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    Gear Sets Guide by serlkamb

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                                  Gear Sets Guide                                
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                             Version 1.9.0 Build 2594                            
                                 By: Kambel Serle                                
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    ------| Updates |---------------------------------------------[HKMEW01]------
    Version 1.9.0-Added information about the Legendary Gear The Darkness (Sword)
                  (7:59 PM 04/09/2014)                                           
                  Added more Attribute stats to select Gear Sets                 
                  (7:59 PM 04/09/2014)                                           
                  Added Legendary Gandalf's Cloak and its Attributes to this data
                  base. (7:00 PM 05/09/2014)                                     
    Version 1.8.0-Added more Attribute Stats information to gear sets and added a
                  new section about selling your Gear. (1:28 PM 04/09/2014)      
    Version 1.7.0-Added information about the rare and only 1 availability Legen-
                  dary Gear 'The One Ring' to database. (2:13 PM 01/09/2014)     
                  Added Attriute Stats to some Gear sets. (1:18 PM 04/09/2014)   
    Version 1.6.0-Added more Gear Sets and Legendary Gear. (1:16 PM 28/08/2014)  
    Version 1.5.0-Re-introducing the Guide to the Public. (7:57 PM 16/08/2014)
    Version 1.3.1...
    Version 1.3.0-Added new Gear stat listing. (3:57 AM 26/12/2013)
    Version 1.2.1-Fixed Spelling mistakes (4:32 AM 21/12/2013)
    Version 1.2.0-Added Pilfered Gear stats (12:26 PM 20/12/2013) 
    Version 1.1.0-re-worded copyright disclosure. (1:48 AM 07/12/2013)
    version 1.0.0-Initial release. No updates available. (12:45 PM 05/12/2013)
    ------| About the Guide       |-------------------------------[HKMEW02]------
    I have created this guide to help all users of the game be more familiar with
    all the new and old Gear being released into the game.
    ------| Hearo Equipment: All you need to know |---------------[HKMEW03]------
       One of the most interesting updates to Kingdoms of Middle-earth recently  
       has been the addition of Hero Equipment. Pieces of gear that heroes can e-
       quip that give them certain bonuses. But where do you find all the infor- 
       mation about the gear? Where do you equip them on your heroes? Where can  
       you see all the items' bonuses and where are the icons explained? And whe-
       re do yo find these items in the game to begin with? This article will    
       provide answers to all this and more giving you a complete overview on one
       of the better additions to this game in months.                           
       1. Introduction                                                           
       So basically Hero equipment are items you either buy or find/craft in the 
       game, which you can equip your heroes with to give them bonuses to for ex-
       ample atttack and life of your troops. You can find the Hero equipment me-
       nu when you go to your Great Hall, press the Heroes tab, and then press   
       the new "Equip" button displayed below the "+EXP" button for each hero. To
       Access this feature, your Forge needs to be level 2 minimum.              
       It is also in this screen you see for the first time a summary of the     
       bonuses per Hero, given by all the equipment that the Hero is currently   
       wearing like my Gandalf and Saruman to the right.                         
       2. Where to find all the information                                      
       When you press the Equip button, you are taken to the next screen, which I
       call the Home screen. From here, you can access all other menus. The num- 
       bered pieces are:                                                         
          1. Equipment slots, for a weapon, shield, cloak, ring and amulet.      
          2. The Information screen, which shows all equipment and listed bonuses
          3. The "i" button, which brings up the Equipment attributes screen     
          4. The inventory button, which brings up the Inventory select menu     
          5. The details button, which  brings up the Details screen, showing bo-
          nuses for each troop type.                                             
          6. An inventory item bar, which just shows all equipment you have by   
       2.1 Equipment slots                                                       
       The equipments slots display the gear your Hero is wearing. Currently     
       there are five slots: A Weapon, Shield, Cloak, Amulet and Ring slot. To   
       the left is given a summary of the added attack, life and troop limit. To 
       equip an item, keep it pressed and drag it to the correct slot, which will
       light up. To see a specific item's bonuses, press it once time and a popup
       menu will show you. Press the screen again to go back. (Don't press back  
       on your phone, it will set you back to the Great Hall Heroes page...)     
       Items can have three basic attributes, and up to two bonus attributes, de-
       pending on their level. The basic attributes are +Attack (2 crosssed      
       swords), +Life (heart) and +Troop capacity. These attributes need to be   
       divided by 100 to give the actual percent bonuses.                        
       The bonus attributes can further improve stats but also offer some unique 
       bonuses not found in the basic attributes. They are explained in 2.3 below
       2.2 Information screen                                                    
       The information screen once again shows you all the equipment your Hero is
       wearing, but this time specifies all the individual bonuses per item as   
       Also given at the top is a summary of the Attack, Life and Troop limit    
       stats, Hero level and experience, and the button to apply Experience items
       such as Train with Gandalfs.                                              
       2.3 Equipment attributes screen                                           
       The equipment attributes screen doesn't show anything related to your     
       heroes or their gear, but instead gives you an overview of the possible   
       bonus attributes each item can have.                                      
