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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ZeroIceCool

    Version: 1.37 | Updated: 01/16/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                          Legend of Cryptids: FAQ/Walkthrough
                                 For the Iphone/Ipod/Ipad
                                    Version 1.37 
                                   By ZeroIceCool
        This file is Copyright(c)2012 ZeroIceCool. All rights reserved.
    Table of Contents
    1.0 What's New
    2.0 Introduction
    3.0 Walkthrough
      3.1 What can you do in this game? 
      3.2 How to start the game
      3.3 Card 
      3.4 Guild
      3.5 Quest
      3.6 Evolve
      3.7 Enhance
      3.8 Battle
       3.8.1 Skill Activation
      3.9 Monster Maestro
      3.10 In-game abbreviation
    4.0 Gallery and cards limit
    5.0 Friends
    6.0 Bosses
    7.0 Message Board 
    8.0 Trading
    9.0 Price Guide 
    10.0 Tips and Tricks
    11.0 Latest Event News
    12.0 Credits
    13.0 Copyright Notice
    1. What's New
    Version 1.00 (09/08/12): The first version 
    Version 1.10 (12/08/12): Add more Tips & Tricks
                           : Additional acknowledgement to contributors
    Version 1.11 (14/08/12): Amendment in Copyright Notice
                           : Add more Tips & Tricks
                           : Latest Event News added
    Version 1.20 (23/08/12): Section 8.0 revised to "Trading"
                           : Add more Tips & Tricks
                           : Latest Event News updated
                           : Changes to "friendship points" - section 3.3 (e)
                           : Correction on enhancing information - 3.7
                           : Game tie with Monster Maestro - refer section 3.9
    Version 1.30 (03/09/12): Additional section added - card price guide
                           : Update information on many sections
                           : Add more Tips & Tricks
                           : Additional posting site
    Version 1.31 (11/09/12): Daily login friendship points is back (IOS system)
                           : Battle Royale 3 is coming
                           : Modify - trading, price guide
    Version 1.32 (24/09/12): Star Gazer Event 
    			: Modify - price guide, tip & tricks
    Version 1.33 (09/10/12): Stranger in a Strange Land - Raid Event
                           : More tip and trick
    Version 1.34 (25/10/12): Halloween Event news
                           : New section added (3.8.1 - skill activation & 
                             3.10 In-game abbreviation)
                           : More tip and trick
    Version 1.35 (01/11/12): Evolving Tip
    Version 1.36 (10/12/12): Amended - 3.7;9.0;10.10;11.0;
                           : Added - 10.24;10.25;10.26
                           : Battle Master is here!
    Version 1.37 (17/01/13): Amended - 3.3(e); 3.6; 3.7 "Great Success"
                           : Latest news updated
    2.0 Introduction
    This is an IOS forum, so, this guide is for IOS LOC game, not android system.  
    It's similar but not exactly the same, especially the on-going event. I 
    noticed Android LOC is following IOS LOC but few months late, so, may be you 
    can use this guide to prepare for next event there too?
    This guide is plan for those who doesn't want to spend $$ or minimum spending 
    in this game.  For those who spam $$, you don't need this guide, just spend as 
    you wish. ^.^
    Game Launched on May 7, 2012. 
     - A FREE GAME on AppStore, addictive Epic Fantasy MMO/RPG Card Game!!
     - 300+ (and counting) glamorous and beautiful creature cards.
     - There are three main elements in the game, namely FIRE, FOREST & WATER
     - Train your own Cryptids, create the most powerful team of your own and 
       battle other players!
     - Every month will have one or more events with different nature.
     - Collect and steal Treasure from other players before they will take yours!
     - Create your own Guild, invite friends (Newcomer will get free beginner rare 
       card and coins), ask them to join your guild and make your guild strong!
    This is a completely free to play, well, sort of, provided you don't attracted 
    to spend in game $$ to buy gem so that you can purchase the rare or ultra rare 
    card.  Honestly, the game developer needs to eat too, so, fair isn't it?
    3.0 Walkthrough
    3.1 What can you do in this game? 
    The thing that you do the most for this game probably is "tapping on your 
    device screen".  Well, not saying it is boring, but since we are using touch 
    screen device to play this game, it is an obvious answer.
    We can actually do quite a few things in this game:
    - Quest
    - Battle
    - Evolve your card 
    - enhance your card
    - Join or form a guild
    - Make friends with other players
    - Visit message board to chat, trade, ask for help, tips, etc.
    - Participant an event
    - Steal others treasure or been stolen
    - Admire others card ATT/DEF or been admired
    - During battle royal event (over now, but may come again in future), we can 
      even battle other guilds.
    3.2 How to start the game
    It is actually simple; first download the game at apple store, or the link 
    http://itunes.apple.com/jm/app/legend-of-the-cryptids/id515877714?mt=8 .  
    Install the game, click on the game icon and here you go.
    3.3 Card 
    Most important item in this game, without a card you can't play this game.  
    There are few ways to obtain the cards
    a. When you first login, you will receive a free card, normally a rare card 
    base on the element you choose.  Some even get an Ultra rare, so good luck.  
    Just go through the in game tutorial.
    b. If you have an invite ID (any ID will do), you will get another free card 
    while the promotion still on.  It can evolve up to Ultra Rare EX.  
    Added 16/01/2013
    Finally they come out with latest set of promotion card.  A pretty lady is 
    coming instead of the dragon.  Good luck in getting it !
    c. You may obtain free card from doing quest, normal quest or event quest.  
    Normally you will get a 'common' card, but when it is your lucky day, you 
    could win a 'rare' card too.
    d. You can also purchase card from the in game store with gem which can be 
    purchased using real $$ in game.  
    e. Friendship Card Pack - You can get 3 points (yes, just 3, should increase 
    to 30, hehe) for every 'cheer' on other players in every 2 hours.  To purchase 
    each friendship card, it costs 200 friendship points.  
    Amended 16/01/2013
    Daily login friendship point bonus is now changed from time to time.  During 
    login promotion, you will get item like bounded PP + coins or FP.  Other days 
    you may receive 800 FP.
    f. Legend Card Pack - You will get your first LCP after the 1st boss battle, 
    2nd one when you are level 20, 3rd on level 40.  After that, you still can win 
    LCP during any event, well not really easy peasy lemon squeezy tough. Try it 
    out, you will know. 
    You can also earn some extra LCP through levelling in MM or Galaxy (refer 
    section 3.9).
    g. Free Card Pack - You will receive a 'Free card pack' once a day.  Normally 
    you will receive a common card but occasionally you may receive rare or ultra.  
