? EXPERIENCE THE THRILL OF OPEN-WHEEL RACING?Blast into the turns at over 200 mph and feel the tires jumping away from the pavement.UNLOCK THE PUSH TO PASS BUTTON and remove the ads with an in-app purchase. The Overtake Button gives you a short HP boost once a lap for quicker times.CAR SETUP is a big part of the game. Spend time testing, adjusting, testing, adjusting, testing. A good car setup can make the difference between winning a race and finishing second. Better yet, it can lead to new lap records on Game Center.RACE 10 laps and go up a level with every race win. For each level the AI gets harder. Can you reach level 100?!?!This is a racing sim, to be competitive you need to understand all aspects of car handling forcing drivers to adopt a proper racing line.GAME TIPS: Set your car up to maximize your grip and speed. Start the race. Press the gas pedal. Tilt to steer. Optional touch-steering controls too. Holding the brake down activates the reverse function.GAME FEATURES: Tune your car in setup - tire pressures, roll bars, spring rates, shocks front and rear.... 11 new cars to unlock. Realistic 3D graphics, car physics and performance. Win races to go up a level. Can you reach level 100?!? Online Gamecenter leader board. Test your driving skills against the 2012 champ. In-car driver perspective.You can now enjoy the thrills of open-wheel racing on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.Start your Engines..!

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