Inside the room of Father who has disappeared, there was a note with a name and an address."Meet this man. Now get out of there."Those were his last words.Outside the building there are unfamiliar group of men carrying radios and weapons. They don't seem very friendly.Looks like they're searching for someone. Hope it's not me.Without having a time to wonder, I had to make a move. They're coming inside. ? HOW TO PLAY ??Map The red button indicates the enemies you have to fight next. Once you defeat them, the button turns black and next red button shows up. You can challenge the same enemies as many times as you like. Yellow button takes you to the next level, and blue button takes you back to previous level.?ShopGreen button for each level takes you to Shop where you can purchase Weapons, Armors, and Items using Coins you gained through battle. Note that they have to be equipped from Equipment menu(indicated by the suitcase icon on the right of the screen) in order to use them in battle.?EquipmentsYou can equip your Weapon, Armor, and Items you purchased in Shops from this menu. Items can be set up to 4 slots per battle. ?SkillsSkills can be learned using Experience Points (XP) you gained from defeating enemies. You can set up to 4 Skills to use them in battle. Note that same skill can be set to multiple slots. Try different kinds of combinations to make your way through these battles.?StatusYou can also raise your attributes using Experience Points you gained from defeating enemies. Each attribute plays important role in battle. Think carefully how to distribute your points. ?This game is playable in both English and Japanese.? Features Game Center Leaderboards and Twitter to share and compete with friends and players around the globe!

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