    So, good luck.  
    3.4 Guild
    You can create your own guild or join a guild.  There are some benefits to 
    join a guild:
    a. You win extra reward during an event if your guild is strong enough to 
    reach certain level.  Don't worry, you normally will win something.  Game 
    developer is very kind.
    b. You make more friends
    c. You get extra boost when your guild level growth.  To grow guild level, 
    simply donate coins or any extra treasure to your guild.  One person may not 
    grow the level fast, but if your guild has 20 members, it will be very fast.
    d. You can ask for help from guild members, of cause choose those loyal member 
    but not those who just join.  You can actually help each other to gallery the 
    card so that you don't need to find all the cards by yourself.
    3.5 Quest
    There are two different quests basically, normal quest and event quest.  Every 
    quest comes in 5 chapters.  At the end of each quest, you may or may not get 
    something depend on the quest type.
    Amended 16/01/2013
    Normal quest - It starts with consuming '1' energy point for each 'tap'.  It 
    will consumed more and more when you are going into higher chapter.  At time 
    they have 50 chapters.  Each chapter has 5 quests.  
    You can win card or coin in every turn.  Initially 4 to 6 turns to clear a 
    quest, more and more turn when you are in higher chapter.  After every quest 
    you will earn 1 parameter to distribute into ATT, DEF or Energy.  After every 
    chapter clear (after boss fight), you will receive coins, two out of Power 
    Potion, Energy Drink or Trap.
    Event quest - Two type of event, quest event and raid event.  Both event work 
    similar to normal quest except, no additional parameter after clear any quest.  
    However, you will receive rewards after the boss fight still.
    Under normal circumstance, cards won during event quest have better status 
    than normal quest.  So, good luck during event.
    3.6 Evolve
    Now you play the game for a while, have many similar cards in your account, 
    what to do with them?  Well, one thing you can do is to evolve them.
    When you have 2 similar cards, you can evolve them into their EX form.  Common 
    to common EX; rare to rare EX; or Ultra to Ultra EX.  All the cards can be 
    evolved only once except some special reward cards when you invite others to 
    join the game which can evolve from 1* to Ultra Rare Ex (6*)
    Added 16/01/2013
    During special occasion, you can evolve two different cards into a special 
    "mix" card, like the "Lady War" & "Man War" card.  However, normally those 
    card are rare and you need "gem" to purchase.
    To evolve, normally you need to consider two things:
    First, do you evolve them to fill your gallery?  If so, click 'evolve' and 
    choose the cards, pay some processing fee, then ta da, done.
    If you evolve the card because it is your main front line and you want to make 
    it stronger.  Then you should consider this: evolve a card will reset all the 
    skill back to level 1, and retain 5% of the status if the card is not max 
    before evolve, 10% if the status is max.  So, very straight forward, before 
    you evolve the card, try to use any common card to enhance both the cards (you 
    need two cards to evolve) up to their maximum status.  Then only evolve them 
    to get a perfect level 1 EX status, as the skill level will be reset, it will 
    always be 1 after evolve.
    3.6.1 Evolving Status
    According to McGrady56@http://legendofthecryptids.net, here is the calculation 
    for a card before and after evolve.
    2-0 Evolution: Evolving two bases of a card, neither of which being enhanced. 
    2-1 Evolution: Evolving two bases of a card, one of which is maxed, the other 
    is still lv1 1. 
    2-2 Evolution: Evolving two bases of a card, both of which have been maxed. 
    Because every card in LoC has an attack and defense coefficient of 2.5, 
    determining final stats of a card is very easy: 
    2-0 Evolution stats - multiplying the base stats of the card by 3.1 
    2-1 Evolution stats - multiplying the base stats of the card by 3.3 
    2-2 Evolution stats - multiplying the base stats of the card by 3.5 
    Here are the final stats of the 3 different evolution types of a Deus Ex 
    Machina (Ex). 
    Base stats: 2000/1200 
    2-0 Evolution: 6200/3720 
    2-1 Evolution: 6600/3960 
    2-2 Evolution: 7000/4200 
    As you can see, there is a sizable difference between the different evolution 
    types.  Lastly, here is the percentages of potential stats: 
    2-0 Evolution: 88.57% 
    2-1 Evolution: 94.29% 
    2-2 Evolution: 100.00%
    3.7 Enhance
    You need to do enhancing to strengthen your card ATT/DEF ability, either to 
    get perfect EX status or to be your main front line.  The process is straight 
    forward but bear in mind the result may not.
    First choose the card that you want to enhance, and then you will be directed 
    to enhancing page.  Choose carefully the cards you want to use as enhancer.  
    Enhancer card will disappear after the process, so choose wisely.
    There are three things you need to consider during enhancing - 'Great 
    success', 'success' and 'skill level up'.  
    "Success" - as long as you enhance, you normally at least get a "success".  
    With the progress bar more than 100% in total, you will get a level up until 
    you reach the card maximum level.  Maximum level is depended on each card, 
    ranging from 20 to 70.
    "Great Success" - Chances to get 'Great success' will be higher when you 
    choose multiplies enhancer at once.  Recently (26/08/2012 & another one on 
    30/08/2012) had an experience while both "Great Success" & "Skill Level Up" 
    happen at the same time.  Taking advantage of current event, I used 9 "skill 
    common" to enhance one of my Rare Ex card and manage to get both successes 
    simultaneously. - Updated on 03/09/2012 
    Added 16/01/2013
    Sometime LOC will have a "Enhance" bonus period, while the success rate to get 
    "Great Success" is increased by 50%.  Try to take the advantages during this 
    period to enhance as much cards as possible.
    "Skill Level Up" - This is the hardest and most unpredictable part in 
    enhancing.  As far as I know, the maximum skill limits is 10 (credit to 
    Wildfang_ for this).  When you enhance a card, you have a chance to up the 
    skill level too.  To increase the chances, you need to use a skill card as 
    enhancer, either common skill or rare skill (even ultra rare if you are so 
    rich).  You can see the % on top of the screen before enhance.  You can also 
    use Genius(Fire) Baby Dragon card to increase the % of skill level up - added 
    After many trials, I still can't find the best way of enhancing.  I can only 
    summarise my experience for your reference and own judgement.  I had 
    personally seen a guy with level 10 skill card so yes, it is possible to max 
    the skill. **
    If you can afford, always keep the success rate as high as possible, otherwise 
    keep it at >60% before enhance until you can't reach that % even using all 9 
    skill cards.  Some people suggest using 10% or 20%, but I have no luck on 
    that.  The success rate is just like what it stated.
