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Download the Store App and wish for more top rated paid apps like Pocket Minions to become FREE for a day!iPhone 5 update submitted and awaiting review - get Pocket Minions now while it's free to play on your new iPhone!? ? ? Featured in New & Noteworthy and What's Hot ? ? ?"It's a brilliant blend of Little Computer People and Settlers with a bit of Tiny Tower and some fresh new ideas thrown-in for good measure."  -- indiegames.comiTunes User Reviews:"Pocket Minions will keep you busy every second of the game. Between resource management, tending to the castle and the minions, and slaying dragons, you'll find yourself absorbed into the Pocket Minion world.""Flicking the little beggars around is fun!""Me & my kids have so much fun with this game!""Very fun and addictive. Now clean my toilets!"? ? ? ? ?One day, a group of hapless minions wandered into a beautiful valley and built a castle, only to find that their construction work had angered the ferocious fire-breathing dragons that lived there. It’s up to YOU - the Almighty Finger - to save them from being burned to a crisp by those angry dragons.• Play through 10 levels to lead your minions safely to the LEGENDARY TREASURE!• Build your medieval castle from the ground up and watch as your tiny minions move in and go about their business• Tap to collect the resources that your minions produce• Manage your tower well to maximize your minion’s productivity - make sure the furnaces are hot, toilets clean and fresh smelling to keep your minions from rioting. Angry minions will turn into thieves and steal your stuff!• Recruit minions with special abilities to help you catch thieves or exorcise ghosts• Defend your castle from dragon attacks!• Physics sim lets you flick and toss your minions• Who is the Mightiest Finger of all? Check your score and ranking in GameCenter!Pocket Minions is an Universal app with support for retina displays on both iPhone and iPad!TRAILER: http://www.pocketminions.comFollow us on Twitter: @siuyiugamesLike us on Facebook:

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