       An icon for a bonus attributes consists of three parts:                   
          1. The main icon (gold) denotes the bonus types. Crossed swords for at-
          tack, heart for life, wings for speed, bag for load capacity, and two  
          troops for troop limit.                                                
          2. The small right bottom part of the icon (god) denotes the troop     
          types to which this bonus applies. Horse for mounted, bow for ranged,  
          greave for foot, little bag for supply, or a T1-4 for all troop types  
          of that tier.                                                          
          3.The silver bar below the icon specifies the Tiers to which the bonus 
          applies, if not already given the icon itself.                         
       As opposed to the standard attributes, the bonus attributes are already   
       given in correct values, and need not be divided by 100.                  
       2.4 Inventory select menu                                                 
       When you press the golden button above the item bar, the inventory select 
       menu is brought up. Here you can narrow down which type of item is        
       displayed in the item bar, by pressing one of the 6 icons in the menu.    
       From left to right, the item types are: Rings, shields, amulets, cloaks,  
       weapons and "all" (default). The Rare button on the left shows items in   
       ascending or descending order of rarity.                                  
       2.5 Details screen                                                        
       The details screen again gives an overview of the bonuses of your hero and
       his equipment, but this time lists them per unit in the game. From top to 
       bottom are listed all the units in all 5 Tiers, from left to right the    
       percentages bonus to Attack, Life, Speed, and Load capacity.              
       Numbers from the basic attributes seem to be rounded down percentage wise.
       2.6 Item bar                                                              
       The bar at the bottom of the Equipment home screen just shows all your    
       items by default and is scrollable left to right. What it shows can be    
       narrowed down in terms of item type by selecting an item type from the in-
       ventory selct menu (2.4).                                                 
       Important to note is that the space in the bar is limited. Although you   
       won't fill it easily, when you you do, you can sell your (lowest level)   
       equipment at your Forge (though for really crappy prices) to free up      
       spaces. In future updates, you will be able to upgrade your Forge to house
       more items.                                                               
       3. Where do you find this equipment?                                      
       There are basically three ways to gather equipment for your Hero:         
          1. Get them from Campaign directly, such as Smaug;                     
          2. Get Armor Scraps from the Mirkwood Campaign (In the Forest Campaign)
          and craft them in the Sage's Tower.                                    
          3. Buy pieces or complete sets in the Shop.                            
      I have no doubt that for many sets, the methods available to acquire them  
      will change over time. If I'm correct, the starter set "Miner's" has been  
      on sale a while ago in the shop, but can now be crafted in the Sage's Tower
      with Armor Scraps. To get these scraps, just attack levels in the Mirkwood 
      (In the Forest Campaign) Campaign levels 3 and higher. I'm not sure if they
      drop from every map or just boss levels, but the Mirkwood's Map 4 boss     
      drops 380 scraps when he drops (~15% -> 25% drop chance), and you need 1000
      scraps to for a Miner's Item. Attack Avenging Moria Campaign for Armor     
      Scraps II which is needed to craft Trader's Gear in the Sage's Tower, you  
      need 1000 of these for a Trader's item.                                    
      4. Available sets                                                          
      Note: with the introduction of gear upgrades, I've decided to name the     
      bonus attributes based on their level, instead of base bonus percentage. So
      *1 to *4. For an explanation of what percentages bonus these tiers trans-  
      late to at different levels, see "Hero Equipment: Gear bonus levels"       
      section of this document.                                                  
      Below are newer sets that were introduced with or after the introduction of
      upgrading gear and unlockable bonus attributes. While the older sets above 
      were usaually based on a blueprint set like Pilfered or Prisoner's, the    
      newly introduced sets vary much more in their base defense and attack bo-  
      nuses, making it more difficult to group them together. That said, the sets
      in general do range from average to absolutely elite, and sport more       
      varied, higer level bonus attributes in some cases.                        
       4.1 Post Gear upgrading sets                                              
       Replenishing Arms
       Replenishing is a great defensive set that has been released just now     
       (aug 2014), by far the best in defensive stats right now for TKing and 
       campaigning. It has four very useful bonus stats.
       The first and second attributes are a 1* and 2* attack bonus to ALL your 
       troops. The third and fourth stat make it really worthwhile in defending: 
       a 3* and 4* life bonus to ALL troop life. If you can get your hands on 
       this set, be sure to upgrade and equip it!
          1) The Light
          2) The Shelter
          3) The Well
          4) The Peak
          5) The Spirit
       Necromantic Armament
       The Necromantic set is the offensive equivalent of the Replenishing set, 
       with four great offensive bonus attributes. Unfortunately, this set is 
       also difficult to come by still, but if you can get it, it is the best for
       attacking right now!
       The first two attributes are a 1* and 2* attack debuff for ALL enemy 
       troops. That’s great, but even better are the third and fourth attributes:
       3* and 4* life debuffs to ALL enemy troops. Once again, the best offensive
       set available as of now!
