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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by lordmagnet

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                                     CSR Racing
                                 For iPhone / iPad
                        Guide by Michael Funaro (Lordmagnet)
                            Guide Version 1.03 (12-19-12)
                                (1st Ver.: 7-02-12)

    Game Information

    Developed by Boss Alien LTD


    Published by NaturalMotion Games


    Released: June 28th, 2012


    Current Game Version (as of this guide version): 1.2.0


    Game Overview

    The game is separated into 5 levels known as tiers. To progress to the next tier you must participate in Crew Battles and eventually defeat the Crew Leader.


    To be able to beat the crew members you will need to modify your vehicle. Regulation Races are a great place to grind out some cash.


    When you reach a new tier, you will need to buy a new vehicle of that tier type (see the Vehicle list for details).


    Races come in 2 distances:

    1/4 mile race: These are the most common type, and also the more difficult in my opinion. These races require better timing on the players part, with good starts and good shifting. Grip and Gearbox stats are important here.
    1/2 mile race: These endurance races depend a bit more on the vehicle stats. Power and weight are important here.

    Races come in 4 difficulties:

    Easy (1 bar filled out of the 4):
    Don't fear these. Your vehicle is superior in every way to your opponents, and even with racing slip ups on your part you should win (Don't fall asleep at the wheel though, it's not impossible to lose).
    Challenging (2 bars filled out of the 4):
    Your vehicle rating is very similar to the opponents. Sloppy driving skills will see you lose this race, but perfect (or good) launches and shifting will grab you the win.
    Hard (3 bars filled out of the 4):
    Your opponent has a superior vehicle rating to you, and you need more modifications to your vehicle. These races might be possible to win with perfect driving, a mechanic tune up, and lots of luck.
    Extreme (4 bars filled out of the 4):
    Don't even attempt it. You need a serious vehicle upgrade.

    Race Overview

    Each race requires 3 interactions from the player: The vehicle launch, shifting gears, and using the nitrous boost.


    Vehicle Launch:

    The race will not start until you are pushing on the accelerator.
    For a 'Perfect Start' you will need to rev the vehicle at the rpm where the green shift lift is flashing by the time the race starts. This shift light can be found between the tachometer and the gear indicator.
    Tip: The accelerator doesn't need to be pressed down when the race starts, all that matters is the rpm the vehicle is currently revved to. If you have a problem with launches, try to over-rev the engine and let the rev fall down to the green shift light position when the countdown is over.

    Shifting Gears:

    For a 'Perfect Shift' you need to hit the upshift paddle (the right paddle) when the green shift light is flashing. Below the shift light you will see 3 blue lights build up (bottom to top) before the green shift light activates, like it is saying "1...2...3...shift now". Above the tachometer you will also see the words 'GET READY' and 'SHIFT NOW'.

    Nitrous Boost:

    Nitrous will give you a serious boost of speed during races. The nitrous button can be found on the left side of the race view. It is a red circular button with N2O written on it.
    Tip: The best time to boost is after your wheelspins. Thus, I prefer to use it after shifting into 3rd gear, since you wheelspin on launch and usually after shifting into 2nd. Nitrous boosting during wheelspin will only extend the spin longer.

    After Race Screen:

    Not only do you race faster with Perfect and Good shifts/starts, but you also earn bonus cash.
    • Vehicles cannot be purchased with Cash currency until you have unlocked their corresponding tier (i.e. a T4 car until you are on level Tier 4).
    • These stats are initial values upon purchase.

    N/A = Not Available. Vehicle cannot be purchased in this currency.


    ? = Currently unknown.


