Tired of Doodle Jump? Want to try something different, new and exciting? Create your Bouncy Monster and JUMP IN!

Bouncy Monster is an action platformer that uses extremely addicting tilt controls. Check out the trailer:

So, what's unique about Bouncy Monster?

Content! The game features thousands upon thousands of hand crafted levels mixed in with millions of randomly generated ones. Levels are filled with lots of interesting obstacles that will challenge and surprise you every time you play. As you guide your Bouncy Monster through a vast environment, you will also be collecting shiny gold coins. While being shiny and pretty, these coins will also come in handy, giving you an extra life for every 100 coins collected. Bouncy Monster has 2 game modes prepared for you, satisfying your both casual and diehard tastes.

- Custom Bouncy Monster Creator
- Thousands of hand crafted and randomly generated levels
- 2 Game Modes
- Polished Graphics
- Fun Music
- Achievements and Leaderboards
- Game Center
- OpenFeint

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