          1) The Leech
          2) The Sanctuary
          3) The Veil
          4) The Chasm
          5) The Lace
       As far as I can see THE top set out there in base stats. Unfortunately, I 
       know next to nothing about this set, and I have only its Shield in a      
       battle report. But that shield supported 400 Attack and 1600 Defense (Pil-
       fered is 200/1200)! That is the highest I have seen in-game so far. Couple
       that with some good bonus attributes (unknown to me) and this is easily   
       the best set in game.                                                     
          A) Guard's Shield                                                      
          B) ...                                                                 
       Mystic King's
       The Mystic King set is a very offensive oriented set, which lacks perhaps 
       a bit in its base stats, but more than makes up for it with its bonus 
       attributes. It has three similar bonus attributes: A 1*, 2* and 3* life 
       debuff to ALL enemy troops. Although there is some discussion on this 
       point, it seems the King’s gear outweighs the Wartorn gear for attacking, 
       so if you have King’s, equip it when you do not have Necromonger gear.
          1) Mystic King’s Sabre
          2) Mystic King’s Targe
          3) Mystic King’s Mantle
          4) Mystic King’s Strand
          5) Mystic King’s Eye
       Another great set with 4 bonus attributes and some very great base stats  
       which I unfortunately know little about yet. Confirmed stats on the Amulet
       ring and cloak are 1000 base attack and defense values (against 700 pilfe-
       red), making it the second highest base stats in-game.                    
       The void set sports 4 bonus attributes. The first is a *2 life bonus to T5
       (2% -> 9.6%). I could be wrong, but I remember some messages saying the   
       second and third attributes were random. On my Ring, they increase troop  
       load, so really hope those aren't fixed. The fourth attribute is probably 
       the most incredible one: a *4 debuff to ALL enemy troop's attack(~8%->37%)
       If this stat works as I think it does and is fixed, having a full Void set
       would be a killer for defending your city. But I did here some people say-
       ing they had better results with Ent ring, so I'll wait for more informat-
       ion to come to a definitive conclusion on that.                           
          A) Chain of the Void.                                                  
          B) Mark of the Void.                                                   
          C) ...                                                                 
       The Avari set is a top tier set with higher base stats compared to Pilfer-
       ed (45% attack and (36% defense) with 3 bonus attributes. The set is aimed
       at Tier 5 units and crippling your enemy armies.                          
       The first attribute is a *1 bonus to T5 attack (1% -> 5%). The second is a
       *2 bonus to T5 life (2% -> 9.6%). The third attribute is a *2 debuff on a 
       Tier of enemy troops' life. The bonus seems random ( I have T3 amulet, T5 
       ring and T2 cloak), but it could also be that, similar to Wartorn Champion
       each set item focuses on a specific fixed Tier.                           
          A) Dagnir of the Avari                                                 
          B) Thand of the Avari                                                  
          C) Cloak of the Avari                                                  
          D) Shine of the Avari                                                  
          E) Ring of the Avari                                                   
       The Eldar is another high and gear set, which looks like a slightly lesser
       version of Avari for T4 (Eldar has 40% base attack, 32% base defense. The 
       three bonu attributes mimic the Avari set bonuses pretty closely. The fir-
       st attribute is a *1 bonus to T4 attack. The second is a *2 bonus to T4   
       life. The third attribute is a *1 debuff to enemy Tactical troops' life.  
       This makes the set useful for attacking open cities that have a lot of    
       Tactical troops, and in fact I have seen this set attacking with an army  
       of woodmen to qite some devastating results. This set includes:           
          A) Dagnir of the Eldar                                                 
          B) Thand of the Eldar                                                  
          C) Cloak of the Eldar                                                  
          D) Shine of the Eldar                                                  
          E) Ring of the Eldar                                                   
       Axe Thrower's/Archer's                                                    
       The Axe/Archer set is a Pilfered level (35% attack, 28% defense) gear set 
       with 3 bonus attributes, but sporting the Prisoner's graphics. Nothing    
       special to really mention about this set, it is frequently won in Alliance
       Boss chests. I advise to only use these for upgrading other gear. The 3   
       bonus attributes seem to be random, ranging from *1 to *3 and varying in  
       effect, but it do appears as if each gear item has an affection for a cer-
       tain type of bonus. The Sword seems to focus on attack and speed, the shi-
       eld on life and load, the amulet on speed, the ring on load, and the cloak
       on march size, with the second attribute looking more random.             
          a) Axe Thrower's/Archer's Weapon                                       
          b) Axe Thrower's/Archer's Shield                                       
          c) Axe Thrower's/Archer's Cloak                                        
          d) Axe Thrower's/Archer's Amulet                                       
          e) Axe Thrower's/Archer's Ring                                         
       Wartorn Champion's                                                        
       This set has quickly grown to be a favorite among TK'ers, due to its high 
       attack oriented bonus attributes, of which this set has no less than 4.   