    During event, you can earn a lot of skill common.  Taking the advantage of the 
    event, try this out, you may find the best way to suit your enhancement 
    a) Use same element skill cards as enhancer.  If you are water, use only water 
    common cards, fire for fire, forest for forest.
    b) Try it with 50% success rate, try for 3 or 4 times, if it is 50% success 
    rate, then u got what you want.  If it's less, you should increase the % 
    already.  Otherwise u will end out with a Level 1 skill cards.  The is a 
    reason I suggest 50% as a start.  I try to enhance my Nova EX with 40% success 
    rate all the way, and you can check my card, one level till max with skill 
    level 1 - total failure.  
    c) Now you try the same process, but this time, use element other than the 
    card element.  Fire & water for forest, forest & fire for water and so on.  
    Repeat the step and see if it make any different.  For your information, I try 
    it myself, and I don't see any significant different is skill level up.  It 
    could be the number of time I try is not enough; I am not as rich to try too 
    many.  For that, don't mind if you want to gift me some skill card to try 
    more.  Haha.
    d) When you try as (c) above, take note on the element effect.  In theory, 
    water advantage against fire, fire against forest, forest against water.  Not 
    sure if it will affect your enhancement skill.  As I mentioned above, I don't 
    think I had try enough to conclude this.
    e) Some suggest if you use a skill common with skill level more than 3, the 
    success rate is actually higher.  Again because of cost constraint, I can't 
    try this.  Feel free to try and let me know so I can update this section.
    To summarise, use skill common to level your skill from level 1 to level 5, 
    then skill common ex to level 7, then rare or rare ex to level 10.  The 
    process is very costly, and only recommended for those who are rich.  
    Otherwise, you should be happy with skill level 5 and above.  It is just a 
    game ^.^
    3.8 Battle
    This is the most exciting part.  You train and train your card, now is the 
    time to test them (or been tested).  Once you think you are ready, you can 
    challenge others for a battle.  Unfortunately, you can't stop other from 
    fighting you even you are not ready.  So, get ready as soon as possible!
    You can win some coins (and treasure if you choose before the battle) when you 
    win the battle.  On the contrary, lose some if lose.  So, choose your opponent 
    wisely.  By the way, when you choose to steal a treasure, you may fall into 
    'trap', which mean guarantee lose.  70% of my lost battle is due to this, zzz.
    The minimum ATT points that you need for your front line full strength is 
    equal to the total front line ATT points required.  If you have extra ATT 
    points, the game will automatically select your reserve cards and use them in 
    the battle.  However, they can only use 80% of their attack power.  For 
    example, if your reserve card has 1000 attack power, in the battle it will 
    only carry 800 attack power unless they r in the front line.  So put the 
    strongest card in your front line!  (Best result come when the card element 
    match your element, there get auto boost in the battle!)
    Refer 10.7 & 10.8 for some battle tips.
    3.8.1 Skill Activation
    Thanks to the input from Wrextherion @ http://legendofthecryptids.net, this 
    section provides useful info on skill activation during battle.
    From Wrextherion:-
    The "rumour" is true. The first card in your line-up will always activate its 
    skill. There are; however, a few exceptions: 
    1. depending upon which frontline is being set up, the card will not activate 
    it's skill 
    a. If you are setting up a frontline atk, a card with a defensive skill will 
    NOT activate, EVEN if it is the first card of that line-up. Defensive skills 
    are drops in opponent's atk in any way or a boost to your own def in any way. 
    b. Pretty much the reverse of the above. In setting up frontline def, a card 
    with an offensive skill will NOT activate. Offensive skills are drops in 
    opponent's def in any way or a boost to your own atk in any way. 
    2. Raid event skills 
    "My card is sk 10 but it activates randomly! I even have it set up as the 
    first card in the line up!" 
    Yes, it is unfortunate, but it's true. Raid event skills are quite fickle. In 
    the long run, you'll appreciate it when it activates. Otherwise, if you have 
    all-round strong cards, the skill won't matter as much. Personally, I'd take 
    any boost I can get, but it's pretty iffy. Those rich cash players don't care 
    of course. >_>
    3. Skill 10 =/= 100% activation 
    This myth/rumour is very popular; however, it's false. Just because a card is 
    skill 10, doesn't mean it will activate 100% of the time. What is 100% is the 
    skill of the card that was first in the line-up. The two other skills that 
    come after are random. 
    As of now, only a maximum of 3 skills can activate. Most of the time, at least 
    one skill is guaranteed to go off. Another common occurrence is having two 
    skills activate. You're really lucky if you get 3 skills up frequently as it 
    will help a lot in battles. So the myth is busted. Skill activation is random 
    except for the first card in your line-up (and as long as it doesn't fall into 
    category 1).  
    3.9 Monster Maestro (MM) - Added on 27/08/2012
    Another "tap tap" game works similarly as LOC by the same developer.  
    Currently the two games are partly tied in term of rewards.  If you play MM 
    and up to certain level, you will receive some rewards in your LOC too.  
    I had tried the game, 90% similar to LOC.  Even the text message in tutorial 
    is similar.  For those who like LOC game play and also like cute comic game 
    cards such as pokemon, you will like this MM.  Since this is LOC guide, will 
    not say too much about this game.
    3.10 In-game abbreviation
    PP  = Power Potion
    ED  = Energy Drink
    PM  = Perfect Max-card which was enhanced till it max level (not skill level) 
    Reg = Regular card - not PM
    B>  = Buying something
    S>  = Selling something
    T/S = Trade or sell
    LF  = Looking for
    Nty = No, thank you - when a player reject the others offer
    Ok, that's all for now, will add from time to time.
    4.0 Gallery and cards limit
    You can only hold up to certain limit of cards at a time, start with 50.
    The gallery bonus was abolished now.  The maximum card limit will increase 
    based on your level now.  However, I will still try to get and fill the 
    gallery, it just feel right.
    5.0 Friends
    The number of friends you can make is depended on your level.  Friend slot 
    will increase after levelling.
    Every friend that you make will give you extra 3 parameters to distribute into 
    ATT, DEF or Energy.  So, make as many as you can!
    Friends also useful during boss battles, refer next section
    6.0 Bosses
    There are two different bosses in this game.  One you will find after you 
    clear every 5 normal quests, another one during an event. 
    For normal quest boss fight, you can get help from two friends, one from each 
    element different from your chosen element.  After the battle, you will win 
    some rewards, coins and Energy Drink/Power Potion/Trap.
