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    FAQ/Walkthrough by lordmagnet

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                                   Final Fantasy
                                  All The Bravest
                             For iPhone / iTouch / iPad
                        Guide by Michael Funaro (Lordmagnet)
                            Guide Version 1.02 (1-24-13)
                                (1st Ver.: 1-22-13)

    Game Information


    Developed by BitGroove


    Published by Square Enix Co., LTD


    Released: January 17, 2013


    Current Game Version (as of this guide version): 1.0.0


    Supported Platforms: iPad 1 / 2 / 3 / 4, iPhone 3GS / 4 / 4S / 5, iPod Touch 3rd / 4th / 5th gen, iOS 4.3 or later.



                         When the shine of the sun is hidden
                              by the shadow of the moon,
                         worlds unbound are brought together,
                     and the gate between dimensions thrown open.
                         From the sun, under a pall of black,
                            surges forth a sinister host,
                              together with a darkness,
                               eternal and unyielding,
                            that threatens to consume all.
                               To repel this vast evil,
                         Warriors from all worlds must unite.
                             The fight to come is theirs,
                       and it is a war whose end cannot be seen.
                            These fated heroes have risen,
                        each with a Crystal brilliant to behold.
                         They stand now not alone, but united,
                       and in numbers greater than ever imagined.



    This allows you to travel to each area you've discovered without having to travel to the zone in-between. Returning to the title screen is an option found here. Note this is the only way to leave the Interdimensional Rift area.
    During combat this option will allow you to retreat back onto the overworld with no penalty.


    This allows you to purchase the premium content. There are 3 premium zones, and 35 premium characters. Note that purchasing the premium characters will give you a random character. You cannot select a specific one, but it will never give you the same one twice.


    This section gives you information on all the characters in your group, gear you've collected, and enemies you've fought. This is useful for keeping track of achievement progress.


    Ranking displays your position on the game leaderboards, and also allows you direct access to your game center achievements.


    This option will post an advertisement for the game on your social networking website facebook, or twitter. You are rewarded every 24 hours with an unlocked party slot (up to 8 slots).


    On the overworld you can move around the area (as long as you've progressed enough), move to another area, or initiate a battle. Your current level is displayed in the bottom left corner, this increases your party effectiveness and unlocks more party slots. Your gil is displayed in the bottom right corner, but this is only to act as a score counter, and cannot actually be spent.


    The basics of combat are covered in the tutorial, whittle the enemies' health down to nothing to win the fight. Here is some info and tips:

    • Party members are selected at random. Sometimes you'll find your whole team filled by just a single class. I guesstimate a 5% chance of this happening.
    • Swiping your party, as opposed to tapping, is more efficient.
    • While your units are attacking, they cannot be killed by an enemy's attack.
    • Enemies make attacks only after being attacked by your party units.


    Pressing the Fever button in the top left corner gives you a Limit Break type short period of time. During this time, all your attackers won't have a cooldown period after their attacks, so swipe them as fast as possible. Also enemies won't attack you. This is given to you every 3 hours, but see the tips, tricks & exploits section to speed this up.

    Character classes are unlocked after you level up.

    No.NameFromAbilityDescriptionGear Type
    1WarriorFFIAttackThis novice swordsman, for whom all roads lead to war, is a fighter, not a lover.Sword
    2KnightFFICriticalThe massive sword of this seasoned warrior proves that size does matter.Great Sword
    3Mystic KnightFFVFiraga SwordA cape, turban, and spell-imbued blade are the telltale signs of this swordmage.Great Sword
    4MonkFFIIron FistThese ascetic pugilists seek no more in life than to pound their enemies to bloody pulps.Claw
    5ThiefFFIBack AttackGreat speed is good not only for dispatching foes, but also for stealing the hearts of the ladies.Dagger
    6White MageFFVDiajaWeary of healing, this champion of divinity has forsaken cures, and here knows only to strike.Staff
    7DevoutFFVHolyOnly those most learned in the ways of white magic dare don the cat-eared robe.Staff
    8Black MageFFVThundagaBlack magic is destructive power in its purest form. Some mages just want to watch the world burn.Rod
    9MagusFFIIIFlareThese mages reveal little of themselves as possible to maintain their dark, brooding image.Rod
    10SageFFIIIMeteorEven these grandmasters of all magic are spent after casting their beloved Meteor spell.Staff
    11Red MageFFVDualcastWhen red mages chainspell opposing elements, enemies have a tough time staying alive.Sword
    12Blue MageFFVMissileCasting Bad Breath causes prolonged nausea, but such is the blue mage's dedication.Sword
    13Time MageFFVCometThese mages manipulate the flow of time to maintain their youthful good looks and exuberance.Rod
    14GeomancerFFVBranch SpearThe geomancer can summon the powers of nature, but not always control them.Instrument
    15SummonerFFVMegaflareBonding with otherworldly creatures requires both ample magic and an open heart.Rod
    16BerserkerFFVRageOddly, this maniacal axe-wielding force of nature enjoys cosplaying as a wolf.Axe
    17VikingFFIIIThwackVikings who happen to find themselves in the Underworld are oft mistaken for dwarves.Axe
    18SamuraiFFVIainukiThough very proud of their tradition, samurai nowadays tend to drop the thees and thous.Katana
    19NinjaFFIShurikenThese masters of stealth and shadow tend to throw pointy things whenever fighting starts.Katana
    20DragoonFFIIIJumpMany feel that these knights posing as dragons should simply be dubbed lunatics.Spear
    21RangerFFIIISharpshootSadly, this lone hunter and bowman has many animal companions, but very few actual friends.Bow
    22BeastmasterFFVBombWhat surer path to victory than to send a bomb to go blow itself up in the vicinity of an enemy?Whip
    23BardFFIIIRequiemListen carefully to the lyrics. Despite their lovely voices, bards often sing quite hateful things.Instrument
    24DancerFFVBlade DanceThese wild and free souls are ever seeking limber partners with whom to dance and gyrate.Dagger
    25Onion KnightFFIIIAttackThis legendary amateur knight certainly looks the part, but lacks the skills.Sword

    Onion Knight Info

    The Onion Knight can be your most powerful unit, or your weakest (but usually your most powerful). It can deal 1 strike or up to 16 strikes, and anywhere in-between in a single attack. Its recharge time is directly related to the amount of times it strikes for. The more strikes, the faster their recharge, up to 10 strikes. 10 strikes or more gives the onion knight no need to recharge and thus can be instantly sent out again to attack.

