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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Seth0708

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    Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 is the third entry in Penny Arcade's RPG series and the fifth title released by Zeboyd Games. It has been released for X-Box 360, Steam, Android, Macintosh, iPad, and iPod for about $5.00 across the different formats. Like the previous two titles this is an RPG, but unlike them it resembles a 16-bit era title vice using 3D rendered graphics as the previous two entries did. This is my first guide to be written in the formatted FAQ style now available on GameFAQs. Please forgive me if some things look a little awkward.


    Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 is a class based 16-bit style RPG. The game relies heavily on using different combinations of classes to make progression through it easier or harder. More details are discussed in the Classes section below.

    There are a preset number of encounters in this game. What that means is that you will want to take advantage of every fight available to maximize your experience and money. You will eventually unlock more and more fights in the Coliseum, which are the only enemies who respawn, but they offer very little money and experience so it is not a reliable way to levl up.

    This also means you cannot grind for experience and money as you can in many RPG titles. This means for most fights you will have to pay attention and consider your options as simply tapping the confirm button on attack over and over will usually result in your death.

    Money is also a very limited commodity. Most of your money will probably be spent on weapons as there are a limited number that you will find in the dungeons. You want to budget your spending, but at the same time you do not want to pass on buying things altogether as this will make your life a lot harder. The consumable item upgrades, particularly the ones that raise an item's effectiveness, are also extremly helpful.

    Item and magic management are handled a little different from the norm here as well. You start out each battle with 1 MP for each character and you gain an additional 1 MP each time it is their turn. There are items and special conditions that alter this slightly, but in general this is how it works. At the end of the battle, your MP will reset to zero. By the same token, your health will be at maximum at the start of every battle.

    Relying heavily on spells and special attacks is a must. You will lose your MP at the end of the battle anyway, so there is no reason not to use these abilities. Sometimes it behooves one to save MP up for a few turns for bigger effects, but trying to go through fights without using any MP is not very effective.

    Consumable items work similiarly. You have a set quantity of each that goes up by purchasing upgrades at the shop and by finding them in chests. This quantity is the number of times said item can be used per battle. At the end of a battle it will refill and be at your current maximum next time you enter battle.

    Save often. You can save anywhere, so take advantage of all those save slots and do it. There is not much that can be missed per se, but it never hurts to have some files open, especially when it comes to your spending habits at the shops. Dying in battle will not send you to a Game Over on normal mode, but will instead respawn you next to the enemy who defeated you with everything as it was before you began battle.

    Combat itself utilizes a menu based system with turn order determined by your party member's speed and enemy speed. A bar appears at the top of the screen with protraits of your party members and the enemies on it. The one furthest to the right is the active character, with characters further to the left being further away in turn order. You decided what your characters will do when they reach the spot marked for actions, but they will not take said actions until it reaches the far right end. Also note that the speed at which portraits move to the right on the bar varies by character and enemy; some will overcome those further right than them at times.

    Character Guide

    There are a wide variety of characters present in Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3. Many come from the original Penny Arcade comic strips, but some are also from both Zeboyd Games titles and Scott Kurtz's PvP strip.

    Party Members

    There are currently five party members available. One of them, Anne-Claire, is only with you for the first dungeon, while the other four are your primary protagonists for the rest of the game. For more information about their base classes, please refer to the Classes section below.

    Anne-Claire Brahe Anne-Claire is Tycho's niece. She is a mechanical genius who also appeared in the first two titles of the series. Tycho enlists her help in investigating Pelican Bay in the opening chapter, but after that she leaves the party for the duration of the game. In the Penny Arcade strips Anne-Claire is a recurring character who shares her uncle's love of gaming culture. In both the game and the comic her parents disapprove of Tycho and his profession. Her base class is Genius.

    Jim Jim is a skull in a jar that initially serves as chief of security at the Startling Developments Detective Agency. However after he allows Dr. Raven Darktalon Blood to steal the Necrowombicon he gets demoted to party member. Jim's base class is Necromancer. In the Penny Arcade strips Jim is Gabe and Tycho's long lost roommate from college. They thought he moved out, but in reality he had become trapped in the wires behind their television when he tried to set up their Nintendo 64 in the living room. He died and came back as a skeleton leading the undead forces that attacked the mall during the strip's Armadeaddon arc.