    VehicleTierPrice (Cash)Price (Gold)DrivetrainStatsRatingPowerWeightGripGearbox
    TT RST2N/A35 GAWD(Initial)34134032005346400
    R8 V10 FSIT4$235,20071 GAWD(Initial)50652037159250380
    R8 LMS ultraT5$460,990100 GRWD(Initial)60150029108505350
    R8 LMS ultra CSRT5N/A1,000 GRWD(Initial)62455028759205325


    VehicleTierPrice (Cash)Price (Gold)DrivetrainStatsRatingPowerWeightGripGearbox
    125i CoupeT1N/A21 GRWD(Initial)21321833184167450
    Z4 sDrive35iT2$56,22529 GRWD(Initial)30730235205850510
    1M CoupeT2$61,87529 GRWD(Initial)30935032965250505
    M3 CoupeT3$112,00050 GRWD(Initial)40841437046748420
    Z4 GT3T5$456,200100 GRWD(Initial)60251526247232400


    VehicleTierPrice (Cash)Price (Gold)DrivetrainStatsRatingPowerWeightGripGearbox
    Camaro SST2$67,50029 GRWD(Initial)31442640406243495
    Camaro ZL1T3$120,40050 GRWD(Initial)41555042007248475
    Corvette C6T3$140,00050 GRWD(Initial)41743032085500465
    Corvette ZR1T4$255,78071 GRWD(Initial)50163835307299390


    VehicleTierPrice (Cash)Price (Gold)DrivetrainStatsRatingPowerWeightGripGearbox
    Focus STT1$25,000N/AFWD(Initial)16722233064000480
    Focus RST2$50,65029 GFWD(Initial)30130132344673500
    Mustang GTT2$64,68029 GRWD(Initial)30341236656164490
    Mustang Boss 302T3$126,00050 GRWD(Initial)41544433066267430
    Mustang Boss LST3N/A58 GRWD(Initial)43644432916282410
    GTT4$246,96071 GRWD(Initial)50155034857500400
    Mustang Cobra JetT5$470,400100 GRWD(Initial)602618320010000400


    VehicleTierPrice (Cash)Price (Gold)DrivetrainStatsRatingPowerWeightGripGearbox
    Mini Cooper ST1$23,000N/AFWD(Initial)16118126793174510
    John Cooper WorksT1N/A21 GFWD(Initial)21921126563364470


    VehicleTierPrice (Cash)Price (Gold)DrivetrainStatsRatingPowerWeightGripGearbox
    Altima 2.5S CoupeT1$24,000N/AFWD(Initial)16817531684013520
    370ZT2$59,06029 GRWD(Initial)30933232324961480
    Yoshiro's 370ZT2Win RaceWin RaceRWD(Initial)443?30795354230
    Nissan GT-RT4$228,14471 GAWD(Initial)50248540859275300

    Tier 1 (T1)

    VehiclePrice (Cash)Price (Gold)DrivetrainStatsRatingPowerWeightGripGearbox
    Mini Cooper S$23,000N/AFWD(Initial)16118126793174510
    Audi A1$24,500N/AFWD(Initial)16518228443546400
    Ford Focus ST$25,000N/AFWD(Initial)16722233064000480
    Nissan Altima 2.5S Coupe$24,000N/AFWD(Initial)16817531684013520
    BMW 125i CoupeN/A21 GRWD(Initial)21321833184167450
    Mini John Cooper WorksN/A21 GFWD(Initial)21921126563364470

    Tier 2 (T2)

    VehiclePrice (Cash)Price (Gold)DrivetrainStatsRatingPowerWeightGripGearbox
    Ford Focus RS$50,65029 GFWD(Initial)30130132344673500
    Ford Mustang GT$64,68029 GRWD(Initial)30341236656164490
    BMW Z4 sDrive35i$56,22529 GRWD(Initial)30730235205850510
    Nissan 370Z$59,06029 GRWD(Initial)30933232324961480
    BMW 1M Coupe$61,87529 GRWD(Initial)30935032965250505
    Chevrolet Camaro SS$67,50029 GRWD(Initial)31442640406243495
    Audi TT RSN/A35 GAWD(Initial)34134032005346400
    Yoshiro's 370ZWin RaceWin RaceRWD(Initial)443?30795354230

    Tier 3 (T3)