    Premium characters can be purchased from the Shop menu.

    No.NameFromAbilityDescriptionGear Type
    1FirionFFIIGlow AttackThis youth has little love for the Empire, and even less for the Lamia Queen.Sword
    2Dark Knight CecilFFIVSouleaterThis captain of the Red Wings has some issues with the King of Baron's authority.Great Sword
    3KainFFIVBlaze JumpCecil cares for this commander of the Baron Dragoons, despite his many deceits.Spear
    4RydiaFFIVMist BreathThis young summoner from Mist has a good, sweet heart, but hates cowardly adults.Staff
    5BartzFFVMaster MimeOn the advice of his late father, this piano-playing youth now wanders the world.Great Sword
    6KrileFFVSummoner's DualcastThis mooglespeaking animal lover is following in the footsteps of her grandfather.Staff
    7TerraFFVIRiot BladeThis half-esper and half-human girl likes nothing more than cuddling fluffy moogles.Sword
    8LockeFFVIMirage DiveMost consider this globe-trotting treasure hunter to be no more than a comman thief.Dagger
    9CelesFFVISpinning EdgeThis former Magitek Knight of Gestahl is a dead ringer for the opera star Maria.Sword
    10SetzerFFVIDive BombThis gambling rogue soars the skies, facing danger to visit the tombs of friends.Gun
    11CloudFFVIIMeteorainThis self-styled SOLDIER member packs a huge sword and sports a chocobo hairdo.Great Sword
    12TifaFFVIIBeat Rush & SomersaultThis AVALANCHE heroine really wishes people would stop getting into her drawers.Claw
    13AerisFFVIIHealing WindThis last of the magical Cetra was born in the icy north and raised in the slums.Rod
    14Red XIIIFFVIIBlood FangThis long-lived canine warrior and guardian is happy to sit, stay and fetch.Claw & Trinket
    15SquallFFVIIIBlasting ZoneThis mercenary of Balamb Garden's SeeD loses his usual cool when playing cards.Great Sword
    16RinoaFFVIIIAngelo CannonThis vibrant young member of the Forest Owls is extremely moody after waking up.Dagger
    17SeiferFFVIIINo MercyThis reckless Balamb Garden disciplinarian really has a knack for failing exams.Great Sword
    18ZidaneFFIXThieveryThis Tantalus Theatre Troupe member really knows how to touch--er, treat a lady.Sword
    19SteinerFFIXThunder SlashAs leader of Alexandria's Knights of Pluto, this man of honor lives to protect.Great Sword
    20EikoFFIXTerra HomingNot every girl is descended from legendary summoners and has a moogle for a friend.Staff
    21TidusFFXEnergy RainTeary reunions and hard-core blitzball run in the family of this Zanarkand Abes Star.Sword
    22YunaFFXEnergy RayBeyond having a father who saved the world, this girl also blows a mean whistle.Staff
    23AuronFFXDragon FangThis unsent monk is a decade dead, but still chugs nog as a weapon, and not a vice.Katana
    24ShantottoFFXITornadoWhen speaking to this wee lady of Windurst, the topic of age is no doubt worst.Rod
    25VaanFFXIIWhite WhorlThis youth from the Lowtown slums longs for unbound freedom in the skies.Great Sword
    26AsheFFXIINorthswain's GlowThis Dalmascan princess is working overtime in the Resistance to retake her kingdom.Sword
    27BalthierFFXIIFires of WarThis fast-flying sky pirate is often seen with what appears to be a giant bunny.Gun
    28LightningFFXIIILightning StrikeThis lady of the Bodhum Security Regiment is a true pro, and far from a yes-woman.Sword
    29SnowFFXIIIIce RampThis leader of NORA tries to come off as cool and capable, but often falls short.Claw & Trinket
    30SazhFFXIIIPyroburstThe afro of this former airship pilot has taken on a distinctive chocobo stink of late.Gun
    31ChocoboFFVChocobo KickThese large yellow birds are loved worlds over for their charm, yet loathed for their stench.Claw
    32MogFFVIStardust JitterbugThese weird little creatures are best known for saying "kupo" a lot, and not much else, really.Instrument
    33PigFFIVFlirtThis is a man ensorcelled into a pig. But not in an altogether bad way, actually.Instrument
    34ImpFFVIWhirlpool StrikeAdmirers of these slimy green monsters have even create robots modeled in their image.Spear
    35Magitek ArmorFFVIThunder BeamThe two you're looking for aren't piloting this fusion of magic and machine.Gun

    Aeris Info

    Aeris' move Healing Wind instantly allows a party member to rejoin the fight.

    Gear attack increase is accumulative, and doesn't just simply upgrade from a weaker weapon. This means the more the better. So collect all you can for a more powerful party.