    Jonathan Gabriel Gabe is the muscle of the Startling Developments Detective Agency. He was a former prize fighter who Tycho hired to aid him in the more physical activities of the Agency. In the Penny Arcade strips Gabe is the author avatar of Mike Krahulik. He is portrayed fairly similiarly in the games as he is in the comic, although his intense love for Pac-Man is not present in the game series, presumably because they take place in 1922. His base class is Brute.

    Moira Brahe Moira Brahe is Tycho's ex-wife. While Tycho is a supernatural investigator, Moira is more of a traditional sleuth. Both utilize firearms as their weapons of choice however. At some point in the past Moira and Tycho parted ways over irreconcilable differences. In the Penny Arcade strips Tycho's wife is named Brenna as she is modeled after Jerry Holkins' real life wife. Moira looks vaguely similiar to her, although the two do not seem to be direct parallels. Her base class is Gumshoe.

    Tycho Brahe Tycho is the founder of the Startling Developments Detective Agency. Before this endeavor, he followed the Brahe family legacy of attempting to destroy not just the universe, but preventing the birth of future realities after it is gone. In the Penny Arcade strips Tycho is the author avatar for Jerry Holkins. He is very sarcastic, providing a foil to the often literal- minded Gabe. In both the comic and game series he is portrayed as having the darkest personality of all the protagonists. His base class is Scholar.

    You The player avatar from Episodes 1 and 2 returns in the scenario The Beginning of the End accessible from the title screen. This was a player created party member in the first two installments, although the avatar was initially missing from Episode 3. The only class available to You is Gardenar.

    Other Characters

    A number of other characters appear throughtout the third entry in the series that originate in other works. There are spoilers below, so be warned.

    Broodax The Broodax are a recurring race of alien parasites in the comic strips. They infest humans and can burst out of them at any time. They appear in numbers onboard the ISS Nemesis for this third outing.

    Cardboard Tube Samurai The Cardboard Tube Samurai is a superhero alter ego for Gabe, although he also had a series of strips parodying Japanese samurai movies as well. In this title he is adapted as a class for use by any of the main party members.

    Cthulhu A painting of Cthulhu as he appeared in Cthulhu Saves the World can be found in the Museum of Contemporary and Ancient Works. Cthulhu Saves the World was Zeboyd Games' fourth title and the one immediately preceeding this game.

    Deep Crows Deep Crows appeared in the original strips as a massive pest that were nesting in a large cave beneath Gabe's house. Gabe had an exterminator named Carl try to get rid of them, which ended with Carl taming one and flying off on it. They appear in the this title in Blackmouth Cave and the Temple of Man.

    Fruit F**ker A juicer that would extract juice from fruit by imitating sexual acts with it, these machines appear throughout Penny Arcade history. They also appear in all three games thus far, although they are much less prominent in the third outing: they only appear in Pelican Bay.

    Leviathan Leviathan is a beast summoned from Hell whose "soul too dark for the abyss, aborted son of Hell's six-hundred and sixty-sx wombs." It is a creature Dr. Blood is capable of summoning in the comic strips. He summons it to fight the protagonists in Bank of Money in this title.

    Merch The Merch is a creature that suffers from the curse of a wizard that will transform it into a vicious Fleshreaper if children do not buy enough Merch merchandise. It is a parody on the merchandise associated with the Pokémon franchise. Both Merch and Fleshreaper creatures appear in the Bank of Money.

    Molly the Were-Zompire Molly is the player and title character from Zeboyd Games' first game. She appears in this installment as the final boss of the Coliseum.

    Raven Darktalon Blood In the original strips Dr. Blood was a parody of Todd MacFarlane comic book characters. He was over the top, violent, and heavily inspired by the occult. He is basically unchanged in the game, appearing as the primary antagonist in this outing.

    Robert Khoo Robert Khoo is President of Operations and Business Development for Penny Arcade. He has appeared in the comic strip from time to time as well. In this installment he can be found in the Temple to Man.

    Skull Theodore Troll Skull is a troll who is friends with Brent Sienna in PvP. A character who looks suspiciously like him appears on the ISS Nemesis on the bridge.


