How to you evolve / mutate a creature?

  1. I want to know how to change a monster to a different color, or how to upgrade their ranking, ie from c to c+ to b and so forth.

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    GM2Bones - 5 years ago

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  1. If you have a C or C+ monster, and you sacrifice any other C or C+ monster to it (only 1 at a time sacrificed, you can't use more than 1 at once), there is a chance it will randomly mutate to a random monster. I have had it happen twice and both times I was using Cs and it mutated to Cs. Not sure if it can randomly mutate to anything or just the same ranking. I tried about 50 times and got 2 mutations, in case that is any help.

    User Info: archterkan

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  1. If a monster is rarity [A], you can evolve it through Sacrifice using an identical monster. The original monster will Evolve (rank up to A+) and return to Level 1.

    Note: Only sacrifice ONE monster if you want an Evolved monster and use an identical monster for the power up.


    Supposedly anytime you Sacrifice there is a chance a mutation can occur. You must be only using ONE monster when you sacrifice for this to have a chance to occur. The monster will metamorphoses into a different monster and now be at Level 1. (I have yet to experience this, but I would LOVE to!)

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  2. I used a Red cap and bloody Red cap and it turned into a behemoth B+....i also used a new born dragon dont remeber which colors they were but i wound up with an uncouth child A+......illtokill :)

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  3. The mutation happened once (on my first time (o3o) ). It transformed into a b+ monster. Seeking shark? But yea. It's probably like 20% chance. I tries it a lot. But just go on help an go to intermediate or something like that. They explain it lol. Js >__> (just saying=js...js :3)

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