    No.NameFromAttack+DescriptionDropped ByType
    1Mythril KnifeFFI1This dagger is made from a rare and precious metal, yet still has a modest look.Goblin (No.1)Dagger
    2Main GaucheFFII1This dagger gifts its wielder with a catlike evasion that really annoys enemies.Sucker (No.13)Dagger
    3Mage MasherFFIV3This blade deprives those it cuts of speech, preventing spells. Enjoy the silence.Jackanapes (No.15)Dagger
    4Air KnifeFFV2A smith imbued this dagger with the power of wind, simply because he could.Floating Eye (No.21)Dagger
    5Thief's KnifeFFV3Though normally criminal behavior, stealing from monsters is indeed permissible.Crew Dust (No.28)Dagger
    6Dancing DaggerFFIV4The dancer's soul within this dagger causes your body to move of its own accord.Grenade (No.29)Dagger
    7Assassin's DaggerFFV5The name says it all. Killing monsters isn't assassination, but who's counting?Master Tonberry (No.83)Dagger
    8Zwill CrossbladeFFIX7This red and black dagger is popular among thieves and looks sweet at your hip.Typhon (No.52)Dagger
    9Valiant KnifeFFVI10This blade presents a danger even to the wielder. Keep out of the hands of cowards.Skull Eater (No.72)Dagger
    10RapierFFI1A question for the ages--does it hurt more to be cut or stabbed by this thing?Flan (No.10)Sword
    11Mythril SwordFFI1Something about it having this classic sword in hand just sets the mind at ease.Objet d'Art (No.14)Sword
    12Coral SwordFFI2Handle with care! Much coral has painstakingly been worked into this fine blade.Adamantoise (No.23)Sword
    13EnhancerFFV2Just equipping this enchanted blade is enough to make anyone feel like a caster.Garland (No.8)Sword
    14WightslayerFFIII3This sword is so amazing that it can actually kill that which is already dead.Bloody Eye (No.30)Sword
    15Sun BladeFFI4Be friendly to the environment as you fell foes with this solar-powered sword.Ahriman (No.44)Sword
    16Butterfly SwordFFIX6Be sure not to put your eye out when swinging this pointy, many-pronged sword.Marilith (No.88)Sword
    17LohengrinFFXII8The very name of this sword rings of high society. Hands off, plebeians!Lord Kefka (No.75)Sword
    18Ancient SwordFFII6A sword from a bygone age said to curse any who trifle with it. Serious business.Prototype (No.49)Sword
    19LightbringerFFVI10No enemy likes having a light shone in its face. Even less so a sword of light.Shinryu (No.82)Sword
    Great Swords
    20ClaymoreFFXI1Swinging around this huge sword is a very effective means of anger management.Crazy Horse (No.20)Great Sword
    21SurviverFFXI1Without a single imperfection, this sword may well be the soul mate you seek.Gigas (No.24)Great Sword
    22Bastard SwordFFVI3Ideal for one hand or two, this sword deserves better than to be called bad names.Chaos (No.9)Great Sword
    23Ice BrandFFI2Stay cool even in summer with this magical blade forged from unmelting ice! Brr!Frostbeast (No.55)Great Sword
    24FlametongueFFV2Some like it hot and some like when fire itself is bound within their sword.Flamehound (No.66)Great Sword
    25OrganyxFFVI3An axe and a sword all wrapped in one. Best kept out of the hands of amateurs.Basilisk (No.32)Great Sword
    26Diamond SwordFFIX3You'll have to get a jeweler to look at this and tell you if it is real or fake.Black Knight (No.33)Great Sword
    27DefenderFFI5This blade embodies the timeless philosophy that the best defense is a good offense.Iron Giant (No.34)Great Sword
    28Rune BladeFFI4This blade's engravings conjure foreboding imagery of retribution and reckoning.Golbez (No.41)Great Sword
    29Gorgon BladeFFIII4With petrifying powers, this blade turns enemies to rigid rock and solid stone.Demon Wall (No.85)Great Sword
    30Crystal SwordFFVI4This crystalline sword endows its wielder with a light to empower and guide.Magna Roader (No.46)Great Sword
    31Ultima WeaponFFVI8A blade with power bound to your remaining life. Avoid using it when knackered.Ultima Weapon (No.74)Great Sword
    32Blood SwordFFII4This sword absorbs the life force of foes. Perfect for those with vampire envy.Killer Mantis (No.54)Great Sword
    33Save the QueenFFIX6This sword is ideal for protecting ladies. Now all you have to do is fine one...Flan Princess (No.35)Great Sword
    34ExcalipoorFFV1Though it has betrayed many masters, this blade is still coveted for its power.Gilgamesh (No.17)Great Sword
    35ExcaliburFFI10All knights yearn for this sword of unparalleled power. Accept no imitations.Neo Exdeath (No.91)Great Sword
    36DeathbringerFFIV6This blade delivers a cold, callous death void of any compassion or remorse.Cloud of Darkness (No.64)Great Sword
    37RagnarokFFIII10A blade so powerful as to bring an end to a war amongst the gods themselves.Siegfried (No.62)Great Sword
    38Treaty-BladeFFXII4Symbol of a sworn treaty, and the irony of bringing about peace through destruction.Zeromus (No.86)Great Sword
    39Healing StaffFFI1This magical staff of mending is sure to cure both you and your ailing allies.Nut Eater (No.2)Staff
    40Mage's StaffFFI1To one not trained in the ways of magic, this powerful staff is a mere stick.Triffid (No.5)Staff
    41High Mage StaffFFIX2This staff was created under a single guiding principle--by wizards, for wizards.Bomb (No.12)Staff
    42Rune StaffFFIII5Carved into this staff is the most lovely poetry ever. Too bad you can't read it.Exdeath (No.18)Staff
    43Shining StaffFFV8Illuminating a dark place is perhaps the most unimaginative use for this staff.Kefka (No.53)Staff
    44Mace of ZeusFFIX10A mace of unspeakable power, truly fit for the mighty god whose name it bears.Zeromus (No.86)Staff
    45Mythril RodFFIII1A testament to the versatility of mythril. The stuff can be worked into anything.Cockatrice (No.3)Rod
    46Serpent RodFFXII1Though not a real snake, this rod still exhibits a reptilian coolness when touched.Leap Frog (No.19)Rod
