Karza Football Man. 2014: it's a funny old football management game!Take the helm of of a failing team with a glorious past.Will you bring it back to its righteous place in the football hall of fame?- Manage every aspect of your football team.- Adjust your strategy, formation and tactics.- Build custom modules, from a 3-3-4 to a 5-3-2!- View individuals players skills, statistics and contract details: pay attention to their morale and fitness.- Train your players to improve your team.- Buy, sell players and negotiate their contracts.- Check out the transfer market to strengthen your team.- Improve the quality of your youth team: the higher it is, the more it will be probable to create new soccer stars.- Take part to two different cups: the National Cup and the Champions' Cup.- Manage your staff, a fundamental component of your team: there are nine types of professionals you can hire.- Full commentary of the match in real time.- Change your tactics or strategy in real time during the game and make substitutions.- Manage club finances and pay attention not to go negative.- Discover and conquer 27 different achievement!- Read the glorious history of your club!- Professional musics and sound effects.- Play and save multiple game profiles.- Everytime you start a new game, it will always be different!...and over all...- No in-app purchase necessary to advance in the game!

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