    For event bosses fight, there are two types too.  
    One work as normal quest, you will face them after clear every 5 event quest 
    and get some rewards, you can ask help from two friends.
    Another type is raid boss, which will turn out during the quest by random.  It 
    normally started with 500 HP, gradually increase up to 500k HP.  Sometime you 
    will have to fight against event king/queen boss which has more than 1 million 
    HP.  Current even Hades' wife has 10 million HP and is super hard to kill.  
    During this kind of boss fight, after 1st fight, you can choose to continue 
    fighting alone, or ask for help from 9 friends/guild members.  Unless you spam 
    your PP, no way you can defeat the King/Queen boss alone.
    7.0 Message Board 
    In game message board consist of 'Trading', 'Chat', 'Tips', 'My Posts' & 'My 
    Trading - Most players buy or sell their cards/items here.  Beware of scammer 
    and don't scam others - refer to section 8.0 for trading tips.
    Chat - Any topic (Not violation against the game)you like to chat.  Ask for 
    help or even your real life problem.
    Tips - Supposes to be a tips section, but it become general use too now.  
    My Post - very obvious, you can find your post here and go straight to it.  
    Believe me; find your own post 5 minutes later in the chat section is a 
    nightmare; there are so many new posts/topics come in every second.
    My Topic - work similarly to 'My Post' section, just this is for the Topic 
    that you created.
    8.0 Trading - Revised on 27/08/2012
    Trading is always important for those who don't want to spend $ or spend 
    minimum $ in game.  This is where they can spend time (lot of time) to make 
    profit and eventually get the cards/things they want.
    To start, you need ED, PP or Cards.  The principle of trading is very straight 
    forward - buy low sell high.  Off cause it is easier to say then do.  However, 
    if you don't want to spend $, then this is the only way for you to upgrade 
    your cards to match others.
    Few tips in trading:
    a) Observing - spend some time to know the price before you start doing any 
    b) Concentration - concentrate on one or two items at a time.  If you decide 
    to trade on ED/PP, don't spend time on checking the cards price.  The trading 
    section new post comes in every second, do not get distract by others offer.  
    This is because the time you spend on considering other trade, a good offer 
    may go.
    c) Be firm with your decision - once you have a price in your mind, keep to it 
    and never compromise, unless you receive a better offer.  Every trade you 
    might just earn 1 or 2 ED/PP, but if you manage to do 10 trades in 1 hour, 
    over a week, you will get what you want.  When you post an offer, you will 
    receive comments saying your offer is too low, blah and blah.  Ignore them, 
    stick to your price, if you are patient enough, you will get some trades.  
    However, it need to be realistic, not something like 1ED for 10PP ^.^
    d) Try not to have maximum 5 trades at a time, reserve one at least for a 
    chance to trade a really good one.  Game developer has limit each player can 
    cancel up to 3 initial trades only (reset PST time 5am daily), so, use it 
    wisely.  Give sometime for others players to response.  Even if they didn't 
    response in half a day, try to use "cheer" to remind them and wait for some 
    more hours.  Until the reset time almost reach, cancel it and make a new one.  
    If you uses all you 3 "cancel trade" with 5 active trades and you see a really 
    good offer, you will scream out loud, trust me.  ^.^
    e) Study the market flow & next coming event.  Market price goes with the 
    event, therefore it is really important to know the coming event and predict 
    either ED or PP will be required.  Sometime you can purposely make some lost 
    in current market if you predict the next one will give you double the profit.
    9.0 Price Guide - Rare card - Updated 11/09/2012 (Sorry, I know this is a bit 
    outdated, but really, the price is too much depend on market demand.  For 
    example, when I want to buy an Ebony, there are offer from 60PP (Regular Max) 
    to 85PP (fresh).  So, please just use this as reference, when you want to buy 
    or sell, check the market price at message board by observing what others 
    offer first. )
    I had received a lot of in game query regarding which cards to purchase for 
    different element.  Therefore, I decide it is time to summarise a list of good 
    rare/ultra for your reference.  The list is in descending order, the highest 
    the price, the better the cards.
    There are more than 300 cards in the game now, it is impossible for me to list 
    down all the card price as I won't know that much, hehe.
    I will only list down the cards that I know and aware of, I had try my best to 
    include as many cards as possible and put the price as common as possible.  
    Don't blame me if it is wrong or over price. 
    Besides, this list will not include those junk rare as it worth less than 1 
    ED/PP.  I classify junk rare for those with power point required < 6.
    Comment after version 1.36
    Kindly take note current market rate PP>ED.  Besides, please also take note 
    Rare card price had dropped a lot since November 2012 due to lot of new UR had 
    been introduced into the game.  Even it is allow having similar cards as back 
    line now, the price doesn't seem to recover.  May be there are too many rare 
    cards in the market and everyone is selling to buy an UR.
