green crystal. Inside this room is a chisel.
    Now, go to the room for the crystal which is the same color 
    as the light which guards the key. Use the chisel to get 
    that crystal.
    Exit the crystal maze and return to the key room. Use the 
    correct colored crystal on the right hand of the statue, 
    then take the key. Go right twice to reach Luther and use 
    the key to free him.
    Freddi and Luther get some evidence which shows who the 
    culprit is. They hurry back to town, just when an angry mob 
    has gathered to attack Uncle Blenny. Freddi will then get 
    to accuse someone of being the culprit.
    The culprit is randomly determined, each time you play the 
    If the evidence is a boxing glove, Claw is the culprit.
    If the evidence is a cane, Gill Barker is the culprit.
    If the evidence is a microphone, Rosy Pearl is the culprit.
    If the evidence is a needle and thread, Pierre is the 
    If the evidence is a toothbrush, Nadine is the culprit.
    If the evidence is a tourist map, Horst Fedders is the 
    Select the right culprit, and the game will end with the 
    conch shell being returned, and the culprit being 
    appropriately sentenced. Case closed!
    This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2012.  If you want 
    to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
    under general information).

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