    Shukuen helped with this section by providing the levels when abilities are acquired and what they replace, if anything.

    Class Combinations

    I initially hadn't had a section on different class combinations, but I've decided to include a few here. If you would like to add to this, feel free to e-mail me and I'll get an update in.

    When I played through I largely used Hobo + Masochist on Gabe, Gentleman + Gardenar on Tycho, Elemenstor + Apocalypt on Jim, and Cordwainer + Diva on Moira. I would start most battles by having Tycho cast Garden of Courageous Valor while the rest of the party used Buffz[TM] and Energite on Gabe. As Gabe approached 9 MP, I would have him cast Pain Eater. At 9 MP I would go back and forth with Gabe casting Power Up followed by either Pulverize, Break Fist, Breakthru. Moira would then boost her speed with Bootstraps and use Slow, Noir, and Doulbe Tap as necessary. Tycho and Jim would handle all elemental magic attacks.

    logic_resistant writes: Crabomancer + Tube Samurai + Bullseye got me through a large part of the game, allowing Tycho to be a tank. In boss battles, having Hobo, Apocalypt and Gardenar on different characters at once allowed for layering Hobo, Poison and Bleed on a boss at the start of every fight. (You can use Diva instead of Apocalypt for Poison. It allows you to poison them immediately rather than wait for the prophecy, but I never liked that pin.) Then add in Skeleton Friend, Garden of Bees, etc, and you have an enemy that takes damage five times per round before I ever even use an attack.

    Class Descriptions


    Fire & Brimstone11Incomping Prophecy has Fire All.
    Magic +257Passive. Magic +25.
    Hail & Thunder81Incoming Prophecy has Ice All.
    Chosen One140Incoming Prophecy restores 1 MP per effect.
    It Shall Come To Pass15Passive. Each prophecy increases the strength of other prophecies.
    Magic +5018Passive. Magic +50. Replaces Magic +25.
    Retcon200Incoming Prophecy takes longer to arrive.
    Boils231Incoming Prophecy has Poison All.
    Ecstasy25Passive. Magic bonus while waiting for a prophecy to come.
    Locusts291Incoming Prophecy has Wind All.
    Magic +7531Passive. Magic +75. Replaces Magic +50.
    Canaan362Incoming Prophecy has Heal All.
    Magic +10039Passive. Magic +100. Replaces Magic +75.
    Apocalypse402Incoming prophecy has Earth All.

    Apocalypt is an interesting class that is built around creating multiple effects around a single event on the turn timer. By casting a spell a Prophecy will be placed on the turn time line. You can add more prophecies to this event each turn so that when it reaches the end of the time line it will cause of the prophecies to occur at once. At level forty you unlock Apocalypse, which is the earth-based prophecy.


    First Blood31Weak attack. Bonus damage on Turn 1.
    Fireball31Light fire magic.
    Eager4Passive. Speed bonus on first turn.
    Brute Punch62Medium attack.
    SHUT UP!102Light attack. Interrupts enemy's attack.
    Breakthru113Medium attack. Ignores enemy's defense.
    Sucker Punch131Light attack. Large bonus damage on turn 1. Replaces First Blood.
    Energizer160Weak attack. Gain 1 MP if defeats enemy.
    Berserk182Light attack all.
    Flaming Fist201Add fire to attacks. Boost Strength.
    Inferno213Medium fire magic all.
    Power Up231Strength doubled. Next turn only.
    Flamesphere251Medium fire magic. Replaces Fireball.
    Break Fist263Heavy attack. Weakens enemy's defense.
    Wallop292Heavy attack. Replaces Brute Punch.
    Dynamo320Light attack. Gain 1 MP if defeats enemy. Replaces Energizer.
    Devil Knuckle354Heavy holy attack.
    Berserker371Light attack all. Replaces Berserk.
    Pulverize409Ultra massive attack. Ignores defense.

    Brute is Gabe's default class and is probably going to be the primary one you use with him the most. On bosses and larger enemies you will want to focus on boosting Gabe's strength before unleashing his larger attack spells. Power Up is especially useful for single target attacking once you unlock it. At level forty you unlock Pulverize, which as the description suggests does massive damage. Combine it with Power Up to do even more on the final bosses.