    Genius Baby Dragon                                 15-25 PP
    Craggy Morax                                       35-40 PP 
    Atum of Vitality                                   17-25 PP 
    Ice Dragon                                         12-18 PP 
    Melancholy Undine                                    6-9 PP 
    Dream World Lilith                                   4-8 PP
    Pure Snow Maiden                                     4-8 PP 
    Four-Armed Muirdris                                  4-8 PP 
    Holy Knight Dragonrider                              3-5 PP 
    Andromeda the Martyr                                 3-5 PP
    Whispering Celestial                                 2-4 PP 
    Silent Mermaid                                       2-4 PP 
    Star Reader                                          2-4 PP 
    Demon Giant of Terror                                2-4 PP 
    Vatori,Shadow Rider                                  2-4 PP 
    Raging Astaroth                                      2-3 PP 
    Hel, Ruler of the Dead                               2-3 PP 
    Elegant Naga Raja                                    2-3 PP 
    Abyss Goliath                                        1-2 PP 
    Odin the Commander                                   1-2 PP 
    Rampaging Ceto                                       1-2 PP
    Whirlpool Gargoyle                                   1-2 PP
    Atar, Tyrannical Darklord                          17-25 PP 
    Flameseer Apophis                                   8-11 PP 
    Succubus Twin Blazena                                5-8 PP
    Wildfire Daemon                                     6-10 PP 
    Anat, Truth Walker                                   4-8 PP 
    Desert Salamander                                    4-8 PP 
    Pondering Belial                                     3-5 PP 
    Djieien of Eternal Life                              3-5 PP 
    Shadow Banisher Sraosha                              2-4 PP
    Herolord Verethragna                                 2-4 PP 
    Deus Ex Machina                                      2-4 PP 
    Fragile Love Gynoid                                  2-4 PP 
    Deranged Nightmare                                   2-4 PP 
    Flaming Sauron                                       2-3 PP 
    Zairic Antagonist                                    2-3 PP 
    Nova Summoner                                        3-4 PP 
    Succubus Twin Bovina                                 2-3 PP 
    Scheming Focalor                                     1-2 PP 
    Netherlord King                                      1-2 PP 
    Quarantined Kanassa                                  1-2 PP 
    Svarog the Leader                                    1-2 PP 
    King Dragon                                          1-2 PP 
    Gatekeeper of Flame                                  1-2 PP 
    Dimensional Guard Artifact                           1-2 PP 
    Q.T. Upierzyca Joker                                 1-2 PP 
    Mighty Baby Dragon                                   1-2 PP
    Impudent Gomory                                   75-100 PP
    Umbral, The Soul Flayer                            18-25 PP 
    Gallant Squire of Light                            12-20 PP
    Leading Android                                     6-12 PP
    Rockface Basilisk                                   8-12 PP 
    Lushgrowth Leonard                                  8-12 PP 
    Dark Knight Dragon (BR)                             7-11 PP
    Captivating Allatu                                   5-8 PP 
    Menthe, Celestial Beauty                             5-8 PP
    Furcas the Wise                                      2-4 PP
    Eager Ammit                                          2-4 PP 
    Ominous Reaper                                       2-4 PP 
    Augmented Reality Giant                              2-4 PP 
    Holy Wyvern                                          2-3 PP 
    Bellerophon, Heavenly Guard                          2-3 PP 
    Unseen Titan                                         2-3 PP 
    Machine Lord Talos                                   2-3 PP 
    Silent Gyhldeptis                                    2-3 PP
    Enervation Ouranos                                   2-3 PP
    Jurik Apparition                                     2-3 PP
    Sand Fortress Watchman                               1-2 PP 
    Blood Hunter Orc                                     1-2 PP 
    Smoldering Nidhogg                                   1-2 PP
    Great Griffon                                        1-2 PP
    Sand Fortress Watchman                               1-2 PP
    Blood Hunter Orc                                     1-2 PP
    Sensate Ara                                          1-2 PP
    Anael, Ruler of Venus                                1-2 PP
    Ultra - Ultra price is really uncontrollable, some would buy the card they 
    want regardless the price, so, really this is very rough estimated.  However, 
    conclusion - good ultra is very expensive.  ^.^
    Marchosias, Hell Archduke                              1000+ PP
    Puppets of Chaos                                   800 - 850 PP 
    Fallen Angel Hamaliel                              750 - 800 PP
    Impending Threat Peg Powler                        500 - 550 PP
    Hymning Queen Mermaid                              500 - 550 PP
    Wandering Geryon                                   400 - 450 PP
    Cascading Dragon God                               280 - 300 PP
    Crystal Dragon                                     200 - 250 PP
    Empowered Adonis (BR)                              110 - 150 PP
    Yielding Powered Exoskeleton                        75 - 140 PP
    Eirene, Eternal Peace Seeker Water                  75 - 120 PP
    Eris, Blossom Maiden Water                           70 - 80 PP
    Twilight's Fallen Archangel                          10 - 12 PP
    Ereshkigal, Death Mistress                             1000+ PP
    Lucifer the Damned                               800 - 1000+ PP
    Barbara, Undead Empress                            700 - 750 PP
    Tiamat of Malefic Tyranny                          600 - 780 PP
    Puppeteer Satanachia                               450 - 500 PP
    Flaming Werewolf                                   400 - 450 PP
    Surtr Aflame                                       280 - 300 PP
    Valefor of Sovereignty                             170 - 180 PP
    Master of Puppets                                  170 - 180 PP
    Maat, Goddess of Serenity                          125 - 150 PP
    Earth Mother Rhea (BR)                             100 - 130 PP
    Luna of the Pale Glimmer Forest                    700 - 800 PP
    Entellous, Creation Goddess                        700 - 850 PP
    Immortal Vampire Lord                              650 - 800 PP
    Grand Protector Gabriel                            650 - 700 PP
    Glimmering Queen of Light                          600 - 650 PP
    Roaring Nidhogg                                    500 - 550 PP
    Morrigan, Battle Sparker                           500 - 550 PP
    Dahaka, Doom Bringer                               300 - 350 PP
    Azazel Prophet                                     200 - 250 PP
    Ethereal Bahamut                                   190 - 200 PP
    Inhert Oracle Ranger                                 40 - 50 PP
    Nosferatu of Distortion                              10 - 15 PP
    Andras, Ever Wanderer                                10 - 12 PP
    10.0 Tips and Tricks
    10.1 - I can't get the good card because I don't spend real $ to buy gem for 
    the card.
    For those who like to enjoy the game but feel not to spend $ into this game.  
    My advice is never use your Energy Drink/ Power Potion (except the bounded 
    type) won in the game.  You can actually win a lot of ED/PP during quest and 
    event.  Save them and use them to trade for the card you want.  You may not 
    get the super good card, but if you patient enough, you won't be too far from 
    10.2 - I always get "Great Success" when put multiples common skill for 
    enhancing, but my skill level didn't up!
    For this, _Alucard_ AKA Ghost909002 comment is quoted as below:
    [1. The element of the card you are using to enhance with (the enhancer card). 
    If it is the same element of the card you are enhancing while trying to level 
    a skill up, there is a good chance you will get a great success at the same 
    time. Using the same element of the card you are working on increases the 
    chance to get a great success by a lot, in my experience probably around 30%. 
    When this happens it's very rare you will get a skill level up at the same 
    time (Updated on 27/08/2012 - Skill level can be up together with "great 
    When I go to level a skill level up 
    I first try to find a skilled common that is not the same element as the card 
    that I am working on. Then I'll make sure the card that I'm working on is 
    about to level, if I have to I will level it a bit. Then enhance it with the 
    skilled common of a different element if I can.]
    Update on 27/08/2012
    However, based on my personal experience, to ensure a better success rate, try 
    to get > 60% success rate before enhancing, until you can't get it even with 9 
    skill cards.  This way, it will increase the skill level up chances by a lot; 
    I would say 80% of the time you can get a success when your skill level is 
    below 4.  Even with a "great success", you can still get "skill level up"
    10.3 - What should I add more ATT, DEF or Energy?