    VehiclePrice (Cash)Price (Gold)DrivetrainStatsRatingPowerWeightGripGearbox
    BMW M3 Coupe$112,00050 GRWD(Initial)40841437046748420
    Chevrolet Camaro ZL1$120,40050 GRWD(Initial)41555042007248475
    Ford Mustang Boss 302$126,00050 GRWD(Initial)41544433066267430
    Chevrolet Corvette C6$140,00050 GRWD(Initial)41743032085500465
    Ford Mustang Boss LSN/A58 GRWD(Initial)43644432916282410

    Tier 4 (T4)

    VehiclePrice (Cash)Price (Gold)DrivetrainStatsRatingPowerWeightGripGearbox
    Ford GT$246,96071 GRWD(Initial)50155034857500400
    Chevrolet Corvette ZR1$255,78071 GRWD(Initial)50163835307299390
    Nissan GT-R$228,14471 GAWD(Initial)50248540859275300
    Audi R8 V10 FSI$235,20071 GAWD(Initial)50652037159250380

    Tier 5 (T5)

    VehiclePrice (Cash)Price (Gold)DrivetrainStatsRatingPowerWeightGripGearbox
    Audi R8 LMS ultra$460,990100 GRWD(Initial)60150029108505350
    BMW Z4 GT3$456,200100 GRWD(Initial)60251526247232400
    Ford Mustang Cobra Jet$470,400100 GRWD(Initial)602618320010000400
    Audi R8 LMS ultra CSRN/A1,000 GRWD(Initial)62455028759205325


    The tier of your vehicle dictates which races it can compete in.


    The overall strength of your vehicle.


    Increases acceleration when not spinning the wheels. As a side effect increases wheelspin.


    Note: The lower the number the better.


    Decreasing weight increases acceleration. As a side effect decreases grip.


    Decreases wheelspin.


    Note: The lower the number the better.


    Decreasing gearbox increases rev speed, and decreases shift time.

    • Each modification has 5 stages of upgrades.
    • Stage 4 and 5 modifications are considered import mods, and take time for the parts to become available.


    Stat Change: -Weight (Good effect), -Grip (Bad effect)


    Stat Change: +Grip

    Gear Box

    Most of the time this upgrades improves Gearbox, but sometimes it will improve Grip instead.


    Stat Change: -Gearbox (Good effect) / +Grip


    Stat Change: +Power


    Stat Change: +Power


    Stat Change: +Power


    No stat change, but provides the nitrous boost during races. Further upgrades provide more powerful boosts.


    Found under the Paintshop, decals provide bonus cash in races.


    Regulation Race

    Available: Tier 1+


    Race your own car and set the difficulty higher for bigger prizes.


    3 selectable difficulties: Rookie, Amateur, & Pro. This mode can be raced indefinitely.


    Available: Tier 1+


    Race your own car against progressively tougher opponents for increasing prizes.


    24 rounds each tier.


    Available: Tier 1+


    Rise to the challenge and beat a mystery street racer!

    Daily Battle

    Available: Tier 1+


    High reward in special loan cars. Three per day. Come back each day for Bigger Prizes.

    Crew Battle

    Available: Tier 1+


    Beat crew members in turn, then beat the crew leader to unlock the next tier.


    This category consists of 4 crew members and 3 battles against the crew leader.


    Note: Each battle against the crew leader costs 2 gas units.


    Available: Tier 2+, Available to all tiers after beating tier 5


    Fit the correct upgrades to qualify to enter this event.



    Challenge NameRequirement
    Light Weight DerbyRequires vehicle weight under a threshold
    Heavy Weight ContestRequires vehicle weight over a threshold
    Road Tire TrophyNo tire upgrades allowed
    Burning Rubber ChallengeRequires upgraded tires
    No Gas TrophyNo nitrous upgrades allowed
    Laughing Gas ChallengeRequires nitrous installed
    Wrong Wheels ChallengeRequires front wheel drive (FWD)
    Rear Wheel Thunder / Stomping Ground / Hunting GroundRequires rear wheel drive (RWD)
    All Wheel Drive ContestRequres all wheel drive (AWD)
    Nissan GT-R CupRequires a Nissan GT-R
    Mustang Cobra Jet CupRequires a Ford Mustang Cobra Jet
    Audi R8 LMS CupRequires an Audi R8 LMS ultra

    Car Specific

    Available: Tier 3+, Available to all tiers after beating tier 5


    A test of your upgrade and tuning skill as well as your driving prowess.


