Embark on an awesome adventure as your plane crash lands on a mysterious island and scatters the survivors. Take charge and find the other survivors and help them to safety!*EXPLORE THE ISLAND AND UNRAVEL ITS SECRETS*Deep jungles hide ancient mysteries – Great tribes used to live here, worshipping their spirits and building great temples in their name. Now only ruins and legends speak of their former glory. Explore the islands, investigate the ruins, and uncover the secrets contained within.*COLLECT RESOURCES, FORGE TOOLS, AND BUILD YOUR CAMP TO SURVIVEThere is no sign of rescue on the horizon. You must enlist the survivors to build the camp. Chop down trees, hunt for food, and enlist the help of the natives to build your camp in order to complete your goals.*UNCOVER HIDDEN VAULTS AND FIND LOST TREAURES*Dark vaults, forgotten treasure troves, and powerful artifacts await. Dive deep into these vaults and caverns, battle the creatures inside, and claim the treasure for yourself. Great riches and knowledge are here, but so are other mysterious groups. You soon discover you are not alone and must deal with each group you encounter, good or bad…*DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO LEAD YOUR PEOPLE TO SAFETY?Only you can lead these people to survival. Overcome great obstacles and complete tough missions to advance and unravel the mysteries in Tiny Tribes.. Are you up to the challenge?FEATURES:√ Universal - Play on any iOS device you own! √iCloud - Play on one device, then save and play it on another! Play on the go with your iPhone/iPod and only use your iPad at home? We got you covered.√ Free to Download - How can it get better than that?

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