    Sole Edge11Light attack. Speed-based.
    Speed +254Passive. Speed +25.
    Bootstrap71Raises user's speed.
    Repair91Heals and revives ally.
    Speed +5013Passive. Speed +50. Replaces Speed +25.
    Sole Calibur161Light attack. Speed-based. Replaces Sole Edge.
    Bootstraps220Raises user's speed. Replaces Bootstrap.
    Head Start24Passive. Start battle with 1 extra MP.
    Speed +7527Passive. Speed +75. Replaces Speed +50.
    Megapolish282Interrupts all.
    Awl343Heavy attack. Bonus vs. slow enemies.
    Speed +10039Passive. Speed +100. Replaces Speed +75.
    Elbow Grease402Boost speed all.

    Cordwainer is a speed-based class. The class itself is largely used in a support role to increase the speed of the character equipped with it. At level forty you unlock Edlow Grease, which boosts the speed of all party members and is very useful late game.


    Glare10Enemies more likely to target.
    Magic Shell41Magic resist up.
    Defense +308Passive. Defense +30.
    Snip-Snip101Light attack. Damage based on your defense.
    Max HP +2513Passive. Max HP +25.
    Hexoskeleton141Defense and magic resist up. Replaces Magic Shell.
    Defense +6016Passive. Defense +60. Replaces Defense +30.
    Decompressor192Medium attack. Ignores defense.
    Max HP +5021Passive. Max HP +50. Replaces Max HP +25.
    Leer230Enemies more likely to target. Replaces Glare.
    Pinchmax261Medium attack. Damage based on your defense. Replaces Snip-Snap.
    Defense +9028Passive. Defense +90. Replaces Defense +60.
    Clawstrophobia332Medium attack all. Damage based on your defense.
    Max HP +7534Passive. Max HP +75. Replaces Max HP +50.
    Seasickness373Magic all. More powerful with low HP.
    Imitation Crab402Defense and magic resist up.

    Crabomancer adds a lot of survivability to whoever equips it. It also allows you to utilize attacks that use your defense stats instead of your strength. Decompressor is also useful as it ignores enemy defenses. At level forty you unlock Imitation Crab, which increases the defense and magic resistance of the entire party.


    Spite12Lowers user's and enemy's strength and magic.
    You'll See41Does nothing?
    Schizophrenia81Boosts random stat for user.
    Magic Resist +4012Passive. Magic Resist +40.
    Try the Punch212Heals. Then poisons.
    Magic Resist +8025Passive. Magic Resist +80. Replaces Magic Resist +40.
    Delusions of Grandeur281Boosts stats but MP costs go up. Stacks x3.
    Magic Resist +12032Passive. Magic Resist +120. Replaces Magic Resist +80.
    Magic Resist +16039Passive. Magic Resist +160. Replaces Magic Resist +120.
    Power Seal402Reduces enemy's turn bonus.

    Delusionist is a support class. The spells all give you buffs, but they do so at other costs. At level forty you unlock Power Seal, which reduces enemy strength increases that normally occur every turn.


    Velociraptor11Become a Velociraptor.
    Diversion10Velociraptor turn 1 - Medium attack. Interrupts.
    Disembowel10Velociraptor turn 2 - Medium attack. Ignores defenses.
    Clever Girl11Velociraptor turn 3 - Boosts user's magic.
    Max HP +306Passive. Max HP +30.
    Triceratops131Become a Triceratops.
    Staunch Defense130Triceratops turn 1 - Super defend.
    Bony Frill131Triceratops turn 2 - Boosts user's defense.
    Stampede130Triceratops turn 3 - Medium attack.
    Max HP +6016Passive. Max HP +60. Replaces Max HP +30.
    Max HP +9024Passive. Max HP +90. Replaces Max HP +60.
    T-Rex282Become a T-Rex.
    Stomp280T-Rex turn 1 - Medium attack.
    Chomp280T-Rex turn 2 - Heavy attack.
    Terroar281T-Rex turn 3 - Stun all.
    Lycanthrope31Passive. Dino transformations cost less on turn 1.
    Max HP +12035Passive. Max HP +120. Replaces Max HP +90.
    Cthulhusaurus402Become a Cthulhusaurus.
    Creeping Horror400Cthulhusaurus turn 1 - Heavy attack.
    Unholy Tentacles401Cthulhusaurus turn 2 - Heavy dark magic all.
    Should Not Be401Cthulhusaurus turn 3 - Reduces defense and resist.