    It depend on what do you want and do you plan to spend $ in the game.  If you 
    don't, then I will suggest you to add max about 120 points to your energy 
    parameter.  It needs 2 hours to fully recover already!  There is no point to 
    put more because you will need to wait longer.  
    At the same time, since you don't spend $ to get those super card, you need 
    higher ATT or DEF points to allow more cards to fight together during a 
    I will suggest in the beginning, put all the points in energy and DEF, until 
    your level is >10, then starting to add some points in ATK.  
    Added after version 1.32
    Although you can use trap to defend your treasure during event, but you can't 
    avoid a defeat if your opponent didn't plan to steal.  Unless you don't mind 
    to see a lot of lost in your battle list, otherwise I will suggest you need to 
    equally distribute your points into ATK/DEF.  You should have around 150 when 
    you hit level 75.  
    If you have 250 ATK points with total attack power >130k+, and your opponent 
    have only 100, most likely you will win the battle, even that guy have 10 UR 
    with 10k+ DEF power.  UR always require > 10 power points, do the maths, 100 
    points only allow max 9 to 10 cards.  Reserve cards will only be activated 80% 
    of the power.  So, chances to win is high.
    10.4 - What element should I choose?
    For this question, well, sorry, I don't have an exact answer.  It is based on 
    personal like I guess.  I choose Fire, but if I can choose again, I may go for 
    Generally, Fire is more about attack.  More cards with higher attack power 
    compare to other elements.  On the contrary, the DEF is weaker.
    Water will be more on defence.  There are some good rare with >7k DEF.  
    However, as you will expect, the attack power is weaker.  Also, you may need 
    to know this too, water is the most expensive element to play in this game.  
    With most of the good rare worth >30 ED compare to fire/forest 10-20ED.  
    Forest is fall in between.  More balance in term of ATK/DEF.
    However if you afford to obtain those good Ultra rare cards with 10k++ 
    ATT/DEF, then no matter which element you choose it won't matter.  Those cards 
    normally cost a lot.  Refer to price list section for more details.
    10.5 - OMG, my card limit is approaching! 
    When your card limit is approaching, don't accept the cards won in the present 
    list.  It will stay as present (up to 999 numbers) as long as you don't click 
    it and won't occupy your card limit slot.  
    However, there is a trick to hold more cards, if you trade your cards with 
    others, it will be consider as "away" and not in your card limit list.  If you 
    have 2 or more devices, you may be able to use this trick.  Otherwise, you can 
    also try to trade with others with some ridiculous price so they won't accept 
    it but the cards will consider as "away" too.  But I don't suggest using this 
    method; you may be listed in the "whitelist" in message board.  A list which 
    players complain about scammer.
    Added after version 1.10
    10.6 - My card skill level is up even I didn't use any skill card as enhancer 
    and it show 0% on top, why?
    Don't worry, it is actually normal.  It happens to many of us if not all. One 
    of the most reasonable answers to this is when it showed 0% it actually 
    doesn't mean absolute zero, but something like 0.1%.  When it is your lucky 
    day, you will get a skill level up. 
    10.7 - I always lose in battling, how?
    If you always lose in defence when other attack you, then nothing much you can 
    do except putting more point in your DEF or getting better card.  As I 
    mentioned above, we can't stop people from fighting us.
    However, if you always lose even when you start a battle, then next time when 
    you choose an opponent you can consider this:
    - choose a similar level opponent (this is obvious, otherwise you get an auto
      lose punishment for bullying) with total DEF points not more than yours
    - make sure you recognise the leader card and not the super strong type with 
      10k+ DEF power
    - click the player name (remember the ID) and stay in the battle page but 
      don't proceed yet
    - click on menu icon on the bottom right and choose trade
    - search the player using the ID, trade with him
    - you can scroll down all his cards and estimate the DEF power
    - However your estimation needs to be very careful as the same element card 
      will give auto-boost in the battle, you better have some factor on this.
    I can't guarantee a sure win in this way, but the chances will definitely 
    increase.  But if you want to win a treasure, you still could fall into a 
    trap.  For this refer next tips
    Added after version 1.36
    Unfortunately, the new "lock" function in card had minimise the use of this 
    method.  Once the cards were "locked" others player can not view it in the 
    trade anymore.  So, be careful with this.
    For that, if you want to be sure that you can win a battle, always remember to 
    fight the opponent with total DEF points lower than your attack.  Remember 
    cards activated during a battle are limited to the total points you have.
    10.8 - I choose a low DEF opponent, but keep falling into TRAP and lost!
    Yup, it is frustrated finally you choose an opponent that you can win but they 
    set a trap on their treasure.  Believe me, 70% of my lost is because of this.  
    Since then I learn and be even more careful when I want to win a treasure.  So 
    far I managed to complete all the event treasure.  Had not finish my normal 
    quest yet, so I may not finished all the normal treasure set yet.
    Why a player set a trap on his treasure?  Obviously they want to complete that 
    treasure for the reward and they only have 1 of that item.  So, when you 
    choose an opponent, check (using trade again) their treasure status.  If they 
    have more than 1 same item, probably they won't care to trap it.  Or if they 
    already complete that set of treasure and it is an extra items, then it should 
    be safe to steal too.
    10.9 - I don't have enough cards to do enhancing!
    Go to the normal quest Area 2, the first quest.  You need to only use 1 energy 
    per tap.  You will get a common card with consuming 3 energy power normally.  
    With said 90 energy power, you will get 30 cards.  Your energy level will be 
    fully recharged after 90 minutes.  Price for common now is sky high at 3k per 
    card, so this way you will save a lot of coins.  
    Added on 03/09/2012
    However, the price to enhance a same card is increasing every time you want to 
    enhance it.  So be smart, when the cost to enhance 10 cards is more than 10k, 
    it is not worth to use those low end common as enhancer.  You probably will 
    only get a level increase by 1 or 2 / 10k coins spent.  In this case, try to 
    enhance at least 1 time for all the cards you want to use as enhancer.  That 
    will only cost you <1k / enhancement.  After that, use those cards (which you 
    enhance at least once - level is between 5 to 10) as enhancers for your main 
    cards.  This way the coins you spend are more worth it.
    10.10 - I want to re-assign my ATT/DEF/Energy points, how?
    Amended during version 1.36
    I am not sure is there any better way, what I know is you can unfriends 
    someone in your friend list.  The system will auto deduct from your available 
    parameter or the highest parameter assigned.  After that try to get some 
    friends again and you will be able to re-assign those points.  For the 
    parameter won during quest, sorry I haven't figured it out yet. ^.^
    Kindly take note you will be penalty 1 extra points if you "Unfriend" more 
    than 1 a day.  I don't think you can earn those point back, so, don't rush, do 
    it once a day.  The other ways is ask your friend to "Unfriend" you, but make 
    sure they know the once a day limit.  You don't want them to lose point too.
