What is the best strategy for pocket planes ?

  1. Im in level 14 with 14 crafts(6c and 6p kagaroos 1c and 1p mohawks plus 2 navigators,1 wallaby 1 griffon and 1 brichcraft in hangar this last one anly bring red income). Im flying in Europe and North Africa with19 airports, 14 class 1 and 5 class 2, (madrid,algiers, berlin,st petersburg and riyadh).
    Should i close some airports class 1 and open 2 class 3 ?
    I need to make faster income coins, any sugestions ??

    User Info: milesgable

    milesgable - 5 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    The birchcratf is for 2p and 2c class 2 plane. I try to go to/from class 2 airports but the income in the upper right corner sums up to negative red no matter how. I can buy a pearjet but im not spending ectra buck for a plane that has red income. Ive tried even with the 25% from st petersburg to madrid without result. If you have a solution, id like to know.

    User Info: milesgable

    milesgable - 5 years ago


  1. 1. Retire all your 1 seater aircrafts. This will leave you with the kagaroos and mohawks. Do not upgrade these planes because they will eventually be phased out.
    2. You should save bux to buy Aeroeagles for your class 2 & 3 airports. Start around level 15 or so.
    3. Pick a hub for each region you are operating in. This should be a class 3 airport that is fully upgraded. All other airports in the region should be surrounding the hub (like the center of a wheel).
    4. Have your planes originate from the non-hub cities. Load them with the top paying jobs and fly them to the hub. Once at the hub empty the planes and fill with one destination for the 25% bonus. Then fly to the destination city.
    5. As you gain coins, bux and level up you can modify this strategy by having all the regional cities flying to a regional hub then flying to a destination city. Then loading with top paying jobs and flying to the closest regional hub, etc. Aeroeagles work best with this strategy because they are cheap to operate, easy to fill for the 25% bonus and relatively affordable compared to Cloudliners, Cyclones or even Pearjets.

    Good Luck.

    User Info: dcmarsh2000

    dcmarsh2000 - 3 years ago 0 0

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