Jump into the lost world of Isla Dormir, explore the wilds of the island, capture & battle dinosaurs, find new DNA to create exotic new one, and build up a dino empire worthy of competition! DINO DOMINION offers gamers a diverse blend of gaming experiences. Though your ultimate goal is to collect and upgrade a veritable dinosaur army - shown as your dino deck - for use in battle, this game is much more than that. Part explorational RPG, turn-based battle adventure, and multiplayer experience, DINO DOMINION will test your gaming skills in every way you want - It’s an expansive fantasy adventure set to engage you time and time again!Love Dinosaurs? Great! . . . Love Industry leading strategic fun? Even Better!-DINO DOMINION is a scientifically faithful sim when it comes to Dinosaurs - if its in our game it really roamed the earth! That said, our geeky attention to dino detail doesn’t get in the way of the action. -Starting out as an adventurer & hunter its up to you to venture through Isla Dormir’s diverse habitats - which include everything from Plains, Deserts, and Mountains, to lush Forests and Aquascapes - in search of new dinosaur species (there’s over 150 unique species to discover in all) and ever-valuable dino DNA! -Choosing one of 2 companies to work for from the get go you’ll be assigned a myriad of tasks. They’ll range from exploring your surroundings, to winning battles, and capturing specific dino species, but they’ll all reward you experience - crucial for leveling up - as well as coins - the currency you’ll need to upgrade dinosaurs and your dino deck as a whole! -Make no mistake, this is an online oriented game. You’ll be able to befriend other like minded players as you build up your exotic base and gather dinos, put your dino decks up to the ultimate test by battling rivals in real-time, and more! The thrill might be in the game, but vibrant graphics, 3D cinematics, seamless controls, awesome gameplay dynamics, and intuitive player tracking features don’t hurt! DINO DOMINION offers players the full package. Film quality cinematics help move your central mission along while vibrant real-time graphics keep everything enticing. To boot, the game’s real-time player radar lets you know when your friends and rivals are near the same area you’re exploring. If time to battle comes breathe easy and keep cool - your dino deck’s endless options to create unique setups and strategies on the fly will keep you competitive and in the game. What are you waiting for. Put your boots on, get ready to hunt some dinosaurs, and build up your jurassic empire! DINO DOMINION is developed by COLOPL Inc.

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