Scientific revolution. A study that I, Dr. Dinkle, will do everything in my power to maintain. It is the nature of humans to evolve past all other species. Yet, no matter how hard I try - I am continually badgered by the ignorant towns folk.Let them throw what they may, as YOU, my minion, will help defend my laboratory against the ignoramus' of today's society. Those bloody Cro-Magnons don't stand a chance against my army of superior technology.Game Features:MULTIPLE LEVELS OF ENTERTAINMENTDefend my laboratory across 50 levels through 5 experimental terrains for hours of excitement.LAND, AIR, AND GREENDefend against a variety of town folk attempting to thwart my progress such as ground level neanderthal insurgents, armor clad warriors, health reviving wenches, and airborne bombers. If it wasn't enough that the up-rise against me to be so grand, you must find a way to remove the trees that grow in the way of defending! PICK YOUR ARTILLERY WISELYBe careful how you use choose which way to defend. Although I have provided many types of ways to combat the oncoming masses, some have figured out how to become immune to certain attacks! With the recent air raids beginning, new air cannons must be used to stop them before they approach the laboratory.BOOST YOUR DEFENSES, ENJOY SPARKLING GEMSAs you successfully defend the laboratory under certain circumstances, you will be rewarded with glistering gems that will allow you boost your defense by completing research. Don't want to wait, and want to prove you are worthy as my top minion? Share to Facebook or Twitter to receive gems.GEM PACKSNeed gems to quickly finish your research and destroy the oncoming onslaught and other obstacles? You can share the excitement of our adventures across Facebook or Twitter! Want even more gems quickly to help fend off the pesky raids? Dig into your coin pouch and purchase small bags of gems for the low price of $0.99.

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