    47Flame RodFFIV4Yes, it houses the power of flame, and no, you cannot use it in place of a torch.Rubicante (No.40)Rod
    48Frost RodFFIV3Icy cold to the touch, many a mage has come to regret carrying this rod in winter.Cagnazzo (No.38)Rod
    49Thunder RodFFIV4Try picking this up with wet hands. What's the worst that could possibly happen?Barbariccia (No.39)Rod
    50Poison RodFFV3A rod coated in poison, because being magically imbued with it is simply not enough.Scarmiglione (No.37)Rod
    51Lilith RodFFIV4Just waving this weird rod at things makes them get all tuckered out and tired.Ultros (No.51)Rod
    52Stardust RodFFIV10The celestial glow of this rod bespeaks a power as unknowable as the heavens.Mover (No.50)Rod
    53Mythril ClawsFFVI1It hurts just to look upon these claws of mythril, let alone be cut by them.Silver Lobo (No.4)Claw
    54Poison KnucklesFFIX1It's said poison is a woman's weapon, but don't tell that to any guys wearing these.Gold Bear (No.6)Claw
    55Cat ClawsFFIII2Meowing maniacally while fighting increases the damage these claws inflict. Try it!Coeurl (No.43)Claw
    56Tiger FangsFFVI3These imposing things would drive even the most alpha tiger insane with jealousy.Dhorme Chimera (No.57)Claw
    57Dragon ClawsFFVI5Except for all harder materials, dragon claws are the hardest material known.Behemoth (No.68)Claw
    58Duel ClawsFFIX6Wrought from bestial fangs, these claws look as grotesque as one would imagine.Behemoth King (No.60)Claw
    59Venom ClawsFFVI10It's said poison is a woman's weapon. But don't say that to any guys wearing these.Deathgaze (No.73)Claw
    60KagenuiFFVI2This sword attacks shadows, but its efficacy at night is itself shady at best.Kum Kum (No.56)Katana
    61IchigekiFFVI3This blade kills enemies instantly in a single blow. Well, maybe not instantly.Tonberry (No.25)Katana
    62KotetsuFFIV2The edge of this legendary blade never wears, nor does its brilliant light wane.Cactuar (No.36)Katana
    63Kiku-ichimonjiFFIV3This katana and its chrysanthemum motif sheath are highly coveted by all samurai.Sand Worm (No.58)Katana
    64YoshiyukiFFVII5The worst thing about this great katana is that its name is too hard to remember.Great Malboro (No.48)Katana
    65HomuraFFXI6This blade leaves flames as it cuts, making it a very popular item at campsites.Ninja (No.67)Katana
    66NanatsusayanotachiFFXI7When not fighting for your life, this sword doubles as a great coat rack.Kraken (No.89)Katana
    67MurakumoFFV10Despite its name, this treasured sword was found in the depths of the ocean.Lord Kefka (No.75)Katana
    68JavelinFFII1This weapon looks to be completely ordinary. Maybe try throwing it or something?Sahagin (No.22)Spear
    69Blood LanceFFIII3This lance has the power to absorb an enemy's life--as if that were somehow fair.Black Knight (No.26)Spear
    70Golden SpearFFVI4To throw gold to the enemy is folly. To throw pointy gold at the enemy, genius.Emperor (No.27)Spear
    71ImpartisanFFVI3It takes an imp to coax this spear to its full poten--ew! Why is it all slimy?Gil Turtle (No.61)Spear
    72TridentFFII5For whatever reason, thunder booms when this three-pronged polearm strikes a foe.Zu (No.76)Spear
    73PartisanFFV5Weaponsmiths claim no shield can stop this spear. Anything to close a deal.Malboro (No.59)Spear
    74Holy LanceFFII7This weapon has been cleansed, purified, consecrated, sanctified, and blessed.Sandcrawler (No.77)Spear
    75Radiant LanceFFVI9Very few enemies, if any, are not averse to having a bunch of holes poked in them.Lich (No.87)Spear
    76Wyvern LanceFFIV10A spear strong against dragons, but dropped by one. Echoes of chicken or the egg?Tiamat (No.90)Spear
    77Elven BowFFIV5An all-natural bow crafted in a way only the most liberal of elves can achieve.Gaelicat (No.11)Bow
    78Killer BowFFIII8If aimed well, this bow, like any other, can kill enemies with a single shot.Iron Claw (No.31)Bow
    79Aevis KillerFFV9This bow is the cat's meow--a noise which, incidentally, it makes when shot.Enchanted Fan (No.45)Bow
    80Artemis BowFFIV10The bow of the moon goddess, made of pure silver. Mortal men strain to lift it.Hein (No.63)Bow
    81Yoichi's BowFFII15This odd bow comes from a far land and bears the name of some person or another.Thanatos (No.81)Bow
    82QuicksilverFFVII5This easy-to-use gun practically shoots itself. Killing has never been so simple!Magitek Armor (No.47)Gun
    83BismarckFFVIII6The intricate craftsmanship of this gun is the stuff of firearm collectors' dreams.Deathmask (No.79)Gun
    84UlyssesFFVIII10This gun's retro design is enough to tickle the fancy of any firearm enthusiast.Omega (No.71)Gun
    85Great AxeFFI9The great axe may help bring out the greatness in us all. Wouldn't that be great?Gigantos (No.70)Axe
    86Light AxeFFI10At night, the holy light emitted by this axe attracts insects seeking to mate.Armor Construct (No.69)Axe
    87Rune AxeFFII15This axe enhances magical power. But that doesn't really help anyone, does it?Armored Fiend (No.80)Axe
    88Diamond BellFFV5A glass chime prized by adventurers for its ability to get on monsters' nerves.Kactuar (No.7)Instrument
    89Lamia HarpFFIII8This harp's enchanting tones will turn the most stoic sage into a lovesick idiot.Magic Pot (No.16)Instrument
    90Apollo's HarpFFV15This elegant harp produces sounds so beautiful they hurt--literally.Elm Gigas (No.65)Instrument
    91TinklebellFFV20A bell whose existence is still doubted. Are you sure you're truly seeing this?Intangir (No.84)Instrument
    92Beast KillerFFV10Spare the whip and spoil the beast. Lashing creatures is the only way to train them.Crawler (No.42)Whip
    93Fire LashFFV20Some find the sting of this whip, found deep within Kuza, not altogether unpleasant.Tyrannosaurus (No.78)Whip


