Gather in the Holy Land of Arcadia!The RPG famous for its beautiful summons has finally arrived on the iPhone!Become a master summoner by controlling gods, demons and legendary warriors!?What is Summon Arcadia??Summon Arcadia is an RPG that combines magic and summons to create a wide variety of battle settings! ?Story?The prosperous and peaceful world of summons is plunged into chaos at the hands of the former master summoner, Lochius.In order to revive the Demon Lord Lucifer, who had been sealed away in ancient times, Lochius uses the power of giant mythical beasts to break magical seals in various regions.In response to the danger, the Summoner Federation orders you to subdue the mythical beasts in each region and prevent the revival of the Demon Lord!Do you have the power to restore peace to the world?!Collect summons and mages to form your strongest party and take on the boss!??Recommended Devices??iPhone3GS, iPhone4, iPhone4S,iPhone5iOS5 or higher?Application Features??Combine mages and summons to battle!?Utilize mage and summon compatibility! The statuses of a Summon's "Attack", "Defense", "Magic" and "Speed" determine mages' abilities!Put together the ultimate combination and conquer the enemy! ?Join Others to Battle with Mega Bosses!?Join hands with other guild members or "Ar Friends" to fight massive mythical beasts that may appear during your quests!Defeat mythical beasts to earn rare and limited edition items!?Summon Limit Breaks!?Combine summons to raise your chances at a getting a limit break! Unlock the summons' secret powers and greatly increase their abilities!?Regular Updates!?Limited-time mythical beasts and even stronger bosses are still to come!More beautiful summons to be added!The world of summons continues to expand!Unite, summoners of the world, and set forth to the holy land of Arcadia!

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