    Accessible by only the specificed vehicle type.


    Available: Tier 4 only


    Race in cars from a single manufacturer. Choose the right car and upgrades to win.


    Fangz (Tier 1)

    1/4 Mile Races

    Crew MemberVehicleVehicle RatingRace Prize
    LutherAudi A1195$2,000
    Ale$haNissan Altima Coupe218$2,500
    SweenyBMW 125i Coupe238$3,000
    Max GearshiftFord Focus ST251$3,500
    Papa BizMini Cooper S
    (Race 1)268$4,000
    (Race 2)283$4,500
    (Race 3)297$35,000

    Iron Samurai (Tier 2)

    1/4 Mile Races

    Crew MemberVehicleVehicle RatingRace Prize
    JunjiFord Mustang GT323$4,000
    Miyoko TakaiFord Focus RS335$4,500
    KenjiCamaro SS355$5,000
    David KatanaBMW 1M Coupe368$5,500
    Yoshiro (Leader)Nissan 370Z
    (Race 1)376$6,000
    (Race 2)387$6,500
    (Race 3)399$60,000
    (Race 4 - Optional)444Yoshiro's 370Z

    Stallion Riders (Tier 3)

    1/2 Mile Races

    Crew MemberVehicleVehicle RatingRace Prize
    Professor Dee$5,500
    Alieda (Leader)
    (Race 1)
    (Race 2)
    (Race 3)

    War Pigs (Tier 4)

    1/4 Mile Races

    Crew MemberVehicleVehicle RatingRace Prize
    Carlito (Leader)Chevrolet Corvette ZR1
    (Race 1)
    (Race 2)
    (Race 3)601$240,000

    Silver Skulls (Tier 5)

    1/2 Mile Races

    Crew MemberVehicleVehicle RatingRace Prize
    Lee HaunBMW Z4 GT3613$15,000
    TrucksFord Mustang Cobra Jet625$16,000
    NeonjaBMW Z4 GT3638$17,000
    Harmony BreaksFord Mustang Cobra Jet656$18,000
    Errol (Leader)Audi R8 LMS ultra
    (Race 1)661$20,000
    (Race 2)675$21,000
    (Race 3)682$480,000

    Agent Deal

    At the end of races you have a chance for an Agent Deal to pop up. The Agent will offer a random car (limited by the highest tier you have access to, but usually the tier you were currently racing in) 50% (or 75%, but this is unconfirmed by me) off the cost. These are amazing deals!

    High Stakes Challenge

    After the final race with a crew leader, they will offer you an optional race where you can win their vehicle. Note that unless your vehicle is fully modified and is mechanic tuned, or you purchase the super nitrous for $2.99, you will most definitely lose this race. So skip this and save your 5 gold.



    This section is dedicated to answering "Which car should I choose?" More specifically, which car to choose per tier. The only real, 100% correct answer to this is: "Whichever car you want." All vehicles will do the trick, but if you're a numbers kind of person, this section may help you.

    Test Scenario

    All times were taken from the opponents in each difficulty of the Regulation Race. I felt these was a good scenario since all the vehicles shared the same rating and the AI driving is pretty consistent.

