Escape: GrandMother's Room- ????? -????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????…???????Gotmail(??????:AppNavi)????????!- prologue – I was raised by my grandma.My grandma had been hospitalized…She replied very apologetically: "I know you're busy, dear,but could you get my important thing?You're the only one I can rely on."I went to the apartment my grandma lives at.It won't open. Why not? It isn't locked.?Send game score to Gotmail(old service name:AppNavi)Language:English,Chinese,Korean,Japanese compatible devices(????) :iPhone 3GS and lateriPod Touch 3G later and iPad compatible iOS5.0 and later??????????????????[????]?????????Gotmail(??????:AppNavi)???????????????????AppStore?AppNavi????????????????????????????

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