       This makes up for the somewhat lower base stats, which might give the fal-
       se impression this set is of average quality. Base stats are 30% attack   
       and 24% defense, identical to Prisoner's. The first three bonus attributes
       are special in the sense that each gear pice targets a specific type of   
       troop (Mounted, Foot, Ranged). The first is a *1 bonus to T2 attack. The  
       second is a *2 attack bonus to T3. The third is a *2 bonus to T4 attack.  
       The item specifics are as follows:                                        
          > Sword and shield buff foot troops                                    
          > Ring and amulet buff Ranged Troops                                   
          > Cloak buffs mounted Troops.                                          
       So far example, the WTC ring buffs T2, T3 and T4 Ranged troops' attack.   
       The fourth and last bonus attribute is also the best: a *2 attack bonus to
       ALL your troops. This is why this set is popular amoung TK minted people. 
       Great overall attack bonuses (be sure to upgrade your gear though) and ni-
       ce additional bonuses for mixed armies. Especially Tier 3 and 4 benefit   
       twice from this set, and make Filthy and Havoc sets redundant.            
          1) Wartorn Champion's Great Sword                                      
                First Attribute: 1* T2 Foot Attack                               
               Second Attribute: 2* T3 Foot Attack                               
                Third Attribute: 2* T4 Foot Attack                               
               Fourth Attribute: ALL Troop Attack                                
          2) Wartorn Champion's Tower                                            
                First Attribute: 1* T2 Foot Attack                               
               Second Attribute: 2* T3 Ranged Attack                             
                Third Attribute: 2* T4 Ranged Attack                             
               Fourth Attribute: ALL Troop Attack                                
          3) Wartorn Champion's Cover                                            
                First Attribute: 1* T2 Mounted Attack                            
               Second Attribute: 2* T3 Mounted Attack                            
                Third Attribute: 2* T4 Mounted Attack                            
               Fourth Attribute: ALL Troop Attack                                
          4) Wartorn Champion'd Charm                                            
                First Attribute: 1* T2 Ranged Attack                             
               Second Attribute: 2* T3 Ranged Attack                             
                Third Attribute: 2* T4 Ranged Attack                             
               Fourth Attribute: ALL Troop Attack                                
          5) Wartorn Champion's Band                                             
                First Attribute: 1* T2 Ranged Attack                             
               Second Attribute: 2* T3 Ranged Attack                             
                Third Attribute: 2* T4 Ranged Attack                             
               Fourth Attribute: ALL Troop Attack                                
       Nomad Rider                                                               
       The Nomad set was introduced a while ago during a special campaign event, 
       in the temporarily available Nomad Map. The set's 3 bonus attributes grea-
       tly improve your supply troops in their daily business of farming, and on-
       ly that. It quite simply is a major upgrade from Thieves gear in term of  
       attributes. Base stats are identical to Prisoner's/Thieves: 30% attack and
       24% defense. The first bonus attributes is a *3 bonus to march size for   
       all troops. The second is a *3 bonus to Supply troop speed, which basical-
       ly all you get from Thieves. The third attribute is a *3 to Supply troop  
       load. Important to note is that I haven't heard whether this set shares   
       the same attribute as Thieves in that gold can be taken without needing to
       send fighting troops. Like with Thieves, the Supply troop speed bonus seem
       partially useless if they're needed, so I suspect it also applies to Nomad
          1) Nomad Rider's Guard                                                 
          2) Nomad Rider's Pendant                                               
          3) ...                                                                 
       The Artisan's set is another relly average set, sitting between Prisoner's
       and Marksmen in terms of base stats (25% attack, 20% defense). It has two 
       semi-random bonus attributes. Like Archer's/Axe Thrower's, one of the att-
       ributes always seem to be attack for sword, life for shield, speed for am-
       ulet, load for ring and marching size for cloak, while the second is more 
       random. Use this set only for upgrading other gear, or sell for storage r-
          1) Artisan's Weapon                                                    
          2) Artisan's Shield                                                    
          3) Artisan's Cloak                                                     
          4) Artisan's Amulet                                                    
          5) Artisan's Ring                                                      
       Alliance Warrior
       This is the set (or part of it) with which equipment upgrading was intro- 
       duced, namely with the amulet: the Annihilation amulet. I destroyed it a 
       long time ago, so do not know what the stats are, but suffice to say, 
       other sets are far better at the moment. The ring I haven’t seen yet, but 
       both items are for sale in the alliance shop for over 15000 points, so    
       please do not bother.
          1) Annihilation amulet                                                 
                Attack 500 | Life 500 | Limit 0 | -Foe LF 1.00% ~ 3.00%          
          2) Retribution ring
       Shapeshifter's Arms
       Whether to call this a set I do not know; so far, only the cloak has been 
       unveiled, for sale in the alliance shop, for a whooping 15000 points. I   
       bought one out of sheer curiosity, but wish I didn’t. It is crap. It has 
       Pilfered level base stats, and three bonus attributes: a 1* speed bonus to
       1 troop type (catapult wagons in my case ….),  and two 1* troop limit     
       bonuses. Whether these are fixed or random, I do not know, just……don’t buy
          1) Deceiver of the Shapeshifter
       4.2 Pilfered base sets                                                    
       These were the top sets before the introduction of Upgrading Gear (see Up-
       grading Gear section below). They share in common (mostly) the same base  
       stats as the Pilfered set, which drops from defeating Smaug in Campaign   
       Mode. In-game graphics also match (well they mostly do).                  