    Tier 1


    VehicleRookie Times (Rating: 130)Amateur Times (Rating: 225)Pro Times (Rating: )
    Nissan Altima Coupe16.533, 16.52623.206, 23.131, 23.115
    Mini Cooper S16.012, 16.01423.035, 23.027, 23.021, 23.026, 23.039
    Ford Focus ST16.314, 16.31223.018
    Audi A115.945, 16.01223.291, 23.296, 23.291, 23.287, 23.283

    Tier 2


    VehicleRookie Times (Rating: 300)Amateur Times (Rating: )Pro Times (Rating: )

    Tier 3

    Mustang Boss LS* > Mustang Boss 302 > Corvette C6 > Camaro ZL1 > M3 Coupe

    VehicleRookie Times (Rating: 403)Amateur Times (Rating: )Pro Times (Rating: 468)
    Camaro ZL112.680, 12.591, 12.716, 12.63011.756
    Corvette C612.593, 12.599, 12.624, 12.75311.709, 11.705
    Mustang Boss 30212.70711.625, 11.621, 11.619, 11.601, 11.594, 11.601, 11.609
    BMW M3 Coupe12.820, 12.806, 12.844, 12.808

    Tier 4

    T4 / 560


    Audi R8 > Nissan GT-R > Corvette ZR1 > Ford GT

    Ford GT10.461, 10.466, 10.458
    Corvette ZR110.462, 10.461, 10.461
    Nissan GT-R10.404, 10.406, 10.410
    Audi R810.336, 10.336, 10.327, 10.397, 10.332

    Tier 5

    Audi R8 LMS ultra CSR* > Audi R8 LMS ultra > BMW Z4 GT3 > Ford Mustang Cobra Jet

    VehicleRookie Times (Rating: 601)Amateur Times (Rating: 635)Pro Times (Rating: 670)
    Ford Mustang Cobra Jet10.189, 10.57214.641, 14.6018.458
    BMW Z4 GT314.6028.553
    Audi R8 LMS ultra10.18014.575, 14.5878.531

    Asterisk(*) = A gold purchase only vehicle


    These glitches/exploits don't work as of the current game version (confirmed fixed as of version 1.1.0). I'm keeping these up for reference.)

    Time/Date manipulation

    Many of the features in the game can be manipulated by changing your devices date and time. This can be achieved by going to Settings >> General >> Date & Time. Turn off 'Set Automatically' and select 'Set Date & Time'. See the sections below for further details.

    Infinite Free Gold

    Manually set your device date ahead 1 month and return to the game. Each time this is done you will be given 1 gold for free. Remember to change the year when going from December to January.

    Infinite Free Gas

    Set your device time forward an hour to instantly replenish your gas supply.

    Instant Delivery Of Vehicles & Parts

    Set your device time forward the appropriate amount to instantly receive delivery of vehicles and parts. An hour will do the trick for all.

    Reset Daily / Challenge Races Instantly

    Setting your device ahead a day will refresh these races instantly.

    Attach a Social Networking Site

    • Sign up for Facebook and attach it to this game. If you already have an account, make a secondary account. I myself use a secondary account just for game purposes. This can also be done via Twitter or SMS. This will provide several benefits in this game:
      • Attaching your Facebook will give you a gold.
      • Sharing your level ups will give you cash.
      • Under the gas list, invite yourself on facebook to get free gas (limited to 3 times a day per method).

    Easy End Game Cash Farming

    Tip from Rivan:
    "Tier 5 ladder final race can be lost countless times, earning a minimum of $15,999 per loss.
    In addition you earn:
    $5,999 per perfect start
    $3,999 per perfect shift
    $1,999 per good shift.
    Depending on your car upgrades, you can get 5 perfect shifts in the 1/4mile.
    I'm using the R8 LMS Ultra with level 5 everything except intake is 4, nitro is 3, body is 3. Given that spec I only get 4 shifts in before race end, but: If you hold down the gas during the countdown and release it just as the "1" reaches it's smallest point, you will perfect start every time. No more "feathering" the pedal.
    So, doing that, I make a maximum of $37,994 per loss."

