Review by Owenazuris

"Good Game, With Great Potential."

Downloaded this game a couple of weeks ago, when I was looking for a new card game on the iOS and I was impressed by it.

This game is similar to other games on the marketplace, such as Rage of Bahamut, where you go and collect cards and then sacrifice lesser cards to your main cards to improve them.

The game does improve on this formula by doing a few things differently. First, is the way you acquire cards. You do this though a minigame where you aim a set of crosshairs at a silhouette on screen and after hitting it enough times you get a card. This is a little more involved and interactive than you typical open a card pack and see what falls out. It also gives you some control over which cards you will get, as you can tell from the silhouette of the monster which class of monster card will drop from it.

The game also allows you to use ten cards when fighting and the fights are one on one. You and your opponent start with your first card, and those two cards will battle each other. The winning card moves on to the next card, until all cards in one person's deck have been exhausted. Cards have different stats, abilities, and types, and each has strengths and weaknesses. This creates an opportunity for a little strategy, though you don't know what your opponent has in their deck, so the strategy comes in mainly in placing cards in an order where the next card in your deck will cancel out the weakness of the previous card, in hopes that whatever killed the previous card, will be weak to your next card. This is something that could be improved on in the future, by adding spells or traps.
You can easily play this game and not spend any money. You will get special hunting passes, if you log in everyday, that will allow you to hunt in an area roamed by the rarer monsters, and you will need them. Despite the afore mentioned stats and weaknesses, the 4 and 5 star rare monsters will crush the common monsters. You can also find rare monsters in the course of your normal hunting, but mostly you will just be finding fodder to feed to your rarer monsters.

In short, I really enjoyed this game. It has huge potential if Square Enix decides to really invest in this game. Right now, the cards are pretty generic, both in art style and in monster type, but if SE went and started releasing cards based on Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and their other properties it could be huge.

Also, disappointing is the music and the story. Both are pretty generic, which isn't a big deal in this type of game, but if you are expecting Square Enix to raise the bar in this type of game to the next level, then you will be disappointed.

If you enjoy collectable card games, you cannot go wrong with this game. The download is free, and you can enjoy the game without paying anything. It is easy to learn and easy to play. Hopefully Square Enix will support this game with many updates, which will keep people playing.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/19/12

Game Release: Guardian Cross (US, 09/13/12)

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