       The Pilfered set is the original top set that dropped from Smaug from the 
       moment gear was introduced. It a base 35% attack and 28% life bonus. For a
       long time, this has been the best set to have, but since a while, other   
       sets have appeared that are more suited to specific tasks (such as Ent for
       Because the set, together worth the Prisoners set, is relatively easy to  
       come by -simply by farming Smaug long enough- this is still the default   
       set for many players. It has two bonus attributes, which are random.
          1) Smaug’s Pilfered Weapon                                             
                Attributes: Atk 1200| Life 200 | Limit 0 | Atk debuff 1 ~ 2.00%  
          2) Smaug’s Pilfered Shield                                             
          3) Smaug’s Pilfered Cloak                                              
                Attributes: Atk 700 | Life 0 | Limit 700| Load 1.00% | TLmt 100  
          4) Smaug’s Pilfered Amulet                                             
          5) Smaug’s Pilfered Ring                                               
                Attributes: Atk 700 | Life 700 | Limit n/a | Load 1.00% ~ 2.00%  
       Ancient Armament
       The Ancient Armament set is a good sister set to the Pilfered set.        
       Identical in stats, this set is geared towards increased army sizes: Each 
       piece adds 200 points (2x *1) to possible marching size. I do not know    
       whether this means 200 troops or translates to 2% increase per piece, as I
       do not use this set myself (but I suspect the latter).
          1) Bane of Melkor                                                      
          2) Defender of the Ainulindale                                         
          3) Cape from the War of Wrath                                          
                Attributes: ATK 500 | Life 0 | TLimit 500 | Troop Lmt* 100 ~ 200 
                * Additional Troop Limit increase. The maximum increase is 200.  
          4) Fine Valar Necklace                                                 
          5) Sigil of Melkor’s Guardian                                          
       The Filthy_Few set was created in light of the cross-world tournaments a  
       while back, which the Filthy_Few alliance won. Again similar to the 
       Pilfered set, this set is geared towards Tier 3 attack. Each piece has two
       *1 bonus attack to Tier 3.
          1) Filthy_Few Sword
          2) Filthy_Few Shield
          3) Filthy_Few Cloak
          4) Filthy_Few Amulet
          5) Filthy_Few Ring
       Unsung Orc
       This set was just recently released during the Easter campaign event. It  
       could be traded in Sage Tower for eggs/bunnies, and can be found since in 
       premium sales. Although it is very similar in base stats to Pilfered, it  
       slightly different, making it’s stats unique. Where the Pilfered sword has
       12% attack and 2% life bonus, the Orc sword has 11% attack and 3% life    
       bonus. The same change can be seen in the Shield attack and life bonuses. 
       The cloak, ring and amulet are identical however. Curiously, the in-game  
       graphics are different from other Pilfered based sets, matching the       
       Prisoners set graphics instead.
       What makes this set really interesting though are its bonus attributes. It
       is the only set so far which has 3 bonus attributes, and they are fixed.  
       Each piece gives *1 life to all, *1 attack to Tier 4, and *2 speed to Tier
       4. This made the set really powerful and very useful for campaigning,     
       replacing the Ent set as preferred equipment. This is because of the      
       higher base stats of the set, which basically means the 1% life bonus per 
       piece is is enough to offset the 2% bonus per piece form Ent gear. Only   
       the cloak is 1% worse. With the introduction of gear upgrading, the       
       balance has shifted once again.
          1) Beheader
          2) Asylum
          3) Shroud
          4) Glint
          5) Adorned
                Atk 400 | Life 400 | Limit 0 | Atk 1.00% | Life 1.00% | Spd 2.00%
       4.3 Prisoner based sets
       These sets are based on the Prisoners set. They are still pretty good, and
       serve some good purposes, but with the Unsung Orc set introduced, the 
       Pilfered based sets are slightly better.
       The Prisoners set is the second set that drops from Smaug. The set has,   
       similar to the Pilfered set, 2 random bonus attributes. The bonus per set 
       piece differ from Pilfered 0-2%, which brings the total base stats for    
       this set at 30% attack bonus and 24% life bonus.
          1) Smaug’s Prisoner’s Weapon                                           
          2) Smaug’s Prisoner’s Shield                                           
                Attributes: ATK 200 | Life 1000 | Life Buff 1.00% ~ 2.00%        
          3) Smaug’s Prisoner’s Cloak                                            
          4) Smaug’s Prisoner’s Amulet                                           
          5) Smaug’s Prisoner’s Ring                                             
       The Ent set has long been THE set to do campaigning with. This is due to  
       the 2% (2x 1*) life bonus each piece gives your troops (10% base total),  
       which helps lowering deaths in attacking Goblins, which in turn increases 
       your campaign high scores. Only the shield of the set was not worth       
       swapping, as the Pilfered shield has the same base life bonus, but        
       slightly higher attack.
