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"A Near Perfect Sequel"

I can't say that I was too excited for Square's sequel to the original Chaos Rings after being left somewhat disappointed by it and Chaos Rings Omega, but after diving in and immersing myself in the world of Chaos Rings II, I am glad to say that I had a great time. Primarily, Chaos Rings II shares a very similar style of game that you would find in the original, but the big difference between the two can be found in the ways that Chaos Rings II improves on this formula.

Music: 10/10 – Yes, I put the music first because it is amazing. Every piece fits perfectly and is well thought out in the feelings it wants to leave you with. Each piece of music has a certain appeal and are all excellent pieces for this. For a portable game meant to be played on a tablet or phone the quality of the music here stands up to that of a console game and greatly immerses you in the overall experience of the game. I feel that the music sounds much improved from the first game and is focused on much more for the conveyance of character emotions.

Sound – The sounds themselves are also great, as well as the voice acting. Although many people would prefer English voice actors, but in this case the Japanese voice actors work just fine and provide emotion for each of the characters.

Story: 9/10 – Overall, the story in this sequel is fairly predictable and generic. The basic premise of the story is that the seal on the Destroyer must be restored in order to save the world and the main character (you) must sacrifice five people of whom you share a connection with, including a close childhood friend. Even being fairly predictable, the story manages to draw you into the world by doing a good job of developing each character individually and conveying an understanding of the relation that they share with you. In comparison to Chaos Rings I, the story is much improved in that it has a more centered focus and goes farther to present the characters in a stronger manner. In addition to all of this, there are also more opportunities to advance the story post game which adds depth to the game itself.

Gameplay: 9/10 – The gameplay itself is still very similar to that of the original Chaos Rings, however, this time around genes are referred to as Sopia and each character has special abilities through the awaken gauge. I found the gameplay in Chaos Rings II to be a lot more interesting than the original, which may have just been a result of the other improved aspects. One huge improvement over the original is the environments of the areas you travel to. Keeping you interesting in the look of each is one thing, but to add to the story elements and lore of the game really helps Chaos Rings II stand out from its predecessors. Another important thing to include here is that there really is no grinding necessary (Yup, None) which really allows you to progress smoothly to the game without hitting a brick wall and having to grind for an hour. The one thing that I found to take away from the gameplay slightly was the touch screen itself. Now I'm sure that this has been said before, but Chaos Rings II would really benefit from a physical joystick.

Graphics: 9/10 – It feels somewhat necessary to put a graphics category on an IOS RPG so here goes. The graphics in this game are great, but they are by no means ground-breaking. They are along the lines of the original, maybe slightly better. Overall the look of the game is great and should only add to the worth of the game itself. The character models and the models of the monsters both look great, in addition to the environments being diverse and vibrant. Great look overall.

Replay Value: 9/10 – The replay value for Chaos Rings II compared to Chaos Rings I is much better in my opinion because of the simple ability to build on your characters through each new game + and to take different routes in the story. If you liked the game the first time round you will want to play through it again, because it will be fun a second time. However, the scenarios are essentially the same just ordered differently and for that reason the replay value is somewhat hindered by repetition.

Overall: 9/10 – This is a near perfect sequel to the original Chaos Rings and improves on many of the issues that plagued the original. Through the amazing use of great music, gameplay and story the game achieves excellence as an RPG on IOS devices. Chaos Rings II is an intriguing game with a real sense of what it wants to be the second time around and that's why even at the 18$ price tag it is a must have for any square or RPG fan.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/23/12

Game Release: Chaos Rings II (US, 03/15/12)

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