Xenon Shooter : The Space Defender delivers a new kind of base shooting game with new gameplay experiences including collecting energy points, defending the base, upgrading the cannon, and fighting with giant bosses.


In year 2447, humans have traveled to the space and built several space colonies at the outer rim of the galaxy.
Humans had found a new source of energy that could produce great energy beyond their imagination, a mysterious space-mineral called Xenon-X.
They established mining stations to harvest the energy from Xenon-X. They discovered that by shooting Proton into its core, Xenon-X would release a great amount of nuclear which they could use as a major source of energy for their colonies.
However ….. humans are not there alone. “The Biomech”, artificial life forms that generate their own bodies from pieces of mechanical wastes, also have their eyes on Xenon-X. It remains a mystery how these junk machines became alive, but they are not about to let humans harvest Xenon-X only for ourselves.


- A classic base shooting game with new gameplay experiences.
- 30 minutes non-stop base-defending mission.
- Excellent 3D pre-rendered graphic and engaging music.
- Challenging giant boss battles.
- More than 20 items and enemies.
- Three difficulty levels carefully designed for a casual player to a real hardcore player.
- Fully random enemies and obstacles.

Next Update

- Retina Display support coming soon...

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