    Dinosorcerer is somewhat of a summoner class, although here your party member will actually transform into the summoned creature. The party member will then go through a three-turn cycle that is set based on which creature they turn into. At level forty you unlock Cthulhusaurus, which follows a heavy attack- based three-turn cycle.


    Spotlight10Enemies more likely to target.
    Cadenza41Steals strength from an ally.
    Limelight8Passive. Magic boost if Spotlight is used on self.
    Prima Donna120Steals up to 3 MP from an ally.
    Speed +2515Passive. Speed +25.
    Aria of Depression211Steals Magic from an ally.
    Speed +5027Passive. Speed +50. Replaces Speed +25.
    Resonate290Light attack all. Allies harmed.
    Speed +7533Passive. Speed +75. Replaces Speed +50.
    Speed +10037Passive. Speed +100. Replaces Speed +75.
    Deus Ex Machina40Passive. Revives party to 1 HP upon defeat. Once per battle.

    Diva is a class built around draining abilities from allies. Certain party builds can utilize this to make other party members function as mana batteries. At level forty you unlock Deus Ex Machina, which will revive the party at 1 HP if it is defeated once per battle.


    Fire Slash11Light fire physical attack.
    Magic +254Passive. Magic +25.
    Northwind51Light wind magic.
    Ice Slash72Medium ice physical attack.
    Bury101Light earth magic.
    Ice Shards112Medium ice magic.
    Magic +5013Passive. Magic +50. Replaces Magic +25.
    Fireball141Light fire magic.
    Wind Slash151Light wind physical attack.
    Earth Slash181Light earth physical attack.
    Magic +7522Passive. Magic +75. Replaces Magic +50.
    Flameheat261Medium fire physical attack. Replaces Fire Slash.
    Galeforce270Light wind magic. Replaces Northwind.
    Frostify281Medium ice physical attack. Replaces Ice Slash.
    Entomb291Medium earth magic. Replaces Bury.
    Ice Spears301Medium ice magic. Replaces Ice Shards.
    Flamesphere311Medium fire magic. Replaces Fireball.
    Zephyr! The Musical320Light wind physical attack. Replaces Wind Slash.
    Big Rock331Medium earth physical attack. Replaces Earth Slash.
    Magic +10038Passive. Magic +100. Replaces Magic +75.
    Terrastigma401Reduces elemental resist. Stacks.

    Elemenstor is your basic caster class. It has access to most forms of elemental magic present in the game. This makes it one of the most useful classes as it gives you answers to foes with elemental weaknesses in one package. At level forty you unlock Terrastigma, which reduces all enemy elemental resistances. This effect stacks, so you can keep using it to lower their resistance even more.


    Garden of Tranquil Waters11Heals all. Repeats. Only 1 Garden at a time.
    Rake Slash41Weak attack. Adds bleed.
    Strength +508Passive. Strength +50.
    Garden of Dangerous Bees111Hurts all. Repeats. Only 1 Garden at a time.
    Defense +4016Passive. Defense +40. Replaces Strength +50.
    Garden of Artistic Expression181Boosts magic. Repeats. Only 1 Garden at a time.
    Garden of Courageous Valor241Boosts Strength. Repeats. Only 1 Garden at a time.
    Defense +8026Passive. Defense +80. Replaces Defense +40.
    Garden of Violent Upheaval312Interrupts. Repeats. Only 1 Garden at a time.
    Thornwhip341Light attack. Adds bleed.
    Defense +12036Passive. Defense +120. Replaces Defense +80.
    Garden of Inspiring Breezes372Gain MP. Repeats. Only 1 Garden at a time.
    Smell the Roses40Passive. Garden effects come more frequently.

    Gardenar is pseudo-summoner class. Selecting a garden will cause that effect to occur periodically for the rest of the battle. You can only have one garden active a time, however. At level forty you unlock Smell the Roses, which causes the garden occurences to increase.


