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    Alliance Shop Guide by serlkamb

    Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 08/16/14 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth
    Alliance Shop Guide
    Android/ iPhone
    Language: English
    Version 1.0.0
    by: Kambel Serle
    Table of Contents
    HKME01  Updates
    HKME02  About the Game
    HKME03  About the Guide
    HKME04  The Alliance Shop
    HKME05  Date and Time of Guide's Creation
    HKME06  Credits
    HKME07  Approved Sites
    HKME08  Contact Information
    HKME09  Copyright Disclosure
    HKME10  Ads
    ( Updates - HKME01 (---------------------------------------------------------
      Version 1.0.0 - Default publication. No updates yet available.
                      (5:40 PM 16/08/2014)
    ( About the Game - HKME02 (--------------------------------------------------
      The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth is a strategy and war game. You must
      join an alliance, train armies and even conquer cities. In my opinion, this
      game is great, with the exception that it is highly addictive.
    ( About the Guide - HKME03 (-------------------------------------------------
      This guide was created to help you better understand the Alliance Shop.
    ( The Alliance Shop - HKME04 (-----------------------------------------------
    Alliance Points and Honor Points                                             
    Alliance Points (AP) are gained for Alliance, and Honor Points (HP) are      
    gained for Alliance Members when resources or special items are donated      
    within an Alliance. You may also obtain HP when Mithril is purchased.        
    HP are expendable and belong to Alliance Members, you can use HP to buy      
    items in the Alliance Shop.                                                  
    AP belong to the Alliance. There are 2 kinds of AP; Cumulative Alliance      
    Points (CAP) & Expendable Alliance Points (EAP). The Alliance will be        
    Upgraded to higher levels if its CAP reaches certain values. Specific        
    Officers in an Alliance can use the Alliance's EAP to Upgrade or Activate    
    Alliance Buffs.                                                              
    Alliance Level                                                               
    When the Alliance's Level increases, more Alliance Buffs are available. This 
    will assisit Members in future battles!                                      
    Alliance Donation                                                            
    Your Alliance receives some AP and you receive some HP when you donate any of
    the following to your Alliance: Food, Wood, Stone, Ore or Gold.              
    The exchange ratios for different resources varies, there are also limits on 
    donations per day for each type of resource.                                 
    You can donate these resources to your Alliance when you have a Level 5      
    Embassy and Level 4 Home in your current city.                               
    Entrust Stones of Vala                                                       
    When Stones of Vala are Entrusted to your Alliance, your Alliance may get AP,
    or you may get HP, or both of your Alliance and yourself will be rewarded    
    with AP and HP respectively.                                                 
    The number of Stones of Vala that you can Entrust daily is limited.          
    AP and HP rewards for Purchasing Mithril                                     
    When you buy Mithril, you and all the Members in your Alliance will be       
    rewarded with HP, and your Alliance will be rewarded with AP.                
    Alliance Buff                                                                
    Specific Officers can Upgrade or Activate Alliance Buffs benefiting all      
    Alliance Members.                                                            
    There are 2 types of Alliance Buffs: Permanent and Temporary.                
    Permanent Alliance Buffs are functional as long as they are unloacked and    
    (Lv 1 & above). Temporary Alliance Buffs take effect only after they are     
    More Alliance Buffs will be available in the future!                         
    Alliance Shop                                                                
    The Alliance Shop can be Unloacked and Upgraded as a Permanent Alliance Buff.
    You can buy items in the Alliance Shop with your HP. The items in the        
    Alliance Shop will be refreshed daily at 0:00 UTC time.                      
    Available items are superior in higher level Alliance Shops!                 
    More exclusive items will be available in the future!                        
    ( Date and time created - hkme05 (-------------------------------------------
      Original Creation: 5:34 PM 16/08/2014
      Last Updated: None
    ( Credits - hkme06 (---------------------------------------------------------
      Currently no users of GameFAQs or Supercheats have helped me assemble this
      Credit to The Hobbit: Kinjgdoms of Middle-Earth game for descriptive
      information found within the Copyright Disclosure found below.
    ( Approved Sites - hkme06 (--------------------------------------------------
      The following is a list of approved sites that have my full trust and
      permission to host this FAQ online.
           - GameFAQs
           - Games Radar
           - Miyustory.com
           - Neo Seeker
           - SuperCheats
    ( Contact Information - HKME07 (---------------------------------------------
      If you wish to help provide me with information not already found in this
      guide, or simply wish to post my guide somewhere not mentioned in the 
      Approved Sites listing, have any questions or comments regarding this
      guide, feel free to email me at admin@miyustory.com . Please add 
      "Hobbit: KoM - Alliance Shop [EN]" in the subject line so I know it's
      not trash or spam. Thank you.
    ( Copyright Disclosure - hkme09 (--------------------------------------------
      The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth software (c) 2013 Warner Bros. 
      Entertainment Inc. and Kabam, Inc. Developped by Kabam, Inc. (c) 2013 New
      Line Productions, Inc. (c) The Saul Zaentz Company. MIDDLE-EARTH, THE 
      HOBBIT and the names of the characters, items, events and places therein
      are trademarks of the Saul Zaentz Company d/b/a Middle-Earth Enterprises
      under license to Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. All other
      trademarks and Copyrights are property of their respective owners. All
      Rights Reserved. This document is copyright 2013 and is property of Kambel
      Serle. No part of this document shall be sold, reproduced, modified, in
      part or in whole, dissassembled or used on the web, other than specified 
      above, without my express knowledge and written permission. This document
      was created for private use only and for reference use only. Violating
      these terms is punishable by law and is considered blatant plagiarism.
      The names iPhone, iTouch and iPad are trademarkd, if not registered, of the
      Apple Corporation. iApp is an abreviation used and created by me to make 
      quick reference to the names iPhone, iTouch and iPad. All Rights Reserved.
    ( Ads - hkme10 (-------------------------------------------------------------
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