    Amended after version 1.20
    10.11 - I want to get the free friendship points but don't like the idea 
    letting others know every day on my facebook.
    Firstly, you need to follow the in game instruction to post on facebook 
    otherwise it won't counted and no bonus points will be given.  To avoid 
    everyone see your post in facebook, when you install the application to post 
    on facebook (follow the in game instruction), set to "Custom" and "Only Me" 
    can view.  Then basically only you can see it after you post it.
    Update on 27/08/2012
    Currently free friendship points through posting on facebook is over for IOS 
    platform LOC.
    Added after version 1.20
    10.12 - Why my damage is 0 when I attack the raid event bosses? 
    Normally it is because you have too little attack power for your front line.  
    Even the whole front line show up and attacks, not everybody deals full damage 
    and sometimes last unit will deal zero. This actually occurs when your total 
    attack power is already below 40.  For example, if you need 30 attack power, 
    and have 39 available, it'll use only 20 or so and some of your front line 
    will deal reduced or zero damage.
    Added after version 1.30
    10.13 - I just start the game, should I enhance the skill common cards as I 
    have only 1 rare card?
    I will answer this question with a NO.  You will get your 1st and 2nd LCP card 
    very soon, after you beat 1st boss and level 10.  For that reason, you should 
    not spend too much time to enhance your common card regardless it is skill or 
    not.  My advice will be to keep all the PP/ED you win along the quest, buy 
    some rare cards from the in game trading section from other players.  
    There is a lot of newbie enhance the skill common and spend all their PP/ED 
    when level is still very low.  To me, it is actually a waste (unless you plan 
    to spend lot of $).  When your level is low, PP/ED will only recover a very 
    small amount of your ATT/Energy points.  It will be better to level slightly 
    slower but use ED/PP to trade for a better/stronger card.  If you don't have a 
    decent cards when you reach level 60 and above, you will always lost in battle 
    and very hard to complete a treasure.  Remember, this game didn't make you 
    stronger by just levelling, but depend mostly on the cards you have.
    10.14 - My guild leader asks to donate at least 10k daily, otherwise will be 
    kicked out.  I am new, can't afford that, can you please help?
    Yes I can help, but I don't help by giving away free staff/coins/etc.  
    However, I can help you to solve guild donation problem without using your 
    Go back to normal quest area 2, do the second or third quest.  It only took 
    you 3 energy points per quest and you should be able to get the ring after 
    every 3 to 4 turns.  After you accumulate 5 rings, go to guild page, click on 
    "offer", then scroll down to the bottom and click "donate treasure".  Every 
    ring worth at least 2k when you donate them, simple maths, 5 rings = 10k.  
    There you are, solve your problem with 30 to 50 energy points which can be 
    regenerated in less than 1 hour time.
    Added after version 1.31
    10.15 - During BR event, should I attack the weaker opponent or stronger?
    For this question, I will say attack stronger opponent that you can win (refer 
    10.7 & 10.8 on battle tips) to earn maximum BR points.
    10.16 - How to decide if I should continue attack or save my power points?
    This depends on the situation.  Assuming you don't spam PP during the event, 
    you may consider this:
    a) You want to earn as much BR points as possible.
    Individual BR points won during a battle won't be deducted even your team lost 
    that battle.  So, if you only want to earn BR points, then you should attack 
    the leader, sub/atk/def leader for the extra points as long as you can win.  
    b) You want to help to obtain guild win as many as possible.
    Sometime you only want the guild win count is eligible for the rewards.  In 
    this case, stop the attack as long as you know your team is winning.  Time 
    yourself, come back in last 10 minutes to check if the opponent is fighting 
    back.  Save your pp for the next round fight.
    10.17 - I have 2 cards, when is the best time to enhance/evolve them?
    Congratulation for getting a pair of your desire cards! Ok, this is what I 
    a) First, enhance both cards till max regardless their skill level.  
    b) If you have skill cards as enhancer, then evolve the cards.  Otherwise, 
    keep them as it is.
    c) Assign one of the cards in your front line, keep the other one.  If you 
    have a second account (with other device), trade it with your second account 
    to save space in card limit.
    d) During event (except BR event), you will earn skill common.  Evolve your 
    perfect max cards now, enhance them with all the skill cards that you have to 
    max the 'skill level up' chances.
    That is what I will do.  If you are rich, buy the skill cards from others and 
    evolve your perfect max cards and enhance the EX card anytime you want.
    Updated Version 1.33
    10.18 - My card level is max, can I still enhance the skill level?
    Surprisingly, this is possible.  Which make the skill level 10 card not as 
    valuable.  However, once you card level is max, you can only use skill cards 
    as enhancer.  
    10.19 - The game "freeze", I can't restart or anything.  I need to delete and 
    reinstall to play again, any other way?
    Yes, there is an easier solution.  Double click your iphone/ipad/ipod "Home" 
    button, a row of application will appear at the bottom.  Look for LOC icon, 
    click and hold for a few second.  A '-' icon will appear on top of LOC icon, 
    click it and it will delete the application from running.  Now go back to your 
    game screen and click on LOC icon as usual, the program will restart.  It 
    works for all the application, not only LOC.
    10.20 - I have 50 friends now, and it didn't increase anymore after level, 
    Currently it set at Max 50 friends.  Unless they change it, otherwise that is 
    all you got. ^^
    10.21 - I don't have enough coins to enhance, help!
    The fastest way to earn in game coins is selling PP/ED/Junk rare, especially 
    during event.  Price range from 100k to 250k, depend on market demand and also 
    total coins available.  If you don't want to sell your precious ED/PP/Junk, 
    then you may have to do the quest in area 2, the very 1st quest, get the common 
    and sell it at minimum 1k each.  If you are patient enough, you may sell at 
    2.5k each.
    10.22 - Is it true that the skill of the 1st card you put in the front line 
    will be activated for sure?
    Honestly, I didn't take note every single time during battle, but personally I 
    feel the first card skill was activated during every battle (I had > 600 
    battles now).  So, I will say YES to this 'rumour'.
    Thanks to Wrextherion @ http://legendofthecryptids.net for confirming this 
    rumour and provide more info on skill activation, refer to section 3.8.1
    Added after Version 1.34
    10.23 - During enhancing, every time after I click on next page, the selected 
    cards will be unchecked, is it just me?