          1) Slicer of the Ents
          2) Bark of the Ents
          3) Leaf of the Ents
          4) Wreath of the Ents
          5) Blossom of the Ents
       The Havoc set was introduced some time ago. It’s two bonus attributes are 
       fixed, and aimed at increasing Tier 4 attack. With 2% (2x *1) attack per  
       piece, it brings Tier 4 attack bonus to 40% at gear level 1. Although this
       bonus is pretty sweet, attacking with Tier 4 gives bad ratios in general, 
       so I am not sure how useful the set actually is, but when attacking large 
       armies with Tier 4 units, be sure to equip it! Additionally, the Unsung   
       Orc set is better than Havoc in every aspect, so if you have Orc gear,    
       don’t even bother with Havoc anymore.
       Curiously, there are two versions of the Havoc set. One version, which I  
       believe to be older, has slightly lower base stats (e.g. weapon has 9%    
       attack instead of 10%), while the other has the ‘normal’ Prisoner’s base  
          1) Force of Havoc
                Attributes: Attack:   900
                              Life:   900
                       Troop Limit:     0
                       Attack Buff: 1.00%
                        Hero Level:   150
          2) Protection of Havoc
                Attributes: Attack:   100
                              Life:   900
                       Troop Limit:     0
                       Attack Buff: 1.00%
                        Hero Level:   150
          3) Disguise of Havoc
                Attributes: Attack:   500
                              Life:     0
                       Troop Limit:   500
                       Attack Buff: 1.00%
                        Hero Level:   150
          4) Vanity of Havoc
                Attributes: Attack:   500
                              Life:   500
                       Troop Limit:     0
                       Attack Buff: 1.00%
                       Hero Lv Req:   150
          5) Possession of Havoc
                Attributes: Attack:   500
                              Life:   500
                       Troop Limit:     0
                       Attack Buff: 1.00%
                       Hero Lv Req:   150
       The Thieves gear is another Prisoner’s based set, which specializes at    
       improving resource farming. It does this by providing 4% (2x *2) speed    
       bonus to all supply troops per piece, totaling 20% speed increase. Attack 
       and defense wise it is reasonable, but nothing spectacular, like most     
       Prisoner based sets.
       One interesting rumor about this set is that it allows you to take        
       someone’s gold, without the need for sending extra fighting troops, which 
       you would normally need to ‘breach’ a wall. This seems logical, as the    
       supply troops speed bonus would be wasted otherwise, but I do not know for
       sure if this is the case.
          1) Silent Night Sword
          2) Buckler of Thieves
          3) Mantle of the Unseen
          4) Lucky Charm
          5) Shadestone Circlet
       4.4 Lower sets
       Below are other sets, which are available in-game, but inferior to        
       Prisoner or Pilfered based sets. Basically, these should only be used when
       you have no other option, and since not attacking or opening is always an 
       option, don’t. Sell these sets if you need room in your Forge for more    
       equipment, but don’t sell all of it, because these might be needed to     
       craft or forge better equipment in future updates.
       The Marksman set is a medium set of gear. It has one random attribute per 
       gear piece. The base stats of the set are 20% attack bonus and 16% life   
       bonus. Nothing special really.
          1) Sword of the Marksman
                Attributes: Attack +7% | Life +1%
          2) Buckler of the Marksman
                Attributes: Attack +1% | Life +7%
          3) Cloak of the Marksman
                Attributes: Attack +4% | Limit +4%
          4) Necklace of the Marksman
                Attributes: Attack +4% | Life +4%
          5) Ring of the Marksman
                Attributes: Attack +4% | Attack +4%
       The Guardian set has been with us for a while, and is identical to the    
       Marksman set, with 20% attack and 16% life basic stats, plus 1 random     
       bonus attribute per gear piece.                                           
          1) Sword of the Guardian                                               
                * Attack +7% | Life +1%                                          
          2) Buckler of the Guardian                                             
                * Attack +1% | Life +7%                                          
          3) Cloak of the Guardian                                               
                * Attack +4% | Limit +4%                                         
          4) Necklace of the Guardian                                            
                * Attack +4% | Life +4%                                          
          5) Ring of the Guardian                                                
                * Attack +4% | Attack +4%                                        
       The Trader’s set is the second lowest set I have seen in the game so far. 
       Might have been useful at the introduction of gear, but no more. Basic    
       stats of 15% attack and 12% life bonus, plus 1 random attribute per gear  
          1) Trader’s Weapon
                Attributes: Attack 500 | Life 100 | Limit  0 | Speed 1.00%       
          2) Trader’s Shield                                                     
                Attributes: Attack 100 | Life 500 | Limit  0 | Load 1.00%        
          3) Trader’s Cloak                                                      
                Attributes: Attack 300 | Life   0 | Limit 300| Speed 1.00%       
          4) Trader’s Amulet                                                     
                Attributes: Attack 300 | Life 300 | limit   0| Speed 1.00%       
          5) Trader’s Ring                                                       
                Attributes: Attack 300 | Life 300 | limit   0| Load 1.00%        
       The Miner’s and Arborist sets are the lowest and most worthless sets in   
       the game. As the basic gear set, they can be exchanged in the Sage Tower  
       for armor scraps which can be found in campaign. They sport a wooping 7%  
       base attack and 6% base life bonus, with no or 1 bonus attributes.