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q: What are the requirements of this game?
    A: Compatible with iPhone 3GS/4/4S, iPod touch 3rd/4th Gen, and iPad, with iOS 4.0 or later.
    Q: Do I need to spend any money on this game?
    A: No. Not only is this app free, but the whole game can be played and completed without purchasing any in-game currency.
    Q: How can I earn gold without paying for it?
    A: Each level up provides you with a single gold, each defeated crew leader earns you 5 gold. Rating the app will yield a few gold. Also see the Tips, Tricks & Cheats secton of this guide for more.
    Q: Images and vehicle skins aren't showing up in my game.
    A: Until this bug is fixed you will need to restart the game. An easy way to do this is while in-game hold the sleep button down until the "Slide to power off" appears, instead, hold down the Home button on the device. This will force close the current app.
    Q: When I buy a new car do I have to buy upgrades for it all over again?
    A: Yes. Each new car comes stock and will need to be re-upgraded.
    • Keep in mind, you do not need to purchase any currency to play or complete this game.
    • If you are purchasing currency to buy a vehicle, purchase gold and not cash, you will get more out of it.


    Pocket Money$15,000USD 2.99
    Allowance$26,500USD 4.99
    Salary$56,000USD 9.99
    Safe Investment$125,000USD 19.99
    Truck O' Cash$375,000USD 49.99
    Bank Vault$1,000,000USD 99.99


    A Few Chips30 GUSD 2.99
    High Roller55 GUSD 4.99
    Executive Case115 GUSD 9.99
    VIP Vault250 GUSD 19.99
    Gold Truck900 GUSD 59.99
    Gold Mine1,650 GUSD 99.99


    Half Tier 1 EventsComplete 50% of events in Tier 110
    All Tier 1 EventsComplete all events in Tier 120
    Half Tier 2 EventsComplete 50% of events in Tier 210
    All Tier 2 EventsComplete all events in Tier 220
    Half Tier 3 EventsComplete 50% of events in Tier 310
    All Tier 3 EventsComplete all events in Tier 320
    Half Tier 4 EventsComplete 50% of events in Tier 410
    All Tier 4 EventsComplete all events in Tier 420
    WannabeBeat the first crew leader20
    MaybeBeat the second crew leader30
    Drag QueenBeat the third crew leader40
    ContenderBeat the fourth crew leader50
    Drag KingBeat All The Crew Leaders100
    Smoking!Wheelspin for 500ft10
    Straight Line SpeedBeat 10 Second 1/4 Mile20
    Errol Would Be ProudBeat a 15 second 1/2 Mile20
    Speed DemonReach a speed of 180mph10
    Where's My Opponent?Win a race by more than a second10
    Did I Win?Win a race by less than 1/100 of a second10
    Oh, So Close...Lose a race by less than 1/100 of a second10
    Slick ShifterMake every shift in a run a Perfect one10
    So You Wanna Go Fast?Fully upgrade a car15
    EnthusiastBuy a car from 4 different tiers10
    CollectorOwn 18 cars10
    ChameleonChange the colour of your car5
    Big SpenderSpend a total of $5 million25
    You've Been FettledUse the mechanic5
    Mr ImpatientPay to speed up the delivery of a car5
    You Got Gold!Spend a total of 250 gold10
    Buy My WheelsBuy a car from BMW5
    niCe and HEaVYBuy a car from Chevrolet5
    plaiN IS SANeBuy a car from Nissan5
    AUDIophileBuy a car from Audi5
    only a MINI purchaseBuy a car from Mini5
    an you afFORD it?Buy a car from Ford5
    5/5... We Hope! :)Rate this app10
    Half Tier 5 EventsComplete 50% of events in Tier 510
    All Tier 5 EventsComplete all events in Tier 520

    Credit / Thanks

    • Thanks to Nate via email for Vehicle information, Race mode information, and a gas trick.
    • Thanks to Rivan for cash farming tip.
    • Thanks to Haiqi for the FWD challenge name.
    • Thanks to PT for tier 1 max stats.
    • Thanks to Arturo for some car stats.

    Copyright Notices

    Copyright 2012 Michael Funaro


    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.


    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.


    CSR Racing is Copyright NaturalMotion Games Ltd 2012.