Game Launch Bonus:NOW WITH 5$ of Game Currency!This offer will not last long!***A Great Hunt gone terribly wrong!***From the team that brought you the blockbuster hits 3D Hunting:Trophy Whitetail and 3D Hunting: Alaskan Hunt comes:****3D Hunting: African Outpost!***African Outpost gives you Big Game Hunting Action plus a healthy doseof action and adventure!Go Hunting on Safari!Visit a private hunting reserve:Silverhorn Ranch - and take down Zebras, Elephants, Rhinos and others mega prey!But watch out - some prey will attack you!Suddenly - things go wrong:Poachers invade the reserve and want to hunt you down!You'll need to defend yourself!o Hunt Zebras, Rhino, Elephants and Water Buffalo!o Defend yourself against super-smart poacherso Use powerful rifles to bring down your prey or defend your life!o Use Rocket Launchers, Ak 47s and M4s to survive!o A total of seven weapons are availableo Use Armor and other gear to save your life!Extensive weaponry, great physics and realistic animal animations make this hunting game a true adventure!Powered by the Ripp3D Game Engine, African Outpost looks and runs great even on an iPhone 3GS! Follow us on Twitter:@machineworksnw####Check out:3D Hunting Alaskan Hunt3D Hunting Trophy Whitetail3D Hunting Zombies Reloaded

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