          1) Miner’s/Arborist’s Weapon                                           
                Attributes: Attack 300 | Life 300 | Limit  0 | Atk Debuff 1.00%  
          2) Miner’s/Arborist’s Shield                                           
                Attributes: Attack   0 | Life 200 | Limit n/a| Debuffs n/a       
          3) Miner’s/Arborist’s Cloak                                            
                Attributes: Attack 100 | Life   0 | Limit 100                    
          $) Miner’s/Arborist’s Amulet                                           
                Attributes: Attack 100 | Life 100                                
          5) Miner’s/Arborist’s Ring                                             
                Attributes: Attack 100 | Life 100                                
       4.5 Legendary Gear
       I’ve put the recently released hero specific gears here as they do not 
       seem to be part of a full set. Basically, these are legendary items that 
       can be bought in sage tower for Orc ears, which drop in temporary campaign
       maps and can be bought every now and then in chests. They can be wielded 
       by any hero, but sometimes bestow specific heroes with extra bonuses. 
       Right now, the bonuses seem to be increased TT march sizes only though.   
       Currently, all of the Legendary Gear mentioned below, except for the One  
       Ring and The Darkness, can be obtained in the Relics > Gear section of the
       Sage's Tower in exchange for some Orc Ears.                               
       Gandalf’s Staff
       The staff of Gandalf is a 3 attribute legendary staff with amazing base   
       stats: 1900 attack and 300/450 life. 300 In the hands of a normal hero, 
       450 in the hands of Gandalf. Being wielded by Gandalf also increases TT 
       marching size by (…?).
       Its bonus attributes are 3* to all troop load, 3* increased speed to all 
       troops, and 4* attack bonus to all troops. Especially the last one is 
       worth keeping in mind. Although it would seem hard for this staff to 
       outperform the Necro sword in attack, apparently people are in fact 
       getting better results, which would make this the best attack weapon to 
       wield at the moment.
             Attack 1600 | Life 0 (+150) | Limit 0                               
       The additional +150 attribute is only accessible when equipped to Gandalf.
       Radagast’s Staff
       Radagast’s staff is a slightly crappier legendary weapon to be used 
       preferably by Radagast. It has 1800 attack and 200 life base stats, but in
       the hands of Radagast another 50 attack, life and march size is added.
       The bonus attributes are unfortunately a bit useless: a 4* to all troop 
       load, and a 4* to all troop speed. Farmer’s weapon I guess…
          A) Radagast's Staff
                Attributes: Attack 1700 (+50) | Life 100 (+50) | Limit 0 (+50)
               Hero Lv Req:	Lv200+          Buffs: Load: 8.00% | Speed: 8.00%
       Please Note that the additiona +50 points is only effective if Radagast's 
       Staff is equipped to Radagast. Thank you.                                 
       Smaug’s Tooth
       A legendary amulet and the first to be introduced. This one however, does 
       not have a bonus for a specific hero. It has 1200 attack and life bonus as
       base stats, but somewhat disappointing bonus attributes (four of them).
       It has a 2* bonus to all troop load, 2* attack bonus to all troops, 2* 
       life bonus to all troops, and a 4* march size bonus to all troops. This 
       makes the amulet come short in becoming preferred in both defending and 
          Attributes: Attack 800 | Life 800 | Troop Limit 0                      
       The One Ring
       The One Ring has been seen near your Kingdom and all Heroes are scrambling
       to claim it. It's the only one in its existance. Do you have what it takes
       to be it's ruler?
       Compete in The One Ring Ruler Event series for prizes, for glory, and the 
       opertunity to claim The One Ring as your own! Only the Mightiest in your  
       world can wield such power. 
       The One Ring is a Legendary level piece of Gear that has the following    
       four attributes:
          Attribute 1: All Troops Load 4*
          Attribute 2: All Troops Speed 4*
          Attribute 3: All Troops Attack Debuff 8*
          Attribute 4: All Troops Life Debuff 8*
       *Only one player per World will be the holder of The One Ring at any given
       time during Hobbit Month. At the end of each week's events, The One Ring  
       will be removed from the current holder's account. No players are allowed 
       to be the holder of the One Ring two consecutive weeks in a row. All Up-  
       grades and Enhancements to The One Ring will be Forfeited once the Gear   
       has been removed. 
       This piece of Gear is the best one released so far. I recommend that you  
       try to obtain it. 
       The Darkness                                                              
       The new Legendary Gear The Darkness is a sword and can only be obtained at
       the moment through the world Tornement200 as the mightiest Hero of Middle-
       earth. Like the One Ring, this gear is one of a kind. Unlike the One Ring,
       The Darkness is so rare, that the only world to obtain it in is the tour- 
       There is an old legend that speaks of the strongest blade the realms of   
       Middle-earth have ever seen. And now it can only be found in this very    
       special and Temporary World: Tournement200.                               
