Design and manage your own Music Festival! Book the best bands and attract the biggest crowds and grow your festival into the biggest, loudest, most rockin’ music festival ever!Are you ready to rock? Start building the most awesome Festival - For FREE! ? BUILD THE BIGGEST MUSIC FESTIVAL EVER! Start from humble beginnings and grow your festival into the premiere music event! Attract the biggest bands, sell the best merchandise, and get the crowds rocking out!? GET THE BEST LINE UP! More than 40 characterful Bands to unlock and collect! As your festival grows, you'll be able to attract superstars from every genre. ? THEME YOUR FESTIVAL! Customize your festival to match your musical tastes! Choose from Rock, Pop, Country and Dance themes—or you can create a festival that captures every taste!? LISTEN TO YOUR OWN MUSIC Why not listen to your favourite tunes with the in-game Music Player, and earn FREE Amps!? Other Awesome Features ?DYNAMIC CROWDS react to the music you play!MAKE MONEY from ticket sales, shops and festival attractions HIRE STAFF to auto-stock and collect revenue when you are not in-game! You'll never miss out on rewards!DECORATE YOUR FESTIVAL to keep the visitors and V.I.P.s happy.CONNECT WITH FRIENDS by visiting other Festivals and making friends so they can send you FREE Amps!SOCIAL SABOTAGE! Jealous of someone else’s Festival? Finally you can do something about it — throw Mud Bombs at them!GAME CENTER enabled for achievements and leaderboards.

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