The new integrated 3D physics engine allows you to control a massive amount of coins with a smooth multi-touch system and flicking gestures. You can use up to five fingers on iPhone/iPod, or up to ten fingers on iPad.Insert coins aiming for the arrow lights in order to get points to spin the reels. As you hit the arrows 3 times in a row, you'll get combo points.Aim for the ♠♦♣♥ marks as well. When you success to light on all the four marks, Tower of Coins will appear in the field as bonus. Enjoy to get various kinds of the Coin Tower.The game has 9 reels and the more numbers you match with, the more prize as follows: - Match 3 numbers - 10 coins- Match 4 numbers - 30 coins- Match 5 numbers - 100 coins- Match 6 numbers - 300 coins- Match 7 numbers - 1000 coins- Match 8 numbers - 3000 coins- Match 9 numbers - 10000 coinsWhen matching the number 7, you win double coins.Three types of effect that help to match the numbers take place at random. They are called Red Magic, Rainbow Chance and Turn Off, you see what happens by them.There are five types of normal coin of silver or gold, and four types of special coin having special effects as follows:- A black coin lights ♠♦♣♥ marks 10 seconds. - A bronze coin adds 15 points to spin the reels. - A green coin adds 30 seconds to effect time of a side pusher. - A red coin boosts the Red Magic effect. They can be held up to 4. The more held the more returns you expect.Support for 18 Game Center Leaderboards and addictive achievements system with 3 stages containing 13 achievements each.You can enjoy more features. Try it out now! -------------------------------------- The Bot2-APx can play the game instead of you. The ability of the Bot is upgradable. You can get and upgrade it by the coins.- Extra coins are needed to pay by the coins, quarter of the price or 2000.- The special coins don't be counted as normal, but some exceptions such as when you hold 4 red coins already. - On iPad, the Multitasking Gestures in General in Settings(not in the game) are recommend to be off. Don't mind it in case you employ the Bot.- You can get some coins for free every 30 minutes when you have few coins.- Check offers from the Free icon, you can get many coins at any time.-------------------------------------Facebook: @HydekXYZ, #CoinKingdom Mail:

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