       Wizards have finally found "The Darkness", the strongest and most lethal  
       sword ever possessed by anyone! This Sword is too powerful for any normal 
       champion! Only the Mightiest in the Tournement200 world can wield such    
       power. This Epic Sword has the following four attributes:                 
          Attribute 1: All Troops Attack Debuff 4*                               
          Attribute 2: All Troops Life Debuff 4*                                 
          Attribute 3: All Troops Life 4*                                        
          Attribute 4: All Troops Attack 4*                                      
       Gandalf's Cloak                                                           
       This cloak belongs to the Legendary Gear Set. This cloak, belonging to    
       Gandalf, has hardly any information known. What is known are only some of 
       the Attributes, which is mentioned below. Once more data has arrived, I   
       will inform you thusly.                                                   
          Attributes: Attack 800 (+150) | Life 0 | Limit 800                     
          The +150 additional only applies when this cloak is equipped to Gandalf
       4.6 Misc Gear
       In this section, I will briefly cover some gear sets that are not         
       mentioned above. Like the Victory Gear and the Purple Gear Sets. I will   
       only provide information about what I know about these Gear Sets. I will  
       be more detailed later on in a later update. Thank you
       Victory Gear
       Victory Gear cannot be classified anywhere else in this guide at the      
       moment. It is also hard to describe. The following Gears is all I own:
          1) Medal of Victory
                Attributes: Attack: 600
                              Life: 600
                       Troop Limit:     0
                           -Foe LF: 2.00%
                             Speed: 2.00%
                         Attack DF: 8.00%
                       Hero Lv Req:   130
          2) Circle of Victory
                Attributes: Attack: 600
                              Life: 600
                          -Foe Atk: 1.00%
                              Load: 1.00%-5.00%
                         Attack DF: 8.00%
                       Hero Lv Req:   130
       Purple Gear
       Purple Gear is a new alliance Gear set. Not much is known about it, but   
       you will be the first to know when something data wise comes around for   
       this set. 
          1) Cloak
                Attributes: Attack:
       5. Selling your Unwanted Gear                                             
       In this section I will be explaining how to sell your unwanted Gear and   
       Why should I sell my unwanted Gear. This section is very Important to the 
       game, so I would advise to not skip this section. Thank you.              
       5.1 Why Should I sell my unwanted Gear?                                   
       Why should I sell my unwanted Gear? Well for starters, you can only carry 
       so much gear in your four cities at a time, depending on the Level of your
       Forge that is. So if you were to obtain a better gear set, It would be    
       practical to either use your old gear to enhance and or Upgrade some of   
       your used gear to make them better, or if you are low on Gold, I would re-
       commend that you sell the ones that you will no longer be needing. For ex-
       ample: A Trader's Amulet would sell for 300 Gold, but the amulet itself is
       pointless if you have an Artisan's Amulet or a Medal of Victory. It also  
       helps clear space and gives you more room to store newer Gear Sets.       
       5.2 How to sell your unwanted Gear!                                       
       To sell your unwanted gear, go to your City View Map. Click on your Forge.
       Now look at these two tabs at the taop of the Forge screen:               
                   |       Details       ||      Equipment       |               
       Now by default you will be under the Details tab when you open your Forge.
       Now select the 'Equipment' Tab. This is what you will see:                
                  | .----.                           .-----------.|              
                  | | /\ |          Forge (Lv.10)    |      175  ||              
                  | | || |                           |Get Mithril||              
                  | '----'                           '-----------'|              
                  ||       Details       ||      Equipment       ||              
                  || Weapon || Shield || Amulet|| Ring || Cloack ||              
                  |    Radagast's Staff                           |              
                  |  ---------------------------------  -   -   - |              
                  |   .------------.  [a] 1700      [L] 100       |              
                  |   |            |                              |              
                  |   |            |  [LB]  [SB]                  |              
                  |   |            |  8.00% 8.00%                 |              
                  |   |            |                              |              
                  |   |            |                              |              
                  |   '------------'                              |              
                  |                                               |              
                  |                                 .------------.|              
                  |  Storage:22/185 +               |    Sell    ||              
                  |                                 '------------'|              
       Now select the 'Sell' Button.                                             
                                                 |   Click Here   |              
                  |______________________________'-------  -------'              
                  |                                 .----|/------.|              
                  |  Storage:22/185 +               |    Sell    ||              
                  |                                 '------------'|              
       Next the screen will unlock checkboxes. Select the Gear that you wish to  
       sell and then click on the 'Sell' button, or click 'cancel' if you change 
       your mind.                                                                
       And now you're done!                                                      
       5.3 Enhancing and Upgrading your Gear                                     
       Enhancing your gear will Unlock additional attributes by sacrificing Gear.
       Upgrading your Gear will Increase the value of additional attributes of   
       your Gear stats.                                                          
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