    No.NameFromAttack+DescriptionDropped ByType
    1GladiusFFVI10An indispensable addition to any arsenal when fighting against other adventurers.Microchu (No.23)Dagger
    2BrotherhoodFFX2To bestow this blade to another is to anoint them your best friend forever.Garuda (No.11)Sword
    3Arc SwordFFX5A sword fit for a hero. Let's face it--with a name like Arc, it's got to be good.Mushussu (No.12)Sword
    4CaladbolgFFX10All who have brought the sun to this weapon have likely seen their fill of gulls.Braska's Final Aeon (No.20)Sword
    5Blazefire SaberFFXIII4One of many gunblades used by one of many beautiful heroes. It's hard to keep track.Beta Behemoth (No.25)Sword
    6Omega WeaponFFXIII10This weapon's stylish design suggests it might transform into a robot at any moment.Fal'Cie Orphan (No.30)Sword
    Great Swords
    7HardedgeFFVII1A sword for those who prefer the direct approach. It cuts, rends, and cleaves.SOLDIER 3rd Class (No.2)Great Sword
    8Butterfly EdgeFFVII3Without proper training, using this sword is more dangerous than bathing a cat.SOLDIER 2nd Class (No.5)Great Sword
    9Nail BatFFVII5A bat with several nails protruding from it. Do not try this at home, children.Corvette (No.6)Great Sword
    10ApocalypseFFVII2A dagger that speeds the aging of its wielder. Brief fights are highly recommended.SOLDIER 1st Class (No.8)Great Sword
    11Ultima WeaponFFVII10A sword with the glow of life. Don't worry--even if you die, it will keep on living.Ultimate Weapon (No.9)Great Sword
    12Gluttony SwordFFXI5The blade is enchanted with an avarice and hunger that cause the metal to writhe.Behemoth King (No.26)Great Sword
    13Herding StaffFFX3The light of this staff is said to guide the holder to whatever he most desires.Gold Element (No.17)Staff
    14Judicer's StaffFFV8Though normally wrong to judge others, holding this staff authorizes you to do so.Dark Flan (No.16)Staff
    15NirvanaFFX10The staff of a legendary summoner, said to have brought about everlasting peace.Anima (No.19)Staff
    16Wizer StaffFFVII4This staff bears a curse--any mortal who wields it will die at some point in their life.Sweeper (No.1)Rod
    17Princess GuardFFVII10This scepter will always carry with it the spirit of a certain cheerful young lady.Death Machine (No.3)Rod
    18Magus RodFFV6This rod grants command over many magics. Those with it are oft dubbed cheaters.Flan (No.22)Rod
    19Premium HeartFFVII10Strong emotions enhance these knuckles. The owner sure has someone she'd love to hit.Sword Dance (No.4)Claw
    20Burning FistsFFVI5Those who wear these claws often suffer second-degree burns to their hands.Nidhogg (No.15)Claw
    21Kaiser KnucklesFFIII7These knuckles underline the undeniable beauty in beating the life out of something.Ghast (No.21)Claw
    22MurasameFFIV8It is only natural that a sword found beneath the surface of the moon be special.YAT-99 (No.14)Katana
    23MasamuneFFX10Beautiful and deadly, this blade is rumored to belong to the great fencer Mi'ihen.YAT-97 (No.18)Katana
    24Wind SpearFFIII3This spear is so light that your arms won't even get a workout from wielding it.Floating Death (No.13)Spear
    25Death PenaltyFFVII15An ideal world has no need of this gun's ability to turn sorrow and regret to power.Safer Sephiroth (No.10)Gun
    26Total EclipsesFFXIII15When firing these pistols, take care not to wake any afro-nesting chocobo chicks.Nanochu (No.28)Gun
    27Gigant AxeFFXI15Whatever giant forged this likely didn't do so thinking it might one day kill him.Taxim (No.24)Axe
    28Dragon WhiskerFFIV20This whip can break even a dragon. They say there's nothing cuter than a tame one.Ochu (No.29)Whip
    29Save the QueenFFXIII10The perfect garb to protect the woman you love. Are those wedding bells I hear? (Note: Only for Snow [Premium No.29])Flowering Cactuar (No.27)Trinket
    30Limited MoonFFVII10A trinket which derives its power from the wearer's mana. Thank you, Grandfather! (Note: Only for Red XIII [Premium No.14])Master Tonberry (No.7)Trinket


