For a limited time only, start your adventure now and receive 1,000 coins free! Combines the best features of classic battle role-playing games with monster fusing and evolving! *** Montopia ***Go on an adventure with your friends! • StoryThere were always rumors of Montopia, a monster utopia that came to a mysterious end many years ago. They said that any wish would be granted to the person that collected all the monsters and restored Montopia to its former glory.As a monster trainer, it’s up to you to embark on the journey in search of the truth with Milly, your childhood friend! • Montopia Game Features* Collect Monsters!Collect all the monsters that have been sealed in treasure chests as you explore!You can also unseal rare monsters by combining monster fragments along your journey! * Fuse and Evolve Monsters!Breed unique new monsters through fusion and thenenhance them to make the monsters unbeatable!!Not only will it level up their abilities, but some monsters may evolve in special, unexpected ways! * Try Co-op FusionBoost you monster’s abilities more dramatically by working with your crew to create new monsters! * Over 400 Monsters Await YouMore than 400 kinds of monsters from one of three different types – fire, wood, and water – are waiting to be discovered!Collect all the monsters in order to complete your Monstapedia!Try to get rare monsters by playing the MonstaMatic’s free daily lottery drawing! • Enjoy Montopia With Facebook!Exclusive Monstapedia information and original monster drawings available only on Facebook!

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