    Fortunately, it is a common issue since day 1, so it is not only you.  
    Unfortunately, there is still the same since day 1 and a bit annoying.  For 
    now, you can use "sort" before enhancing and make it the way suit you the 
    most.  "New", "lowest power required", "low rarity" are the best sorting 
    sequence for me.
    Added after Version 1.36
    10.24 - Can I "gift" or "trade" my event treasure with others?
    It was a "no" previously, until recent "Out of Blue" event.  You can now send 
    your event treasure to your friends or other players as "gift".  However, it 
    still can't be traded.  
    Please beware of scammer if you want to trade with other the treasure by using 
    "gift" method.  You should do it one at a time unless you know that players 
    10.25 - What is this new function "Lock" doing?  
    It is a very useful function added early Dec 2012.  Now you can "lock" your 
    card so that it will not be accidently used as enhancer, trade, evolve & is 
    hidden from others player.  This actually eliminate my tips in section 10.7 
    during a battle.  However, I do like the idea as now it will be easier to sort 
    your cards during enhancement.
    10.26 - Can I use 2 same cards in battle?
    It was a "No" previously, but now it is allowed.  You can have 10 same cards, 
    with 1 in your front line and the other 9 as back line "Army".  If you can 
    afford, you can have an "Army" of Lucifer the Damned, imagine the total 
    damage. Honestly, I personally don't like this change.
    Anyone is welcome to contribute especially for this section, PM me if you have 
    any good idea, credit will definitely go to you!
    11.0 Latest Event News (IOS Platform)
    Recently finished event
    Dead Memories Event   : Finished on 13th August 2012
    Battle Royalle 2      : Finished on 19th August 2012 
    Desecration Smile     : A Raid Event starting August 23, 2012 at 8:30 PM (PST)
                          : Running until September 6, 2012.
    Battle Royalle 3.     : 13 September 2012 to 16 September 2012 
    Star Gazer            : 18 September 2012 to 25 September 2012
    Raid Boss event       : Stranger in a Strange Land
                            27/09/2012 - 10/10/2012 8:00pm (PST)
    Steam Chaos Event     : 10/10/2012 (11:00pm) to 18/10/2012(8:00pm)
    Battle Royale 4       : 17/10/2012 (8pm) - 18/10/2012(8pm)
                            20/10/2012 (8pm) - 21/10/2012(8pm)
    Quest event           : This is Halloween Event
                          : 20 Oct 2012 till 31 Oct 2012 7:59pm (pst)
    Raid Boss event       : Soul Crousher
                            03/11/2012 - 12/11/2012 7:59pm (PST)
    Battle Royale 5       : 15/11/2012 (8pm) - 16/11/2012(11:59pm)
                            17/11/2012 (8pm) - 18/11/2012(11:59pm)
    Quest event           : Out of Blue
                          : 20 Nov 2012 8:00pm till 26 Nov 2012 7:59pm (pst)
    Raid Event            : Frost Circus
                          : 29 Nov 8:00pm till 09 Dec 8:00pm (pst)
    Battle Royale 6       : 20/11/2012 - 24/12/2012
    Raid Event            : From Genesis to Revelation
                          : 28/12/2012 12:59pm to Jan 2013 (Event suspend halfway 
                            & restart)
    Battle Royale 7       : 10/01/2013 (8pm) - 13/01/2013 (11:59pm)
    Quest event           : From Underneath the Ice
                          : Kick off 17/01/2013
    Event Tips            :
    Quest Event           : In a quest event, you normally need to collect some 
                            items, which will determine your ranking.  While you 
                            advance in the event quest, you will collect the item 
                            on the way randomly.  You can also collect 6 sets 
                            of treasure so that when you reach 100 level (quest 
                            level), you will receive an UR.  Each set of treasure
                            can only been collected once.  Since Out of Blue event
                            you can now "gift" the extra treasure to anyone.  
                            Which help in completing all the event treasure for 
                            the UR.  Basically only ED is required in this event
    Raid Event            : In a raid event, you need to advance in the event 
                            quest and will meet with the event bosses randomly.  
                            This event gave you a lot of cards which is good for 
                            enhancing your main cards.  You will need both ED and 
                            PP, mainly PP for the eventual Hidden Boss with 
                            10 million health.  
    Battle Royale         : Guild Battle event, you need to battle with the other
                            random guilds.  This is the time you show the others
                            the strength.  You either defeated others to earn BR 
                            points or been defeated.  You need to choose the right 
                            person to be either Attack Leader or Defence Leader in 
                            your guild.  Lot of time, these are the main reason to 
                            win or lose a battle.
    Battle Master         : Individual Battle Event
                          : Basically just fight the other to earn points, the
                            higher you can reach, the more "Crystone" you can win.  
                            You can use them to exchange for different rewards, 
                            including a limited UR card!  Well, if you can get 
                            2000 stone...
    Steam Casino          : Another Battle event, normally during the period when
                            one event is completed and the other one not start 
                            yet.  You earn Mana base on the Power Point you use in 
                            battle (when u win) and u can use it to try 3 
                            different casinos with different reward.  Good luck in 
                            getting a good reward!
    12.0 Credits
    _Alucard_ AKA Ghost909002 at GameFAQs.com: For info on enhancing.
    Wildfang_ at GameFAQs.com: For answering my question on max skill level.
    Wrextherion @ http://legendofthecryptids.net: For info on skill activation
    McGrady56 @ http://legendofthecryptids.net: For evolving calculation
    All the players for their queries in game or at GameFAQs.com
    13.0 Copyright Notice
    This file is Copyright (c) 2012 ZeroIceCool. All rights reserved. 
    Only the lists of sites below are allowed to post my work:
    If your site is not on the aforementioned list, you are currently not allowed 
    to post any of my files on your site. Please respect my work and do not steal 
    it or post it without my permission. 
    At the moment, please do not contact me about hosting this guide on any other 
    website.  I will not grant permission for you.  I am willing to take action if 
    I find this guide being hosted anywhere other than the site mention above.
    If you are writing a FAQ for this game as well, and would like to use some 
    information, credit me for what you use. Please do not rip me off, as that is 
    blatant plagiarism and such will not be tolerated.
    Finally, if you need to contact me for some reason that is not covered above, 
    you can PM me in this forum.  Please only contact me if there are corrections 
    to be made to information that's currently included.
    This guide will be updated from time to time and is not final (and can never 
    be as long as the game didn't end) 

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