    Cornelia's Tract
    1GoblinFFIVTakedownIt is said that there is a goblin at the start of any adventure worth having.Mythril Knife (No.1)Cornelia's Tract, Stage 1
    2Nut EaterFFVIncisorThis adorable yet sharp-toothed rodent will stop short of nothing to find a nut.Healing Staff (No.39)Cornelia's Tract, Stage 1 & 3 / The Archylte Steppe, Stage 1
    3CockatriceFFIVPeckRarely does evolution enable birds' beaks to petrify their foes--but it does happen.Mythril Rod (No.45)Cornelia's Tract, Stage 1 & 3 / Interdimensional Rift, Stage 7
    4Silver LoboFFVIBiteNot all dogs go to heaven--these bloodthirsty hounds go straight for the jugular.Mythril Claws (No.53)Cornelia's Tract, Stage 3 / Interdimensional Rift, Stage 1 / Outskirts of Midgar, Stage 1 / The Archylte Steppe, Stage 4 & 5
    5TriffidFFVRoot LashThis magic tree grew so powerful it simply uprooted itself and started walking.Mage's Staff (No.40)Cornelia's Tract, Stage 3
    6Gold BearFFVIRight ClawIf you see a bear, never play dead. Run as fast as you can in the other direction.Poison Knuckles (No.54)Cornelia's Tract, Stage 1 & 3 / Interdimensional Rift, Stage 1
    7KactuarFFVII3 NeedlesNot to be confused with cactuar, nevertheless often confused with cactuar.Diamond Bell (No.88)Cornelia's Tract, Stage 3
    8GarlandFFISweep"..You will die here and I will continue to live for eternity!"Enhancer (No.13)Cornelia's Tract, Stage 2
    9ChaosFFICycloneThis lord of discord thrives on strife. His knees subscribe to the same ideology, as well.Bastard Sword (No.22)Cornelia's Tract, Stage 4
    Bridge of Moore
    10FlanFFVISlapDon't let the name fool you. The flesh of this monster is downright nasty.Rapier (No.10)Bridge of Moore, Stage 1 & 3 / Zanarkand Ruins, Stage 1 / The Archylte Steppe, Stage 1 & 2
    11GaelicatFFVCat ScratchI, for one, welcome our new flying cat overlords.Elven Bow (No.77)Bridge of Moore, Stage 1 & 3 / Interdimensional Rift, Stage 7
    12BombFFVSlapHow could one with the gift of flight always be angry, let alone self-immolate.High Mage Staff (No.41)Bridge of Moore, Stage 1 / Interdimensional Rift, Stage 3
    13SuckerFFVFeelerThis ten-tentacled squid attacks only female prey--a true perversion of nature.Main Gauche (No.2)Bridge of Moore, Stage 1 & 3 / Interdimensional Rift, Stage 5
    14Objet d'ArtFFVStone BladeIf anyone sees a pair of disembodied legs wandering about, let this guy know.Mythril Sword (No.11)Bridge of Moore, Stage 3
    15JackanapesFFVCriticalThere is no reason to kill this monster other than for the sense of accomplishment.Mage Masher (No.3)Bridge of Moore, Stage 3
    16Magic PotFFVElixir ThirstWhat if... What if all that these pots ever truly wanted...was a nice warm hug?Lamia Harp (No.89)Bridge of Moore, Stage 3
    17GilgameshFFVStabThis likable henchman of Exdeath's eventually comes to befriend Bartz and crew.Excalipoor (No.34)Bridge of Moore, Stage 2
    18ExdeathFFVFlareMalevolent souls sealed within a great tree of Moore gave rise to this evil mage. Scary stuff.Rune Staff (No.42)Bridge of Moore, Stage 4
    Palamecia Desert
    19Leap FrogFFVILickThey say that frog tastes like chicken. There is only one way to find out...Serpent Rod (No.46)Palamecia Desert, Stage 1 & 3 / Interdimensional Rift, Stage 5
    20Crazy HorseFFIHornNo matter how much it ages, the sounds of the crazy horse never falter or wane.Claymore (No.20)Palamecia Desert, Stage 1 & 3
    21Floating EyeFFIVWing AttackThis giant flying eyeball no doubt has an easier time than most using eye drops.Air Knife (No.4)Palamecia Desert, Stage 1 / Interdimensional Rift, Stage 7 / Zanarkand Ruins, Stage 1 & 2
    22SahaginFFIVClawThese fishmen have a timeless turf war with rival imps over prime waterside real estate.Javelin (No.68)Palamecia Desert, Stage 3 / Interdimensional Rift, Stage 5
    23AdamantoiseFFVCrushIf turtles truly are the longest-lived animals, then this guy deserves his own holiday.Coral Sword (No.12)Palamecia Desert, Stage 1 / Interdimensional Rift, Stage 5
    24GigasFFVElbowThis speedy giant loves a good fight. But watch out when he starts throwing elbows.Surviver (No.21)Palamecia Desert, Stage 3 / Interdimensional Rift, Stage 3
    25TonberryFFVKnifeThese fiends lurk in darkness, slowly drawing near those whose eyes meet theirs.Ichigeki (No.61)Palamecia Desert, Stage 3 / Outskirts of Midgar, Stage 2 / The Archylte Steppe, Stage 5
    26Black KnightFFIIStabFour of these fiends together cannot be defeated--at least not by permissible means.Blood Lance (No.69)Palamecia Desert, Stage 2
    27EmperorFFIIStarfallReturned from Hell with all its power, this fiend is simply as evil as they come.Golden Spear (No.70)Palamecia Desert, Stage 4
    Fabul Waterway
    28Crew DustFFVRayWatch out for these spirits on fire-powered ships. They come and go in a flash.Thief's Knife (No.5)Fabul Waterway, Stage 1 & 3 / Outskirts of Midgar, Stage 1 & 2 & 4
    29GrenadeFFVSlapThe anger of these evil explosives is even greater than that of their bomb brethren.Dancing Dagger (No.6)Fabul Waterway, Stage 1 / Zanarkand Ruins, Stage 2
    30Bloody EyeFFIVWing AttackLooks can kill, and this massive blood-red eye can't help but look at everything.Wightslayer (No.14)Fabul Waterway, Stage 1 / Interdimensional Rift, Stage 7
