A smashing hit right from the start! Smash'em, smash'em all as fast as you can! Except for the regular pumpkin, let those pop on their own, just smash those crazy jack-o'-lanterns as fast as you can. Try and see if you can keep up as you progress to more and more difficult levels! Smash them with your friends or for best world score in the global leaderboards.Features:Frantic GameplayKid's mode and 2 stress level modesJack-o'-lanterns everywhere Cool voice and sound effectsMashing background musicGlobal leaderboards iPad and iPhone 5 readyRules:Smash'em jack-o'-lanterns before they green out or you'll lose a life.Smash'em twice if they are super evil - don't worry, you can tell!Watch out for the regular pumpkins or you loose a life and lots of points!You get a new life at each new level, if you run out the game's over!

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