    Nice Niece72Strong heal all.
    Thermonu-Claire74Heavy holy magic all.

    Genius is Anne-Claire's default class. It is really powerful, just don't get used to it as you only have it while Anne-Claire is in the party. As such, you do not need to reach level forty with it to unlock the portal at the Atelier of the Dowager Praxesse.


    Self-Starter11Heals and purifies self.
    Magic Resist +304Passive. Magic Resist +30.
    Revive41Heals and revives ally.
    Magic +206Passive. Magic +20.
    Charming7Passive. Regular attack uses Magic stat.
    Caning91Light holy attack.
    New Shoes132Light wind attack all.
    Magic Resist +6015Passive. Magic Resist +60. Replaces Magic Resist +30.
    Confucian Ideal170Heals and purifies self. Replaces Self-Starter.
    Heal 2201Heals one ally. No effect on the dead.
    Magic +4021Passive. Magic +40. Replaces Magic +20.
    Canega231Medium holy attack. Replaces Caning.
    Kickstarter261Light wind attack all. Replaces New Shoes.
    God Rest Ye294Heals and revives all.
    Magic Resist +9031Passive. Magic Resist +90. Replaces Magic Resist +60.
    Adjust Monacle351Boosts user's magic.
    Magic +6036Passive. Magic +60. Replaces Magic +40.
    Trust Fund402Regen all.

    Gentleman funcitons as the basic healing class. It also has a lot of magic passive buffs, so it can be used with another caster class to add effect. There is also a minor wind theme with attack spells throughout. At level forty you unlock Trust Fund, which creates a recurring effect that will heal the entire party periodically.


    Northwind91Light wind magic.
    Double Tap121Weak attack. Interrupts enemy's attack.
    Interruptist16Passive. Improved knockback on Interrupt abilities.
    Wind Bullet192Adds wind to attack. Wind boost.
    Galeforce210Light wind magic. Replaces Northwind.
    Slow242Slows enemy for 2 turns.
    Triple Tap271Light attack. Interrupts enemy's attack. Replaces Double Tap.
    Noir292Stuns enemy. Once per battle.
    Wind Missile311Adds wind to attack. Wind boost. Replaces Wind Bullet.
    Silhouette361Boosts user's speed.
    Magnifying Glass404Massive holy magic.

    Gumshoe is Moira's default class. The primary focus is on interupts and wind attacks. Noir is critical for late-game bosses as, surprisingly, it works on them and not just basic enemies. At level forty you unlock Magnifying Glass, which does good damage for its mana cost.


    Call of the Hobo11Inflicts Hoboism.
    Strength +254Passive. Strength +25.
    Tussle72Light attack. Interrupts.
    Strength +5011Passive. Strength +50. Replaces Strength +25.
    Rat Swarm132Inflicts Hoboism all.
    Hobomunity17Passive. Immune to Hoboism.
    Bumfight182Medium attack. Bonus vs. Hoboism.
    Hobification210Inflicts Hoboism. Replaces Call of the Hobo.
    Trashcan Fire232Medium fire attack.
    Strength +7525Passive. Strength +75. Replaces Strength +50.
    Train Hop304Massive attack.
    Rat Storm321Inflicts Hoboism all. Replaces Rat Swarm.
    Clown Makeup34Passive. Adds interrupt to attack.
    Strenght +10037Passive. Strength +100. Replaces Strength +75.
    Hobocalypse405Massive attack. May insta-kill.

    Hobo is built around infecting enemies with Hoboism, which operates much like "Poison" would in most role-playing games. The class also provides a static strength bonus. At level forty you unlock Hobocalypse, which is a large attack with a small chance to instant kill enemies.


    Two-Edged Sword11Medium attack. Lose HP.
    Strength +256Passive. Strength +25.
    Souleater141Light attack all. Lose HP.
    Strength +5017Passive. Strength +50. Replaces Strength +25.
    Desperation20Passive. Strength bonus when HP is low.
    Strength +7523Passive. Strength +75. Replaces Strength +50.
    Pain Eater250Boosts user's Str. Lose HP/turn.
    Strength +10029Passive. Strength +100. Replaces Strength +75.
    Three-Edged Sword311Heavy attack. Lose HP. Replaces Two-Edged Sword.
    Soulfeast361Medium attack all. Lose HP. Replaces Souleater.
    All or Nothing404Massive attack. Drop to 1 HP.