    31Iron ClawFFVScissorThis easy-to-clean utensil slices, dices, and disembowels hapless adventures.Killer Bow (No.78)Fabul Waterway, Stage 3
    32BasiliskFFIVTalon DiveThis beast's gaze turns the living to stone. You don't want to get stoned, do you?Organyx (No.25)Fabul Waterway, Stage 1 & 3 / Interdimensional Rift, Stage 3
    33Black KnightFFIVRapid FireThese knights are cursed to think but a single thought for all time--none shall pass.Diamond Sword (No.26)Fabul Waterway, Stage 3 / Interdimensional Rift, Stage 7
    34Iron GiantFFVTakedownWith its massive sword, this mighty giant passes the time by rending things in two.Defender (No.27)Fabul Waterway, Stage 3 / Interdimensional Rift, Stage 3 / Zanarkand Ruins, Stage 3 & 4 & 5
    35Flan PrincessFFIVCaressNot all princesses look pretty in pink.Save the Queen (No.33)Fabul Waterway, Stage 3 / Interdimensional Rift, Stage 5
    36CactuarFFVI1,000 NeedlesThis sadist revels in making others pluck its thousand needles from their flesh.Kotetsu (No.62)Fabul Waterway, Stage 1 / Interdimensional Rift, Stage 1
    37ScarmiglioneFFIVBack AttackThe Archfiend of Earth is weakest of them all, but wins points for being the scariest.Poison Rod (No.50)Fabul Waterway, Stage 2
    38CagnazzoFFIVWhirlpoolIt is not known exactly why the Archfiend of Water insists on walking on all fours.Frost Rod (No.48)Fabul Waterway, Stage 2
    39BarbaricciaFFIVMaelstromSome say the Archfiend of Wind's gales blew off her own garb. This is not likely.Thunder Rod (No.49)Fabul Waterway, Stage 2
    40RubicanteFFIVGlareThe Archfiend of Fire is an honorable warrior who dons a fabulous flame-retardant cape.Flame Rod (No.47)Fabul Waterway, Stage 2
    41GolbezFFIVMeteorSure he's an evil mage in all black, but that doesn't mean you can't call him brother!Rune Blade (No.28)Fabul Waterway, Stage 4
    South Figaro Sea
    42CrawlerFFVISlapWant to hear the most annoying sound in the world? Listen to a crawler's Dischord.Beast Killer (No.92)South Figaro Sea, Stage 1
    43CoeurlFFIVClawCat lovers have mixed feelings about these felines. It must be the paralyzing and man-eating.Cat Claws (No.55)South Figaro Sea, Stage 1 / Interdimensional Rift, Stage 1 / The Archylte Steppe, Stage 5
    44AhrimanFFIVEvil EyeThe gaze of this beast's great eye is absolutely petrifying. Literally and figuratively.Sun Blade (No.15)South Figaro Sea, Stage 1 / Interdimensional Rift, Stage 7
    45Enchanted FanFFVStoneThis ancient machine commands gusts and gales, which is nice come summer.Aevis Killer (No.79)South Figaro Sea, Stage 1 & 3 / Interdimensional Rift, Stage 7
    46Magna RoaderFFVIRollerThese unlikely creatures love going off sweet jumps. Vrooom vrooom vroooooom!!!Crystal Sword (No.30)South Figaro Sea, Stage 3 / Outskirts of Midgar, Stage 2
    47Magitek ArmorFFVIMagitek MissileA technological feat of the Empire, melding magic and machine into a single terror.Quicksilver (No.82)South Figaro Sea, Stage 1 & 3
    48Great MalboroFFVIReally Bad Breath"Great" here refers primarily to the rancidity of the creature's breath. We're talking halitosis.Yoshiyuki (No.64)South Figaro Sea, Stage 3 / Interdimensional Rift, Stage 5
    49PrototypeFFVMissileThis thing is pretty powerful for a prototype that just climbed out of some ruins.Ancient Sword (No.18)South Figaro Sea, Stage 1
    50MoverFFVBrutal BoundThough these three are and always have been together, they bear no relation.Stardust Rod (No.52)South Figaro Sea, Stage 3
    51UltrosFFVITentacleMany have come to question the nature of this octopus's relationship to Typhon.Lilith Rod (No.51)South Figaro Sea, Stage 2
    52TyphonFFVISnortNever one to mince words, this vile, two-faced monster lets its snort do the talking.Zwill Crossblade (No.8)South Figaro Sea, Stage 2
    53KefkaFFVIFiragaThe power of this first Magitek Knight of Gestahl came at the cost his sanity. True story.Shining Staff (No.43)South Figaro Sea, Stage 4
    Eureka Forest
    54Killer MantisFFVIMetal CutterThe unmanning mandibles of this menacing mantis have mangled many a man.Blood Sword (No.32)Eureka Forest, Stage 1 & 3
    55FrostbeastFFIVHoseIce was made to be melted. The same truism goes doubly so far beasts made of ice.Ice Brand (No.23)Eureka Forest, Stage 1
    56Kum KumFFIIIBlizzagaIf you try to figure out the origin of this monster's name, you're gonna have a bad time.Kagenui (No.60)Eureka Forest, Stage 1 & 3
    57Dhorme ChimeraFFVHoseFor having lion, goat, dragon, and behemoth parts, this beast is surprisingly weak.Tiger Fangs (No.56)Eureka Forest, Stage 1 & 3 / Outskirts of Midgar, Stage 4 & 5
    58Sand WormFFIVThwackThese dry desert-dwellers detest water. Throw some on them and watch them squirm.Kiku-ichimonji (No.63)Eureka Forest, Stage 1 & 3 / Interdimensional Rift, Stage 1
    59MalboroFFVIBad BreathFar too many arms, far too large a mouth, and breath that can end life, just run away.Partisan (No.73)Eureka Forest, Stage 3 / Zanarkand Ruins, Stage 4
    60Behemoth KingFFVIHeaveFew who encounter this king of the Veldt live to see its tail, must less tell of it.Duel Claws (No.58)Eureka Forest, Stage 3
