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"Who knew save the birds could be so addictive?"

Save My Birds 2 is the 2nd fresh title from Infoyana since Save My Birds 1 in 2012.

It seems that after the unbelievable success of “Angry Birds”, people can't get enough of games about or with these cute and colorful designed animals. The arcade and action game “Save My Birds 2″ by Infoyana is another publication which aims to satisfy the demand. In this game, you will try to help Ah-Baa to protect his birds from aliens who came from a planet called Lalaland in order to eat all birds on earth. You can do so by catching them in a cup, but watch out for the bombs and aliens which are also falling down! What I like about “Save My Birds 2″ are the intuitive controls and the ever-changing, funky background music and designs. Furthermore, the scope is quite large for a free game: you can chose between six different levels of difficulty and every location has twelve levels.

You start off by selecting your favorite type of cup. “What cup?” — you may ask. Well, the one you're gonna use each level to catch the birds and save them. Birds, bombs, aliens and power-ups will start falling. Try to catch the birds and the power-ups, but avoid bombs, as they'll destroy your cup and you'll lose a life. Also watch out for the tiny blue aliens. Each one you catch will eat one of the saved birds. The game is a lot of fun and highly entertaining especially because all levels are differently designed. Each level requires you to save a minimum number of birds in order to unlock the next one.

In Save My Birds 2, players control an Ah-Baa-farmer character, who is need to save his bird from being caught by the alien.
The character is always moving left and right, and it's the job of gamers to move him with the cup on the stage to save the falling birds with the 12 levels.

The game uses the touchscreen for its controls. Players flick left and right at the right moment to save the birds.. Meanwhile, they can also use their falling weapon power to kill the falling alien or bomb. When players fail to quickly react to incoming falling object, such as bomb and traps, they're will fail the level.

Save My Birds 2 is a collection of 12 level arcade game.. If compare with other arcade game, it's a more simple and instantly understood the gameplay.In this game, all these new weapon do keep things more easier, it will help you easily complete your level.

The Pro level is really hardcore, it's take a long time to complete it. Very simple but I enjoyed it. An adorable little puzzle game, it's easy to figure out and it's something to keep you busy with it when you face the difficiult level.It is different from angry birds.

Hopefully Infoyana is cooking up a set of new stage and story to challenge the previous version.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/18/13

Game Release: Save My Birds 2 (US, 12/30/12)

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