    Masochist is a class that, more or less, uses HP to give itself benefits. Some players might not like this trade-off, but this class is very effective when used with Gabe as it gives massive benefits for its cost. Pain Eater in particular does very little damage for the large boost it gives. At level forty you unlock All or Nothing, which is a massive attack at the cost of all your remaining HP save 1.


    Dark Blast82Medium dark magic.
    Revive81Heals and revives ally.
    Bury81Light earth magic.
    Call Skeleton111Summons undead help.
    Absorbtion13Passive. Gain 1 MP when defending.
    Tremor142Light earth magic all.
    Dark Wave172Light dark magic all.
    Dark Surge202Heavy dark magic. Replaces Dark Blast.
    Entomb231Medium earth magic. Replaces Bury.
    Dark Pact251Adds dark to attack. Dark boost.
    Upheaval292Medium earth magic all. Replaces Tremor.
    Fluid322Medium non-elemental magic. Interrupts.
    Ichor361Drops physical and magic resist in half.
    Bottled Rage402Medium dark magic all every turn.

    Necromancer is Jim's default class. Call Skeleton is very useful for the entire game as it summons a skeleton that attacks periodically for the rest of the fight. Dark Blast/Dark Surge is one of your most powerful spells in the game for single target attacking as long as the enemy is not resistant to dark spells. The earth-based group spells are good for clearing large packs of enemies along with Tycho's Scholar abilities. At level forty you unlock Bottled Rage, which summons a repeating attacker. It cannot be used at the same time as Call Skeleton; whichever you last cast will be the one active.


    Full Auto31Weak attack all.
    Heal31Heals one ally. No effect on the dead.
    RTFM41Light non-elemental magic.
    Ice Shards62Medium ice magic.
    Balance12Passive. Strength and Magic bonus for 1 turn after Tycho casts a heal spell.
    Blizzard152Light ice magic all.
    Heal 2171Heals one ally. No effect on the dead. Replaces Heal.
    Cold Shoulder191Adds ice to attack. Ice defense up.
    Ice Spears221Medium ice magic. Replaces Ice Shards.
    Focus Fire253Heavy attack.
    RTMFM270Light non-elemental magic. Replaces RTFM.
    Dispenser332Heals all allies.
    Blizzard 2352Medium ice magic all. Replaces Blizzard.
    Pontificatus382Magic +40% to all allies.
    Master's Thesis404Massive attack. Physical & magical.

    Scholar is Tycho's default class. Early game this will probably be your main source of healing, but it also is a good source for ice-based attacks and to hit large packs of enemies at once to clear them more quickly. Dispenser becomes very crucial late-game for healing the whole party after a round of beatings. At level forty you unlock Master's Thesis which, although not as powerful as Pulverize, does a fair amount of damage for the cost.


    Eyelet400Medium Attack.
    Sewing Circle403STR/MAG doubled. Next turn only. All allies.
    Seamripper409Massive holy magic to all.
    Stats +10040Passive. Stats +100.

    Seamstress is the secret class unlocked by defeating the Seamstress in the Atelier of the Dowager Praxesse. It begins at level 40. Sewing Circle is the most useful of her abilities in my opinion for the massive stat boost.


    Tool Around10?????
    Power Nap150Gain 1 MP. Skip next turn.
    Gadget Fanatic25Passive. Items are more powerful.
    Stats +4039Passive. Stats +40.
    Thwacktivism405Heavy non-elemental magic all.

    Slacker is somewhat of a joke class. The ability Tool Around usually does nothing at all, but if you use it enough it will begin to randomly heal party members or do extensive damage to enemies. The effect is random, however, and not very reliable. At level forty you unlock Thwacktisim, which is a heavy magic-based attack.

