???Limitted free season? May 24th to June 6th, Get it free now!?????Get Surprise Package only in Deluxe Edition!!! The higher LV you achieve, the more you benefit! $300 rebate is beyond your imagination!??Please Note:1. The account registered in Deluxe Edition can not login in normal edtion.2. The account registered in Normal Edition can login in Deluxe Edition but will not get Surprise Package.------------------------------------------------?????Your Warrior Within?????As a cute style casual online STG, MiniBattle includes the features of both Angry Birds and Maple Island. The game allows you to play as a warrior who travels across different lands and conquers dark evils. With adorable graphics, fairy game scene, and various fashionable Avatars, MiniBattle always fascinates female players. Meanwhile, the well-designed gameplay also ensures you distinctive competition, carefree battle experience, attractive story, unique growth path, etc.It’s time to step on the expedition for a heroic battle. On the way, who will be knocked out or complete success? Come on, our future warrior, your friends and team expect your coming to their honorable battle.?????Game background?????When Pandora’s Box was open, countless killings, fears, sorrows, lust, diseases all gushed out. The whole land is shrouded in disaster and misery. The goddess of hope lent every effort to trap the Pandora’s Box but was failed and arrested by dark evils. It’s time to step on the expedition for a heroic battle, for protecting family, country and goddess of hope. Your name will be memorized by everyone in this land and glory may be everlasting.??Hot words??cute,warrior,gut,hero,battle,war,goddess,legend,role,fairy,tale,crystal,arena,combat,adventure,task,journey,quest,train,gold,maple,strategy,guns,weapon,missile,guild,mmo,battlefield,scene,troop,avatar,magic,glory,level,strength,assemble,refine,expedition,hope,rpg,island,club,glroy,auction,smith,forge,fame,academy,stone,diamond,lucky,soul,prop?????Game Features??????Casual game with great user-experience and controls Optimize the user experience of operation in combat and chat, easy to handle both your role and device.?Excellent Arena, attractive story Mini Battle provides various arenas with vivid experience, moving stories and different journeys.?Unique forge-system to customize your individual equipment Obtain materials in arena or battle, be self-sufficienct in the special weapon developing system, makes you stronger step-by-step.?Special-designed vigor system, ensure your LV never be exceeded Original vigor system of Mini Battle will get you out of the worry about exceeding by other players when offline the game.?Numerous commodities never fail to attractive your attention. The mall provides you with numerous commodities: coats, accessories, equipments, and battle items are always available. You can coordinate your Avatar by imagination and never meets exactly alike.

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