What do i have to figure next ? I am stock !

  1. I am stock, i took the two books and put them on the shelf ?! I have the magnifying glass ?!

    User Info: joo_jori

    joo_jori - 5 years ago


  1. Get a phone number from the computer and dial it on the living room old telephone, then use the compiter to open a door

    User Info: homerorz

    homerorz - 5 years ago 0 0
  2. I am stuck at almost same place, I opened the spor to the computer, but when I try to dial the number on the phone, there pops up a message saying there is no dial tone...??
    I feel so lost :(

    User Info: Gamergal01

    Gamergal01 - 5 years ago 0 0
  3. Go into the Upstairs Room with the cheer leading picture. Next to the bed is a Puzzle. Complete it.
    After you put the two books on the shelf, the bookshelf will split apart to reveal an old computer. Click on the old computer. Choose the "Help" option. It will give you a 9-number phone number. Go back to the old telephone and type in the phone number. Get the micro-chip.Go back to the old computer and click on "Door" and the empty space below the computer. Click on "YES."Go back upstairs and into the room you just unlocked. Click on the book on the desk and use the magnifying glass on the right page. Use the coordinates (in order) on the map. This will reveal a switch. Back out and you will see a flight of stairs come down. Get the reel of film upstairs. Click on the wooden door. There will be a projector missing a light bulb (found in the bathroom connected to the open bedroom) and a reel of film. Add these to the projector. There will be a video. The numbers shown (3282) will be the code to the safe behind the picture.Go down stairs into the dining room. Click on the two red pots at the same time, this will reveal a safe. Type it in and click "Enter." This will open the safe and give a Silver Key.
    Go into the Kitchen, The Silver Key unlocks the door to the Garden. Click on the bird house, inside will be a heart.Go left to the Wine Cellar. Go to the very back of the Cellar and click on the corkscrew. Use this to open the bottle on the counter in the Kitchen.Exit the Kitchen and go right to the Gardener's Shed. There is a 24V battery on the window sill, get it. Click on the lock on the door and enter the code that you got from the bottle. Go inside the Shed and get the shovel and the purple light bulb. Read the slip of paper on the desk.Go back to the Wine Cellar and add the Purple Light Bulb to the lamp on the barrel. Click on the Glowing Barrel.
    The First Barrel, in the top left corner, with symbols, click on 9 times.
    The Second Barrel, in the top right corner, with symbols, click on 9 times. 1 2
    The Third Barrel, diagonal/ just below it, has symbols, 4 times. 6 3
    The Fourth Barrel , below the Third Barrel, needs to be clicked on 4 times. 5 4
    The Fifth Barrel, to the left of the Fourth Barrel, needs to be clicked on 5 times.
    The Sixth Barrel needs to be clicked on 5 times.
    If you have done this correctly, it will reveal a Silver Shield.
    Go back to the Dining Room and click on the Statue in between the Red Pots. Put the Green Heart back in. It will reveal the missing Grandfather Clock hands. Place the Minute hand onto the X using the "M" button on the bottom of the screen. Place the Hour hand onto the "IV" using the "H" button also located on the bottom of the screen. Go back into the Dining Room and there will be a Sword, click on it.Now go to the Courtyard and click on the Lion Fountain on the far right of the screen.
    The First Statue with "Courage" written underneath it will need the Sword, so give it to the Statue. Collect the Coin. Where the Coin used to be, there is an arrow pointing left <--.
    The Middle Statue with "Bravery" written underneath it needs the Shield. Collect the Coin. The arrow is pointing right -->.Go back inside and upstairs to the room with the cheer picture. REMEMBER their positions.Go upstairs into the room where you found the reel of film. On the wall is a picture of a naked dude click on the picture.
    On the right, there is 3 symbols and red things under them.
    Drag the wooden arrow to the Blue Symbol. Click on the different appendages of the man until it matches what the Blue Cheer leader looked like.
    Do the Same to the Green and Red Symbols.
    This will reveal a treasure map. Dig up the treasure.
    The Third Statue with "Greatness" written under it needs the Bag of Gold. This will reveal a Coin.There is an arrow pointing to the upper left.
    Go to the Lion Fountain and insert the Coins above the three Lion heads.

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