GUESS THE WORDS. BEAT YOUR FRIENDS! Throw down in Word Smack the addictive 2-player word guessing game! Take a whack. Talk some smack. Show em all whos the wizard of words without all the ads!WORDS OF PRAISE FOR WORD SMACK "Word Smack is a very clever combination of word games and logic puzzles that we've not really seen before We didn't think that there were a lot of opportunities left to innovate in the word game genre, but consider us pleasantly surprised. (Slide To Play)LET THE WORD SMACKERY BEGIN!Find as many 5-letter English words as you can in 3 increasingly challenging rounds. Can you score more than other word warriors? WHAM! Start your Word Smack attack with friends or find an instant opponent with a single touch BAM! Wield helpers like LETTER, HAMMER, or CLUE to smash through blank tiles BOOM! Experience word-search glory with rich graphics made for Retina display POW! Play ad-free and focus on word-wrecking your opponent KA-CHING! Step up your game with even more tokens to spend on helpersDont let anyone get the last word. Rematch your heart out! There are hundreds of words to find.SMACK EM BACK! THIS IS A UR IT! GAME!Take turns against your friends or other friendly word-smackers. Its always your turn to play with a UR It! game like Word Smack.So get the word-on-word action going with Word Smack! ____________________________________NOTES: A network connection is required. iPod Touch requires a WiFi connection. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.________________________________________

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