    61Gil TurtleFFVTurtleThe shells of these turtles are said to be full of gil. Crack one open and see.Impartisan (No.71)Eureka Forest, Stage 1 / Interdimensional Rift, Stage 5
    62SiegfriedFFVIHyperdriveWith a name like Siegfried, it's only natural that he would be a master swordsman.Ragnarok (No.37)Eureka Forest, Stage 3 / Interdimensional Rift, Stage 7
    63HeinFFIIIThundagaA good wizard gone bad, and originator of the much-loathed Barrier Shift spell.Artemis Bow (No.80)Eureka Forest, Stage 2
    64Cloud of DarknessFFIIIWave CannonThis being born of Xande's death sees all creation and it wants it painted black.Deathbringer (No.36)Eureka Forest, Stage 4
    Narshe Plains
    65Elm GigasFFVLeft JabThis left-jabbing wind giant floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.Apollo's Harp (No.90)Narshe Plains, Stage 1 & 3
    66FlamehoundFFIVHoseEven dog lovers have to admit it feels good to cast an ice spell on these things.Flametongue (No.24)Narshe Plains, Stage 1 & 3 / Interdimensional Rift, Stage 3
    67NinjaFFVIShurikenNinja don't sleep. They wait. Ninja don't dodge bullets. Bullets dodge ninja. And so on.Homura (No.65)Narshe Plains, Stage 1 & 3
    68BehemothFFVIBeatdownWhere does a behemoth sit at the faire? It kills everyone and destroys the grounds.Dragon Claws (No.57)Narshe Plains, Stage 1 / Outskirts of Midgar, Stage 3 & 5 / Zanarkand Ruins, Stage 5
    69Armor ConstructFFIVSpinThis metallic monstrosity is extremely difficult to destroy. Why even bother? Move on.Light Axe (No.86)Narshe Plains, Stage 1 & 3 / Outskirts of Midgar, Stage 5
    70GigantosFFVIThroat JabWhen this colossal giant gets its weight behind a jab, your throat is in for some trouble.Great Axe (No.85)Narshe Plains, Stage 3
    71OmegaFFVWave CannonAn ancient machine lacking onboard navigation, lost in the Interdimensional Rift forever.Ulysses (No.84)Narshe Plains, Stage 3 / Interdimensional Rift, Stage 3 / Outskirts of Midgar, Stage 5
    72Skull EaterFFVIncisorThis crazy-eyed grey squirrel wants nothing more than to eat your face and head.Valiant Knife (No.9)Narshe Plains, Stage 1
    73DeathgazeFFVIAerogaAn airship and this winged dread would truly make for a nightmare at 20,000 fulms.Venom Claws (No.59)Narshe Plains, Stage 3 / Interdimensional Rift, Stage 7
    74Ultima WeaponFFVIMeteorThough ancient, unrivaled, and unbleeding, it still feels the need to brag about its power.Ultima Weapon (No.31)Narshe Plains, Stage 2
    75Lord KefkaFFVIForsakenThis psycho clown and self-made god has an unhealthy appetite for destruction.Lohengrin (No.17) & Murakumo (No.67)Narshe Plains, Stage 4
    Troia Range
    76ZuFFVDiveThis selfish bird attacks from above with no consideration at all for what you're doing.Trident (No.72)Troia Range, Stage 1 & 3 / Interdimensional Rift, Stage 7 / Zanarkand Ruins, Stage 5 / The Archylte Steppe, Stage 2
    77SandcrawlerFFVMaelstromSome say this beast hides in the sand to ambush prey, but perhaps it's just shy.Holy Lance (No.74)Troia Range, Stage 1 / Interdimensional Rift, Stage 1
    78TyrannosaurusFFVMad RageEven in death, this monstrous skeletal lizard has not lost its taste for blood and flesh.Fire Lash (No.93)Troia Range, Stage 1 & 3
    79DeathmaskFFIVHolyNot a face you'd want to wake up to in the morning.Bismarck (No.83)Troia Range, Stage 1 & 3
    80Armored FiendFFIVFlamethrowerAn enhanced armor construct that is even harder and more annoying to defeat. Great...Rune Axe (No.87)Troia Range, Stage 1 & 3 / Interdimensional Rift, Stage 3
    81ThanatosFFIIIKnock SillyThis knight decapitated himself so his headless horse wouldn't feel self-conscious.Yoichi's Bow (No.81)Troia Range, Stage 3
    82ShinryuFFVTidal WaveBest make sure you are well-leveled and well-geared before taking on this dragon.Lightbringer (No.19)Troia Range, Stage 3
    83Master TonberryFFVIKnifeWhat a large knife, you say? why, all the better to dispatch you with.Assassin's Dagger (No.7)Troia Range, Stage 1
    84IntangirFFVIMeteorThis sleeping beast does not take kindly to being woken.Tinklebell (No.91)Troia Range, Stage 3
    85Demon WallFFIVCrush"As if the attacking doors weren't enough..."Gorgon Blade (No.29)Troia Range, Stage 2
    86ZeromusFFIVBig BangThis self-styled wellspring of darkness hates everything, and he's okay with that.Treaty-Blade (No.38) & Mace of Zeus (No.44)Troia Range, Stage 4
    Interdimensional Rift
    87LichFFIFlareThis undead Fiend of Earth commands powerful magic and looks great in purple.Radiant Lance (No.75)Interdimensional Rift, Stage 2
    88MarilithFFIFiragaThe Fiend of Fire herself gets mixed up when flailing all six of her swordarms.Butterfly Sword (No.16)Interdimensional Rift, Stage 4
    89KrakenFFIBlizzagaThis regal Fiend of Water has a penchant for sinking things with its tentacles.Nanatsusayanotachi (No.66)Interdimensional Rift, Stage 6
    90TiamatFFILevinboltThe envy of Marilith, the six necks of this Fiend of Wind never gets entangled.Wyvern Lance (No.76)Interdimensional Rift, Stage 8
    91Neo ExdeathFFVGrand CrossIf being consumed by the Void doesn't make you want to destroy everything, what will?Excalibur (No.35)Interdimensional Rift, Stage 9

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