    Tube Samurai

    Attack Stance11Strength up. Can only have 1 stance at a time.
    Strength +204Passive. Strength +20.
    Director's Cut62Medium attack. Requires Attack Stance.
    Speed +207Passive. Speed +20.
    Speed Stance131Speed up. Can only have 1 stance at a time.
    Path through Oblivion150Light attack. Requires Speed Stance.
    Strength +4017Passive. Strength +40. Replaces Strength +20.
    Supple19Passive. Stat bonus for 1 turn after changing stances.
    Speed +4022Passive. Speed +40. Replaces Speed +20.
    Defense Stance231Defense up. Can only have 1 stance at a time.
    Challenge240Defends & taunts. Requires Defense Stance.
    Strength +6025Passive. Strength +60. Replaces Strength +40.
    Magic Stance311Magic up. Can only have 1 stance at a time.
    Soul Torrent322Medium holy magic. Requires Magic Stance.
    Speed +6038Passive. Speed +60. Replaces Speed +40.
    Fast Switch40Passive. Switching between stances costs 0 MP.

    Tube Samurai as a class is more about the buffs and stances than it is about the attacks it has access to. The stances provide bonuses to their respective stats. This is useful to combine with another class that relies heavily on a particular type of stat, like Brute or Crabomancer. At level forty you unlock Fast Switch, which makes changing stances free.

    The Beginning of the End Classes

    There are only three classes available in the extra scenario; one for each character. Their abilities are slightly different from their main game counterparts as well. You cannot change class in the extra scenario.


    First Blood31Weak attack. Bonus damage on Turn 1.
    Fireball31Light fire magic.
    Beast Mode40Big stat boost. Lose MP each turn while active.
    Brute Punch52Medium attack.
    Eager7Passive. Speed bonus on first turn.
    Finish 'Em82Light attack. Double damage if only one enemy left.
    SHUT UP!102Light attack. Interrupts enemy's attack.
    Breakthru113Medium attack. Ignores enemy's defense.
    Sucker Punch131Light attack. Large bonus damage on turn 1. Replaces First Blood.
    Energizer170Weak attack. Gain 1 MP if defeats enemy.

    Gabe's class in the extra scenario is only slightly different from before. The first new ability is Beast Mode, which gives a stat increase at the cost of your MP each turn. Finish 'Em is very weak and the double bonus rarely makes up for the MP cost. Brute Punch will generally be your go-to ability.


    Garden of Tranquil Waters71Heals all. Repeats. Only 1 Garden at a time.
    Rake Slash71Weak attack. Adds bleed.
    Sackcloth71Defense and Magic Defense increased. Self.
    Early Harvest72One super-charged Garden effect. Requires Garden.
    Pinata7Passive. Enemies more likely to target.
    Rake Whirlwind91Light attack all. Adds bleed. Replaces Rake Slash.
    Garden of Dangerous Bees111Hurts all. Repeats. Only 1 Garden at a time.
    Rake Armageddon17

    The player avatar has a variation of the Gardenar class, although it is quite a bit different from before. Rake Slash and Rake Whirlwind are very good in the encounters here. Once you get Rake Whirlwind, you should use it every battle. Oddly enough, you get a new ability when killing the final boss, but you never get to use it.


    Full Auto31Weak attack all.
    Heal31Heals one ally. No effect on the dead.
    Mana Spigot31Gain an extra MP each turn. Self.
    RTFM41Light non-elemental magic.
    Ice Shards62Medium ice magic.
    Overkill73Uses all MP for a massive dark magic attack.
    Balance12Passive. Strength and Magic bonus for 1 turn after Tycho casts a heal spell.
    Blizzard152Light ice magic all.
    Heal 2171Heals one ally. No effect on the dead. Replaces Heal.

    Tycho's class in the extra scenario has some tweaks. Overkill is probably the most powerful spell in the extra scenario. Saving up for it is worth it on any enemy that is not magic resistant. Mana Spigot is also a great ability to cast on every first turn. Using a normal attack between each casting of Overkill is a great way to utilize Tycho.


    You begin with Gabe and Tycho in the Startling Developments Detective Agency. You can examine the two statues in this office to get some information on the events of the first two games. This will also tell you it has been two weeks since Yog Sethis was destroyed and one week since Yog Kathak was destroyed. Wehn you are ready, leave the office and go to Anne-Claire's house. Talk to her and she will join the party and you can head to Pelican Bay.